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Like iPads? Like stuff called AIR? Here's our REVIEW ROUNDUP-squared


Sorry Binra, that was a bit coherent for my liking, can you try again but a bit more foaming-at-the-mouth?

Try something along the lines of:

I have bought things and like the things I have bought and therefore must strike down anyone that has bought different things to me, as their making of a different choice to mine implies that my choice was foolish!

'Symbolic' Grauniad drive-smash was not just a storage fail



This "Guardian" newspaper, surely does sound like a ripping good read, I must go forth and purchase it immediately!

Might be raining out, I'll get my coat...



Made me cry

Got convinced to buy this for my SEGA master system by much older (and far brighter) brother.

Alas at the age of 7 I found it all too difficult and cried because I'd saved all my money to buy it! Worked it out eventually though and loved it :D

Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection


Seriously though...

...what's wrong with just using Lions?

NHS blames computer error for transplant fouls


Scoop out all the good bits...

...and give the rest to medical science.

I have to agree with my fellow commentards though, sounds like PEBKAC to me!!

Microsoft launches iPad-happy website for wimmin

Paris Hilton

Mmmm stereotypes :D

I'm pretty sure most birds will find this belittling, patronising, and strangely gush laden...

Furthermore are they trying to reinforce a negative stereotype or are the majority of you lady folk actually that interested in shoes?

I honestly don't know.

Paris because I fear there may be big words in there...

Google to digitize world+dog with People View


I can't wait!

...but no doubt west sussex won't get one for ages and ages...

Although Perhaps Reg Is Lying

For Our Ostentatious Laughter

Jobcentre ejects Jedi Knight


I wonder how many times...

....said letter writer had to delete the words "Dear time-wasting cretin" before they hit print?

Crooks plant fake payment card terminals at multiple stores


RE: Couple of points...

Now that's some powerful cynicism ;-)

The revolution will not be televised - well at least not in HD...

LibDems score copyright coup


Aw bless ya!

I'm feeling brave today (or foolish)

I pay for music I like in the vague hope that some of the money will reach the people making the money.

Obviously most of it wont, but some bands are starting to go at self signing, so sometimes the band actually do get the money! (Case in point being Hard Fi who almost are totally self financed)

And in case that didn't annoy enough people,


Jolly Good :D

US unveils planet-hugging London embassy


Initial considered thoughts

AAAGGGHHH My eyes! They bleed!

Google execs protest Italian guilty verdicts


Practical solution?

I have not seen the video (obviously, because I'm not the sort of cretin who enjoys that kind of thing) , but presumably this video must have some bullying related key words in the title?

Would a practical solution not to be to steer all searches for things like "happy slapping" or "bullying" towards the multitude of anti-happy-slapping and only-horrid-scum-bags-bully-people videos?

Or is this suppressing people's right to watch things that (I personally think) are disgusting or offensive.

The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

Thumb Down

Logistics and economics

Bottom line is we are to a lesser or greater extent reliant on imports of basic goods such as clothes and food, which is inevitably an issue for those of low skill, because they are competing for jobs on an international basis.

However. As the cost of oil and therefore logistics inevitably rise, the relative cost of creating those simple items in the UK will reduce to a point where we are better off creating them.

The same is true of more complex goods. I work within the supply chain department of a UK manufacturer and have been involved in outsourcing large elements of our operation to China. We are now finding that with the increasing costs of logistics and the cost of increased cost of the additional stock holding required by longer lead times, Chinese manufacture is already looking like a bad idea.

The only real way to increase the level of low-skilled employment in the UK is to raise the living standards of those employed "on the cheap" in low cost countries. Some one doesn't need to be making televisions all day for many days until they want a pay rise to pay for it.

USB hack connects Droid to printers, video cams, and more

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Sounds like a killer app to me

Building on from this principle, is it too far fetched to imagine some of the ever more powerful smartphones coming with laptop style docking stations to be able to use a full sized screen / keyboard?

Make the price right, and I'd probably buy one :D

Mmm I love the smell of convergence in the morning!

Tesco store bans shopping in pyjamas


Missed opportunity

I'm stunned Tesco don't just ask them to buy some clothes...

...also where are these people keeping their money [shudder]

Compulsory perv scanners upset everyone


Sod the airports

I'm putting all my money into wax and feather based human wing technology.

Either that or wait for Google to come up with some sort of physical search engine that not only sees if you've got any explosives on you, but also helpfully serves you adverts based on the proportion of your body covered in hair.

Hairy back + Monobrow = Advert for CavemanDating.com

Apple: iPhone App and iTunes stores don't make money



I'm sold.

Google taps Gmail for more clicks with ad tweak



You mean Google don't just supply email for free?

You mean that they support all of their free to use products through advertising?


Looks like I'll be switching back to hotmail, no intrusive ads there...

2009's Top Android Smartphones


Hero Review

I have a Hero on T-mobile, and I really like it.

Also because I've made a financial commitment to the phone by means of a contract, I like validate this frankly ridiculous choice to spend so much money on something that I probably don't need, by attacking all of the other equally, less, or indeed more ridiculous choices I could have made.

Therefore, iPhone sucks.


Snoop Dogg pimps self out on TomTom


what we really need is...

...the rally version

5 left! Over Crest! 3 Right! Straight! Warning Badgers!

Now that would be good :D


fo' shizzle one's nizzle

should anyone be suffering from a fo' shizzled nizzle, may I recommend taking a quick frizzle in the drizel, as this should disinfizzle your wizzle, allowing mo'nizzle to re-endizzle one's fo' shizzled nizzle.

Sway-gizzle PHD(izzle)

(I'll get my coat)


Why can't Google be more like Microsoft?

Big Brother


...just a small thought.

Are well targeted adverts really so bad? I know the knee-jerk reaction is "yes, obviously they're evil", but people have proven over and over that they like targeted advertising. One obvious example is if you a buy a music magazine you would expect to see adverts for bands and music equipment.

A less obvious example is shown by the hordes of people signing up to twitter. This has shown that some people are actively seeking the very targeted advertising of the people they follow telling them about the various gigs and merchandise they have on sale.

The concerning thing is that Google may become the single source of search and therefore advertising power on the internet. The simple solution would be for me to stop using google chrome and search engine. Unfortunately I like both of them more than the other options.

I'm not saying advertising is good, I'm just pointing out that in my opinion targeted advertising is less intrusive than random scatter-blast advertising.

I look forward to reading all the reasons why I'm wrong!

Office 2010 fights Google with SharePoint bloat



The problem I have with the SharePoint 2007 system my workplace employs is that it can nearly do anything I want it to,

It can nearly do auto updating graphs

External users can nearly log on to see files

It nearly deals with concurrent users

It can nearly be used by china (actually it can't, but I don't think I can blame Microsoft for that one)

Most annoying of all the nearlies is that it nearly stays up for more than a week at a go.

The principle behind the system is good, the navigation is ok, and the auto-archieving is actually quite useful, but actually using the system is a pain the arse.

So if they've addressed those issues, I'll be thrilled :D

WarMouse pushes gamers' buttons with OOMouse


DIY option...

...I have replicated this mouse simply with a regular keyboard, regular mouse, and some blu-tac.

Obviously though I had to improve it further by adding a couple of cup holders, a pen pot, an in-tray, a printer, and a nodding dog.

And some casters.

T-Orange puts names on dotted lines



I love all these references to the "real world" and Ofcom figures, and so on and so forth, to my poor little brain the merger breaks down as follows:

Areas that already have good signal for both Orange and T-Mobile will most likely get slightly worse coverage, as extra masts will be decomissioned, whilst usage will increase.

Areas with good Orange coverage and bad T-Mobile coverage will lead to better cover for old T-mobile and worse for old-Orange, and visa versa.

Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong ;-)

Netflix preps DVD-less movie streaming service

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I've been waiting for this service to become available in the UK. If there is some sort of sensibly priced unlimited option and a good sized library then I'll be signing up and selling my DVD collection...

...oh and can I have it all in HD please?

...and can they use some sort of magical CODEC / compression thingy that means it wont get to the crucial bit of the film and then kill my joy with buffering (like iPlayer)?

Honda designs mainstream e-bikes


Great idea but...

...wouldn't an electric motor bike be almost completely silent? Wouldn't that then make the motorcyclist even less conspicuous and thereby even more likely to be killed by some tosser who never checks their blind spots?

Just a thought.

Wheels come off O2's data network


No data, just adverts...

No internet down on South Coast in Sussex, but ironically I have just been sent a text by O2 to try their mobile broadband...

...I'm thinking no.


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