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Hotmail imposes tracking cookies for logout

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Just close it

Sorry if I am being stupid (I do not have a Hotmail Account) but surely you can just shut the browser.

Unless of course they are also not timing you out so you can never log back in again :-)

Windows Mobile 6.5 ships today

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Better options out there

Even if you want/have to stay with Windows Mobile putting something like SBP mobile shell on it does a better job (probably costs less too if you take into account sorting out the problems 6.5 is bound to bring up)

Come on Palm, sack you hardware QA chaps, get someone like HTC to make your phones so there is some good hardware to match the WebOS.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala opens its eyes

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"Given its stability", ?

Tried 8.04 and 8.10 on new hardware for a BOINC number cruncher with Q9250 CPUs. Asus/Gigabyte Motherboards, nothing but Boinc running, and the whole lot locked up at least twice a month.

Exact same systems with 2 legal copies of Windows XP on and they have been running non stop for 7 months.

Maybe the new version will work with WPA and remember the password all the time. 8.04 and 8.10 were supposed to be better at this but the only way I ever managed to get it to connect was dropping security back to WEP.

I am a big fan of open source but so far my experiments with Linux have not come close to matching 2000 or XP for simple install and work.

Army's £114m battle-comms net not up to Afghan demands

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Again and Again

Nimrod, Blindfire, SA60, Chinooks. The list goes on.

It would be cheaper more often than not to give these UK workers half a million and tell them to go home.

Too many incompetent people in the supply chain and none of them have to take responsibility for their actions.

HTC readies radical Touch HD revamp

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I only bought my Touch HD about 6 weeks ago. Wish I had waited longer.

Google spins YouTube into future profit machine

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Go Buzz

Lovely to see, Buzz has just jumped up a notch in my estimation.