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Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun


Re: Well, speaking as one of the legion of people who have a product running on java

OpenJDK is available for Windows (just installed it and it everything works fine)



Re: Gwaptiva All very dubious

Ah no. I can guarantee you that Java on the server side of things is going to stay.

The times, where your so called offshorers threatened my lifelyhood are over. They are all into all the new things like node.js and whatever.

So you are wrong....

Who killed Pebble? Easy: The vulture capitalists


Re: Ah well

Yeah, but nothing available. Don't know, how long they will be able to provide hardware.

Was finally ready to buy a tablet and a phone from them but nothing available.

PayPal freezes 400-job expansion in North Carolina over bonkers religious freedom law


Re: @TJ1 - Who has the guilty conscience?

That's a non issue because how many rapes in bathrooms by transgender humans to humans of the opposite gender (which one????) are recored every year?

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Re: Is it possible that in going from 8 to 10 they've skipped the decent release?

Did you ever think about that either they are using 20+ years old syrup or they don't use any sanctioned coke syrup at all? Why would they have "the original" when nobody else has it???

Coke tastes different in each country because of the water (and maybe also different syrups)

So they also don't have anything more "original" than just another version....

What's black, sticky, and has just 8GB of storage?


Re: Thin clients on wifi

No, it is not dead.

We are using LTSP-Thin/Thick-Clients regularly and yes, it is not because of speed or price but because of management. The users can't break anything, and if I have a breakdown I just change the client hardware and be done with it and can figure out the problem back in the office without annoying the users.

Beat it, freetards! Dyn to shut down no-cost dynamic DNS next month


Re: What's the point?

@AC With the most complicated use of scheduled task, whatever...

You don't understand providing a business service at all. 25$/year is a small price for a solution that just works out of most routers you can buy, home or even small business models...

So why use a complicated solution, where you have to run a scheduled task on a computer or rent linux servers or whatever. You have one solution, where everything works with just a small entry in a configuration box on the router and where you have to pay 25$. You have another solution where you save the 25$ but depend on a proprietary solution without any support, failsafe, whatever...

My decision is clear and I would fire any IT-support-company on the spot that would recommend the homebrew version....

I've seen the future of car radio - and DAB isn't in it


Oh BMW...

This streaming thingie is way overpriced. I am even more astonished, that BMW is not be able or willing to provide a proper integration for Spotify into the ConnectedDrive. I already have a Spotify subscription and I want to use it. Yes I can use Bluetooth and it is working okay, but you are not able to navigate through your playlists... That would be important, not this over priced useless streaming thing.

OMG, Andrex killed the puppey! Not quilty, exclaim bog roll boys


Re: Online toilet paper lovers?

Tap water IS better than bottled water. At least in civilized countries like Austria....

Windows NT grandaddy OpenVMS taken out back, single gunshot heard


Re: That GUI

No. It isn't...

It is a horrible very unproductive mess.

I am sorry too to see VMS go, but nope, modern User Interfaces are better and more beautiful...

Microsoft Office 2013 vs. Office 365: Is either right for you?

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Re: Office 365, a warning from a user...

What? I haven't had the same experience. It is just exactly the same...


Re: Getting away from Office

Yep. I assisted a few companies in changing from MS Office to LibreOffice. First thing is to put a stop to custom business-solutions in Excel sheets. You won't believe how much stuff is done in Excel.

If you have covered the most important business processes in business software (either individual developed solutions or standard packages) the switch itself is painless.

You want save that much in shortterm: You can dump your license costs, but you have to do more support...

A bonus for some users is the old interface of LibreOffice via the new Office interface..

But you have to listen very carefully to your users. Some are heavily invested in Office, mostly powerusers, and you can't convience them to change...

For the normal office drone it is more or less the same and it works after a few weeks of more frequent support calls...

You have to convience management, because they believe, they have support from microsoft if the buy Office, but if you read the EULA, there is practically no support at all and no guarantees...


I have bitten...

I have bought the subscription yesterday and I think it is great value.

I have used Open/Libre-Office a lot over the years, even installed it on many PCs of friends and family, but it is just not as good as Office. Yes, I can do all the work in Writer, but I prefer to do it in Word. Excel 2013 just looks so much better than Calc.

And I like the price. It is 10€/month here and for that I can use it on our 2PCs, 1 Win Laptop and 1 Macbook without any additional costs...

I have tried it extensively over the last few months and I am hooked. It looks better than any version of Office before and it works - at least for me - better than any previous version...

New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back


Re: Massive Fail

Ahem no....

I use my 13" MacBook Pro with the "old" integrated Intel Graphics (Sandy something) with the Adobe Creative Suite in their newest incarnation and none of the programs require any special graphics hardware. At least for the things I use it.

And for the optical drive: I used the opticals drives in my Windows PC, Windows Notebook, MacBook the last time (combined) I think half a year ago... It is definitely no problem today to live without an optical drive. at least for me....

Swiss photographer sues Apple for pilfering her eyeball


Re: so...

Ah yes... That is after all the strategy Apple is using in its approach to allegedly rights violations?

Japanese cellco drops veil on futuristic hands-free video phone


If you mean this...

It was just a few years back and in Argentinia:


Build a bonkers home cinema


What I really love about this article...

....is the cute "Buy from amazon" button underneath every piece...

Colour Kindle incoming says mole


Just give me folders already...

I don't understand why it is not possible to include a simple folder navigation. I have too many books and PDFs on my Kindle for this stupid Collections idea and sorting the books and stuff with the Kindle (I have a Kindle DX) is a pain in the ass...

Adobe Cloud offers leg up over Creative Suite's price wall


I think this is nice...

I just preordered Creative Cloud because I think it is great value for money. If I take the price of the Master Suite (2599), I would need >50 months. This is more than 4 years and I bet in this time there will be another update, which I will get for free in Creative Cloud.

And if you are a student, you can have a 50% discount...

I think this is great...

Ten... ADF-based inkjet all-in-one printers


Re: Does Such a Printer Exist

I think the officejet pro 8500plus with the optional paper tray fits your bill. I just need to check, if I can scan to PDF without a computer, but I am quite sure.


Re: I don't the case for ink jets

Nope. That's not true. I have the Officejet 8500Plus and I had the officejet 7600 Pro before. The costs are way lower than colour lasers and then a color mfp laser is very hard to find and very expensive.

With high performance cartridges the cost per page is lower than the most economical laser printer and they don't use that much energy.

I was against inkjets but was converted by my two officejets. (and the 7600 is at my parents house right now, working very well 6 years after buying....)

Ah: And it is more expensive to buy a good scanner with ADF and a printer with the same functionality.

Sony Tablet P split-screen Android fondleslab


The difference is/was...

The best thing about the courier-concept - and still unmatched - was the software as demonstrated in the videos. I would gladly pay up to 1000€ for a courier, because the software demoed in the concept-videos would make my life easier.

The Sony P is just another Android-tablet, and made worse by the poor execution of the dual-screen-thingie...

I have a Android Tablet, but it isn't just a Courier and that makes me unbelievably sad...

Amazon's Android-friendly Kindle Fire splutters


I am not impressed with the iPad either...

For something so hyped I was really disappointed after using it.

It is just good for surfing the web, but any cheap Android-tablet does it too.

iOS is clunky and outdated in comparison to Android or Windows Phone. The coolest thing is the smart cover, but that's it...

Maybe I am no Apple-user anymore, but iPhone and iPad don't rock my world..

But I don't want to own an Android-Tablet either, because somehow i don't know what to do with it...

All the "modern" UIs are not cool and SciFi enough for me to live without a keyboard... ;-)

Why Android houses should give Google the 'fork you'

Paris Hilton


The problem is:

You can't get 100 top JAVA/GUI guys & gals at one time.

They won't like to work in a corporate environment different to Apple and Google.

And for what? You have to earn 15 Millions with your handsets in the first place to spent it.

Better try to bribe Google with 5 mill or something to do what the handset maker wants...

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers


No upgrade path?

When I exchange my Android-Device for another, after keying in my gmail-credentials all my contacts are there, my phone downloads my applications, even my setting are there, because they are backuped by Google.

So about what "non existing" upgrade path are you babbling about without no clear knowledge about anything?

Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?


Hm... funny though...

I just have 50% women in my circles on G+....

Maybe you should hang out more in the real world with women....

WTF is... IPv6?


I really don't care...

I like the principle of NAT and the easy way it provides most of the technical illiterate people with a somehow decent security.

I really don't want a globally routable IP for every device in my home. I don't see the benefit in it - despite making it easier to track and trace my every movement.




You should mention, that Thrutu is only available in North America and the UK.... :-(


Google ads banned from Facebook apps


Facebook has ads?

I never noticed, as I never see any other advertisements on the web...Maybe my adblocker is to blame?

The year's best... TV media players


No it does not...

Not only ist the codec support of the PS3 mediocre, but the PS3 is noisy, expensive, needs a lot of power and needs a proper media server with recoding support.



This is the system I own. Acer Revo with additional MediaCenter Remote and XBMC. Can be controlled with a Logitech Harmony and is perfect for my needs.

Gear4 UnityRemote


Hm, the app-idea sounds nice...

But my Logitech harmony is in reality better suited for the living room, as my mother could pick it up and use our AV-setup without any troubles. A dedicated remote control is also better suited for sharing as I don't like to lend my phone to others...

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed


@The BigYin

It's not rocket science to move your Profile-Folder in Windows to another drive...


The 500 year archive

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That is the best article ever from TheRegister...

'nuff said...

Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones

Jobs Horns

Then my friend...

...you have a very strange work.

I defended Apple products for a very long time, owning some kit (some PowerMacs, some G3s, some G4s,...) myself but for now I couldn't recommend it to anyone.

The iPhone is getting more locked up, the PCs are way to expensive (except maybe the iMac) and with Windows 7 MS closed the gap.

So Apple is only a lifestyle, not something else...

And I hadn't a real software-problem with my Win/Linux-Intel-PCs for a very long time which hindered me working on something... Some hardware-faults, but they were repaired fast and successfull (which you can't say of the Apple-guarantee-procedures...)

Apple MacBook mid-2010


what insane resolution?

I just have to cope with the notebook from one of our customers which has 1280x720 (or something like that)... I am used to my 1920x1200 in my dell 15" latitude... THIS is what it should look like....

Cyberpower Ultra Scylla six-core AMD PC



I have to object on the graphics card part: The card itself is very well suited for gamers and if coupled with a second one it is okay even for hardcore gamers (tried Crysis on two 5770 on two full-hd lcds... very nice...)

Apple app police anoint un-Flash code translation

Jobs Horns


Because you don't have Apple and Steve Jobs on the Android.

And this is way more preferable for me that any feature the Judas-Phone might have....


@Gene Cash

Hmmm, never experienced YouTube to "hang and crap out" and its Flash.


Yeah right (s)he is a troll, but...

...he has some valid points though.

The phones and the paddy thing are overpriced and locked down.

The workstation, since there is only one anymore, is also way to expensive.

The iMac was a nice concept but not at this price.

The new Mac mini is a joke, especially for this price!

just the plastic iBook looks like good value for money, but only as long as you don't need an always working notebook with business grade service contracts. (and yes, my private notebook is a business notebook from dell with a business grade pickup contract)

So essentially Apple seems to like to alienate techies, likes to appeal to fashionistas and tries (and fails in my opinion) to change the mobile phone business.


It is easy...

Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash.

Fring-Skype iPhone slanging match: Telcos v freetards



I want a new handset every 6 months, but I really don't see the point of subsidising contracts also.

The providers should be forced to sell only the pure tariff so people would see what money is made of the "no-cost"-handset...

Handsets are way to expensive also because of this contracts... Nobody can explain to me, why a HTC Desire or a iPhone 3 1/2 should cost about 600 to 1000 EUR when I can get a full netbook with a 3G-modem for 300-400 EUR.

Vauxhall Ampera extended range e-car

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Sorry to disagree...

...but in comparison to a real French Commonrail Diesel from Renault for example the Honda Diesel sounds (and performs) like a very old traktor...

And I assume you haven't used an next-Gen (after Pumpe-Düse) Diesel from VW.....

Ah, and the Nissans are Renaults too...

iPad's brain not so unique


Still, the fact is...

I've nearly never (re-)booted my Symbian-powered phones in comparison to my Android and iPhone...

Microsoft bares Steve Jobs' Flash rant claptrap



On my HTC Desire Flash never crashed my Android... But just my 2 cents...

Jobs drops hint on Google open video codec



Obviously he doesn't get the point. Online vs. Offline.

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android



Maybe because call by voice is the most unimportant feature of a phone?

In reality it is faster, when I make one touch with my finger on my favourite list on my HTC Desire than try to communicate with my phone to make it understand what I want (and every voicecontrol on any phone didn't work flawlessly)

So it is definitely not important and IMHO they can go on to ignore it for at least another 10 years...

Consumers still want it hard



Such systems are on the market already.

Already outdated systems: Cambride Audio Azur 640H

New Systems:

Olive Opus No. 4

Incantare AudioServer

Yamaha HiFi MusicCast MCX-2000

ReVox M37

And many many more...

Dev goes 'Wild' with H.264 Firefox


And why should Google do that?

Google is NOT your friend! google ist just a business entity as MS, Apple or Oracle and the only goal is to crush the enemy and earn more money for the owners...

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7


I don't agree

You are one of the five people on earth where XP is better on his old hardware... ahhh, you wrote "feels"... please check your stats before you write anything.

WinXP is old and if you are accustomed to the new features of Win7 you will never go back (I definitely don't want to go back ever....)