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Intel plans Core i7 bare bones mini-PCs

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Re: Sincerest form ...

With a base price of $300-$320, once you've forked out the extra dough for memory and storage (another $200 or so), you might as well have bought the base Mac Mini for $599 (4GB RAM, 500GB HDD).

The Mac Mini even comes with an operating system, is even smaller (with self contained power supply), and also more powerful (dual-core 2.5GHz i5 compared with 1.8GHz dual-core i3).

Like this Intel, the Mac Mini has Thunderbolt, but unlike the Intel, the Mac Mini also has USB 3.0 rather than just USB 2.0.

Why would anyone buy this Intel over a Mac Mini (which will happily run Windows 7 and 8 natively)?

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Re: I bet that they're not as cheap

$300-$320, and that's before you add to two SODIMM RAM, and mSATA storage.

It might have been interesting a couple of years ago, but today - given the cost fo ARM devices that can, in many cases, perform a similar function - but today it is just a massively overpriced PC, and shows how out of touch Intel are while they fight a losing battle to maintain their big fat margins against ARM competition.

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Total joke!

A Raspberry Pi is more than cable of running digital signage. The Videocore IV GPU in the Raspberry Pi is at least as capable as that in the Intel, and the Raspberry Pi is already being targeted at the digital signage segment as the hardware is cheap, cool running, and more than up to the job. Also, there are now several operating systems already available (or under development, including bare metal).

This bare-bones device from Intel is expected to cost between $300-$320, so about the price of 10x Raspberry Pi ($35 each). Then you need to add memory (at $40-$80, another 2-3x Raspberry Pi), plus mSATA storage (say another $150, or 4x more Raspberry Pi).

Where are we up to? Lets call it the cost of 20 Raspberry Pi for one Intel PC, not to mention electricity running costs that will dwarf those of the Raspberry Pi. Just so it can do the same job as a Raspberry Pi.

This Intel product is a joke, a total, absolute joke.

Sure, in terms of pure compute it is a more capable product than the Raspberry Pi, but for the suggested market - digital signage - it's complete overkill and bested all ends up by the Raspberry Pi.

This "Next Unit of Computing" smacks of desperation from Intel before the onslaught of ultra cheap, ultra small, ARM powered computers. The real "Next Units of Computing". :)

Tiny Ubi Android machine pre-orders open

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7 watts for LEDs and WiFi?

Crikey, how many LEDs does it have?! I'm guessing it must be hundreds...

How Nokia managed to drive its in-house Linux train off the rails

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Re: Proper computer

It's also a real drag (literally) to close running applications -- you have to swipe, swipe, swipe, press-and-hold, then tap on an icon. What's wrong with a simple close button?

Or you could just swipe down to close - one single action. Not so hard, is it?

Intel pushes Atom-fueled storage for homes, SMB

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HP N40L Micrososervers

...are the dogs doodahs for a home/small office NAS - £120 after £100 cashback. There really is little point (and certainly no money to be saved) from building your own unless you're not happy with the compute power of the AMD dual-core processor which is more than capable of saturating a GigE network connection.

Upgrade the RAM to 8GB (about £30 these days), slap on FreeNAS or NAS4Free (both utilise ZFS which is a very cool file system), pop in a bunch of hard disks, boot from a 2GB memory stick and Bob is your uncle, Fanny your aunt...

Office to propel Windows tablets past Android in 2015

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Presumably this analyst is unaware that Google owns Quick Office

Or that iPads (and Macs) have iWorks?

If (and it's a big if) office productivity software becomes a battle ground on tablets then both Apple and Google are well placed to compete with Microsoft - they simply need to publicise the availability of their respective Office-software more than they do now.

The fact Apple and Google publicise such tablet software hardly at all right now suggests that few buyers see it as an important purchasing consideration, and this analyst is either delusional or in the pay of a certain software company that operates out of Seattle. Or both.

GNOME hacker: Culture isn't holding desktop Linux back

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Re: Hang on there

All major distros let you run GTK or KDE(yes QT) apps........twat.

Qt != QT

Get it right, ffs.

The dead reanimates as HP ships Open webOS beta

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Open WebOS will not be supporting the old HP hardware

At least not officially, maybe there will be a community edition lashed together. Is this what HP means when they say they back Open WebOS and Gram? Gawd help them.

As for the future of Open WebOS - it has none if they can't even get it on the hardware for which it was originally developed.

Ignoring the almost 1m Touchpad devices already out there, and which would be perfect for Open WebOS, while instead hoping someone else comes along and ships a trailblazing Open WebOS device is totally ludicrous.

I expect Gram to be put into administration within 12 months from now, with no devices shipped and nothing but opportunities missed. They have a chance to kickstart Open WebOS by targeting the Touchpad devices and creating an instant community, but they're chosen not to - idiots.

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit

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I call "Bullshit" on this one

A much more plausible reason for this trade-in company claiming Samsung customers are unloading their Samsung phones in higher numbers is so that they can justify why they have started screwing Samsung customers on the trade-in value of their Samsung phones.

There probably is absolutely no change in the numbers trading in old Samsung devices, but this FUD gives the trade-in company a plausible excuse with which to make a bit more profit.


Samsung Owner: "Why are you giving me 10% less this week than you were offering last week?"

Trade-In Company: "I'm sure you've seen the news, where Samsung lost the court case with Apple...so many Samsung customers have since got rid of their phones that it has flooded the market"

Samsung Owner: "YEAH, RIGHT! BULLSHIT!"

Scotland Yard's hacking probe: Cops arrest journalist

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Met corruption inquiry ends with 9 GUILTY, NO DISMISSALS.

I mean honestly, how can the police be trusted when they fail to police themselves? They're all over the members of public if they post some trivial twatter abuse, but corrupt coppers can do what they like (ranging from accepting bribes to murder - look up Daniel Morgan for the latter) and are beyond the law.

Neil 7

When will the Police arrest bent coppers

for their involvement in the hacking and bribes scandal? So far it's only journalists that have been arrested, despite journalists admitting handing shopping bags full of cash to bent coppers. If there are no coppers arrested for their involvement it makes a mockery of the entire investigation - the Met Police are rotten to the core.

Nokia woos networks with 'exclusive Windows 8 mobe deals'

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Re: apple?

Another difference - with the Apple exclusive deals, you couldn't buy the same Apple iOS running on devices from HTC and Samsung.

Good luck Nokia with your "exclusivity" deals when the same OS is going to be available on HTC, ZTE, Hauwei, and Samsung hardware, amongst others, and probably at a lower price and with better spec.

Is the fading Nokia brand really worth changing carrier to obtain? Highly doubtful, and that's assuming consumers actually take to WP8 in the first place.

Nokia flogged 4m Lumias, still bled €826m this quarter

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Additional cash

Much of the additional cash which so surprised analysts came courtesy of pre-payments from IPR licensees - since these are pre-payments does it mean that this particular pot is now going to be empty during future quarters? A bit like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And what about this €220mn component write-down that appeared in the results? Presumably Nokia saw their device inventory was at an all time high with sales already slowing/stagnating, and had to write off components that will now never be turned into finished products. Nokia admitted in the results that at the end of Q2 their inventory level was at the higher end of normal.

All together this sounds like Q3 is going to see a lot fewer sales than Q2, manufacturing sitting idle until the WP8 devices come on stream, and even less income/revenue/cash to dip into.

Neil 7

I know the answer should be easy to find, but how many iThings and Android Smart devices were sold in the same Q2 ?

Apple sold 35mn iPhones in Q2 2012.

Android activations are running at just under 1mn a day - you could reasonably assume one activation equals one sale as Google don't count repeat activations.

Devolo dLAN 500Mb/s powerline network adaptor review

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Re: Are there any of these in power socket form factors?

There is a 200-AV Homeplug with four RJ45 sockets that is the size of a standard UK double mains socket - you even get a spare mains socket (as the RJ45's take up the second mains socket).

It's expensive, and IMHO not sure it's worth the extra cost and hassle of installing it. The only reason I can see for installing one is if you plan on using it in a public area, as it would be much harder to steal.

If you're just looking for something that is neat and tidy, I'd go for one of these instead, as they're easier to install (just a standard plug and mains cable to the wall socket), cheaper, faster (500-AV not 200-AV), and you can easily hide it out of the way (along with all of the connected the RJ45 cables) amongst your kit.

The 200-AV Homeplug wall plate might initially appear neater, but just wait until you're running 4x RJ45 cables up to it - it will be a mess.

Micron mass-produces Phase Change Memory

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"PCM uses heat generated by an electrical current"

What level of heat? Will there be any problems implementing PCM as a Package-On-Package where the RAM/Storage package sits on top of the (usually heat-generating) ARM SoC to save board space? If it can't be implemented as POP, PCM may turn out to be less optimal than current technologies in terms of board design. However, given it's performance characteristics that may not be a significant issue.

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

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Re: "aren't always in arms reach of a hotspot."

No 3G = no GPS. No GPS = no gorgeous mapping apps.

Since when did GPS depend on 3G?

Major fail in comprehension there, Tom.

Neil 7

Not bothered about SD myself

Personally I just want something on which to surf the web while sat on the couch - I have absolutely no need or desire to watch films or listen to music on a tablet. My fire-sale Touchpad (which I'll be glad to get rid of for a Nexus 7) has 32GB of storage and all of it remains empty to this day.

Obviously there are people that will see the lack of SD as a deal breaker, but I also think there are a lot more people with a use case closer to my own who will think the 8GB of the base model is perfectly adequate and more than enough storage.

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

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Re: Giving the Nexus 7 the benefit of the doubt

No Flash support in the Nexus 7, but the BBC have been supporting h.264 for quite a while - they just need to sort their shit out so that they don't limit the use of h.264 to iDevices. The BBC need to realisethat pretty much every modern mobile device can now decode h.264 (even MeeGo).

HP open sources WebOS TouchPad tablet GUI

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Re: Okay

...in the meantime our TouchPads are working fine and WebOS is pretty nice for everyday use, no sign of any of Android's signature slowdowns.

Speak for yourself: WiFi that randomly craps out, web pages that randomly won't load for no obvious reason, Flash playback that can't sustain smooth playback even with a dual-core Qualcomm SoC (and that's when Flash works at all, at other times requiring a reboot to get it going again), sound that distorts at random times and requires a reboot to fix.

Quite honestly, webOS delivers the worst web experience of any mobile device I've used in the last 3 years. The system is riddled with crippling bugs and was never ready for prime time. Read the post-mortem article on The Verge and you have more of a clue why it's so shit.

Neil 7

Re: Documentation Fail...

Expected more from the makers of webOS.

Not sure why you would expect more - it's farking awful (yes, I have a Touchpad - glad I didn't pay more than £99 for it, it's godawful shit riddled with bugs).

Have a read of this (post-mortem on HP, Palm and webOS) - it seems the whole webOS system was developed in chaos with very little plan, and mainly as a reaction to an even shittier system. Hardly surprising they didn't finish it, and I doubt anyone now cares about the open source version - is there even a community to pick it up?

Nokia details 808 Pureview release

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Re: Erm yes it is

@Jason: Good luck with Trading Standards. The 808 does have a 41MP sensor - the fact not all of those 41MP pixels are used to construct a photograph is irrelevant in terms of Trading Standards as the description IS entirely accurate.

Microsoft: no plans to make own phones

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Re: Nokia

@Frank: Apple never obsoleted devices that are still on sale (and in the case of the Lumia 900, have only just gone on sale) - they waited at least 18 months to two years before dropping OS support.. BIG difference to what Microsoft has just done.

Neil 7

Re: Nokia

Apple never dumped their preferred high performance programming framework in favour of something that won't run on their older devices.

Microsoft has done just that - XNA has failed and is now dead, with C/C++ the preferred option for high performance on WP8 but C/C++ isn't allowed to run on WP7.x devices. All those games companies will jump at the chance of ignoring the shit that is XNA and instead port their game engines to WP8 using C/C++, leaving WP7.x owners with even fewer options. Expect to see C/C++ used to overcome other failings in Silverlight, and the process of obsolescence for WP7.x will be complete.

This is pretty much a complete platform break for Windows Phone - if you think developers are going to continue supporting two completely different operating systems in order to target the handful of WP7.x owners you're bonkers.

Finnish PM rules out Nokia rescue package

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Re: @5.antiago

The point you're not getting is that Microsoft aims to be #3 in mobile software - that's a place that is still up for grabs and where MeeGo/Symbian/Qt (imagine Qt as the ecosystem/platform, not MeeGo or Symbian per se) and you can see that Nokia had a credible chance of taking that third place with its own platforms that Microsoft wanted/needed.

MeeGo had the backing of not just Intel and a raft of other hardware and vehicle manufacturers, but also operators such as China Mobile with 650mn subscribers. When Nokia bailed on MeeGo, China Mobile were so pissed they refused to stock the Lumia in China, leaving Nokia to deal with the smallest of the Chinese operators.

With the reach of Nokia in terms of devices, the hardware and operator support, it's pretty easy to see that Nokia could get their Qt platform on to hundreds of millions of devices in pretty short order. In fact, Qt IS on tens of millions of devices already (Belle, N9) - probably an order of magnitude more devices than are running Windows Phone right now, and that's without Nokia even trying (and indeed, having already killed the entire platform).

The point is, that Nokia were easily capable of preventing Microsoft from gaining traction with Windows Phone and taking that #3 spot for themselves, so converting Nokia to be Windows Phone exclusive made a lot more sense to Microsoft than just getting them on board as a hardware manufacturer.

Destroying the Nokia platforms was most likely the primary objective as it leaves the way clear(er) for Microsoft to grab that #3 spot - getting them on board to also make devices was just gravy, but won't be necessary for much longer now that Windows Phone has a better chance of success.

Neil 7

"Volume matters to a certain extent, but ultimately it's all about profit."

Exactly, so tell me, then, why did the Microsoft "office pencil pusher" so magnificently destroy all possibility of both volume and profitability back in Feb 2011 by pissing on his own platforms with nothing to replace them with? It's true that Symbian sales were slowing, but it's also true they dropped off a cliff post Feb11. Even Elop now admits he made a mistake by not anticipating how much damage he would cause to sales with his "memo".

And now it's happened again, but this time Microsoft has done it to Nokia by announcing that all of Nokia's current stock is obsolete, EOL, worthless. And Nokia knew this when they signed on for WP7.

What fool will now buy a Nokia device running Windows Phone 7? And when is WP8 going to launch, December? So that's Q3 and Q4 down the toilet, possibly even Q1/2013 if Nokia don't get a device to market on WP8 launch day (assuming Nokia even last that long).

Honestly, if Elop had waited until Feb 2012 to announce Nokia were going "all in" with Microsoft and Windows Phone 8, things wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as they are now - Nokia would be in much better shape, financially.

Even better, if Nokia had just agreed to support Windows Phone along with their own current platforms they wouldn't be in the financial shit they now find themselves in, and also wouldn't be enslaved to Microsoft.

Taking the route they did, they've not only lost their financial security but also their technological independence, and quite possibly their existence, and for what? A pittance from Microsoft, and a whole boatload of promises that will never be realised.

Neil 7

Re: Flops mission is complete.

but what does Microsoft have to gain by destroying Nokia

Microsoft destroyed MeeGo and Symbian, with the former in February 2011 moving towards becoming a credible operating system for Nokia that scaled from the phone to the desktop and everywhere in between, with the support of Intel and China Mobile. The latter, Symbian, was being redeveloped with the updated UI that it sorely needed and that has been very well received. Both of these operating systems would have utilised the same Qt development framework, which is much loved by developers. It was essential - for Microsoft - that both these threats were extinguished as soon as possible.

Even if Nokia now crumbles (which may or may not be part of the plan, but seems inevitable anyway) Microsoft will have achieved a great deal by taking out what would have been the biggest threat to their mobile software business (MeeGo/Symbian/Qt) after iOS and Android.

Nokia were a huge, HUGE, supporter of Linux and open source technologies - all of that has been killed stone dead, thanks to Microsoft. It has been a major success for Balmer.

And once Nokia is no more (and Microsoft has acquired all the IP) there will still be plenty of OEMs around the planet to entice into using Windows Phone software, as the only viable alternative is now Android, which Microsoft has already got stitched up with the Android Tax.

Nokia is expendable, period.

They were a means to an end, to give WP some credibility, but their long term survival wasn't important nor essential to Microsoft - on the contrary, they are the one most likely to now benefit when it all goes tits up in Finland.

And now that Nokia has shared all of its experience with Microsoft, if Nomura are to be believed then Microsoft will be making their own phone.

Nokia: Sendo Redux?

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

Neil 7


Hate to split hairs, but the N900 never ran MeeGo (except for unofficial builds), it runs Maemo.

And the difference between the Maemo UI on the N900, and the Swype UI on the MeeGo-Harmattan N9 is like night and day. While the N900 is/was a usable piece of kit, it was not a polished product that could compete with the best available smartphne (Nokia basically knew and acknowledged this).

The N9 with MeeGo-Harmattan, however, *is* a polished product, and would have competed quite comfortably with its premium smartphone peers had it not been given a premature death.

So if you want to criticise the N900 go right ahead, but if you want to criticise MeeGo-Harmattan you're talking out of your arse.

AMD palms PCs with LiveBox miniature desktop

Neil 7

Agreed about the pins - bad idea

Pins on the case most definitely are pretty stupid - much better to replace them with an IEC "figure of eight" connector, then just pop the right cable in the box. This would also mean that customers don't have to plug it directly into a wall socket (with all the clearance issues that would entail) - I'd have this tucked away inside my media rack (running XBMC on Linux, fark Windows!)

I suspect it could really do to lose the 64GB SSD storage, and just boot directly from USB memory stick or SD card - hopefully bare-bones units will be made available. Without the SSD, this will hopefully retail for well under $100 - will have to if it hopes to compete with Apple TV and other ARM-based products. Add in the 64GB SSD and it will at least double the price.

Hands on with Nokia's 808 41Mp camphone

Neil 7

Question for the Windows Phone executive

Again the message from MS was to “Offer a third ecosystem to the market” with Martine’s figures of 85,000 WinPho 7 apps, growing at a rate of 300 a day and 110,000 developers on board, suggesting that beyond iOS and Android, the third way is certainly gaining traction.

How many of those applications won't run on the Lumia 610 due to memory and CPU limitations?

We already know about Skype and Nokia TV that will not work with the Lumia 610... presumably any of the more capable apps in the market place will be similarly incompatible with the under resourced budget device. Question is, how many? And is this the start of fragmentation...

VIA outs $49 Raspberry Pi-alike

Neil 7

$49? Errr no, not really...

According to this tweet from RS Components, the VIA APC is $49 when ordered in quantities of 10,000. Gawd knows what they'll cost in units of 1, but certainly not $49.

Neil 7

Is anybody, anywhere, using these things for their original purpose? That of schools teaching students the basic joys of making a thing do what you tell it to?

In the case of the Raspberry Pi, no - not yet. The Raspberry Pi educational package is due November-ish, once any kinks have been worked out of the hardware (which is currently in it's "hacker" and community-building phase), cases for the Pi designed, and the educational software and coursework written and developed.

Neil 7

Re: Soldered-on flash

But still brickable, unless you have a spare BIOS IC. And most people won't have spares. So for those without a spare BIOS, it remains brickable.

Whereas the Raspberry Pi is impossible to brick - if you make a mistake all you need to do is reformat your SD card.

Despite years of messing with BIOSes and embedded systems, I know which system I prefer and yes, it's actually the SD card method - perfect for tinkering and repeated tweaking, far more forgiving for novice users, and cheaper too.

Neil 7

Re: Compared to Raspberry Pi

Amazingly it looks a far more complicated (and thus expensive) design than the Pi, with separate RAM ICs (has VIA not heard of Package on Package?), the ARM SoC and of course the Flash IC that permits bricking, plus a bunch of other discrete ICs (I counted at least 5, not including the socketed BIOS chip) that aren't considered necessary at all on the R-Pi which is basically built around three ICs in the case of the Model B - LAN IC, Broadcom SoC and a single RAM IC (no LAN IC at all in the Model A).

It really doesn't look like a lot of thought has gone into this design, and in fact it looks like VIA have used all of their PC motherboard design skills to create it, which probably wasn't a good idea.

Neil 7

Re: gpu

That's the thing about the Raspberry Pi, the VideoCore IV GPU is an absolute beast. This VIA board seems to just be cashing in on the Raspberry Pi fuss, it's got approximately the same puny CPU, a much punier GPU (can't do 1080p), double the RAM (which is the only thing it has in its favour), needs a special PSU rather than any common or garden mobile phone power supply, doesn't boot from an SD card so is potentially brickable, and it's a fair bit more expensive. Plus, it will have fark all community behind it, and good luck finding documentation for the hardware.

So mostly negatives and only one small positive - this VIA is so easy to pass up.

Now, if it had been x86 at that price, that might have been a little more interesting but again the lack of any community to speak of and no doubt the unsupported/undocumented drivers would have combined to put a major dampener on that enthusiasm also.

Nokia outs budget phone pair

Neil 7

Great, I'm sure they'll sell quite a few in India etc.

Trouble is, they're probably only making a few quid on each sale, profit that will be wiped out by the losses incurred from supporting the smartphone platform that nobody wants to buy (I mean WP of course and not Symbian/MeeGo as these are the platforms Nokia doesn't want to sell but people would rather buy).

Nokia's 41Mp cameraphone shoots towards retail

Neil 7

@Big_Ted - oh dear

Another poster that doesn't have the first clue how the PureView sensor works.

Google I/O snafu greenlights crap code, angers devs

Neil 7

Explanation link not working?

So that's borked too.

Nokia loses $1.7bn in Q1, sales chief falls overboard

Neil 7

Re: Desire to cut costs has killed Nokia

Sales were on the decline, but they were not collapsing - that only happened after the speech which dramatically accelerated the decline. After the speech, carriers didn't want to buy Symbian stock any more - at any price. Nokia also had Belle in the wings, which is the facelift Symbian needed as well as bringing full Qt support, but this was artificially delayed having been ready in the summer and released only recently.

Nokia did everything they could to undermine Symbian after the speech, which up to that point was still making a healthy contribution to the bottom line and would have continued to do so had Nokia not burned the platform so publicly and catastrophically.

Nokia purposefully killed Symbian quickly in order for Microsoft to make up ground with WP, but in doing so they have broken Nokia, probably for good, as now they have precious little revenue and WP doesn't look like it's the winner they expected it to be.

Neil 7

Desire to cut costs has killed Nokia

Elop's desire to cut costs - which on the surface makes good business sense - is having a disastrous effect now that he has no revenue, which is a direct consequence of his zeal to cut Symbian costs.

If he hadn't been so quick to burn Symbian (and also MeeGo/Maemo), he wouldn't now be faced with massive losses and still nobody is buying his precious Windows Phone.

No doubt he will continue cutting costs and selling off assets until there is essentially nothing left of the company. It looks like Elop learned one thing at business school, to keep your costs low, but didn't learn that making a profit actually matters more.

O2 declares 4G trial success... with 1000 users

Neil 7

Re: South East Kent

I think they will also find South East Kent does not loose its analogue signal until June either. That's very south of Watford!


Cellco execs lay into Nokia's Lumia

Neil 7

@Lost all faith...

Fark me, way to make a mong of yourself in public!

Why not educate yourself on how the PureView sensor actually works before posting in public again?

It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m

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When will someone design a watch I would want to wear?

I like the idea of this watch, although the design isn't something I'd want on my wrist, perhaps something a little more traditional looking (nice round case, leather or metal strap etc.) but still with the e-Ink display (preferably higher resolution as it's obvious they can't fit a complete analogue display on there) and with Bluetooth 4 for longer battery life.

As it stands, the design is butt ugly. If someone could create a higher resolution and preferably round display, could it replace traditional mechanical watch internals and lead to more attractive watch designs?

Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst

Neil 7

You have to laugh at analysts

Nokia shares are a Buy - Forget Symbian and focus on Lumia urge analysts at Jyske Bank


"We are now in the middle of the transformation from the Symbian to the Windows Phone platform. It hurts and makes heavy demands on investor patience. However, we maintain our BUY recommendation for Nokia, as we expect the efforts to be fruitful."

Indeed, analysts believe that the main culprit behind the downgrade is weak sales of Symbian martphones.


So this "analyst" believes that low Symbian sales are the reason for the Nokia downgrade? Not vanishingly small Windows Phone sales? And this is the same Symbian that the genius CEO took a dump on back in Feb 2011 - so no criticism of the CEO, then, for not having a replacement ready in time? And ignoring the fact it's the (miraculously) ongoing Symbian sales (at a rage of 5-1 better than WP) that have actually helped the Nokia bottom line?

Some analysts are totally out to lunch.

UK retailers start taking Nokia Lumia 900 orders

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Free Nokia Play with NFC

That would be the NFC enabled Nokia speaker, making full use of the NFC feature that isn't present on the Lumia 900 (or any Windows Phone devices)? But is available on pretty much all of Nokia old and burning platform devices?

It's pairings like this that only serve to highlight the shortcomings of the Lumia 900 and the Lumia hardware in general, thanks to Microsoft being so late to the game and still frantically playing catch-up on the software front.

Nokia are shipping "high-end" hardware they've had to design with one arm tied behind their backs - it must be very frustrating for the Nokia hardware designers when the bar is set so artificially low.

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

Neil 7

Re: How many people use these things?

I recommend Homeplug to family members and friends, they've all installed Homeplug devices without any problems and been very happy with the results. I use 500-AV units and get about 120Mbps real world throughput, those I know that have also installed 500-AV get similar performance on decent wiring.

Fortunately, none of us give a toss about radio hams.

Rovio: Actually there will be Angry Birds Space on Windows Phone

Neil 7

Re: Windows Phone 8 should resolve most things

It's always the next bloody version with Windows Phone, isn' t it?