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Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em


Trigger Happy and phones in Tesco

Yep Dom did have it right (coat unhooked and hung over arm)

As for phones in Tesco I have the same issue, I think it must be due to the construction of the building as mine goes when you are in the middle of the store.

(coat on)

Pctechxp has lef Vulture Central.

Charlie Sheen in upside-down iPhone outrage


Apple iPhone, a top product?

I'd go for a sony ericsson phone anyday.

1. The iphone is a rip-off, I know a couple of people who bought one in the UK and feel that they've been ripped off badly (£269 plus 10% of monthly spend)

2. It doesn't support 3G (I have just bought an SE K800i on o2 and think the call quality alone is worth the upgrade) why didn't Apple wait and do a bit more R&D and release it with 3G)

3. You are exchanging one greedy US billionaire (Gates) for another (Jobs) and this one is even more of a control freak, though a thermal management problem forced him to turn to the superior and largely open x86 architecture.

I'd switch to Linux before I'd switch to Mac.

But we digress

As I've said elsewhere, people should choose products on what does the job best for them rather than banging on about whatever platform like it's their life's work.


Ring-back tones to carry adverts


The future's dark

If things continue the way they are going, we'll have RFID brain implants so that the buggers can beam ads directly into your brain 24/7 but these will initially be introduced as an anti-terrorist measure.

I predict that the suicide rate will then skyrocket (I know I'd shoot/drink/drug myself to death before I'd let them near my head)

George Orwell was in the right ballpark when he wrote 1984 but I think its going to be much much worse....

Experts cast runes on Google phone security


amanfrommars is dead, long live a manfrommars

Blimey, what he/she/it has said seems to make slightly more sense than usual.

Surely its not the same person/bot or the bot has developed some AI!!

The Matrix cant be far away

Holy pancake appears on eBay


thinking of bidding

So that I can sell it to goldenpalace.com for a few mill and not have to work again.

CompuServe France headed for the knacker's yard


Womder how much the domain will go for?

I might keep a look out and acquire it and look at perhaps reviving people's addresses, I reckon there's a business model there definitely.

Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival


Get a Job!

Don't these people work for a living?

I'm sure Steve Jobs is rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of all that money (yes I bought a shuffle because it was small and cheap and a few hard to find tunes on Itunes but I don't like Macs or the Iphone)

If you want one that badly, order it online!

Oh well I suppose my mobile (which is on O2) will stop working later because of the traffic generated by these jobs loving w**kers trying to activate their iphones or ring world+dog to tell them they have got one in exchange for being ripped off to the tune of 900 quid over the course of their contract crashes the HLR and billing servers.

A direct descendent of Dick Turpin is alive and well and works in Cupertino!

Mobile networks: the state's new bloodhounds?


Who cares?

Cell site analysis has provided important evidence in many recent murder cases including the murder of those two poor kids in Soham which ensured that the animal responsible is now behind bars.

Frankly, I'm glad they have the ability.

I wonder how many of the No to ID mob carry mobiles, completely oblivious to the fact that they can be tracked, kind of makes a mockery of their argument doesnt it?

Like I said in another post, I'll carry an ID card but wont pay for the privilege.

AT&T bestows international wireless plan on American iPhoners


no difference between Apple and Microsoft

They are both run by greedy billionaires, it seems that most Apple fans seem to conveniently forget that.

As for my own position, I use whatever device gets whatever job done.

I own an ipod shiffle simply because it is a small MP3 player and clips to my clothing so that I can listen to my MP3s while working on a task.

I use a Windows based PC because it runs the applications I need.

I have a Sony Ericsson phone because it has the features I want and does it's job well in my opinion.

I have a Xerox flat panel monitor again for the same reason but have a Samsung LCD TV.

I could go on but it's be boring.

I get really fed up of reading posts by people who cant spell (the occasional typo should be allowed) accusing other people of being Microsoft or Apple fanbois (I think you mean fanboys), yes there are the Microsoft and Apple die-hards who should be pitied but if you are an intelligent person why are you wasting your time commenting on these people, make an intelligent comment instead.

Masked thieves storm into Chicago colocation (again!)

Gates Horns

surely underground is the way to go

That's where the company I use for my e-mail has it's data centre.

Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'


Old news

This has been running on the TV for ages, don't reg hacks ever switch from PC to TV?

Likely Lib-Dem leader in 'no to ID card data' pledge


I'll have the card, but I wont pay the stealth tax

They can have my fingerprints, retinal scans or whatever but I sure as hell won't pay for it.

I get taxed enough each month and then get taxed again when I buy stuff with my hard earned cash.

OK I had to pay for my passport when I wanted to go abroad (or the Republic of Ireland anyway) so if I did not want to pay I could have just not gone on holiday but they'll have to chuck me in a police car and prise my credit/debit card out of my cold,dead hands before I'll pay for it (but even then they might have some difficulty due to chip and pin though that system is probably full of backdoors for HMG)

Up yours Gordon!

3 UK brings VoIP to cheapskates


@Madge - note the headline

It says 3 UK.

People need to bear in mind that 3 UK have had longer to develop the network than 3 Ireland (activated July 2005 according to the GSMA website), 3 UK went live in March 2003 so have had over a two year head start (though I'm still not convinced that they are any good based on what friends who have signed up with them have told me)

It has also taken ages for telecoms operators in Ireland to even think about deploying DSL and of course the geography does not lend itself to the use of microwave for backhaul so deplying a data infrastructure in Ireland is quite challenging I imagine.

UK mobiles not worth stealing


Worried abut having your mobile nicked?

Just buy a crap one, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/06/11/mobile_mugger_cheap/

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs


Payback time at last

Day after day I have to listen to the disciples of Jobs bang on about how the Mac is superior and how bad it is the educational establishment I work for only provides Windows versions of software and that they are being discriminated against blah blah blah (I start to hear white noise after about 10 seconds of that)

This proves that the Mac OS is no better and no worse then Windows (for the record, I'm no fan of Gates and Ballmer but I use whatever gets the job done)

However, I view this as payback for the earache they give me.


You bought a machine named after an overcoat from a company namd after a fruit so what can you expect.

US: Missile shield 'deactivated' until Iran tools up

Black Helicopters

nuke NK too

and be done with it.

Black Helicopters

Russian Federation aka the reborn USSR

Putin is and has behaved like a communist leader.

I think Russia is a bigger threat now than it ever was before.

Of course they dont want anyone to have the vaguest hope of being able to knock out their ICBMs because they they couldn't use them as blackmail.

Think the threat of nuclear force needs to be turned back on Russia before they start their blackmail and possibly on Iran too.

Perhaps we should just nuke Iran, a large proportion are fundamentalist nutters anyway.

Flaming kamikaze squirrel torches car


Hey Tone got a new motor?

It's got an anti-squr-rrel paint job.....

Nah think I'll abandon my Alexei Sayle impression.

Back to work for me

Virgin Mary pebble provokes holy online bidding war


Anyone told GoldenPalace.com?

This is the sort of crap they buy isn't it?

Ballmer again: AT&T and Verizon should rule the airwaves


Microsoft and customer service

"provide the customer service 7 by 24"

Hmm, Microsoft struggles to provide customer service at anytime and it views it as a revenue stream too.

Can you imagine being charged £50 to talk to customer services about a billing or service issue and even after doing that you end up speaking to someone whose second language is English and they cant understand you or vice versa.

Get your own house in order Ballmer!

Orange UK's chief exec gets shuffled


@Tampa Dave the redneck

Orange is a naff UK mobile phone (or cell phone as you yanks insist on calling them) service.

Well it started out as purely a mobile phone outfit but since being acquired it think thinks its a media company.

Oh and by the way, if you are going to post, use English as otherwise you make yourself look stupid (hence my title)

Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft


A whole new kind of terrorism

Step forward every fundamentalist psychopathic whacko, if this nonsense gets approved they'll be able to blow up planes without being on them!

Am sure Bin Laden, Sadr and every other sick individual of similar ilk is listerally pissing themselves with glee at the thought.

And unless the hold is going to be protected by some kind of material to stop the phone signal, it alo raises the possibility of them putting a phone activated bomb in the cargo.

Think I'll take the train or boat from now on.

3's Skype phone to hit the pre-Christmas rush


What's the MAC anyway?

What does MAC mean in relation to cellular?

Dell cuts 250 tech support jobs in Nashville


I suppose this means

They'll be singing for their supper now then /hat /coat /taxi

Seriously though, I feel really sorry for these folks but I'm not surprised.

My experience of buying a Dell was a nightmare and 3 battered machines letter I told them I'd had enough and went for a machine built in London rather than Limerick, I've never had the peasure of dealing with the US operation but I don't think I'd want to.

I did a search on the web and found I hate dell which is worth a read.

Orange puts plum back in mouth

Gates Horns

@Anonymous Coward

Nah, other it would have to be 'thank you for calling Orangeings, your remaining creditings is 1 million repees."

Apple sued over i-Bricks

Jobs Horns

locking and briking


I understand the business case for locking handsets to a network when they are subsidised BUT there should be a law against locking handsets when the customer has paid full retail price.

WTF are Apple surprised that people are hacking their IPhone if they participate in anti-competitive practices, frankly, they should be flattered that anyone WANTS to buy their overpiced Ipod with phone.

I for one don't want one and would not pay the kind of price Apple wants for it.

I spent nearly as much on an unlocked Moto V600 a couple of years ago and it turned out to be a complete POS.

Admins accuse Microsoft of Draconian Hotmail cap

Gates Horns

What can you expect

from a free mail provider.

I know at least one paid for provider that does an outstanding job of blocking spam and allows you to tune the spam protection, has proper AV and all for 20 quid a year.

And having your own domain name looks so much more professional than a hotmail address, particularly on things like CVs.

T-Mobile data service collapses



they rely on BT for backhaul and so idiot wen through a line with a digger

Currency launched to cover the cosmos

Jobs Halo

Cashless society

Yep next week MasterCard will launch the Universe MasterCard and Visa will follow with the Intergalactic Visa

Wonder what will replace Chip and PIN in space, perhaps a Valcan mind meld with the card's chip will ensure only you can use it or perhaps we'll have Borg-like connections to our cards....

Tax man praised for owning up to lost laptop

Thumb Down

Can I have all my tax refunded please, Mr. Darling?

I could do with the money and your buffoons obviously don't know its never a good idea to leave a laptop in a car, high level encryption or no.

Supporting secure websites as I do I know that encryption is hard to break but even so I'd like my money back so I can take my business elsewhere.

Oh wait, the right for you and your servants to rob me blind each month and do what you like with my personal info is enshrined in law, oh dear what a pain in the ass.

When I was young I used to think people that tried to dodge tax were out and out ne'er do wells, now I have some idea why they do it.

Now where did I put the number for that bank that specialises in accounts in the British Virgin Islands....

Sun grabs patent for magneto-hydrodynamic heatsink

IT Angle


Seems 'he' is on top form again, anyone know what he's on about?

As regards the heatsink with no moving parts, I have to agree with Chris never seen one without a fan

Australian court rings to the sound of satisfaction



one had to wonder what was going through his mind when he selected that tone.

Vertu motors in with £12,600 mobile phone


£12,600 for a phone!!!!!!

I could put together a serious kick-ass PC for that let alone more sensible purchases such as a decent new motor.

SkypeIn goes out



Nope it isn't (I have skype and a Skypein number myself) but the point I am making is that whether you are using the free or paid for portions of the service, it utilises the same infrastructure which was originally designed to provide a free service whereas a traditional telco's infrastructure is designed to provide a paid for service and so they invest heavily in it because they know if it breaks down completely their customers will go elsewhere but there is no such pressure on Skype, particularly as its now owned by tatbay, err sorry ebay.


you pay peanuts

you get monkeys

What can you expect from a free phone service?

Ninjas battle invisible frogs in Hitler's San Diego bunker



I wonder whether he is the actor that plays Richmond in the I.T. crowd

Tulip tries to buy back Commodore brand


the correct link

for commodore gaming at least is http://www.commodoregaming.com

Come on Jan, you're letting the side down.

Vodafone billing woes continue


bet it doesn't extend to the part of the system that claims the direct debit

This is the kind of thing that makes me stay as a prepay customer as I don't trust the billing systems of any of the networks

Boffins offer explanation for meteorite sickness


Our bcteria will do them in

Just remember that at the end of the War of the Worlds, the Martians were overcome by bacteria.

Now where's that Anthrax......

Jack Thompson sets about Halo 3


no driving test required

Heck thats gonna save me shedloads of cash.

Man I'm glad I spent that 20 quid on Need for Speed Underground.

Young hearts roam free on UK cellco network


phone service for the drunk?

and what happens when you are 25?

Samsung, Armani launch designer vibro phone



Should be an object of chav desire.

I mean, who is going to pay 450 quid for a GSM phone, whether its got Armani slapped on it or not, for that price I'd expect it to be quad band GSM and quad band W-CDMA with HSDPA.

Oh wait yep, this will be a second phone for the Vertu solid gold phone toting people with more money than sense to use when their phone's in being polished.

419er needs $2k to buy portrait of Queen


I'd lend him the money

for 500% interest paid in advance by Western Union of course.

Apple turns to Orange in France


My money's on....

There being a 3G version by March and Eircom Meteor getting the contract to sell the Iphone in Ireland.

Orange speaks out with new voice


That Jane Copland demo

Think it was recorded when Orange were in their exciting, intelligent technology driven phase (orange at home, etc.)

What a shame they dumped it all.

Put it this way, if I were to have a voice controlled server to control my lighting, heading, etc, I'd definitely want it to sound like her.


beaten to the chav joke - corrected version, please deleted my previous post

This brought the excellent Chav a l'orange comment post by andyjw in response to the network problem report to mind.

you can just imagine the message when they experience a PSTN link fault can't you?

due to our network goin' all Pete Tong, you wont be able to get fru at the moment, so just take a chill pill and try later, we know this cause a problem wiv ya Julie, but we ain't bovvered!'


beaten to the chav joke

This brought the excellent Chav a l'orange comment post by andjw in response to the network problem report to mind.

you can just imagine the message when they experience a PSTN link fault cant you?

due to our network goin' going all Pete Tong, you wont be able to get fru at the moment, so just take a chill pill and try later, we know this cause a problem wiv ya Julie, but we ain't bovvered!'

Peruvian 'meteorite' strike provokes noxious gas attack


'The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one he said'

He was wrong obviously

Seriously though, this is quite concerning, if this thing has created a large crater, one has to wonder whether anything is in its slipstream...

T-Mobile penetrates Virgin Islands


Cracking title

Yes Jason, the title is very impressive.

Orange network throws a wobbler


Hans Roger Snook

Was the name of 'that dutch guy'


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