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Peaches Geldof - she's back!


re Dan Sumption

By Dan Sumption Posted Wednesday 26th November 2008 17:59 GMT

"First dip into hackery"? I remember her writing comment pieces for, I think, the Independent when she was 15. Pretty good they were too.

Were you stoned?

Or is juvenile pretentious toss the level you operate on?

FFS our cat, randomly walking on the keyboard, could produce better prose than peaches, and is a lot more attractive

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes




"Hardware - Mobiles, Sky Boxes, broadband equipment etc etc. You don't OWN this hardware you effectively rent it"

I own my mobile, choose what sim I put in (always a PAYG one).

Broadband equipment - well I own my router, although the copper phone line into the house is rented as in the UK you cannot buy your phone line outright.

Obviously I do not have a sky box as I will do nothing that gives the scum Murdoch any cash.

But, essentially the hardware is owned so I can do what I like with it - which is the attitude that anyone who has purchased an iPhone outright (plenty of places in Euroland do expensive but unlocked, so PAYG and thus contract free iphones) will have...Yes, let me know if something is a potential problem, but leave me with the choice to keep it or delete it, do not delete it regardless.

Fake feet trip up Olympic opening coverage


who bothers watching an opening ceremony?

I'm amazed anyone bothers watching the opening ceremony - a waste of time - all the snatches of opening ceremony I have seen have been interminable, full of tacky mass choreographed cheesiness - I only start watching properly when the sport starts - a bit of CGI could only improve an opening ceremony..

Phishers offer credit card discounts to prospective marks


No surprises

Being as phishing scams love to target banks, building societies, paypal - anything to do with cash then I am surprised it took this long.

Enough people will always click on links and be fooled by a lookalike web site (possibly with a vaguely sensible looking domain name to further fool them) to make these scams worthwhile.

Until all mail clients stop implementing hyperlink clickthroughs (or at the very least give big warnings) then these scams will continue - and lets face it - chances of link clicks being disabled in outlook etc. is minimal).

I am afraid the only way some people will learn is by being conned :-(

Microsoft lines up with the good guys on identity tech



"Would we be able to put this persuasively to Jacqui Smith? Not in an elevator pitch. Probably not in a one-hour meeting. But she's a very smart woman"


Randomly inspect some of her comments on ID cards etc. I think there is a sufficient body of evidence to refute the idea of Jacqui being smart (unless you mean her "dress sense" - being a geek I am not qualified to comment on fashion issues!)

Official: OOXML approved as international standard


Money can't buy you love....

But most things have a price

Brown: Jack Bauer spook horde to tackle terrorism


ARP et al

Don't forget the Dad's Army aspect of it all.


The "We're all doomed I tell ye!" catchphrase being quite aposite for our freedoms

Why do some people feel the cold more than others?


Humidity should be mentioned

It is worth mentioning humidity - at a given temperature the humidity level has a big effect on how hot or cold someone can perceive the temperature to be.

e.g. when humidity is high, sweat evaporates less readily and thus people cannot lose heat as quickly and so a person is likely to regard the conditions as hotter than at low humidity for the same recorded temperature.

This is why you can purchase / make wet bulb thermometers, which factor in evaporation and although their main use is to calculate humidity - they do allow an easy intuitive way to determine if the climate will be "comfortable" or not.