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T-Orange merger approved


New name


Steve Jobs says 'No' to iPhone-to-iPad tether


If you're SJ

You don't need to jailbreak it as he probably has his own configuration so can run what he wants.

Swedish pothead reports LSD-laced hash

IT Angle

Very funny

What a moron this guy must be.

But where IS the IT angle?

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?


I've just bought myself a Nokia 5800

mhmmmmm touch screen running open source Symbian, well more open source than this anyway.

Got to say though, Samsung make great TVs.

The Hurt Locker sweeps Oscars


Sound mixing?

So does that mean I'll be able to clearly hear the dialogue on my stereo LED telly rather than it being drowned out by music when I watch it on DVD?

Really annoys me that most films don't include a 2.0 stereo soundtrack as not all of us want speakers everywhere.

Sumo wrestler lifts cash machine


Surprised noone noticed outside

must be normal in Russia to see people wandering about carrying ATMs

Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm


Doies seem a bit like overkill

Although I'm sure the developers do get a tad fed up with their work constantly being ripped off so the only way to go I suppose is to make things more difficult.

Unfortunately the only way to do this is to make the game dependent on something hackers don't have access to and that means making it server dependent.

However, DRM is always going to be a double-edged sword so those who want to play the game offline qill not be able to do so.

Only thing I can suggest (that is legal) is purchase the games via Steam?

T-Mobile to slash international call rates


Prepaid vs post paid

I speak as a prepaid user (I use O2, not T-mobile for the record) as I do not want a contract for several hundred minutes I won't use.

While I see your point Dawid Lorenz aboiut PAYG not being tied, it offers at least one advantage for the operator.

Now that the old style scratchcards have pretty much disappeared fraud has been reduced and the operator is guaranteed the money up front.

In a post paid situation they are extending credit over the course of a month and are not always certain that they will get their money.

PR outfit trumpets NHS deaths 'crisis management'


I've always hated PR wonks

and stories like this are the reason why.

Never let the truth get in the way of profit.


Buzz Aldrin goes Dancing With The Stars


Poor Buzz

He really must be desparate for cash if he has to lower himself by participating in this tripe.

I just hope they can our version (Thats Strictly Come Dancing for those across the pond) as a result of the Beeb cutbacks.

Oscars can Sacha Baron Cohen Avatar skit


He should so it anyway

As Ali G and Borat rocked. (not yet seen Bruno)

Who cares about some puffed up multi-millionaire director anyway.

Avatar looks crap from the trailer and Titanic sucked.

The only good thing he's ever directed is T2.

US burg renames self 'Google'


Was going to mention

Dish in Texas but someone beat me to it

Naomi Campbell bitchslaps NY limo driver


RIM breathes a sigh of relief

At least she isn't chucking a Blackberry this time.

BBC confirms death of 6Music, slashes online budget by a quarter


who cares

the only good things they put out are Top Gear and the Essential Mix

Other than that I wouldn't miss the Beeb if it stopped sucking on my bank account and died tomorrow

O2 revamps Sim-only tariffs for end-of-contract iPhone owners


I think...

These differ from the existing offer as they include visual voicemail support.

Those Cupertino licence fees have to be paid somehow although I agreee I'm not sure why it is the same for those not dragged in by the Apple hype.

UK government won't be keeping mobile database


Prepaid registration with the network should be mandatory

I use prepay and the first thing I did was get registered.


a) So I could get it barred if I lost it or some oik pinched it and I could keep my number.

b) It can quickly be eliminated from enquiries if it was quoted by someone to the police as a false contact number.

I agree that it should be left with the networks but I'm not sure of the problem, I mean you have to register if you want to take out a contract.

ODF's doomed mission to break into Microsoft Office


ODF not complete

No I'm not a Microsoft or Linux fanoy (I'll use whatever gets the job done) but lets look at this objectively.

The Open Source movement largely consists of hobbyists and there are literally thousands of them around the globe who are good enough to put their time into writing applications for the benefit of humanity and then supporting them (I use firefox as my primary browser)

Because of this applications and their associated formats can change quickly to address a potential need or implement a new feature, they can then put out the new build or add on over the Internet overnight.

Comapre this with a lumbering corporate like Microsoft which has a large corporate market share.

If it controls the file format its product uses it can control the release cycle which is much slower than open source and can be far eaeier to suport as remember that MS often has support agreements with its corporate customers, coporates who may not employ open source advocates who could overhaul the code would not be satisfied with a best endeavours approach which is common within open source.

To implement ODF Microsoft has had to take a snapshot of the standard in time and implement that but of course its not going to be able to assure customers that all office features are supported in ODF as it hasn't fully examined the code so is not familiar with it.

HTML hasn't changed all that much so I think the comparison with a browser is unfair in this instance.

O2 gets exclusive on HTC's Brew-based Smart phone


Managing our shitheap oif phones with no help from our account manager

Unless you've had major billing woes am not sure what needs managing exactly?

You use the phone, you pay the bill, thousands of consumers manage it.

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number


Damage limitation

All he needs to do is request a PAC for his old number from the network he leaving (if he is)

Scots unleash world's strongest beer


Beer slogans

I remember seeing one quite a few years ago that featured a picture of a bottle and said "So it doesn't look good, what are you going to do? drink it or sleep with it.

77% of domain registrations stuffed with rubbish


Whois privacy

I registered my domain but took out whois privacy so that my address and phone details aren't visible to con artists and cold callers,

However, Network Solutions did charge over the odds in my opinion for the service.

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already



People just dont want pocket computers so thats why your vision has not become a reality,

Think about this too, your laptop or desktop which packs a seriously powerful CPU has to be cooled and that means either a liquid cooling system (personally I'm not convinced about these in PCs) or fans.

Although improving, notebook batteries don't even come close to those in mobiles, why? because of the cooling requirements.

Would you be happy with a small fan blowing up out of your shirt pocket or out of your trousers and standby time measured in hours rather than days?

Vodafone chief gripes at Google dominance in online ad market


Stick to what you know

Cellular phone company chief wades into net neutrality debate debate.

Perhaos he should look at sorting out data capacity issues on his networks before taking on the issue of the Internet,

World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook


Lead by the Googles

People that navigate the web by following Google links really need educating about how to use it [the web] properly, no wonder they are so easily defrauded.

I avoid Gobble at all costs and even when I have to use it I copy and paste the address and if I'm going to buy something I'll look up the domain in whois as well.

Home Office to secure mobile phones


Mobile phone Identity theft

Do you really have to wait for a Home Office PR wonk to explain it?

This refers to a phone that has been stolen being given the identity of a legitimate phone to bypass the network IMEI barring by reprogramming the handset's IMEI number as every handset in the world is supposed to have a unique IMEI or Internetional Mobile Equipment Identifier.

The IMEI identifies the phone while the SIM or USIM (in UMTS) identifies the subscriber intormation hence it is called the Subscriber Identity Module or Universal Subsciber Identity Module (meaning it has the encryption keys for both 2G and 3G networks).

Roger Cook (I think) did an investigation about phone theft and featured some information from Cellnet as it then was that when they did a network audit they found 10 mobiles with the same IMEI operating on the network so if they had barred them they would likely bar a legitimate subscriber too.

So from this I would infer that this figure refers to either how many collaborators of thieving scum they have arrested for reporgraaming or how many apparently dupiicate phones networks have seen log on to their networks.

I have nothing to declare other than a sound knowledge of the technology.

Don't count on hearing back from hearing back from the wonk that soon as people in the Home Office probably don't know what they are talking about either.

Cheeky French hackers hijack Tata website


it's the DNS stupid

the correction is probably still propagating.

Vodafone tosses out idiot tweeter


Office desktop security 101

When you leave your Windows 2000/XP PC, Alt+Ctrl+Del and click Lock Computer or if you're too idle set screen saver time out to 1 minute and tick the option to be prompted for a password on resume.

Dunstone talks up TalkTalk TV


cant get jobs at BT or Virgin

Why do you think they are any better?

Mobile networks: It's a risky business, says 3


That's rich!

so a departing customer didn't have to call the network they were leaving to get a PAC code

Never had the displeasure myself but know a lot of others that have had to have 2 hour plus conversations with Three's 'customer service' to obtain their PAC code so would this mean that customers of Three could do the same Mr. Russell? Thought not.

Virgin hails 'free' landline-to-mobe calls


@Henry Wertz 1

But the poor suckers have to pay for receiving calls even if its a sales call.

Great NOT

Security firms plot revamp to minimise false alarms


KAV got something right for a change

Google Adwords IS malware and should be wiped from the face of the web.

You can't trust a company with the motto 'don't be evil' but in the same way you can't trust one with the motto 'think different'

Nokia Q4 shows it ain't dead yet

Thumb Up

The choice of the discerning customer

For lightweight, value for money, decent looking and performing phones Nokia is numero uno.

For an expensive, gimmick laden paperweight with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity there's the iPhone.

What will Apple do in a couple of years when its run out of gimmicks.

Telcos tuning up for HD Voice


so clear you can hear a fly fart

It really annoys me how such improvemernts are just a software upgrade for the operators but we have to go out and buy new kit (no prob if you are on a contract but if you are more descerning and buy SIM free then it maybe 200+ quid

It should be just a case of a firmware upgrade for us just like the operators.

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'


Anyone else think

This looks like an oversized iPhone or should I say supersized.

Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

IT Angle

some say

He run an as yet unreleased AI algorithm and that he plugs himself in to charge at night

Added to give an IT angle.

@incunix Schumacher isn't the Stig, that was just done in a vain attempt to quell the speculation, hence revealed is in quotes.

T-Mobile to revamp tariffs


Last time I checked....

Chinese takeaway was a lot tastier than mobile phone tariffs.

'Larry and Sergey' to offload 10m Google shares

Thumb Up

Hands up all those....

Who really wouldn't like to wake up one day, go to their PC (or Mac if you must), log into Internet banking and see 5.5 billion sitting in their account?

Although I'd like them to cash out and shut down Gobble.

O2 halts Mobile Landline signups

Thumb Up

Death of a bad idea?

Being Joe Customer I was slightly concerned when I heard this service was going to be launched.

Persoanlly I won'y deal with businesses where only a mobile number is provided because for all I know they could just be a here today, gone tomorrow scally operating out of the back of a van (bad experience with a cowboy bulder some years ago), I'd imagine a lot of people thought like me hence someone came up with this service.

At least if you see an address and landline in addition to a mobile it meant that they were at least linked to a place for the period of time (and yes I meant before VoIP but then again this is so crap noone really uses it as a serious form of business communicaton do they?) but this would mean that it is no longer the case.

I'm sure there are plenty of honourable businesses using this service but fi you want a landline number get a landline as most intelligent customers can tell when they are talking to someone on a mobile and some might be likely to cut the call and not do business because they may get the impression that the business is less than honest.

May it die a swift and permanent death

iPhone keeps buried earthquake victim alive for three days


I doubt he'll want any other phone

After that.

Wonder if he'll mail his Steveness to thank him for such a device.

AT&T snuffs mobile Facebook security glitch

Jobs Horns

In the words of Jobs

No big deal

Seriously though, this isn't really newsworthy as facebook is a site for losers anyway.

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora


Distinct lack of imagination

I mean if you must call your offspring after a fictional character there are much better choices

How about


Optimus Prime


Or to cover an IT angle so you can call them after a product


Catalyst (as in Cisco)

or the very topical Nexus (both a phone and range of network switches)

Or the more normal sounding but still based on a fictional character

Alan Wake

'Anti-cyberbullying' rapper sorry for SMS smack talk


Shame she hasn't posted his number on the net

So people can l phone him at all times of day and night and yell Wassssssssssssuuuuuuuuuupppppppp! , that's what I call justice.

The fact he was recruited to front a governemt campaign proves what we already knew, they all talk a load of Balls.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up


Poor fella

I'm by no means an Apple fan but I do respect the technical achievements of Woz, he has contributed far more to the world of tech than Steve Jobs could ever hope to.

The other thing I respect is that he does not take himself too seriously (why else would you appear on the yank version of Strictly Come Dancing when you actually have a brain which obviously he has).

The guy is enjoying the wealkth he acquired fair and square, let him be.

Can II propose a ban on Paris Hilton coverage as she has contributed nothing of value to the world EVER.

Amazon cloud accused of network slowdown


I predict a mainly clear sky

Cloud computing is a niche product which businesses shouldn't rely upon.

End of.

I think IT job Armageddon is at least 100 years off.

'Fizzy phone' tops wacky handset list


Its a good idea

No waiting around to charge now.

Just hope it'll run on the cheaper stuff and not flush it out with the response 'I'm not drinking that'

Fem-rage shocker: Woman zaps ex-boyf with pink taser


Re: Why is this news

Because it has an IT angle as it refers to an electronic device.

I'm all for tasers to be used against burglars etc. but this really isn't an appropriate use now is it and the marketing is somewhat inappropriate.

If you are buying a self defense device why would the colour matter? have to agree with the author these should not be sold as a fashion accessory.

Should be available in Gunmetal Grey only.

'God help our smartphones,' vicar prays


Good on him

I do agree with this.

@Michelle Knight The government are too busy dreaming up crazy laws and the last thing we want is legislation regulating our tech.

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

Thumb Up

Theme for the depressives

Might I suggest Blue by Eiffel 65 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc

As it features blue folk who are depressed.

Both boxes ticked.



Though dreaming of living in a fantasy world is generally an indication that someone is in need of a padded room, strong medication and a jumper with long sleeves that does up at the back if it teaches some people humility and care for their fellow human beings then that surely can only be a good thing, no?

Sad state of affairs though that its taken a CGI film for them to realise that crapping on your fellow human and/or stabbing them in the back to get a pay rise/promotion or whatever is pretty shit

As for the people suffering the 'Pandora blues' I have this advice stop blubbering, get off your rear and go and help a good cause, that'll help you and the rest of us.

No I haven't yet seen the film.

Celebrity goat declines Britain's Got Talent gig


scraping the bottom of the barrel/trough

While I'll admit its rather impressive, surely its time BGT was axed if they are having to resort to waving goats to bring in the viewers?

Mind you, it along with X Factor shouldn't have really been commissioned.


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