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Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?

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iFlorst - bad reviews since 2008

Looks like they have been getting bad reviews since 2008


Fujitsu workers picket London HQ

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People that think they have an automatic entitlement to more money and a job for life make me want to go grrrrrrrrrrr. There's nothing fairer than a free market. If you think your worth it, get another job and move on.

Martha Lane-Fox: No broadband, no citizenship

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I dream of a future where I never need to go online.

I only go online for one reason - to work & make money. I'd much rather be sitting on a boat in the Carbiean fishing for my supper and supping an ice cold beer.

Twitter docs hack exploits stupidity vuln

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Top notch journalism, bravo. It's good to read something by someone who doesn't fawn to the every move of the Web Shite 2.0 Facists.

Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity

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BBC To Account

Another example of BBC reporters way out of their depth. Who's going to call them to account and stop them spreading this dissinformation? More excellent journalism by El Reg though.