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The Tomorrow People jaunt back to the airwaves


Re: Is anyone writing anything new in the entertainment world?

Try Utopia (if you haven't already). It nearly passed me by. I rate Black Mirror highly too (the last one was a bit so-so though, imho...).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review


Better than MW3?

I dunno, i cam to all of this stuff with MW3 - loved it and when I got tired of it moved to Battlefield 3 which is also great (for different reasons). I got bored of that and so was looking forward to Black Ops 2. Having played it for a few hours now I feel like I must be missing something - the graphics seem really cartoony and way too 'clean', and the levels seem tiny (even compared to MW3). Maybe it's just that my standards have got much higher... Also tried CS Global Offensive a couple of months ago and again, I read the reviews and thought 'what is wrong with me' because I found it massively shallow and repetitive, despite most people being all like - 'it's great'. Hmm. Will persevere with 'BLOPS 2' but so far it is somewhat uninvolving, compared to MW3.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Retina display review


An often missed factor...

Don't forget the fact that depreciation on Apple stuff is comparatively low. That makes a BIG difference in terms of what you get for your £1500.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android tablet review


Re: Proper resolution!

Looks good yeah, am really after < 12" screen though... Though the weight is right. Will see if I can find one to look at in the (metal) flesh perhaps.


Proper resolution!

So, I need a very portable machine to be able to work away from home for a little over a month (PHP web app dev / support, including offline, so need Apache or similar & MySQL. AAMP stack??). I've been on the verge of getting an 11" Macbook Air (currently use Netbeans on a 15" Macbook Pro) but 1366x768 mkes me want to cry. I also can't find any Windows laptops below 12" which have better than 1366x768.

So, does anyone use Android for dev work? I've looked around a bit for solutions and the only suggestions I find are to VNC or whatever to another machine, or use an online IDE. I don't really want to do either of those (would rather cope with 1366x768). Anyone actually do this in reality? I wonder if Linux can be installed on this machine in any useful way. I expect I'll get the Apple mahcine but thought I'd check with all you experts first :) Sorry if I'm an idiot!

Canon PowerShot G1 X compact camera


They're getting there...

Replace this lens with a fixed f1.4 one and I'm in...

Apple's Retina Macs: A little too elite?


Best response to Apple type companies...

...is to buy the previous model. People were making video last week, I'm sure they are still ok this week. The refurb shop is the way to go. If it wasn't for the fact I have an NUS card I'd be buying an 11" Air from the the refurb shop. £639!! Not much more than a Transformer, and lighter + better resolution (although not transformable of course). If you're into video - 17" Macbook Pro for £1419. Stick an SSD in it and move the HD to the optical bay. Sorted (at your own risk, warranty wise...).

Apple's online store goes offline



...is for the buzz. Seems to be working too. No 'retina' display on air though :(

Ten... alternatives to Samsung's Galaxy S III


Re: So what do I get if I want something smaller?

The small size+proper resolution screen was what solded me on the Motorola Defy. I don't play games (on my phone). Well, my girlfriend might disagree haha[misogyny]ha.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


Another call for Avatar

Just awful. Patronising and crass. C'mon, let me vote for it.

Anyone see The Idaho Transfer? That's my most recent sh!te film.


Re: Worst film ever made?

I find Charlotte Rampling a highly redeeming feature.

15in MacBook Air will go HEAD TO HEAD with MacBook Pro in April


Ending the argument

Resale price.

Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone


Re: Re: I've got the original one

Baby, life's what you make it.


I've got the original one

Smaller and tougher (theoretically) than the iPhone that I had before it. I've got a 32GB card in it. It can be a wifi hotspot. It was rubbish though before I put Cyanogen Mod 7 on it. The major negatives are slight lagginess (everyone has different tolerances, and mine are fairly low I think so it can't be that bad...) and Google Maps freezes sometimes. I could probably fix that, just not got round to it.

Crucially though, a good screen at £200 no contract (last July). The resolution on this new one is massive pants. If only there was a decent QWERTY keyboard phone...

Ten... PlayStation Vita launch games


95% (for two of them)...

...seems awful high. I can't for the life of me remember which other games have scored that high but I'm sure they must have been pretty special.. Perhaps I am mistaken though and the score is more common than I seem to think.

Europeans turn backs on Ultrabooks


Are Apples over-priced?

Not when you account unglamorous but very real depreciation factor. Just before Christmas I sold a 15" Macbook Pro from early 2006 for a shade over £400. Cost £1150 new (well, Apple refurb). So cost to me just under £11 a month (no repairs /replacements etc needed). Oh yes and I sold an iPhone 3GS (16GB) for about £200 in July which I'd had for nearly two years.

Space: 1999 returning to TV?


Obelisk vs. monolith

I think obelisks have to taper (or at least normally do). The big black jobbies in 2001 were referred to as monoliths. (sorry, wouldn't split hairs if it weren't my favouritest film).

2011's Best... compact cameras


Screen vs. viewfinder

For what it's worth, I can't bear framing using the screen on the back. Much easier to hold steady when pressed to your face. The other difference is that there is less to distract you from framing because all you can see is what the camera sees as opposed to all the distracting stuff outsideof the frame. In that sense I think it is easier to concentrate. If you are trying to get a moving subject then I suppose that context can be useful, but it is possible to open your other eye and use that....

Only trouble with my SLR (Canon 5d - £650 off eBay) is that it's big and obtrusive. It takes the knocks well though., as well as it's awesome full frame loveliness :)

Apple iPhone 4S


iPhone = expensive is true...

...but holds value well (which makes it a high value product). Sold my 3GS for just over £200 a few months ago (having had it for 18 months) and got a Motorola Defy for just over £200, SIM free. Now paying £10 a month for more sms and data than I'll ever need (don't really need any voice minutes!). They're great for non techies too, and bear in mind most people on here are techies of some sort.

id Software Wolfenstein 3D


Not sure if there was any shooting...

...so maybe doesn't count as a FPS but how about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_Maze? I remember playing it on Acorn Electron. 1982 beats this anyway!

Ten... Premium Android smartphones



Have not used Swype but I understand that it still involves touchinig the screen thus covering up the text you are working on somewhat in the process.

Want the hardware keyboard for 'emergencies' when needing to travel super-light!!

Only other option is a little bluetooth keyboard I suppose but i don't like having too many 'things'. Was waiting for the Milestone 3 but now it's looking like no UK release it may have to be the HTC 7 Pro. Though I miss being able to drag and drop music etc to files and folders etc on my iPhone and cannot stand iTunes. Not happy having to move to a similar sort of thing with Zune.



So... to get a 5 row QWERTY the only option now or in the foreseeable future is Windows Phone OS? HTC Touch Pro2 or HTC Pro 7? Bah.... I hope I am wrong (and that somebody will enlighten me...).

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!


Cool! (an affectionately irreverent title, but still ultimately pointless)

Anyone know what sort of time to look for this? I've got a good North facing view so would like to have a look out. Just don't want to stay up all night!


Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity


Individual resposibility...?

If everybody took their TVs off standby etc...

If I have to get up in the night for a pee I notice that in my living room there are lots and lots of static or flashing LEDs. This is surely not good. Why don't we have a system like in hotels where when you go out everything gets switched off? I know - you need your ftp server up, your wii downloading updates... But do you really?

My point really is that there seems to be a tendency for people to expect somebody else to sort their lives out for them rather than taking responsibility for it themselves. I guess the '80s never really finished in that respect....


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