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Next generation BBC iPlayer gets MS man on board


Boycott TV and you can stop paying your licence fee

I campaign for a mass switch off and license cancellation.

Let's bankrupt this fat cat government mouthpiece.

Time the licence fee went and that it was exposed to commercial pressures, what other business do you know that we have to pay for by law if we want to use a certain piece of equipment, only decent programme on the BBC is Top Gear and that will become tame now because the beeb wont pay for proper health and safety.

I bet if we all stopped paying, the licence fee would be gone within 3 months and there would be vans driving round begging us to come back.

Facebook gags verbal dissent group


who cares about facebook

Got an e-mail a month ago from a 'friend' I hadn't heard from in months inviting me to join this site.

I declined and sent them a mail asking them not to put my address into such sites as I already have a problem with spam, I also asked them how they were, I'm still waiting for a response to my mail...

Who needs friends that want to generate more spam for you/expose you to potential ID fraud.

Ofcom fails to prevent release of cell locations


It's the economy, stupid

As far I know the Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) as they are officially known aren't individually licenced, the telcos' licence covers them to build and operate a radio network to provide mobile service as they see fit (apart from local planning) to serve a certain percentage of the population by a certain date.

Meanwhile, Ofcom and their paymasters, HM Treasury make money hand over fist so you really dont expect them to come down on the side of the consumer now do you?

No I don't believe mobiles are harmful but I think the public should have access to this information.

On most issues I think the EU should butt out but on this I think they should draft a directive to make disclosure of this information compulsory or the telcos' should be fined £2 million a day.

Our government is simply an EU glove puppet.

RFID chip implants linked to cancer in animals


why get chipped?

Unless you want to be like a saddo like Captain Cyborg?

Notice that these companies seem to have alarming sci-fi sounding names, life imitating art perhaps?

In other News, James Dyson reveals the world's first armed security guard that can also vac your house, powered by his patented neural network on a chip linked to Skynet for upgrades......

Be afraid, be very afraid....

Orange network throws a wobbler


Makes me glad I use O2

As the future definitely isn't bright, nor Orange either

I suppose if o2 went down there's plenty of material about air supply being cut off etc.


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Virgin counting by the minute


Hope O2 dont follow suit

As I'll be dumping my mobile.

Public rejoices at new 'green' nukes


hardly a surprise

It's hardly likely that the government would publish the results of a survey that didn't back their particular argument now is it and even if they did, they don't give a crap what we think (remember the road toll petition and smarmy Blair).

They will just go ahead and do what they like with our hard earned cash (they will probably bankroll the project)

For the record, I'm against nuclear, I reckon tidal and wind power is the answer.

Democracy in the UK is a myth as they all imitate each other.

Time we marched on Westminster, whose with me?

MusicStation arrives, but will we pay for digital music?


8 quid a month

what a rip off, and what if you decide to leave Voda, what happens to your music then?

Fossett 'may never be found'


6 other crashed aircraft

Yep, the world cares more about the hideously rich than anyone else but even so, I wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone unless you're a sicko who rapes, murders or messes with kids of course, these people deserve to be left for dead.

I do hope they find the guy alive.

However, not sure how you can compare this to a cartoon though.

Virgin fills Warehouse with media


Carphones still exist


Cells 'react' to GSM signals claims research


The capitalism argument


People should be given the choice but you have to remember that there are some that have no choice and so that is why I make the argument for truely independent research.

By those who have no choice I mean people who currently rely on mobile communications to do their jobs.

Sales reps, service engineers, couriers, on-call medical professionals.

While the likes of you and I can exercise a choice (I'm assuming that you don't work in a job that relies on mobile communication)

IF a genunine problem were found then it may have more credence if the research was seen to be completely independent rather then being funded by one side or the other.

While in the case of smoking you could say that people have a choice as to where they work, we will always need people in the above jobs so the research should be carried out for their sake really as I'm sure some of them are in the hypersensitive group.

If we can prove beyond reasonable doubt that their symptoms aren't due to EMF (the recent UK gov/industry-funded study that proved most could not tell whether the mast was transmitting or not is a start but some might argue that as it's outcome was predictable due to its sponsors)

Therefore if directly funded by the likes of you and me, the research would be perceived as unbiased and thus reliable.

Personally I dont think there is a link between mobiles and health issues, apart from the stress caused when people receive large bills.

In fact, I'm more concerned about the long-term effects of numerous x-rays I've had prior to operations as I am disabled.

Think there's numerous other things we could investigate.

Scare about infrared remote controls, anyone?


@Mike Moyle

Inhalation of smoke, whether it be generated by Tobacco or a fire, does cause breathing difficulties due to carbon monoxide and then you have to add in all of the poisonous chemicals that they add in.

Therefore I do support the ban on smoking in public places as its based on sound Science FACT, but even putting the science aside, it's pretty horrendous breathing in the smoke from a smoker if you are a non-smoker.

The debate about mobiles is murky with both sides accusing the other of hiding results that conflict with their particular viewpoint.

While it can be argued that experts and research funded by the mobile phone hardware manufacturers have a vested interest in disproving claims that the devices and thus use of the services is harmful to health which is of course distrurbing IF true as I said above I also find it disturbing that experts, also flog devices or their professional opinion at great expense thus profiteering from people's fear which is frankly sickening

As I said above, its high time an expert who has knowledge but does not have a business interest in either camp, stepped forward, agreed to give their time to do the research and that we, joe and joanne public, got the money together to fund the facilities, that way there can be no accusations of bias which you will get until this happens.

Then we will know either way.


mobile phone scares

We hear constantly about mobiles and their masts doing this, that and the other.

If transmitters are that dangerous, what about the people that live in places near to TV and radio masts, you don't hear stories about them everyday now do you or what about the electrical cables running through the walls of your house/office/pub?

I think there maybe a few folk that are genuinely worried but these so called 'experts' that they wheel out are the real problem that fuels the fire.

They also just happen to sell devices to detect this evil EMF or will, for a large fee, provide expert testimony to support whichever side of the argument you are on.

There needs to be a totally independent, public funded (and I mean no government involvement to avoid accusations of a whitewash) study into whether there is a problem or not.

Step forth willing, public spirited scientists (who don't have a business interest in selling black boxes that squeal or their professional opinion) and someone start passing round the collection tin to over the costs of the facilities.

Then just maybe, we can put this issue to bed once and for all.

Dominos trns 2 txt


Best Pizza?

Dominos and Pizza Hut? crap

Best ever pizza is M&S cheese and tom or Chicken BBQ

Buy 'em frozen, stick 'em in the oven and they come out lovely and fresh.

Why would I pay £20 for a crap quality pizza when I can get a fresh one for £4.

Time marches on to Nokia's latest handset


should fall foul of advertising law

If its twice as many colours as the human eye can see:

1) How did they design it?

2) there is no way of ever testing this so it should fall foul of trade descriptions

3) what happens if it selects a colour or hue that the eye cannot perceive, this would be perceived as a dead-pixel and prompt a warranty return surely?

Kingston hides Hull roots with KCom rebrand


@David Evans

the UK's number one sh*thole is without doubt Milton Keynes and I should know as I have the misfortune of living here.

I've never been to Hull so I cant comment but its got to be better than here apart from the telecom monopoly.

Best ISP? definitely NewNet (I used to ue Eclipse and can agree that the service went downhill after KCom or whoever bought it, bit like ISPs bought by BT)


Covert Ops in Hull?

This is probably a myth but I did once hear that the reason for Hull having a separate phone company is because one of the security agencies had some sort of base there?

Seems a bit strange that its the only place in the UK where you cant choose your fixed line telecoms provider (I'm assuming their monopoly doesn't extend to mobile provision)

Black Helicopters over Hull methinks.

God appears in eggplant slice


GoldenPalace fodder

wish I could come up with something like this to improve my cashflow

Moving mobile numbers should be instant


IVR instead of a web page

Another solution would be to make SIM cards generic and completely programmable over the air.

You buy your mobile and SIM (with a choice of number) dial a shortcode and select your service provider, the customer could also be asked for a PIN which would prevent slamming.

You then get put through to an operator (from your chosen network) who takes your details (name and address for PAYG along with bank details for contract.

The appropriate service profile is then downloaded and your SIM and the network exchange rellevant information.

The network also obtains the encryption key from a server at ofcom (or an Independent company) via a secure wired link.

When you want to change networks you simply repeat the process and provided your bill is paid if you are on contract your number is transferred.

if credit cards can be authorised in real-time in a matter of milliseconds then surely this is possible.

A condition of a network operators licence should be that they carry the calls to the shortcode free so that the phone will log onto the network with the strongest signal when switched on.

fixed lines maybe slightly more complex due to the need for physical infrastructure at the customer's premises (socket and local loop, etc.)

Postmaster kills off 'free for life' webmail



Was the service you were referring to Daniel

Satnav driver's car totalled by train


Now that's what I call 'thick as two short planks'

Open both gates FIRST and then drive through.

While I'm glad she escaped unhurt, I sincerely hope she leaves the education of her kids if she has any, to someone else as she doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer!



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