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Sony Ericsson: Xperia X1 delay a 'mistake'

Gates Horns

What a shame

That SE has succumbed to the advances of Redmind.

I have used Sagems, Nokias and Motorolas and Se beats them hands down, hope this does not signal a downturn in handset quality or reliability.

US, Canada seize fake Cisco goods


How can you fake Cisco gear?

The question is, whose gear were they actually supplying or were the circuit boards being knocked up in some Chinese sweatshop with someone else writing the software or having pirated copies of IOS loaded onto them.

Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


you scratch my back....

This is the way its always been between Intel and MS, why do you think they call it the Wintel alliance?

Intel tells MS what it needs to sell more of and Microsoft ups the bloat to drive the customer to upgrade that component or replace their motherboard in the case of a chipset.

In return Intel does a load of marketing to trumpet how much better your better your system will run if you buy its new Hyper CPU running at 20 Ghz complete with its own HVAC which of course needs a new motherboard with chipset to handle the 200,000 data lines coming out of it along with a new connector for the CPU.

If people resist the urge to upgrade and stick with what they have (which is as capable now as the day you bought it) MS and intel will come unstuck and MS might have to think more carefully about the quality of its software.

Ofcom stands up to Information Commissioner


I suppose

We'll now be reliant on their unreliable coverage maps when choosing a mobile provider then.

I thought this here regulator was part of the government and therefore worked for Joe and Jane public who pay their large salaries or have I got that wrong?

I'm not a believer in the mobiles microwave your brain/testicles/whatever argument but I definitely think that the information should be made available and particularly where these sites are on public land (rented from councils)

Europe hits one million FTTH broadband connections


The way forward

The only way a fibre network is going to be built in the UK is if net enthusiasts like myself, the AC and others pool our resources to buy the kit, lay the fibre and pay the rental charges to have it housed in exchanges or get appropriate facilities built along with an NOC to run it in a location like London thus making it easy to peer with other networks.

BT (the privatised state monopoly) will only ever do the bare minimum to keep our creaking infrastructure running but still charge us the earth for line rental in order to keep the fat cat shareholders happy.

Am game to put my money where my mouth is, are you?

O2's Companion halted


Don't you think

This could have been a blessing in disguise for the poor guy, after all, if his crackberry wasn't working he could have done something more worthwhile with his time.

I reckon the O2 billing system was trying to do him a favour :)

Public don't want internet filters, MS tells MPs


Come Get some!

I agree with ACs comment about Duke Nukem, just harmless fun for adults.

simple solution, just ban consoles (which are a rip off anyway) and impose a law that anyone under 18 cant use a PC (would save hours of my life spent sorting out friends' PCs after little Johhny or Jemma 'who knows about PCs' decided it was a damn good idea idea to install Kazaa/utorrent//whatever and download loads of virus infested crap)

RIM opens executive lounge for all


should have a big sign

Stop reading e-mail, interact with people you saddo!

BlackBerry takes Monday afternoon off


Down with mobile e-mail

Why do companies insist on equipping their employees with a mobile e-mail device.

Surely time away from a desk should be treated as a rest for the eyes, why squint at a small screen?

I'd do a job where I had to carry a company mobile but one sniff of having to use a Winmobile or Crackberry to read and respond to e-mail and it'd be bye bye.

Am trying to let the mail mound up on my exchange account at work so eventually it'll bouncing mail and I can then say, why dont you come speak to me instead?'

Taliban demand night-time cell tower shutdown


@s - so what about flight mode

This is supposed to switch off the transceivers in the phone so its other functions can be used on an aircraft

Same thing apply?

Robocopter gunship abandons sinking warship project


Sounds a tad like Stealth to me

Lets hope it don't get struck by lightning.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!

Microsoft acquires Sidekick designer


hacker proof backup address boiok

called Pen and Paper!!

Why would anyone store contact details on a telco's server?

If there is anything as ridiculous as the automatic mandatory backup of SIM contact data to a telco's server introduced I wont use the phone book on the SIM either.

Mind you,I have a good memory for numbers that matter which when all said and done are about 3 in total.

SaaSy Dell 2.0 buys MessageOne for $155m


Pity that poor billionaire

He owes me three days holiday for when his company delivered a damaged system that I payed a small fortune for.

I returned it and twice was promised a delivery date for a replacement system so I took that day off and nothing showed.

I found out after having to ring the so called couriers that both systems were damaged en route from Ireland to the UK, did they offer me a discount for my trouble, no!!

After the third time I rang them and told them to stick it and refund my hard earned.

a dreadful company and I sincerely hope he ends up bankrupt.

The future of the SIM hangs by a single wire


@AC - new card with new phone

I'd say because they tweak the embedded software to add new menus, shortcuts for services such as preferred DQ providers etc

Billg quits Facebook

Gates Horns

facebook and empty howling souls

All my friends are people I have met in real life.

The only reason I embarked on using FB was because I gained a rather hot looking temporary work colleague and one of her first questions was whether I had an FB account and when I said I didn't she seemed rather disappointed, so what's a guy to do?

Bill chosen because I cant stand Paris and at least the guy shows some sort of intelligence, I mean, you'd have to be intelligent to set up that alleged monopoly.

Turning a Nokia phone into a hotspot


@use HTTPS

This will only work if the server you are connecting to supports a secure session.

BT Fusion is alive and well



I agree with you but not quite sure how that would work from a billing point of view.

The general idea is that you'd have one number and one bill, unless the billing was handled by a third party you couldn't possibly have a separate landline/broadband and mobile provider (unless calls made at home were completely free :-)

Apple to charge $20 for iPod Touch update

Gates Horns

Apple Computer is the new Microsoft

£13 for a firmware upgrade!!!

I've had to listen for years to morons tell that Apple is better because it doesn't crash, does their washing up, etc and then advising them how to complain about the discrimination that's in their own heads.

Looks like good ol' Steve, the so called underdog whom Mac fanciers would have you believe has the consumer's best interests at heart has taken a leaf out of that other greedy American billionaire's handbook, one Mr William Gates.

Ah well, whenh he expands this practice to the whole of the iPod range I will go to the nearest Apple store and protest loudly.

Domain name gaffe launches Clearswift clients into e-mail panic



They should have used a domain registrar with an auto renewal feature.

Dare I say 1 & 1?

O2 misses iPhone targets



Try the SonyEricsson K800i, think its's just what you would have ordered.

I'll be keeping mine for a good few years.

Outrage over Nokia factory closure


It's our own fault

We all want to pay peanuts for a our gadgets (including those that worked at the factory no doubt) so what do we expect companies to do?

If you want your goods manufactured in the UK or western Europe, you'll have to pay a bit more.

Peeved HTC smartphone owners offer bounty for driver fix


Get a life

Where do these people get time to worry about crap like this!

buy a decent phone like a Sony Ericsson and stop whinging

Aussies whip out their a*se antlers


@Chris C - use of text speak

Agree with you entirely

I have a colleague who is much older than me but insists on using shorthand phrases on MSN and e-mail and she lets the predictive text do the talking on texts.

Have a listen to the comedic track 'these are my worries' by Bill Bailey, the end bit sums the situation up perfectly.

I always use full english in all my communications, even if I end up with a concatenated text which costs me more.

My word of the year is the El Reg coined celebutard - a thicko that will do anything to get on TV or in the media, Brian Belo is the perfect example

Bloke finds missus working in brothel

IT Angle

IT Angle?

Did he pay by credit card?

Evesham Technology goes into liquidation


A shame but

Their site didn't display orders right.

I tried to order a PC twice and when I got to the end it was missing some components.

I rang Evesham who told me they couldn't amend or check the order did actually contain the components I had ordered, they could only cancel it (yes I had ticked the correct options)

Tried again with the same result so I said right OK cancel the order and I'll go elsewhere.

Ended up buying a PC from a decent British system builder, Mesh Computers, have had to have the Motherboard and a drive replaced but they have bent over backwards to book the service visits when its convenient for me as I work odd shifts.

I also worked at a school where they had quite a few Evesham laptops, the build quality was diabolical.

My heart goes out to all those who lost their jobs but this company is no loss to the British PC industry.

Lets hope the same thing happens to Dell in the states (before trying Evesham I made the mistake of trying to buy a top of the range system from them but thats another story)

Former beauty queen cuffed for torturing ex


Maybe she's been at the Sands of Time

She looks like a female version of the Dark Prince from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones to me.

Why there will never be another GSM


The end of International roaming?

Think we're going to end up with a situation like the states used to be where mobiles used here wont work abroad.

Tiscali to go mobile in 2008

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Another EasyMobile?

an MVNO with under 1 million customers.

My money says it won;t last 18 months

I used to be a customer of an MVNO (Virgin), the service was ok but when I had tech problems they were useless so I switched to O2 who are much better on all fronts,

Network down? Must be New Year's Eve gunfire


I've no idea why

But when I read anything about celebratory gunfire or communication cables being damanged by gunfire I collapse in a heap of laughter.

Bet the network engineers weren't too happy though.

NetFlix sics troops on Apple TV


Mac users

should realise that they are being robbed blind.

It's nothing but an overpriced unix box.

The only good thing that Apple make is the iPod.

PC scuppers NYE fireworks in Seattle

Gates Horns

The big question

Was it running Vista?

Voda boss could reap £45m for just hanging on


Nice work if you can get it

Sounds like where I work

Fat Cat management and supervisors are paid shedloads despite tham having little or no current technical knowledge, I end up fixing the problems or acting as a consultant to them for peanuts in comparison.

spare a thought for the subordinates that are actually trying to do a good job.

Validus backers banking on swing to DC


Does anything really need AC?

As most devices contain circuitry (either onboard or via an adapter) to convert AC to DC anyway so why are we still using 240V AC?

Pantone cranks up the whalesong


Doesn't Brett Brennan sound more like....

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!!

This is El Reg not Changing Rooms mate.

C'mon, be off with ya, where's my modified cattle prod.

a Happy (and none too sober, hic) New Year to all.

The PFY aka pctechxp*

*Note to lawyers, just a joke

Gates Horns

I love the colour of BSOD in the morning/afternoon/evening

I do reckon it looks very close to the background colour of a BSOD.

I wonder if Microsoft will sponsor it.

Third round of consultations on 2.6GHz auctions


Higher or lower?

Never mind the quality, feel the width.

I thought most mobile phone/wireless internet provider companies wanted a slice of the lower frequencies because it allows them to provide more pervasive in-building coverage without the necessity for additional kit sited inside buildings thus reducing build out and ongoing maintenance costs so why is it likely to be popular with WiMAX providers and those operators looking at 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network upgrades to support the unrequired speed upgrades (What the hell are you goining to use 100 Mbps+ wireless broadband for anyway)

I have no connection with mobile phone providers (other than like most of the population being a customer) or WiMAX providers but I don't see the business case.

Tesco Mobile complains to Ofcom

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I couldn't agree more with you mate, mobile phones are for phoning on the move and maybe the odd text

However I have recently replaced my trusty GSM Sony Ericsson W300i on O2 with a 3G K800i so that I'm future proofed to some extent (unless O2 and the GSM Association suceed in their bid to abandon UMTS @ 2100 Mhz)

The call quality is slightly better on 3G (though O2 and Voda use the GSM full rate speech codec on their 2G networks as opposed to the superior but battery draining Enhanced Full Rate as used by Orange and T-Mobile and their dependent virtual networks) but that is the only benefit I can see.

I was a One2One/T-mobile and then Virgin Mobile customer but the EFR is the only thing I miss about these networks.

All the networks know that 3G has flopped but they have to try to claw back those billions spent on licences and new network kit somehow so customers are subjected to a Microsoft style forced upgrade at knifepoint scenario (upgrade or your phone wont work anymore) supported by our fat treasury controlled ofcom.

I think I should become an MP, sure beats working for a living.

New Jersey bans sex offenders from the web


No access to computers for sex offenders

I think these people should not have access to computers whatsoever.

In fact I'd go so far as to argue for the automatic death penalty because they are sick beyond rehabilitation and cannot contribute anything to society.

Another alternative would be for the UN to buy up an island in the middle of nowhere and put them all on it and let them do what they want to each other, thus keeping potential victims safe.

Wishing you an EMF-free Christmas


@Jon Axtell

Good point, well made.

Surely your goal if you are the kind of person that buys this kind of garbage is to reduce the reception, not to increase it.

The answer, simple, don't buy a mobile if you are that concerned or take a job where you have to use one.

But the people that buy stuff like this along with herbal placebos have money to burn and of course their credit card companies are happy to.

That gives me an idea...

Down with EMF credit card anyone?

2% donation to mental care unit/whacko campaign group of your choice when you spend on unproven medication/white elephant devices such as the above.

50% interest on everything (25% to me and 25% to issuing bank)

100% charge for balance transfers (50% to me and 50% to issuing bank)

Choice of card designs (gold with black skull and crossbones next to mast or black with sane but in silver)

Think I might contact some banks in the New Year, I want a piece of this action.

Wonder how these people cope in their own homes, think about all those cables running through the walls or perhaps they just don't have electricity or maybe they live in caves...

Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting


Single-core vs Multi core

Would be interesting to know if this has an effect.

Two or four brains better than one.



T-Mobile (temporarily) halts Web 2.0rhea


Twitter, facebook, all the same

After being nagged to near death by several people to join facebook I decided couple of weeks back to give it a go.

I deactivated my account yesterday as frankly I'd rather watch paint dry

One friend spends all day every day on FB, I told her if she wants to communicate with me to pick up the phone or sign into MSN.

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage


Time to scrap the licence fee

If the Beeb is getting advertising revenue, I think the licence should be scrapped now.

As for the site, it looks crap but saying that so does the existing.

The Beeb only makes one really excellent programme, Top Gear.

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill

Thumb Down

Why is anyone surprised he got charged?

The kind of content you use on a PC requires a lot more bandwidth than your average WAP or 3GP compressed movie (the 3GP standard was designed to minimise bandwidth use)

What a muppet!!

The only question is why alarm bells did not go off at the carrier's billing department/network ops centre.

It's mass dowmloading idiots like him and those on fixed connections that are choking the net.

Down with P2P!

Peter Erskine calls it a day at O2


launching the ipod touch with phone bolted on

Not quite sure I'd consider the iPhone launch (or the major event that never was) a high point and as I have read that Matthew Key was instrumental in bringing the iCon to the UK I'm not quite sure that would be grounds for promotion (though to be fair to the guy I'm sure Jobs and his blind followers can be very persuasive)

Still, I personally am happy with the service they provide from both a coverage and customer service point of view (I use a Sony Ericsson K800) and wouldn't consider changing

The question should now be when do they intend to dump the iPhone like that other ill-fated endeavour, i-mode.

Sat nav fingered in shock Arsenal defeat


Blame the sat nav

Rather than Arsenal just being crap in general

Police launch hunt for bogus bobbies

Gates Horns

so much for high security data centres

It seems like every host/colocation/dedicated server provider has a vid or flash animation banging on about how good the security at their data centres are but this obviously means that they are not good enouigh!

Ofcom sets new deadline for mobile number porting


@ The Anonymous Cowards Re: Common Database

Why does intelligent debate always have to ambushed by morons making stupid comments and not having the bottle to stand behind them?

The reason for a common database here as stated is so that calls are terminated on the network of the customer's choice as at the present time number blocks are assigned to specific telcos, when the customer ports out they have to change a setting on their servers so that the incoming call is routed to the correct network.

So when you dial the number from a landline the call is routed to the network who has been assigned the specific number block (who are referred to as the donor network) who in turn forward it to the network the number is now on (the recipient network).

the recipient network pays the donor network a consideration for routing the call.

Snag is, if the donor network goes bust and so the lights go out in their data centres, the customer loses their number and this can be devastating for business customers.

Therefore the idea is that the info on what network numbers are ported onto should be stored on a database that maybe under the control of Ofcom or an independent organisation so that doesn't happen.

If you are going to post such a comment, at least suggest an alternative rather than the 'end of the world is nigh' rubbish.

Yep I agree that government can exploit information but in this particular situation, there is no other technical solution.

Here's another thought to spook you, ICANN is under the control of the US government and if they wanted to, they could probably track you down via your IP address.

Sleep well and don't have nightmares, oh but wait you are a nightmare!


Moto says hello goodbye to Zander


Goodbye moto

I shelled out £225 for a SIM-free V600 about 3 years ago.

Second worst phone I had ever used, seemed to have buggy baseband software as sometimes it couldn't decide which band to use.

I got rid after 6 months via ebay but unfortunately only got 70 quid back.

I'm sticking with SonyEricsson.

New Ebola strain kills 16 Ugandans


Mild Ebola?

So most of them died from the fever rather than the bleeding, so that's alright then!

When humans are still dying from the likes of Ebola, Marbourg and other terminal medical conditions how the hell can we just justify University funding for crap like studies into making the perfect bacon sandwich/existence of homosexuality in sheep and whether they pine for absent friends and of course whether beer increases your IQ.

If we had directed the funding properly, I doubt we'd be reading headlines such as this now.

Makes me sick


Vodafone sends Manchester back to the 90s


Not just Voda or t-mobile

O2 was down too yesterday.


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