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Bill Gates: iPad is OK, but what Apple really needs is a SURFACE


Apple is

Just better at marketing bullshit than Microsoft.

How many Apple servers do you have in your data centre versus Windows or even Linux ones?

AC flameproof mask as the Appletards will try and flame me.

Viviane Reding says imitate US and form FEDERAL EUROPE


If we have to be federated with anyone

I'd rather we become the 51st State

Mine's the leather one with the stars and stripes on the back.

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair


Alas poor Nokia

You used to make phones so well.

I used to be a huge fan of Nokia phones, they were solid and dependable.

I love what I do for a living (if I didn't why would be a reading an IT publication) but I don't want my phone to be anything other than just that, my mobile phone, I don't want a mini replica of my desktop.

I've owned a Nokia 3310 (Excellent phone) 3510i (not bad but screen looked a bit washed out) 6230i (superb phone I'd still be using if the service provider I was with at the time hadn't given me the wrong unlocking code when I wanted to move)

I then switched to Sony Ericsson and came back to Nokia when I bought a 6700 Classic which was good but the keypad build quality wasn't the best.

Then switched to HTC (which was useless), SE and now am using a Nokia Asha 300 which is ok but does not have the solid build feel of Nokias of old.

Why don't they just go back to making phones as they used to as I'm sure there's others out there just like me that think that one Android Smartphone or Windows Smartphone is much like the next one.

Windows 8: We kick the tyres on Redmond's new tablet wheels


Vista 2.0

Tried this on a test PC at work and could only stand it for 10 minutes its so bad.

May-Jo Foley's blog entry here http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsofts-windows-8-release-preview-whats-in-and-whats-out/12826?tag=mantle_skin;content indicates Microsoft intend to stop hacks to bring back the Start Menu.

While some can draw parellels with the demise of Program Manager in favour of the Start Menu this really is a retrograde step.

With Vista the interface looked nice but the 'engine' of the OS was neglected while with Windows 7 they fixed that but with this they've just got it all wrong.

'Dated and cheesy' Aero ripped from Windows 8


Will they never learn

People don't want an OS that just looks cool, they want one that WORKS.

MS refocus your efforts on making it work and leave the UI alone.

Compare The Market can't touch web filth extension - simples



Simples, he'll just need a second laptopmabob and a lorrylad of Proplus

Hands on with the Motorola Razr Maxx



The quoted battery times are 'under optimum conditions' which means they've probably tested it right next to a test cell antenna

Result, you won't get anywhere near the quoted times.

And a fixed battery these days?

Oh wait, like HTC and the late Sony Ericsson, they've got Apple envy.

BBC shrinks Red Button: Loses 8 channels after the Olympics


Freesat/Freeview streaming support

Standard def requires 2 MB downstream at least and HD a minimum of 3.5 MB and preferably 4 or better so if your line runs at 1.5 your out of luck, chuck unless you want to watch constant buffering.

Host recommendations.



Would agree with the above, the broadband and landline is terrific too.

Happy customer for nearly two years.

Ten... Ultrabooks


An important question no one appears to be asking

How do you go about backing up the software images on these things or are you in the Apple situation where you are dependent on the manufacturer continuing to host the image for your particular system or are you expected to purchase a USB flash drive/HDD to back up the image onto.

Or is it dependent on a useless recovery partition?

You can flog 'used' software, but read Ts&Cs first – ECJ


@AC - So you can sell software you have acquired...

Not sure whether you have seen the story elsewhere about the patent M$ has filed.

Somewhere in the not too distant future Windows will stream from the cloud as will Office I'll bet, why do you think the new Windows has an app store?

And then of course there's apple with Lion, Mountain Lion and their app store with no disks.

Ice Cream Sandwich gives Android mobes brainfreeze – Sony


What a waste of money

I specifically bought the Xperia Ray because ICS was due to be released for it.

Looks like Its going on ebay now because the battery life is lousy.

UK.gov gives nod to .scot



I for one would like to see a .England domain as a proud Englishman.

St George's Cross flag icon please along with flags for a Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

End in sight for IT jobs outsourcing massacre


Obama has the right idea

Give tax cuts to UK companies that bring jobs back and penalise those that offshore.

More jobs, better service and a better economy because people spend more.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?



After Under Siege 2: Dark Territory with Steven Seagal in it.

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe



This company seems to lurch from one problem to the next.

Joined them briefly last year after having been a happy O2 customer for 5 years and not having to call on Customer Service as the thought of getting paid to give advice on the forum was appealing, however the port in process took over 48 hours and within a few days of joining their system temporarily slapped a lost bar on my phone for no apparent reason.

It was lifted the next morning by an 'agent' after I raised a ticket but it did concern me that I could be left with a non functioning phone without warning.

Thinking that they may have improved I tried again in December, port in was smoother but there was absolute carnage on the forums as many people were reporting their old SIMs had stopped working but their number was not attached to their new GiffGaff SIM so was in a no mans land.

This went on until the week between Christmas and New Year.

The other annoying thing is the forums are often hard to read because you get the same peiece of advice repeated or complete rubbish posted within a matter of seconds by people who constantly stalk the forums looking for easy money but have no clue about what they are talking about.

In the end I decided to take out a SIM only contract with Tesco Mobile so that there is some comeback if I have an issue.

Trusted computing: It's BACK, and already in a pocket near you


As desktop computing subsides

El Reg will be no more then.

Ten... Freesat TV receivers


Foxsat HDR

I disagree with your review, had one of these and was lucky enough that where I bought it from happily exchanged it for a Samsung S7800, it just simply died after 11 months despite being properly ventilated.

When I claimed under the wwaranty they sent back a badly beaten up refurb.

Dreadful, I'd not buy a Humax again, the Samsung S7800 is a much better machine.



It's on Freesat too

So no need for a Sky sub.

As other posters have said though I'd not trust it as a source on its , I get my news from a range of sources on satellite TV.

Namesco spits out phishy warning after credit card info leak



The reason they store the details is for recurring billing for services such as broadband and hosting.

Bit like your utility company storing direct debit details, they do it for cards as not everyone wants to pay by DD.

Mobile phone mast-in-a-chip biz sells out for $50m


Wish I could buy one

I'd really like to be able to buy one to improve the coverage around my home.

Alas, only Vodafone supply them.

Really not sure why the operators and GSMA haven't got it sorted so that I can buy one that just allows me to select the network and it'll do all the integration.

Jonathan Ive is knighted in New Year Honours list


Who wants to bet

That the codename for the next Apple product will now be Excalibur?

China pumps CCTV into Freeview HD boxes


Broadcast on freesat for a while

The news channel has been available on 211 on Freesat for a while, it is broadcast (my freesat box isn't connected to my router) so can be watched if you are so inclined.

Watched about 5 minutes as any debates on issues seem to be rather tame as you would expect.

The Best of El Reg 2011 now on Kindle

Thumb Down

El Reg sells out to The Man

I believe in several articles it was mentioned that the Kindle was Amazon's attempt to get someone to buy and carry the cash register (that's a till in Blighty of course but then you have to forget your roots to sell advertising on t'internet) but now you are selling excusively through this platform and forgetting those of us who prefer reading a paperback, or what about making it available via a download area after payment in PDF?

I think it's time to drop the slogan of 'biting the hand that feeds IT' as you stopped doing that some time ago.

Second US Navy robot stealth bomber takes flight


Not just America

BAE systems are building one right here in Blighty called the Mantis

Artists craft the ultimate iPhone fanboi holiday gift


You could say

The iPhone is now blowing its own horn.


Ofcom: ISPs can cripple the web as much as they please


I smell Bacon

Ofcom will always rule to the benefit of those that pay the largest fees.

The big boys care only about margins, service quality isn't on their list which is why:

1. The throttle the crap out of connections to spend less on infrastructure or don't

2. They outsource tech support to whereever they can get away with paying peanuts this month.

Contrast this with the smaller operators that cost a bit more:

1. UK based customer support

2. No throttling.

3. Regular investment in their networks.

Ravens' secret sign code probed


@ IT Hack

Only one way to deal with the Chicken menace.

Kill 'em, cook 'em, eat 'em with some veg, roast spuds, gravy and Yorkshire Pudding.

I know its a bit random but we need a Yorkshire Pudding icon to complement the beer one,

Slip of a lad to play James Bond's Q

Thumb Down

Surely not

Desmond Llewelyn was Q, John Cleese was R so is this guy going to be S?

How will the phrase 'grow up 007' work when his technician is younger than he is?

C'mon there has to be a bitter and more mature choice.

Anthony Head?

Anthony Hopkins?

Dyson sinks £1.4m into Cambridge engineering chair


What we really want to know

But will have to wait to find out is whether the job sucks or not.

Apple stalks execs in the cloud


I'm opening a book

That amanfrommars 1 is a bot :)

Going back to the story I think Apple will move away from hardware and more into services in the coming years.

Chief Rabbi: I admire Jobs and Apple and use my iPad daily


You cant escape

The wrath of the mighty Apple.

He probably got a call or message (via iMessage of course) shortly after the original story was published demanding he retract his comments or suffer the plague of a thousand law suits.

Pickles plans curry colleges to halt Indian immigration


@Edward Kenworthy

I wholeheartedly agree, one of the reaspns we have so much unemployment is that so much has been offshored.

Chief rabbi: Steve Jobs' Apple lust spreads misery, despair


I'm not sad

I neither have nor want the latest iPhone or iPad.

US nuclear aircraft carrier George Bush crippled by toilet outages

Thumb Down

Single points of failure

This being an IT based site and most of us working in IT we can of course bang on about single points of failure but you should remember this is on a ship where space is limited and the kit to support the function isn't exactly small I bet.

Remember it is a ship of war and is already the size oif a small island, any bigger and it would give the enemy even easier target practice.

Jobs mulled building own mobile network for iPhones


He thought about it and then realised


Just trolling: It's OK to poke fun at Christians, says ASA


Sounds like

Total shite

Visa to tell shops where their punters' wallets went next



Not too bothered if its generalised percentages as in

X% of your customers also shopped at Bloggs and Co today

But not too happy about getting exclusive offers for MR A N Other

Mail Online is broken


no real loss

As all the Mail seems to peddle is middle class angst about nothing.

Welsh factions clash over .cymru and .wales bids


If they are successful at getting this...

Who wants a .England address?

Pros thrash amateurs in Hong Kong iPhone 4S race


Oh dear

Why not just order online?

Meanwhile in Japan: Your new best pal is a vending machine

Thumb Down

Only in Japan

They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel or should that be can in this case.

Oh dear.

O2 smears 4G trial over capital

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Battery life of a smartphone running LTE

Probably about 2 minutes, the 3G ones barely last a day if you use them.

Former owner of a Desire S now using my Nokia 6700 Classic again until something worthwhile comes along.

BT Tower falls over, crushes X Factor hopefuls


Knock it down

Save us from the Saturday evening dross but make sure the entire Strictly Come Dancing team, Ant and Dec and Cowell and co are buried in the rubble.

Chinese hacks face life ban for nicking rumours from web


@Scott Mckenzie

I'm sure the Communists won't be locking themselves up or calling elections anytime soon.


Difference between Chinese and Western governments

Is that Western governments don't force those they disagree with into forced labour camps or tear down houses without warning.

The thing they have in common is that they both spin things to their own ends and only the truly foolish don't realise this.

Even so, I'd rather be in the West any day.

Go back to the future with Red Dwarf


Let's hope

Dave joins Freesat soon as I'll be pretty pissed if I have to watch it via TVCatchup.

Maggie Philbin on tech, teens and cardigan fear



And I take it you know EVERYTHING do you?


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