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Apple accused of extortion by rival tablet biz


Give up profits + lost revenue x3

Apple Should have to give up the profits it made from selling its competing products during the period that the ipad ripoffs were being detained x3 and also should be liable for paying NT-K for all lost revenue past, present and future as a result of this little legal shanghai x3.

If the courts started handing out judgements along those lines Apple might rethink its actions before dragging companies in to court.

Google accused of meddling with S Korean probe


I dont get it

Google is being taken to task over android making it hard to switch search engines and prioritizing google products in the results...

So when is Microsoft going to be taken to ask over WP7? they dont make it hard to change search engines, they make it impossible, oh and bing also prioritizes results, except when its copying googles results...

AMD claims 'world's fastest GPU' title


The bulldozer design...

The bulldozer design itself isnt bad, Its the socket that AMD needs to improve... The bulldozer Opterons perform far better then the desktop versions.

I have always applauded AMD for sticking with the 940 pin AM2/3+ socket design to promote upgradability, however not this time, they need to dump that design and go with something bigger. since they like to promote long term product evolution, they need to design a new desktop socket with lots and lots of headroom, its ok to build a socket with say 1944 pins and only use 3/4 of them for now, the material to make these sockets are cheap, but the future upgradability is invaluable, hell, they could even make an expanded socket that could accept the corrent AM3+ CPU's, ie make the center of the socket socket pin compatible and have the socket extend out sides of the chip to accommodate a larger chip, or something along those lines.

Also, as for the bulldozer design, when looking at this product release, think they are great things in store for future Fusion products.

Long live DAAMIT err AMD/ATII...

Mars rover Curiosity autographed by Obama


Is this really a good idea?

The entire Martian culture will think that Obama made the damn thing and thus is the smartest person we have. they will likely attack and destroy us out of pity or fear of being overrun by a zealous horde of idiots...

AT&T poised to kick T-Mobile USA out of bed



T-mobile is a good carrier, It would really suck to see them be sucked in to the dark side. If it does happen, AT&T will be getting approx 23m -1 customer. I've already been down that road and wont do it again...


I have to say i disagree with you...

I have to say i disagree with you on most of your points except one, the first one, the federal government is insanely out of control.

However as for AT&T never wanting this merger to go through, if that were the case they would have never agreed to nearly $6bn in breakup fees. yes $6bn, despite this article saying $4bn, the total value of the breakup clause is $6bn +/-, $3bn in cash, $2bn worth of wireless spectrum and a roaming agreement between the 2 companies thats said to benefit t-mobile by $1bn +/-.

I dont know what area you're in, but in the greater phoenix area, T-Mobile's coverage is quite good! I rarely drop calls on my end, ironically, calls get dropped all the time when speaking with my father, on both his personal phone and his business phone. His personal phone is on AT&T and his business phone is Sprint, go figure... Several very good friends also have AT&T and i giggle at them as i watch them drop call after call all day long. They both try to tell me its the other people carriers that's the problem, they just dont get it...

As far as customer service goes, yeah they're kind of brain dead, and kind of stupid, but as long as you dont give up, you will eventually find someone in the company that understands what the hell it is you're talking about and can fix the problem. After having dealt with Sprint and AT&T's customer service (as a customer) I have to say that T-Mobile is by far the lesser of 3 evils. Sprint was the worst but AT&T wasnt too far behind them. I've only dealt with Verizon's customer service as a 3rd party helping others, but i do have to say that my few and limited experience with them has been good.

As a happy and proud T-Mobile customer, every news story i read that talks about this merger failing or brings news of it coming one step closer to failure, brings a smile to my face...

,,!,, AT&T... And get your checkbook cause this fuck up comes with a fat price tag...

AMD rides Bulldozers into the x86 server chip war


I hope the opteron version performs

After seeing the disappointing results of the desktop bulldozer parts i sure hope these Opterons can perform well, for AMD's sake...

I've been a loyal and dedicated AMD user tried and true, since the day the first Athlon dropped in 1999, but here lately its getting harder and harder to stand behind these chips when intel keeps pushing out chips that are just killing AMD.

I've always been one to support the underdog, but they've got to give us diehard fans something to work with...

New York drops $400m to lure next-gen wafer bakers


In Arizona...

Here in Chandler Arizona (home of many Intel fabs) we have but 2 seasons:

Miserably fucking hot (5 months of the year)

Not so hot, California like weather (7 months of the year).

Boy do i miss the mono-seasonal semitropical weather growing up in Ventura.

We dont normally have earthquakes here in Arizona, but about 9 months ago, one hit in Baja California and we sure as hell felt it in Chandler, AZ. Me and my then Girlfriend (both being California natives) both recognized the ground shake instantly when it hit.

On a side note, i was wondering what happened to my favorite attorney general, looks like hes become a governor...

Netflix: How to completely screw up


Yet another tale of corporate genius...

Here is a tale of yet another US corporation that had something innovative, and with that rose to the top, then lacked the wherewithal to maintain this dominance. instead insisting on a path of greed, they self destruct.

R.I.P. Netflix, right along side Yahoo and AOL as internet has beens.

Good Bye...

Intel: You may already be using Xeon E5 without knowing it


Given intel's history

I vote the latter....

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8


@BristolBachelor @Everyone

"I see BSODs too often, and there is unsually very little help in logfiles including eventviewer. They are normally caused by code running close to the metal like kernal drivers, and the BSOD is often the first/only clue of where to start looking."

The BSOD is the last place to start looking for clues, Seriously people, have you ever heard of the debugging tools for windows or windbg? couple that with the the necessary symbol files from the microsoft symbol server (google "using the microsoft symbol server" for clues), and it tells you exactly what caused the BSOD, down to the exact file that triggered it. Even on machines that cant boot in to windows proper, you can use windbg in safe mode, if you're clever enough, you can even install windbg in safe mode, whats more, if that dont work you can always use MS DaRT (Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset, formerly known as ERD Commander) crash analyzer. Windows XP saves either the last BSOD as a full memory dump called MEMORY.DMP in c:\windows, or a mini dump of all BSOD's in a folder called.... wait for it.... Minidump, located at c:\windows\minidump. Windows vista and 7 go a step farther and saves both, so you can go back back and examine the complete history of BSOD's

So if anyone is living with random or frequent BSOD's its due to your own ignorance.

Ballmer: Windows Phone can win third place in mobile!


Has anyone ever used a wp7 device?

I have, and i want to say that its the worst device i've ever used. After using this phone for the past 3 weeks, I think my IQ has dropped, i actually feel dumber for using this device.

I was an absolute windows mobile fan, yes i know the platform had its issues, but i could find software to do just anything and i could do anything i wanted on it, it was a truly open platform.

then microsoft went and hit the stupid button (again?) and killed windows mobile. replacing windows mobile with wp7 just shows how retarded microsoft really is.

just to clarify, I didnt purchase the POS wp7 device i'm stuck using, T-Mobile replaced my touch pro 2 with this HD7 on a warranty exchange, and for that i say ,,!,, t-mobile. I have ordered an andriod phone.

So for microsoft and t-mobile ,,!,, you're about as dumb as a bag of hammers and you have no clue what consumers want!

DoJ files antitrust suit to block AT&T's T-Mobile buy


@Lance 3

The worst thing that can happen to T-Mobile and it customers is for this merger to go thru. AT&T cares nothing for T-Mobile's customers, all they want is their network because they dont want to bother upgrading their own.

As far as T-Mobile being on borrowed time and suffering a slow dreadful death?! $3bn in cash $2bn worth of spectrum and a roaming agreement, i'd say that will go a long ways for curing slow and dreadful death.

Anyone in support of this merger is either stupid or vested in form or another...

Go ahead and spy on customers, says judge


Fortunately they're in Wisconsin

Not in California (the 9th circuit would probably uphold the rulings), so these asinine rulings should get overturned if they decide to appeal, at least the bit about them not possessing the laptop so they cant be harmed. I'm sure they're attorney has already filed the proper paperwork with the local coppers to get the laptop returned to them so that future harm can take place...

I love this country, logic and common sense have never been a requirement for high level positions such as judges...

Yahoo! reads! your! emails!



I agree whole heartedly with your sentiment, its seems that running your own exchange server is the last bastion of email privacy with competent mobile connectivity... Long live small business server!

Samsung runs to the ITC to seek Apple ban


Apple needs to pick up a history book..

Apple needs to pick up a history book, the last time they tried a look and feel lawsuit things didn't end so well for apple... This lawsuit was heading up during another time when Steve jobs wasn;t at the helm, and it failed miserably.\

I believe this one will suffer the same fate...

Feds crack multi-million scareware ring


Your statement gives the wrong impression

Your comment gives the impression that the paid version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware scans faster than the free version which isnt true, the free version and the paid version use the same scan engine, the paid version just adds a protection module that offers realtime protection.

MalwareBytes scan engine is unmatched on detection and removal, the realtime protection module however lacks too much to be considered as a viable protection suite.

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5


So i guess...

So i guess if they're throwing a fit about 3.5 users and trying to force them to upgrade, they must really be having a cow about people like me still using FF3.0.19...

Dear Mozilla,

You missed the fucking bus, in a big way, FF4 fucking sucks monkey balls! I've used it on other peoples computers and i see no compelling reason to downgrade my browser to FF4 from FF3.0.19. Please fire the fucking idiot who designed it. thank you that is all...

PS, thank you for ruining an otherwise good browser... Give me back my fucking status bar! you inbred pieces of shit...

Facebook pulls plugs on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile


Yeah, I know what you mean...

I feel even more like a loser, I have zero friends... My own family doesn't even add me as a friend, i really fell like a loser now... Oh wait, hold on second, do i have to start an account first before i can add friends? This might be the problem, i never bothered to start an account on face(loss-of-privacy)book. I do a good enough job on my own fucking up my privacy, i dont need some snot nosed CE-Biotch-O who thinks i'm a fucking idiot doing it for me..

Google floats monthly subscriptions to Chrome OS notebooks


Umm dear sir...

I believe you spoke just a tad too soon... please see El Reg story:


it looks as though the googlites are using it...


Here we go...

Google fires the first shot in monthly subscription based OS's. I figured it would be microsoft that would be the first to market with the monthly access OS.

But now you can guess that M$ wont be too far behind...

Galleon hedge fund founder convicted on all 14 counts



I think he should get the maximum sentence, if for nothing else because of his arrogance. he thinks he's above the law and he likes to support terrorist operations. I would love to see gov.gov make an example out of him.

TomTom sorry for giving customer driving data to cops



Why is TomTom even collecting data, they have no need for this what so ever! I mean seriously, the devices have no reason for reporting anything back to TomTom. They should be fined any amounts of money they made from selling that data x2,

Greenpeace spies soot lining in cloud data centers



Why do news organizations the world over feel the need to publish the ramblings of an eco-terrorist organization such as greenpeace. It's equivalent to feeding the trolls. if the world over stopped publishing the greenpeace agenda / manifesto, they might just go away and stop terrorizing the world.

If greenpeace did one ounce of good for every crime they commit, the world would be a cleaner / greener place. hell if they put forth 1/10th of effort spent committing crimes in to making the world greener, they would have one hell of a positive impact on the world.

When ever i see greenpeace protesting something, which they like to do around here because of the high presence of oil production here, I will go buy a quart of mystery oil and put it in my gas tank to make my engine smoke like a pig in a fire then drive back and forth past them just to piss them off.

Suit settled, PS3 hacker donates $10,000 to EFF



So many questions...

One has to wonder why sony backed down so quickly from a fight they were fighting so fiercely?

Did something happen to make sony change their mind?

were they losing revenue because of the bad press?

did they realize that suing ones customers is a bad way of securing future sales?

I mean they serious they spent tens of thousands of dollars at the minimum to prosecute this this case, only to settle it for a $10k donation to the EFF, the organization that was helping push the defense...

Yahoo! jacks data retention from 90 days to 18 months



Yahoo!? Not making enough money on targeted advertising? revenue a little low?... try earning your money by offering better services instead of selling the likes and livelihood of your users to advertisers...

AMD gases up Bulldozers for Intel push back



Dear Jimbo in Thailand,

I was with you for the most part, right up to the point you said AMD ruined ATI and GPU competition, which also seems to be the point at which you lost tune with reality...

The last time i checked nVidia was sucking wind trying to catch ATI, Please see this El Reg story titled: "AMD claims 'fastest graphics card in the world'" dated just 3 weeks past..


I will admit AMD has had some trouble executing in recent years, but what most everybody fails to take in to account is the damage that intel did to AMD's R&D budget! this goes far deeper than AMD just failing to execute, its more like AMD did the best they could considering the strangle hold intel put on their revenue flow. Considering the 800lbs gorilla AMD had to wrestle with, i'd say they've done pretty damn good.

Through this entire saga, what appears to me is that AMD does its best design when its back is against the wall. From the beginning of time (in the computer ages) AMD had only been a small non-threatening player in the CPU world. having virtually no market share and even less revenue, seeming to have no chance what-so-ever to prosper. What they did have was a man with a vision, and the drive to realize that vision, and few good engineers. With that vision and those few good engineers, AMD set out to accomplish one single goal, to change the face of modern computing for all eternity, and they did just that!

Whether you people realize it or want to admit it, AMD is responsible for all the luxuries we enjoy today in modern computing. that man with a vision, Jerry Sanders and his lead engineer Dirk Meyers, changed the world of computing forever! they did so in several ways. The first of which was bringing to market the venerable AMD Athlon (K7), A whole new design in processor architecture, it was fast, it was efficient and it was powerful! They took the world by surprise, nobody, including intel ever figured AMD could bring to market a CPU that could not only compete, but out perform the mighty intel. but they did and they didn't stop there, they beat intel to the 1ghz mark, which really chapped intel's hide and brought out their dark side, which was another win for modern computing (i'll explain that in a minute).

AMD continued to to make a mockery of the PII and PIII architecture with the wonderfully refreshing Athlon XP(+), to which intel countered with the P4. AMD answered that with one of their biggest game changers AMD64 and Opteron. AMD did such a good job with AMD64 intel copied it verbatim and baked it into their future chips. intel continued their dark practices of bullying OEM's and board makers, even stepping up their efforts. AMD despite this, continued to bring game changing technology to the table, next up, multi-core computing, enter: AMD64 x2! the face of modern computing has just changed yet again!

intel, realizing that their bully tactics were failing them, decided to change tacts, they realized that brute force was no going to make AMD go away. What happened next was the second biggest game changer AMD brought to the table. intel started innovating again! intel dropped their plan to kill off x86 and force itanic on the world, and began dumping money in to x86 R&D, ultimately leading to the CPU's we're seeing today.

But through it all, the biggest game changer AMD brought to the table was competition to the 800lbs gorilla, they brought products that were good, that performed well and were priced at a reasonable price to the table, forcing intel to sell their products based on merit and for a fair price, this in turn also opened the eyes of regulators world wide, and began the process of bringing intel's dark side to a close, making the world aware of exactly how intel operated and bringing some accountability to their plate.

So whether you people are willing to admit it or even see it, AMD is a hero of biblical proportion in the world of modern computing! Without AMD and their drive, their willingness to fight the fight against all odds, their will and desire to stand up to the brutal and unforgiving war machine that was intel of days past, we wouldn't be enjoying the levels of computing we are today!

This is no bullshit.

AMD rejigs fab pact with GlobalFoundries


I'm happy to see it!

Go AMD! I'm happy to see positive things starting to roll out from the little green machine... Hopefully Bulldozer can do some damage to the hell spawn that is intel...

AT&T ends illicit handset tethering


This makes me happy!

Reading this makes me happy, happy that i'm a T-Mobile customer, I pay $25 a month and i get unlimited data usage and tethering, yes i said unlimited! T-Mobile it seems is the last / only company left on the planet who knows the definition of unlimited and has a grasp of what it means...

I know its a matter of time until T-Mobile falls to the dark side, at which time i'll consider my options, but for now i'm perfectly happy...

AT&T is a ripoff of the worst kind, i was with them for just under a year, and holy shit my bill doubled, as compared to T-Mobile, and their customer service was total shit (not as bad as sprint, but not far behind either), it was unreal...

Rambus gets Tosh top-up


Its a shame...

Its a shame that the US court system gutted the FTC ruling that clipped RAMBUS's wings. I was so happy when i read the final outcome of FTC's case. these slime bags finally got what they deserved, a big bitch slap federal government style. why the court system had to go and overturn that is beyond me.

Maybe someday congress can fix the laws that empower federal agencies like the FTC and FCC and actually give them some teeth, or at least limit the courts power to overturn these rulings, at the minimum the appeals for these types of cases should be heard at the court of appeals level, not the district court or circuit courts. I dont think courts should be able to completely overturn said rulings, they should only have the power to determine if errors were made and send the case back to the ruling agency to be corrected.

Anonymous collective begins leaking Bank of America emails


I can imagine

I can imagine that BofA does in fact have plenty to worry about... I'll bet this is a saving the best for last type situation, i may be wrong, but i dont think they would have made such a big hype over this if they had nothing to release...

App Store not invited to web's date with destiny


Maybe its me, but...

I seem to have a different take on this story than those who've posted comments.

The way i read this story is that, its not the app themselves that are the problem, its the closed model of the app stores, and the requirements and policies put forth by these app stores. The fact that you cant link to content outside your application, you can send links to content to other people, if you have something you want to share with someone, they have to go to the app store, download the app and then find the content in question.

Its because of how the app store model has taken the open web and shackled it down, put hand cuffs and blinders on it, dictating everything you do and what content or applications you can view or download that developers are feeling that HTML5 is a better way to go.

Thats just my take on this story.

Google man opens curtain on cloud apps firewall glitch


The Indian Railway service cant use goggle docs?

I can guess that the Indian railway probably wont care too much about using goggle docs, considering how well (or little) they respect IP and software licensing, they're probably all using MS office, the government probably bought 1 copy and sent it around to the entire government...

If you were referring to NHS, the 5th largest employer in the world, yeah they're probably gonna be a little pissed, especially since they recently told M$ where to stick it...

1 Chinese Army 2.3m

2 Walmart 2.1m

3 Indian Railway Service 1.6m

4 State Grid (Builder of Chinese power grid) 1.533m

5 NHS 1.3m

Have a nice day!

Man sentenced for breaching former employer's computers



These people deserve the punishment they're getting, they're bringing it on themselves. If these idiots dont know how to use anonymous proxies, they deserve to get caught....

iiNet wins AFACT appeal


I wonder how this works?

Now that a trial judge has ruled and an appellate court has confirmed that the ISP didn't authorize or otherwise contribute to copyright infringement, and that the ISP is in fact protected under the safe harbor provisions written in to the law, can this ISP sue the holy fuck out of these half twits for violating the safe harbor provisions by suing them?

AMD's Bulldozer cores to push to 3.5 GHz and beyond


I sure hope Bulldozer is all that...

Being a diehard AMD fan, and a devout intel hater, I'm sure hoping this is all that its claimed to be... I've been losing faith in AMD lately which has me a little lost on the IT industry right now. If AMD blows this, I'll probably find another line of work... yes i hate intel that much...

Google threatens Chrome address bar with death


I agree...

Multi-row is the only way to go, but i had to limit it to just 2 rows, otherwise the rows would start to eat up my precious screen space, so i have 2 rows visible and the rest scroll up and down...


Their internal slogan only says "Dont be Evil"

Their internal slogan only says "Dont be Evil", Which is a very limited set of guidelines, given the type of people whom are generally attracted / employable in these types of positions.

They need to expand on this a little, maybe make it a template with multiple possibilities.

Dont be .....?




and of course


Alabama sex shop owner swaps 'Guns for Toys'


Medical need for a dildo -- Remains unclear...

However, medical need for a pocket pussy, blow up doll, or advanced lubricant is pretty straight forward. If you cant figure that one out, then apparently you've never had blue balls, which means A, you need to get out more, B, you've never had a woman, thus never been teased, or C, you've gotten laid by every woman you've ever screwed around with, which makes you either extremely lucky, to the point of some sort of god like status, or you're just simply a fuckin liar. my guess is is either A or B.

I think this is a great idea, if only they sold booze and smoke they'd be the perfect shop, i've always that the A.T.F (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) should be a convenience store, not a government agency. they could be called the A.T.F.FT, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Fuck Toys... It would be a popular establishment, at least in the republican states...

I believe thats my taxi that just honked, i'll be takin me coat please...

Stephen Fry cans Japan trip over nuke survivor quip


This is the eternal arguement...

I find it really sad to see how many people look at the bombings through jaded and narrow eyes, it’s because so many people choose to not see both sides, this argument will continue to burn for all eternity.

The truth of the matter is that both sides are right and both sides are wrong.

Q. Was it really necessary to bomb the cities if Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to bring an end to the war.

A. No, probably not, the Allied forces had already broken the back of the Japanese navy, by sinking many of its remaining aircraft carriers, which extremely limited Japan's fighting ability. Not to mention the joint agreement between soviet and allied forces to invade Japan.

Q. Did the use of Atomic weapons over Japan save millions of lives as the US government claims?

A. Absolutely! Without a doubt the dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy over Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved millions of lives over the course of time. The lives it saved were not necessarily on the immediate front, and the lives saved include those of the Japanese people as well.

As a wise old man once told me "The use nuclear weapons over Japan wasn't so much to break the will of the Japanese military as it was to keep Stalin at home while we divided up the real estate after the war was over. Had we not bombed Japan, the war machine that was the soviet military would likely have continued forward and not only occupied Japan, but most of Europe as well. The freedoms that Japan and most European countries enjoy today would never have been realized had we not dropped those bombs."

I believe wholeheartedly that though using atomic weapons may not have been completely necessary to bring WWII to an end, nor was it the most ethically or morally correct decision, however their use served a much greater and much more necessary purpose. Though the people who made the decisions to use these weapons some 65 years ago couldn't have imagined it, but the use of these weapons ultimately laid the ground work for many nations to gain their freedom and ultimately the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many of you will disagree with me on this, and that’s ok, but if you think about it from beginning to end, using these weapons made Stalin and his successors seriously rethink how their future invasion / battle plans, and ultimately took the winds out of their sails over the course of the next 45 years, when the Soviet Union finally collapsed.

Had we not done this, the Soviet Union would have continued a march across Europe, including occupying the UK, gaining strength over time, and eventually, would have attempted an invasion of North America. How successful that would have been? there’s no telling, that would have depended on the resources available to both sides at the time, but I can image that if the USSR were to actually pull the trigger on an invasion of US / North America, they would have made sure they had more than enough military resources / strength to accomplish their mission.

Now try to envision the sheer number of human lives that would have been lost over the course of time had this or anything even remotely similar taken place. I can imagine the figure would be in the tens if not hundreds of millions of lives sacrificed in the name of war had we not scared the shit out of Stalin in 1945, or at least put the fear of God in him. In all reality, I probably wouldn't be here today to type this comment, nor would many if any of you be here to read it.

Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset



Wow!! I'm damn surprised, not that intel made a mistake on a chipset or any other product, but that they actually admitted it. Intel has a brutal history of refusing to admit flaws even when presented with overwhelming evidence of these flaws.

Hopefully AMD can capitalize on this...

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer resigns


Fare well captin Dirk

Not that i follow AMD's executive staff or pay much attention to what they do, this came as a surprise to me. I know that AMD groomed and preped captain Dirk for some quite some time in preparation of replacing Hector Ruiz. So to see him leave so soon is somewhat shocking to me.

Its a shame to see him go, he has done wonderful things in the CPU world, some of his work has even reached legendary status, changing the face of modern computing as we knew it at the time.

He was with AMD for 15 years and with Dec before that, having worked on the team that designed and built 2 of Dec's Alpha processors, then led the team at AMD that designed and built the first Athlon CPU's, a product that kicked Intel right square in the ass and made them start innovating again.

My hat goes off to you Mr. Meyers, you've done wonderful things for the modern computing world, I hope the rest of your life is as successful as the past...

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot


Since when?

Since when does Trend Micro require .net c++ and IE8? if they do, its news to me, I've been using trend for years and never know it required any of that, especially the ie8 part. Without bothering to do any research (because i'm lazy) i'm going to call bullshit on that...

HP dumps Microsoft's Vail Home Server 'to focus on webOS'


Without DE...

Without DE what exactly is WHS? to me it seems like its nothing more than a stripped down server OS with client backup capabilities. thats nice...

Ellison grilled on $4bn SAP 'theft' claim



I hope they continue to make him look stupid... I used to once have respect for the man, that was way back when, now i think hes an arrogant pompous ass that needs to be knocked down a level or 2. I hope the jury awards Oracle shit for damages.

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished



Cut and Paste overlooked? my ass! Microsoft intentionally left it out, initially MS had announced that it wouldn't be present, period, end of story, but they received such a huge backlash from the (dwindling) WinMo fan club that they promised to add it in later....

This shit about an app store... if their app store is the only way software can be installed on these phones, it'll surely mean i'll never buy one... the only thing that makes my touch pro 2 compelling to me is that i can install what ever i want without any bullshit of an app store...

Microsoft caps Ballmer bonus over mobile phone, tablet failures


@JonHendry RE:Dividends

This might be true, but most of the MS stock Ballmer has he purchased, the amount of stock options he's received to date still hasn't topped the amount of stock he purchased in the 1980's when it looked likely that Microsoft was going under as a result of Apple's look and feel lawsuit...



For the position he's in thats both a surprising salary as well as an insulting salary, compared to what others in the industry make, for example:

Paul S. Otellini Intel Corporation $14,581,900.00

Samuel J Palmisano IBM $21.300,000.00

John T Chambers Cisco Systems $62,990,000.00

Edward J Zander Motorola $12,540,000.00

Lawrence J Ellison Oracle $75.330,000.00

John W Thompson Symantec $71,840,000.00

And Ballmer makes $670,000.00? he must be the laughing stock of the secret ninja CEO club, then again the only person listed above that sits higher on Forbes list of richest Americans is Larry Ellison.

And Ballmer does have one claim to fame that no other person in this world can claim, he is the first and only person to have become a billionaire from a company that he neither founded or was related to the founder. so that in and of itself is a noteworthy accomplishment that no one else can claim.

Russian authorities detain suspected bank carding kingpin


Nice to see...

For many years, i've watched the criminal justice system worldwide flounder as crooks had their way with the financial industry and individuals the world over, and when they would get caught, the penalties were laughable at best. I've read many stories of people committing massive fraud to the tune of millions of dollars getting less of a sentence than a first time DUI here in Arizona, if they were even to get caught.

Now it seems that this trend is changing, more and more these criminal rings are getting caught, it seems like every day i'm reading multiple stories of big fraudsters getting busted, and they're starting to handed serious sentences, which is nice to see, i mean seriously, something is wrong with the system if i could get a bigger sentence for having a $20 bag of pot than i would if i defrauded untold numbers of people out of millions of dollars.

but in the end, this is probably just a matter of the dumber criminals getting weeded out, and the bar of entry in to the international fraudsters club getting raised a little.

Thieves drive off with 10,800 Western Digital drives


Its funny..

Your comment comes the day after i spend the entire day chasing the parts needed to make a serial cable to communicate with and debrick a seagate 7200.11 drive thanks to seagate's wonderful firmware bug.

Unfortunately the bricked drive belonged to my best friends mother, so the work was pro bono, including the cost of the parts...

Long live Western Digital!!



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