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Entire London 2012 Olympics' cultural events database held on Excel

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As Sarah said


Excel? Pah, you've asked for it & you got it!

Most of you obviously can't walk straight, your knees are so jerked.

Google Apps end love for Firefox 3.5, IE7, and Safari 3

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Firefox 4? No thanks

Memory leak heaven.

Going just by the numbers, Mr Google, isn't the best way forward, at least not for Firefox users.

Try Googling (oh the irony) 'Firefox 4 memory leak'. 270,000 hits for dates in the last month.

Calling all readers: Want some new icons?

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A Pin?

shorthand for prick .....

Michael 77


as "in that's so yesterday."

or maybe it's just about Cobol.

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

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Well, thanks but no thanks

I installed this on a home m/c - running WIndows7 Home Premium, I think they call it.

Bricked it.

Complete re-build.

Happy Customer?

What do you think?!

Indian courts 'rule astrology is a science'

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Outside the box

What box?

Sums up most postings here, sorry to say.

Rev slammed for PAYE failure

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Simply bin IT!

Income Tax is a silly form of taxation anyway. There, lets not beat about the bush. It's complicated, invasive and costly. Scrap it & put 5% on VAT, or whatever the % that would be needed to make up for the *net* shortfall.

I'm not really all that keen on VAT (sales / purchase tax in disguise), but I am keen on anything that will cut some daftness & huge expense from the way we collect tax.

Your call is not important to us

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@ Customer Service Counts

Too, too long, man.

Mozilla exposes 44,000 passwords

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Same here


The dumb-asses!

"Oh, they're only old passwords ..." indeed!

World's most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows

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@ Tzael

"... if someone's technically minded enough to be able to manage the installation of multiple operating systems then they're going to be comeptent enough to resolve an infected MBR :) ..."

Oh yes, especially while a root-kit is active.


How to improve productivity in the workplace

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Black Helicopters

Not hard, but requires thinking

Cut the working day to 6 hours, including a half-hour lunch-break.

Think about it .....

If you can't see that would generate a big win, you have a problem with this whole topic!

Baby Boomers committing suicide at unprecedented rates

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fixed that for ya

Medical science is finding lots of new ways to give us a long slow painful life.

Paris - she knows stuff about medical science ....

BBC chief acknowledges DAB flop & internet radio

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@Code Monkey

So what?

If you try to use "Listen Live", it's not always working.

You get a message saying that Radio 3/4 whatever is not available at that time.

Typical BBC: no rationale, clickable link that does nothing.

(Yes, it doesn't always not work.)

Trojan skewers security software with Windows

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Information, please?

"The trojan can install itself as an IME, then it kills any running antivirus processes and deletes the installed antivirus executable files. The original executable file of this trojan disguises itself as an antivirus update package."

Which product/s? Any/all or specific vendors'?

Paris 'cos she's brand aware ....

Microsoft sneaks Firefox add-on into Patch Tuesday update

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From a desktop point of view

I use M$ because:

Word is a good wordprocessor;

Excel is a good spreadsheet;

Windows games - they rock.

I have AVG (free) & Online Armor (free).

Never had a virus, trojan, worm or root-kit.

Not entirely true: had virus 'Brain' back in the MS-Dos days.

M$ works, looks good & allows me to run what I want.

Only the first can be said of Linux.

Paris, because she .... out-ticks Linux.

Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer

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Long tail sites?

How about the 'long tail', where Google has been out-performing Bing? Small, slow sites that have seemingly generated good revenue for Google:

"For Microsoft, focusing on the head instead of the "long tail" meant that it returned popular queries but failed to satisfy less common queries. The long tail of queries ended up yielding more sizable traffic and therefore more money for Google over the last 11-plus years."


Paris because she wouldn't forget any kind of tail, would she?

UK competition authority probes Amazon

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John Lewis match prices?

Not on their 'own' brand, of course.

Plus, on other brands, try to match what they sell with what others sell - don't JL have lines specially made different in some small respect, so you can't compare exactly matching products?

Paris - she's matchless!

Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors

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10 years? more like 34 years

Finance Act, part 2, 1976 -- Dennis Healey decreed that agencies might be responsible for contractors' tax -- so the agencies insisted on contractors using limited companies. They were all self-employed before that: Schedule D. Huge difference in that suddenly NI contributions (both sides) were cranked right up.

Nice for the accountancy profession, tho'.

Paris because she wouldn't charge NI, would she?

DEFRA loses tapes - and plot

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Continuum confusion?

They lost them in May. Their location was last 'known' in June last year?

No doubt they'll be found in April 2007, then. They're not lost in space, just lost in time.

A bit like DEFRA & RPA.

Paris 'cos there's always time for her ..... rather like Accenture.

Governator in acrostic 'f**k you' outrage

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How odd

What an odd thing to have happened!

Arnie will get into hot water this time, 'for sure.'

Negative publicity isn't always good publicity.

Knowing the American centre to be quite religious, it's not clever.

Even allowing for it being California an' all.

Really, he should check his letters more!

Who does the helpdesk really help?

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It's the Management, again

I work on 2nd line support & have also worked on 3rd.

The problem with the helpdesk is lack of planned continuity.

Bright joiners soon get promoted or leave.

The remainder aren't bright and lack experience (yes, I mean that: they have no experience in other areas of IT than helpdesk work.)

I think the solution is to recruit much older people on the basis that they'll be staying until retirement: no promotion, but that should not mean no pay increases.

They'd have to have their expertise & people skills monitored & improved as a matter of course - continually.

Can't be all that hard.

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site

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Whose IP?

Just a moment ... RM have my address in their database?

But that's my IP!

Lawyer!!!! Where are you?!

Paris, because she's anyone's IP.

What your database needs is a good thermometer

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@ Daniele



Paris, because she's not an evangelist!

Microsoft super discounts Windows 7, cloud, online Office

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Gee, thanks ...

"With relatively few French artists following the international success of Etienne de Crecy and Alex Gopher, it seems "Super Discount" will remain a stand-alone classic."

Thanks for the link, guys.

Paris because at least she gets 'relevance'.