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Powered robot suits make debut on Tokyo streets


Cyberdyne and the Humanoid Control Project

The Cyborg terminators will be here before we know it .

China seals town after plague deaths


Swine flu, plague

time to get that underground bunker dug equipped with fibre of course.

Pre-release BlackBerry Onyx tips ups for sale on the web

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Here comes another

Just like the others

CentOS back from brink of death


And the reason for his disappearance was?

Or was this not disclosed?

Exposed activist accuses Tiscali of putting life in peril


@MD Rackham

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dunstone is the man that started and runs Carphone Warehouse.

They and Tiscali have a great synergy as they both provide crap customer service.

Black Helicopters

If you were that concerned

Why would you take out phone or broadband service?

I thought these type of people liked to live 'off the grid'

Black helicopters for obvious reasons.

Last chance to vote to cut phone termination rates


Pay to receive? Bye bye phone

As I'd rather not have a fixed or mobile phone in this case.

British Council faces legal action for offshoring



Errr its the Britich Council

All this guff about easing the tax burden is nonsense, its a bit like those banks we bailed out, do you really think our tax will reduce when they are sold?

O2 data network falls over again


@Paul Eagles

Whose network would you like it on then?



I blame

The iPhone nuts.

I bought a new Nokia 6700 Classic last week and noticed that in default configuration it maintains a constant data connection, I've switched this to as needed as I don't use data that often to reduce the load and help out fellow customers.

I've had to force the phone into GSM to make a call as the 3G network is definitely on the fritz and its all the iPhone's fault I reckon.

O2 leaves travellers in the lurch


Errr news flash

Technology breaks down from time to time, if it didn't do you really think there'd be a need for an IT department?

I'd guess quite a few of the commenters work in IT, have any of your systems been down for a while?

Remember, the same types of systems you manage also power the mobile phone networks so they will break from time to time.

If communication is that vital such as keeping in contact with family, carry a prepaid card as a backup, resilience in this situation is just as important as that dual power supply supporting your router/servers.

For goodness sake give fellow techs at O2 a break and stop whining.


A happy O2 customer (no I don't work ffor them but I have the common sense to realise there is no such thing as 100% uptime)

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea


I wear my sunglasses at night.....

So I can So I can keep the dayglo webshit from my eyes.

(apologies to Tiga and Zyntherius, the actual track is very good)

Vodafone and T-Mobile: 1800MHz bad, 900MHz good


@Nick Kew

As the networks used to compete on coverage but as most of the UK has now been covered it has switched to tariffs alone.

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag



One of the guests called them because the burgers were so bad they were considered a crime against taste.

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats

Big Brother

Does he howl at the moon at night?

As he is obviously completely nuts or is just trying to bank some serious cash.

Perhaps he's in debt up to his eyeballs.

definitwely time to send in those dressed in white lab coats with a straightjacket.

Big bro icon selected as he is obviously paranoid but would prefer a howling Wolf please

Amazon vanishes 1984 from citizen Kindles


Stop whining

At least they gave you a refund, thery could of kept your money and considered it a preroder

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary


Pronunciation of names (corrected)

I've watched the yank news recently (ABC world news is broadcast on the Beeb news channel in the small hours) and I'm fed up of hearing that disgraced and now convicted fund manager named as BERRnard Madoff.

Sorry but its just plain Bernard, I know that sounds a bit mundane but hey it is a British name after all.

Oh and by the way check (as in the piece of paper you write an amount on and hand to someone as a payment method) is spelt cheque.

Apologies for the appalling spelling earlier but brain was working quicker than I could type and I had to do some WORK.


Pronunciation of names

I've watched the yank news recently (ABC world news is broadcast on Beeb news channel in the small hours) and I'me fed up of hearing that disgraced and now convicted fund manager named as BERRnard Madoff.

So but its just plain Bernard, I know that sounds a bit mundane but hey it is a British name after all.

Oh and by the way check (as in the piece of paper you an amount on and hend to comeone as a payment method) is spelt cheque.

California skateboard dude swipes Reg logo


@ Natalie Gritpants

A vulture, like everything has two sides so how can be it be facing the 'right' way?

O2 gets into banking business


@Paul 93

Have to agree, I'll def be getting one as its safer than carrying cash.

I did get a branded prepaid card advertised by a certain sport orientated radio station on medium wave.

£3 year plus 10% iof whatever I load, I dumped it too because it fwlt like I was being robbed.

BT brings jobs back from India


BT is still a monopoly

As even if you switch to another supplier they have to rent your line from the supposedly fomer monopoly so sadly this means its unlikely to meet its demise anytime soon.

I'm sure if there was any danager of that happening Gordo would whip out his chequebook and bail them out with our money.

MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?


No surprise that the MoD hasn't upgraded

Weren't they planning to install a hardened version of 2000 on those new destroyers which El Reg dubbed Windows for Warships?

Blade pioneer dies


RIP man

Poor fella

That's no age to go.

Olympics loses tech provider

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So does this mean....

We'll hear no more of this boring event?

Won't someone lock up Lord Seb Coe for the crimes of boring the shit out of everyone and wasting taxpayer money as I reckon he's the only one that wants it.

Mobile directory blames press for latest failure


Who thought of this crap service anyway?

I sent an opt out request as it generated a hit when I typed in my details, I'm still waiting for them to confirm the opt out.

Phone numbers that I pay to maintain are mine so I should decide who has them.

It does nothing to instill confidence when you read that such an entity threatened legal action against mobile operators to force them to hand over data.

Any links to Scott 'Spam King' Richter?

Good riddence is what I say.

Jaguar opens up about future e-car plans


@Chris Parsons

I think 'leccy is a slang term for electricity used in Liverpool and other parts of Merseyside

Back to the car, very nice but I think if they've had to bring in the world's sexiest model then Jag aren't hopeful it would sell on its own merits.

Mel Gibson to put hand up Jodie Foster's Beaver


Should go straight to DVD

Like her other naff directorial efforts.

Orange introduces mini-SIM


Why would you need two SIMs?

If you just have the one subscription?

Google laying off more 'second class citizens'?


Here's hoping

Google goes bankrupt as they are far more scary than MS ever were and we can do without companies such as them.

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts


Well capitalised

The virtual incarnation of HBOS?

EU plays catch up on mobile single charger standard


Good news

People are whinging about it being micro USB, why?

Surely the fact you won't get yet another charger when you upgrade your mobile device is to be applauded, no?

CGI Thunderbirds sadly not go

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Don't do it Gerry

I'd love to see Thunderbirds resurrected byt definitelt not in CGI, bring back the puppets!!!

Its a bit like them redoing Inspector Gadget in CGI (one of my favourite shows when I was kid) it looks naff.

HSBC online banking goes off the wall


first direct seems ok

title says it all.


running like a dog

Is that a whippet or greyhound or old English sheepdog? if its either of the former I'd say its running pretty darn good.

Faux Foreign Secretary dupes UK press with Jackson Tweet


Johnny Cash

Was more of a loss to music than MJ could have been in his wildest dreams.

DARPA: Can we have a one-cabinet petaflop supercomputer?


Shouldn't this be....

A rise of the machines story?

Abtraction from the hardware via a self aware OS?

Then there's the generator, perhaps they might think it should be a small nuclear reactor.

I hope I live to be an old man and die before that happens.

Perhaps the film Eagle Eye is very prophetic indeed and then of course there's I, Robot.

For goodness sake, don't give these nutcases positive feedback or we're all doomed!!! :)

Skull and crossbones because it'll be only a matter of time before it considers us meatsacks surplus to requirement.

Steve Jobs spotted at Apple HQ


The Jobs stalking brigade

I wish the guy good health of course but what's this all about, everyone knows that Woz was the real technical brains of the outfit but we never hear much about him do we?

Seriously are people that obsessed (including some reporters it would appear).

What's going to happen to Apple whenever he does go and meet the Great Biological Software Architect in the sky?

O2 tells Apple fans to talk to the hand


What do you expect

Everyone knows how crap Safari is.

Steve Jobs had liver transplant


Not particularly a jobs fan

But I wish anyone facing ill health a speedy recovery.

Zac Efron to catch Saturday Night Fever?


Some things are best left

In the past as the first movie was dire.

If the move industry has run out of ideas its time to stop making all movies except the Bond franchise but even that will run out of steam eventually of course.

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

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Text E to 118800 to opt out

That is all

Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror


I'm happy to pay a sub for

My broadband and to have my mail hosted in a secure data centre so that I can use it with my domain name and have access to a secure webmail interface for checking it at work but my OS, applications and legally acquired music belong on a hard disk in the silver aluminium minitower sitting beside my desk thank you.

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok


Poor guy

Of all the ways to go, why hang yourself in a closet?

I haven't seen Kung Fu as it was before my time but have now added the first series on DVD to my rental list.

Plug pulled on ISP over unpaid bills


Pure 1999

Their website punts Cobalt Qube servers for goodness sake.

I was looking for references to the RaQ XTR as well, perhaps their customer base wasn't that tech savvy as a website that has not been updated in years would set alarm bells ringing in my head.

Unless its just a sign of under investment.

Judge backs Halifax in Chip and PIN clone case


Its the same with Mastercard securecode/Verified by Visa

They will try and make us liable for fraud on the Internet next.


Time chip and pin scrapped

As it is a ruse to make us liable for bank cock ups.

DARPA killer AI robots to 'participate in own construction'


Eagle Eye

Watch that film, it gives a terrifying preview of what will happen when the machines rule.

Microsoft buys gene-splicing software unit


VERY bad idea

FFS will the US government do something useful for once and block this

I mean the company took a retrograde step in releasing the steaming pile that is vista, do we really want them designing tools to fiddle with people's genes?

I bet this won't get through the mod process as MS is probably a major advertising spender.

Level 3 wilts in London sunshine (again)


Time to consider a server relocation

There's obviously something unlucky about this site.

I think I'd be looking to relocate my servers and networking kit now.

Ovi still bouncing on and offline


Cloud FAIL

Surely the failures of stuff like Ovi, MobileMe and other cloiud platforms show that cloud computing is more pie than cloud in the sky.


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