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BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault



I wonder who provides bandwidth to these filth spouting assholes?

Whoever they are here's hoping they go out of business PDQ.

Europe, Russia discuss 'orbital shipyard' plans

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Look to Star Trek for inspiration

I seem to remember one episode at least where the Enterprise docks in something similar shown floating above the Earth for a refit.

If it's appeared in Star Trak, its got to be possible hasn't it?

The Sun points bazookas at MoD killjoys


Maybe they are classified as....

Weapons of Mass Distraction

iPhone users to walk and read at same time


lets hope

users are subjected to a loop of Claude Von Stroke's "The Whistler" as featured in a T-mobile ad.

Possibly the worst piece of electronica ever errr composed and what they deserve.

Gordon Ramsay breaches f**king broadcasting code

IT Angle

Has he not trademarked the f word yet?

As its what made him famous/infamous (depending on your point of view)

I persoanlly find the programmes amusing because of the cincompetent business owners who seem to lack common sense most of the time so is it any wonder he gets so hacked off.

If you don't like, don't watch.

Not sure of the IT angle, is it because of the complaints were generated by those watching it on 4oD?

Vodafone opens gates to barbarians

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I've never used vodafone

And never will now as Frank has said above this sounds like a scammers dream come true.

Irs kind of like Mervyn King opening the vaults at the Bank of England and shouting 'come and geddit'

Barclays to lay off more tech staff


Same old same old.

overmanaged department I work in is under review too so am currently ensuring my CV is up to date as I'll bet the management won't be for the chop.

So much for 6 years shift work

Google's email goes titsup (again)


Stop whining

You get what you pay for.

I use 1 and1 to host my personal e-mail and I don't ever remember it being down (the webmail server has taken a lie down for 10 minutes or so a couple of times in 4 years but thats it)

The Google world domination coporation stick the beta tag on everything (all of which is crap) so they are not held responsible when it fails.

Want 5 9s reliability? then it'll cost ya.

Oompa-Loompa v Tinky Winky: Shock scrap pic


Jacqui as spidey

Wouldn't she be better as Darth Vader or Jabba the Hutt

Love the playmobil/photoshop mash ups though, keep up that darn fine work Lester.

Site schools world+dog in browsing history pilfering


much ado about nothing

simply use firefox and set it to purge all personal info when closed automatically.

No troublessome add ons required

And for added security run it in a sandbox using something like sandboxie, sorted!

Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'


New definition of obscene

What Apple charges for hardware.

Hulu recognizes Blighty existence


BBC America

You mean my licence fee is going to entertain the brain dead merkins who think Friends is funny?

I strongly object

Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK


New name



Looking for a decent broadband connection backed up by good service

I'd try Newnet or Zen.

I've used both and am currently on Newnet as I don't use my connection enough to warrant £25 but I pay £12.63 for 3GB and top up my bandwidth as needed.

For my phone I use the phone coop as you can earn something back for what you pay (they do broadband too but they use Opal which is carphone for the network so am keeping clear.

Keep away from the neweer competitior in the ring, Plusnet, they are cheap but unless you go for limited pro, if you have a substandard line the service quality is crap as you are throttled like hell, ended up buying myself out of the contract as my connection was unusable and am still trying to get them to stop billing me for a line they no longer control.

eBay says Skype worth $2bn


I'll take it off their hands

for 99p

Microsoft crimps products after second wave of job cuts


Why don't they bring minwin to market

Saw a youtube vid some while ago that mentioned minwin which is the Kernel without the bloat that they use internally to test stuff on.

It had a text based interface and seemed to run pretty darn quick in only 1 or 2 meg of memory.

Come on MS, put copies of that on the market (to both Joe public and the system builders) for 40 quid a licence and the revenue will come rolling in.

Its the overprived bloat which is unstable that people hate, I'm sure the Kernel without the flashy garbage works just fine.

Duke Nukem Forever developer defunct, says staffer


Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, I'm all outta gum

And dough it would appear.

Such a shame as both the 2D and 3D versions were top quality.

Google data center takes leak on God's green earth


If Google needs to relieve itself of some cash

I'd be happy to take it off their hands.

Seriously though, you'd have thought they would have have sent in surveyors to look at the fabric of the buildings they were acquiring wouldn't you?

Maybe they thought the Google motto of 'don't be evil' would rub off on the new infrastructure so they didn't bother?

Let's hope Google doesn't acquire any nuclear power plants in the coming years to power its sprawling data centre empire eh?

Apple drives iPhone app developers to the brink

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Oh dear

I do feel sorry for these guys (the developers) but when you strike a deal with a control freak company like Apple you give them licence to take the piss as much as they want as who will stop them?

You've been conned, refocus your business and develop java apps for mobiles or apps for the desktop and leave their crappy iPhone high and dry.

I never have and never will own an IPhone.

Google hires goat army for lawn maintenance


Checks date

Bit early for April 1st 2010 isn't it?

T-Mobile flips bird to alternative voicemail


costs to fund servers and storage?

Maybe they need some new kit to power the voicemail and other stuff and this is how they are raising the money?


Virgin Mobile

They do have their own billing infrastructure and so set their own prices.

Pig plague 2.0: Can't spell 'pandemic' without 'panic'



Very true.

Wonder what tax we're going to be hit with to keep the bankers in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to while robbing us blind both before and after banks sunk and had to be bailed out by you and I

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lightened my day

Very amusing, good show

"coughs" "splutters"

Phorm boss blogs from a dark, dark place


Hoist the Jolly Roger

I be happy to be considered a pirate by scum like him

Obama awaiting super-secure BlackBerry delivery


If GSM and 3G encryption isn't good enough for the prez

Then it must be as easy as opening a can of coke for a ne'er do well with the right equipment so what aren't we being told.


or should it be referred to simply as

Cell phone one

T-Mobile lays ground for embedded SIMs

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Not for mobiles Bill

As if you get a contract or even buy prepay you pay a significant proportion of the handset's retail price so why would you want to be stuck with a network?

One way to enforce rip off roaming charges I suppose.

Ask.com rehires butler Jeeves


Some call...

Microsoft the Beast of Redmond but am far more worried about Google being the all controlling company.

And their motto is creepy too

I therefore welcome any competition to that multi-coloured outfit.

Boffins build super-accurate atomic clock


And the point was?

Surely there are more important things to research as we have pretty darn good atomic clocks now and who is going to care in 300 million years time assuming we haven't been exterminated by a machine uprising, boiled to death by global warming, frozen to death by the after effects of a asteroid/meteroite hit or nuclear war?

By that time I;m sure all of us reading this will be part of the soil.

Carry On producer Peter Rogers dead at 95

IT Angle

Where's the IT angle?

'nuff said.

Pink Floyd frontman backs McKinnon musical protest


Not a troll,just fed up of yanks having their own way.

Example, they refused to send over military personnel to help with a friendly fire incident when their trigger happy flyboys shot our soldiers, had it been the other way round the MoD would have been falling over themselves.

Equally, if an American had hacked into UK systems, do you think s/he would be standing trial in the UK? I wouldn't put money on it.

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Time to show the yanks whose boss

Its time Brown grew a pair and told the Americans to take a hike over this ridiculous conviction.

If you want to convict someone how about those thieving bamkers.

IBM cuts internet comp for work-at-homers


Most people that work in IT

Don't get free home connections so you've just been lucky so deal with it.

@AC from Oz, could be worse, you could have been shown the door, which would you prefer? Pay for your Internet or be unemplyed and unable to pay your bills, hmmmm, tough choice.

As for using your expensive wireless link, I doubt you'll get away with that for long.

BT cuts phone charges for prisoners


Up the charges

They shouldn't have access to a phone, TV or anything, they did commit a CRIME after all.

If they did not wish to be separated from family or friends they should not have commited the crime.

Lloyd-Webber calls for clampdown on ISPs


He's been stealing from us for years

This is rich coming from a man who gets the Beeb (read TV tax payers) to fund his search for the next 'star' in his portfolio of garbage.

I don't doubt he has his nose in the Westminster trough too.

Shut up and keep writing crap for people with braindead morons with more money than sense Andy

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze


Stick to what they are good at

Making MP3 players.

iPod Touch torches tyke's trousers



Your iPod's on fire!!!!

Sorry, just heard the Kings of Leon.

Mine's the one with the hole burnt in the pocket

Royal Mail disses runaway post van man


Money grabbing old git

Hate to say it but am on the side of RM here.

It should have been others that contacted them demanding he be rewarded not him going to his solicitor and instructing him/her to write to Royal Mail asking for compensation (and I would probably be one of them)

I have a lot of time for older people but not the ones whose only motivation for doing anything is compensation.

If anyone high up in RM is reading this, don't pay this self centred old git.

Conspiracy theories fly around Norton forum 'Pifts' purge

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Don't use Symantec products

They are crap and slow and now hide backdoors.

There are plenty of alternatives that do a far better job.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

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Own goal for her business

Well I was considering Memset as a hosting solution for a friend of mine who runs quite a busy site but thats them off my list.

As a male techie I am deeply insulted by this comment and think she should have kept her golden plated trap shut.

For the record I am all for equal pay and work alongsode some very talented people (both male and female) and I see no distinction between them.

Its one thing to campaign for equal pay but quite another to say that male workers should be sacked in preference because female workers are cheaper and defeats the argument I feel.

'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos


Very amusing

But the serious point here is that the government should be giving us the money so we can pay off our debts quickly and go out and spend.

Oh but wait, we're not donors to Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats are we (well maybe some of us are but I doubt anyone would admit to doing so at the moment.) so while I'll admit we are all dependent on these institutions surviving it also benefits the political parties to allow Shred's ilk to prosper.

Maybe the Bank of England should start offering accounts to consumers as given the choice I'd be happier to bank with a nationalised bank.

Zhao 'C' - Chinese police computer says no


How about

Mao Zedong (Wikpedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mao_Zedong contains the chinese characters)

That ought to mess with the Communist party's heads.

Microsoft protest organizer returns to code


Pay cut or P45?

Lose a secure job followed by your home because you cant pay the bills or take a cut.

Think I'd opt for the cut in these uncertain times.

David Blaine tw*tdangles into Urban Dictionary


I coin a new phrase



Publicity seeking dickhead hanging upside down suspended from apparatus in a public place.

Hollywood to totally recall Total Recall


flogging a dead horse

The original was crap, why do they think it'll be better second time around

Next one to be remade is The Running Man (which wasn't a bad film), place your bets now!

NZ unleashes sonic Manilow weapon



A bit of Mongolian or Inuit throat signing, broadcast on all FM frequencies too, that should do it

Schwarzenegger delivers the goods for Cebit fans


When the Governator vetoes a bill he naturally says...


The Terminator theme would be a good soundtrack to this story.

Here you go http://open.spotify.com/track/7cZD5Qu518J8rVd3JrCFdI

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8


OS UI is built around IE

Thats why the rendering engine etc can't be removed.

@penguine lovers (meaning of course Linux lovers in his context) tell me why after obtaining the correct creative drivers and and downloading and installing gorden bennett knows how many packages (ALSA, etc) I cant get my friggin' Creative X-FI card to work under uBuntu 8.10 Huh? (and I grew up with DOS)

Lockheed offers ready-to-go supersoldier exoskeleton


@Nìall Tracey

Was thinking of those when I was reading this.

When they add a jetpack I'll take one, would make getting to work easy (but needs a 5 mile range)


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