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Fancy buying a compact and bijou cardboard box home in a San Francisco alley? This $2.5m Android bounty will get you nearly there


Re: Why not in jail

Interesting that you only desire to inflict punishment upon those who FIND and exploit device implementation failures, and yet you are perfectly willing to give a free pass to those who inflict such carelessness on their unsuspecting cursomers. What about the utter lack of responsibility of those who created their tainted witches brew in the first place.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?


Re: Battery life from the 35000mAh pack

Only one of DOZENS of spelling, grammar, and content errors in this pathetic excuse for information dissemination.

Software can be more secure, says NIST, and we think we know how


Maybe Hire Professional Software Engineers

How about starting by hiring actual professional software engineers, who have been formally trained in a university environment? Yeah, how about that instead of incompetents who have read one book on C++ and miraculously know everything there is to know about software systems design, complex data structures, bug-reducing coding practices, concurrent task issues (and other mind-blowing critical timing issues), error-proof inter-task communications, proper coding techniques, COMMENTS IN THE CODE!, small unit module design, object oriented DESIGN (not just coding), and did I mention data structures?

I've been a professional software engineer (with a Computer Science degree) for more than 40 years, and it continues to amaze me that companies STILL think that they can save money by hiring astonishingly incompetent 'coders' who know literally NOTHING about formal computer software design techniques. And then the company managers are all naively surprised when their products fail in fantastically spectacular fashion.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: stop letting electrical engineers write software! You wouldn't have a plumber fix your electrical wiring in your house, would you? He probably could, but you wouldn't want to have to make any modifications to the resulting horror show.


Megacorps accuse Chinese fab workers of pilfering designs


...and no one saw this coming?

BWwaaaaaaaaa ha ha haha (cough) ha ha ha ha ha (cough) ha ha (cough) ha ha ha ha

Feds move to uninstall bot that hit banks, airports, cops


scrub the zombies

Why is there any argument about failing to remotely and IMMEDIATELY scrub the zombie pc's?

To address a concern mentioned above: None of those infected pc's are running nuclear plants because they're NEVER connected to the internet, nor life-saving equipment because internal latency of Windoz precludes implementing life-saving software on this platform.

Identifying these zombies indicates a total lack of responsibility by the owner. If the scrubbing operation makes the zombie pc inoperable, then so what? You can't possibly imagine how much I don't care that some double-digit-IQ mouth-breather bone-head with a pc on the internet is suddenly unable to access 24-hour porn or play MMORPGs in his underwear? They've relinquished their responsibility by not only possessing but maintaining a compromised computing system, attached to a world-wide interconnected communications network that is damaging other computers.

I say kill 'em all and let god sort it out.

Cockeyed 'Knob Face' confusion masks real malware threat


...and why is this news?

It's a hoax. It's not real. No basis in fact.

How about a Breaking News Flash about the fact that our local star (which we call the sun) is still burning hydrogen fuel at the same rate it's been doing it for the past few billion years? What astounding news! Holy Mother of Pearl! Fantastic! Amazing!


Microsoft seeks patent on ebook page flip


Please remain calm

Having had personal experience with this aspect of patent law, rest assured that any invention (and I use the term very loosely in this instance) is not patentable if it has already been available in the public domain for at least 12 months prior to the patent application. It appears that this page turning foolishness has been implemented by more than one company in products that have been sold more than a year ago.

Let's not get our panties in a twist. It's just M$ doing this money grubbing best to act in their normal rediculous manner.

Nothing to see here... Move along please.

Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline


Your You're

Frankly I don't give a flying fig where the charming, yet slightly ribald, Kelly may or may not have worked before entering the El Reg Realm of Silliness.

I just wish your commentards would PLEASE learn the difference between your (the possessive form) and you’re (the contraction of “your are”). For crying out loud, it’s like nails on a blackboard in my brain reading that carelessly written crap.

Faux Facebook 'friend' takes US woman for $4,000


In the future...

you are anyone you wish to be.

If someone is in trouble and has a computer, then they have access to a telephone.

If they have a telephone, they can call you.

If they can call you, then not only will you know what the @#$%^&* is REALLY happening, but you’ll be able to identify them.

So many people are caught up in the technology; they forget that there is a real world out there. In the real world, we communicate directly to people. Lacking that verification of identity, every other form of communication must be viewed with a varying level of uncertainty and skepticism, depending on the communications mode.

It’s the future, man. It’s here and it's ready to take your identity, your money, or anything else you’re willing to give it.

Mass infection turns websites into exploit launch pads


Inferior People...

...should not be employed.

This is what happens when businesses all over the freekin' planet continue to hire pimply faced drooling trolls at cut-rate salaries who taught themselves PHP in their parents' basement between sleepless bouts of Warcraft and Wolfenstein, instead of hiring highly skilled (and guess what? more expensive!) university trained degreed professional software engineers who've been trained to think past next week's paycheck.

It is axiomatic that you get what you pay for.

Canadian privacy chief flunks Facebook

Paris Hilton

That's why

I never allow any 3rd party applications access to my personal information. It's simply not worth it.

Gosh, golly, gee wiz, but now my FB 'experience' isn't 'enhanced' with all the dreck and drivel those apps profer. Now THAT's what I call an enhanced experience.

Paris, because as a celebrity she has to share everything with everyone at all times. YUM!