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Virgin hijacks empty pages

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Not the first...

Not the first this side of the pond, Tiscali have been doing it for a while.

The result is so unhelpful (inappropriate ads at the top, search results too far down) that I'm now using OpenDNS, which seems to work just fine.

First Samsung Android phone out next week

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Android is open out-of-the-box

@spegru: There is no need for a 'jailbroken android' - there's a standard option to install apps from any source, not just the Android marketplace. e.g. Skype could put a non-carrier-approved version for download on their website, noone could stop them.

Network whingers:

All mobile networks have their own exclusivity deals on certain handsets. Some even do it for certain colour versions of the same model. TV networks do it. Microsoft and Sony do it. It's business.

I had never used T-Mobile before, now I'm stuck with them for 18 months. Seem OK. They're not perfect, but no worse than the others I've been on.

@Ian Tunnacliffe:

A mobile contract signs you to a network for a fixed period. You get a new subsidised handset on signing up for a new contract. No mobile network will subsidise you a new handset until your old contract has finished. At which point you are free to leave for another network.

So if Vodafone did do the iPhone or Samsung you still wouldn't be getting either until your contract runs out.

Roll on end of contract, and SonyEricsson Rachel!

Sony Ericsson Xperia drops Windows for Android

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Its not 'Android 2.0', Google's Android team are not using version numbers, they're using pastry names. 'Donut' has not been assigned a number.

I would expect SE to include whatever version of the OS is ready at the time they're ready to release the phone.

You haven't mentioned the very pretty UI and contacts app SE have added on top of Android - there are videos of it on Android/SE blogs.

I hope they add some Sony-specific stuff to it, like a top-quality music app ('Walkman'), headphone controls, maybe Playstation Remote Play like they're giving one of their cheaper phones at the moment.

And it needs to be better than the Samsung, which also looks lovely.