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Besuited cubicle monkey trashes office

mark Weiss

i don't get it

it's the cube. always the cube.

Google's 'Gphone' said to be mobile OS

mark Weiss
Paris Hilton

ads on google

how do i loathe thee. let me count the ways....... and now a word from our sponsor...

i hate 'em. despise 'em. cannot stand 'em, 'em being ads. i would rather - and frequently do - watch a commercial free show that i've already seen [or read a book] than watch ad plagued media entities. better to see a bbc documentary like 'herman's hermits - the vegas years' 3 times than one more beer or air freshener ad. i mean what the hell is air freshener anyway? some crap someone invented because the odors of human life repelled them? hey moron, the smells go away and that raspberry smelling spray is worse anyway.... i will say one good thing about advertising on tv. i have started watching soccer - football - instead of american football because there are no f'ing commercials. what an idea. a 90 minute game played in 90 minutes, extra time maybe - instead of a 60 minute game played in 3 1/2 hours. another good thing about tv ads though, i must admit, is that they allow me to watch 2 or even 3 shows at once, going one to another during the 4 and 6 minute commercial breaks. tv content isn't exactly tough to follow so juggling many shows is no big deal. better ad free public radio shows about differentiating species of garden slugs than anything on commercial radio.

and now the hubris to plug their crap on my phone???!!! well actually i don't have a mobile phone. inasmuch as phones are my business line, i like to leave my calls behind when i absent myself from the premises wherein the phone rests. they can leave a message. life is short.

don't get me wrong. i like goog as much as any upstanding american looking to make a easy buck in the stock market. but mobile ads are un un un acceptable. monetise my ass google billionaire motherf....s

ps. how on earth anyone say they want their environment cluttered with billboards is beyond belief. i will file it with the current arguments against free health care. 'free? health? i wanna pay dammit!!! '

LG KG271 and KG275 budget phones

mark Weiss

simple phones for simple people

in advocating more features and bemoaning the lack of them the author misses the point entirely. there are people like me who, though old, pre-tech and cast aside as worthless by the tech loving class, still may want to make a call away from home. they, we, just want to making a bloody call. don't care if the phone is a media/entertainment source. don't do messaging preferring to simply call the freaking person. don't particularly want a gps unit in a phone. don't want to see or hear ads from the phone. just a phone to be a phone. with a key pad made for someone with human fingertips and normal to subnormal vision.

Vanessa Hudgens net smut: your children are at risk

mark Weiss

v hudgens

this information is published why? won't be long before the news will be about some minor cultural factoid who appears on youtube clothed. what about disney's original stars appearing in films without pants? huh? i ask you!

Oral sex could be more dangerous than cigars

mark Weiss

how dare you make fun of science

how dare you make fun of science!! ??

luv ya!

pope urban VIII