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Skype comes to mobile (almost)


Sierra Kilo Yankee Papa Echo India Sierra Charlie Romeo Alpha Papa

In my day job I speak to a lot of people overseas and skype is a popular choice to save costs of course but on quite a few occasions I've had to end up ringing them back on a landline or their mobile because there was obviously so much contention on their connection or the links between them and Blighty (via several other peoples connections and ISP links) that Skype had reduced its bit rate to the point that their speech was unintelligible and they could not hear me very well either, even though I resorted to spelling commands they needed to enter phonetically, airline pilot style.

Have tinkered with Skype myself and had the same issues and certainly wouldn't pay to make calls through it (I still have 9.94 of my original credit on my account) ao no wonder they are taking this step as they are obviously still floundering.

VOIP is a crap tech that needs to go the way of the analogue mobile.

Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube



Hubbard followers are rich and have attach dog lawyers and the others have bombs and a proportion are nuts which is why there is some much bias toward them.

RIM reportedly delays 3G BlackBerry to avoid next-gen iPhone


3G crackberry

I'm sure the poor downtrodden IT pros will be pleased when their crackberry toting masters whinge that the over taxed mail server cant keep up.

Boris backs weed for pain relief



Yep I remembered that as soon as soon as I hit the submit button,

<Boris impression> oh oh oh oh oh dear </Boris impression>

See what I said about Boris' main merit, his cock ups are as apparent as the rest of us.

I'd never make an MP.


I agree

but it needs to be controlled by means of only being available on prescription (cannibis that is, not heroin)

On a lighter note, although he's made some ill-judged comments (and approved those made by others but haven't we all at times) I think its good to see an MP without the veneer of PR and I'd definitely prefer Boris as PM to the product of spin we have now and have had for the past 11 years

Boris for PM!

P2P site cries traffic shaping foul at Canuck ISP


appropriate nane for a communications director at a telco

Marie Carrier? you're 'avin' a laugh aintcha?

Don't like your phone's look? Then build your own


Don't give up the day job

Tile phone....slotted together yet.

tut tut tut

Don't consider a career in comedy with a joke like that.

As for the concept it might appeal to a Rubik's cube fan or hippies but not to most phone user I don't think.

UK net registry battles coup d'etat


.co.uk virtually spam free

A couple of years back I registered the .com and .co.uk variants of my surname.

I use the .com on my CV and contact cards and have paid for it up to 2017 but I find that it gets inundated with UBE.

I cant remember ever having any spam via the .co.uk variant.

I'm convinced that this is because the .uk namespace is managed better than .com.

Spam could be stopped overnight but it is not in ICANN's interest to do so because they make so much money from these spamvertisers.

Long may Nominet remain as it is

Microsoft rolls out Live Mesh preview


Microsoft's data centre strategy revealed

So this is what all those data centres are for.

I'd be willing to bet that the application servers will be under nuclear bunker grade security at Redmond while the other data centres will just contain shedloads of EMC/NetApp kit and the networking kit needed to link it back to HQ though I suspect they might have lower grade security than Redmond, still its got to be better than handing your data over to HMRC where it can be lost in the post, surely?

(On second thoughts I think I might have slightly more trust in HMRC but then I don't have much choice in that particular situation)

Nah don't think I'll make use of MS' services thanks.

This will be introduced as free and then the free version will become more and ,more limited and you'll be nagged to upgrade to the subscription version for £20 a month.

Next they'll be flogging Windows as a service (though to do that they'll have to flog you the data pipe too) I bet someone in Redmond is working hard on that one.

Ofcom taps water network for next generation broadband


I got the idea and the work ethic

If you got the money.

Seriously, all it would require would be for a VC or billionaire to stump up the cash, H20 to build the fibre network and me and probably several hundred reg reading volu8nteers to set up the routers (one in every street) and of course some at LINX, LoNAP and MaNAP and a Network Operations Centre in London.

Fibre to the kerb and ethernet to the home!

So then, Sir Richard, why don't you dump that albatross of a cable firm and give people what they really want, good quality, high speed internet access operated by people who are enthusiastic and know about the technology for the benefit of the UK web surfing community and I'm sure a gesture like that would be remembered long after your ballooning exploits have been forgotten, so how about it?

As for the rest of the reading audience, whose with me?

Google tips hat to St George - finally


.en Top Level Domain

Come on El Reg, get Nominet to set one up, I'll be second in to register my domain.

Motorola invests in virtual mobiles


cool but pointless

Sounds great for something like the Trolltech phone but for your average user?

Besides it would be too complex to SIM lock so UK operators won't be interested unless manufacturers offer the customer a one time choice when they start the device for the first time so Windows or Linux for example, when they select the other OS is deleted from the phone (hmmmm sounds like the practice of a well known Redmond based outfit that are big in operating systems)

Though think said outfit might not be happy about the use of such a technology by its licensors

In-flight calling given lukewarm reception


Talking to a small robot

So it sounded like R2-D2 or Twiki from Buck Rogers then?

Would prob sound more interesting than what the airborne mobile user was actually saying in those cases.

Lets hope this tech flops so that mobiles are confined to the ground as I have enough at work with people's mobiles constantly going off.

Ofcom lifts the lid on L-band bidders


Wonder what...

O2 are planning to do seeing as they cant roll out 3G properly/deny their prepay customers full 3G speed.

Orange eyes up TeliaSonera


mind you

Most of the organisations maintaining our defence capabilities such as the nuclear deterrent are at least part owned by the Americans (Lockheed Martin Corporation) so we'd be really up **** creek without a paddle if a nutcase Prez got in (wait that's already happened) hell bent on acquiring more land got in (hasn't happened....yet?)

Utilities and defence should be the preserve of the state I feel for reasons of national security.


if you are anti french

Why do you put your money into Vivendi by coffing up for WoW

Talk about hypocrisy.

Lets hope the board of TeliaSonera aren't a load of surrender monkeys and tell them where to go.

I agree that any country's infrastructure should not be under the control of foreign governments or any foregin firms , so:

T-mobile should be changed back to One2One brought back under British control along with O2 and Orange along with all of the water and gas firms.

AT&T waves goodbye to 4,600 staffers


Less of the old fart AC!

Nope I'm not in the States and I don't work for AT&T (or any telecoms provider for that matter) but I'd like to stand up for the tech support professionals who are in their 20s and are dedicated to keeping on top of their industry and working practices to ensure that the customer gets their problems sorted quickly.

You don't have to be an old grey 'head to get stuff done you know.

Its this moronic ones that give us all a bad name.

Maybe AT&T considers latinos more important because they are easer to rip off ;)

The geeky glasses because I am one and proud of it!

Microsoft soothes Vista pain with Bossploitation flick


poor dire straits


You've just murdered money for nothing, how could you?

Mind you I did post some lyrics to the tune of Shaft but that track is nowhere near the Dire Straits masterpiece, that track really does rock!



to the tune of Shaft

"Oh who leaves your Vista system in sht after a major service pack fix?


Damn right!

Can you dig it?"

Coat > Door > TAXI!

O2: We didn't know we were capping 3G data speeds


pay and go CS

Well I phoned and got some guy that didn't have a clue about 3G

He put me on hold for three minutes, came back and announced that the main features of 3G were video calling (a circuit switched service), improved call quality and I quote 'the service goes a little bit faster'

Any chance of asking O2 whether their pay and go APN is going to be sorted out too please Bill as customer services seem to be clueless.


what about pay and go customers?

Well I asked customer service after the first story broke and was told that they didn't limit speeds.

After El Reg uncovered this corker I mailed again to see if I am provisioned correctly as the highest speed I have ever got was 89Kbps with an SE K800i

Have mailed twice over the course of the past couple of days (as they usually respond quickly) but have failed to receive a response.

Will try phoning later, beginning to think the issue is being ignored (for PAYG customers at least)


3G has failed

Was and still is a complete con.

I mean its a mobile phone for goodness sake, wtf do you want hight speed internet access on it?

CPW broadband targets feel the crunch


you get what you pay for

Know quite a few people who have moved away from talk talk because of bad bb experiences

O2 is the best

Every dealing I've ever had with CPW has been bad (phones not turning up on the quoted delivery date, no response to e-mail and the best bit was when I ordered a replacement aerial quite a few years ago for my trusty Ericsson S868 and they sent the wrong one, when I rang up the guy's response was and I quote 'what do you want me to do about it!'

CPW suck, period

Only one man can save Motorola



Had a couple of Moto phones and they are I'm sorry to say crap.

This was when this great man was in charge so I don't think it had that much of an effect.

O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need


Cheeky buggers

I didn't think that it was all that faster on the few occasions I've browsed, now I know why.

Ah well have mailed them and I'll be interested to see what they say.

Alienware Area 51 ALX CrossFireX gaming PC


Hand of Dell

The impressive door hinge has been on Dell XPS systems for ages (well the old 600 anyway) but while the motherboard maybe a good make I'm not surprised it runs like treacle due to all the crap thats probably preloaded.

Had a fatally damanged Dell XPS 600 (was cooking its insides due to a damanged fan controller and they failed to get three replacements to me undamaged) for a month and that had all the bells and whistles for the time but it ran like a dog because of all the rubbish on it along with the preinstalled drivers having problems that I fixed.

Unfortunate that AW got bought by them as they used to produce decent machines, don't waste your hard earned on this people, go for a Mesh, I did and have never looked back.

EU sets cellphone users loose in aircraft


@Jason Togneri

According to Telsis (who manufacture routers and associated software to support the short message service aka text messaging 80% of messages sent from person to person can be delivered immediately which is their main putch for their intelligent SMS routing product.

I always turn my phone off at night (and strictly control who has my number) but I wonder how long is it going to be before Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG, whoever do away with the on/off switch on the insistence of network operators who don't want to pay out for storage hardware.

Think I 'll get rid of it if that happens or just simply take out the battery which is of course an option unless you are a mug and bought an Apple ICon sorry IPhone.

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses



Not sure what planet you're on mate but I sure hope you never get into politics.

There is no such thing as rehabilitation for these people, they are purely sick individuals who if I had my way would all be packed off to an island somewhere far away from civilisation or better still killed off so they had no chance of polluting the gene pool.

As regards thus stupid ruling you could drive an artic through it purely on the basis that e-mail addresses are ten a penny.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)


for win 98 users

I think Trumpet Winsock will make a comeback on these systems once IPv6 gains traction as this is, to the best of my knowledge, one of the last bolt on TCP/IP stacks in existence.

How an app called WarmTouch nailed a grenade-stockpiling cyber extortionist

This post has been deleted by a moderator


Software as judge, jury and errr gulp, executioner

Governments of today see technology as the panacea to all ills, automatic targeting weapons, software that can profile an individual based on voice stress or sentence structure and can issue fines automatically for offences such as forgetting to renew your car tax against which you have no right of appeal *coughs* DVLA *coughs*

Cant be long now till we have hordes of ANPR equipped tanks blowing up vehicles with depleted uranium shells for alleged tax evasion (though poor honest John bought his tax last week but due a crashed process the server wasn't updated) and terminators despatching alleged criminals based on their voice stress score or contents of monitored e-mail which has also been scored (Spamassassin often makes mistakes)

My point being that all this stuff has a margin of error but is sold as being infallible by the corporations pushing it.

Lets hope someone wakes up and smells the manure before they link all these systems and make them autonomous.

As for the comments posted by amanfromMars I think they provide light relief but I do reckon he's a bot.

Someone direct me to where I can buy an underground bunker

Patent shields customer support from customers


April Fools coming thick and fast

this is def one

Teacher's head explodes due to Wi-Fi, mobe radiation


very good


Mobile phone stress stalks quivering nation


Sad, very Sad

You got to be pretty sad or insecure if you are dependent on being in mobile coverage just in case you get a text or a phone call.

I carry a mobile for one reason, so that if I buy something over the web I can give an alternate contact number to my landline.

I cant be arsed with people.

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles


games without disks

This sounds very much like Valve Software's Steam platform to me.

Maybe its a case of this exec thinking he can re-invent the wheel.

Phone loss equals social catastrophe, claims carrier


All your personal data....belongs to us

What a cracking way to ensure that the customer wont be tempted to churn to another provider.

If all of your phone book and whatever (I know some people save texts but I don't) is stored on O2's servers and they of course don't provide an export function thus making it difficult to get info off most average users wont bother switching provider because its too much hassle thus reducing the churn rate.

Also the Paris Hilton sidekick incident shows how vulnerable these systems are to both internal and external comprimise.

Ok I dont have any famous friends and am not famous (most famous people aren't worth knowing anyway in my opinion) but the contacts I do have wouldn't appreciate their home and mobile numbers being spread over the web or sold to advertisers.

Ofcom hits green on in-flight calling


@AC Re@ Stop complaining

I dont think its people talking on phones that people are complaining about as such, its just the volume that they talk at.

Thanks to GSM and CDMA its been a good while since you had to shout like in the bad old days of analogue TACS and its supposedly superior ETACS, with digital you either get a signal or you dont, shouting will not change this, yes indeed people talk in public who are in close proximity but they don't shout at each other

Sadly there are some dimwits that do not understand this so I suppose the rememedy should be this.

1. Every phone sold should include a leaflet on mobile phone etiquette with the fact that you dont meed to shout emblazened in bold letters.

2. I'm assuming the cabin crew will have some control over the base station. surely this should be extended to allowing dumping/blocking of individual calls or users, so heres how it would work.

In order to use the service, customers should be required to register their name and number with the airline at booking time or perhaps on the plane which is input into the control system for the onboard BTS.

If one of customers turns out to be one of these loudmouths they should be given a polite warning, if they persist it should be possible for their call to be dumped.

If they dial again and repeat the offence then they can be blocked from using the facility for the rest of the flight and fined (via their phone bill of course) a hefty amount (50 quid sounds reasonable for this offence)

Sound reasonable?

Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo


Glad I don't live in Hull

Bet the company has plans to sign up to Phorm next.

Ofcom to hold operators responsible for dodgy dealers



As I say above I think it is the P2P users that costantly download that have caused ISPs to take a more heavy handed approach and as you say 'hide behind the small print'

I do think that these people should be booted, not because what they maybe doing is illegal , heck if you want to break the law then thats up to you but for the simple reason that you are hogging upstream bandwidth that another user could be using for browsing or watching a webcast that keeps me informed of latest developments in micrprocessors or whatever so that I know what to expect when a customer rings up using a brand new shiny PC with a just released CPU.

You wanna download all available seasons of lost/doctor who or whatever, fine but someone set up an ISP just for filesharers and watch it rapidly grind to a halt or go out of business when the connections are used to capacity 24/7.

I dont think any normal user, including tech savvy ones who read El Reg will ever fall foul of the unlimited trap.



Everything costs money, whether its backhaul for data or voice so how the heck let alone the capacity requirements of a cell, router, fibre or copper connection.

If everyone had their connection open 24/7 then the infrastructure would gridn to a halt and/or the money to run it would run out.

I suspect the limit on SMS is to deter use for spamming (though you could buy x number of PAYG SIMs and spam all you like.

As the saying goes 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'


mobile phone dealers and the unlimied claims of the broadband providers

<verbose rant>

1) Yes dealers should be regulated so that the customer does not get ripped off, if they are promising cashback then they should be around to pay that cash back at the time, not selling customers expensive contacts, filling their boots and then buggering off.

2) I really do wish that people would stop whining about the use of the word unlimited (no I dont work for an ISP), the people that fall foul of the Acceptable Usage Policies are the dimwits that run P2P 24/7 and download hundreds of gigabytes of data per month and upload the same (one of my colleagues has been kicked off 3 ISPs for doing just that), put it this way, if you were managing an SPs network, what would you do as they have to pay out for more and more transit bandwidth and bigger feeds from the telco networks into their network to ensure service quality, for goodness sake, if you are going to criticise, make a suggestion about how you would run things or just shut up and buy your own fibre connection into a backbone provider such as Level 3 and see how long you can afford the fees and how long they will put up with excessive P2P traffic.

</verbose rant?

E-Plus kills i-mode service


mobile web browsing

not a patch on its PC counterpart.

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal

Thumb Up

Bring back Murray

you know it makes sense

Motorola to offload half its Birmingham staff


user interface ok, crap OS and baseband control software

I made the mistake of buying a V600 SIM free a few years back.

Had to constantly reset it as it would stop receiving texts and then I'd get a shedload once I'd reset it.

Also when making a call it could often not decide what frequency to use, just used to go dead when dialling and would take up to three attempts to make a call.

I hear that the RAZR had the same issues, of course I feel sorry for anyone losing their job but its not surprising when you cant get the basics right.

Online banking payment system aims to reduce fraud


I'll stick to my credit cards

At least then I have some protection and wont end up having my bank account plundered leaving me a position where I might not have money to pay bills or buy food while the bank faffs about with an investigation.

TETRA defends itself against RIM onslaught

Gates Horns

I thought the main benefit of TETRA

Was the strong encryption designed to stop the scum from eavesdropping on police frequencies with scanners along with the ability to push data to the screen of the terminal such as the results of vehicle checks?

Bill because he's cheesed off that there aren't any Windows Mobile powered TETRA terminals

As for the question about what RIM stands for it is Research In Motion, the company behind the Blackberry and its server and other associated software and services.

Telehouse plans £80m London data centre expansion


DC location and connectivity

Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm a helpdesk person who supports networked services) but isn't Docklands where most of the submarine cables come ashore?

While its possible to blow fibre down existing conduit using compressed air surely this is too expensive and too much hassle for companies such as Level 3 to consider and so the only other option is leased lines/fibre from the likes of BT or Tiscali or even at a push KCom to extend their networks.

I've been past TH in Docklands which of course is very much out of the way so that in itself offers a measure of security whereas the facilities targeted by thieves have been in the main part of the city.

Surely the MOST secure location would be underground?

Patricia Hewitt joins BT as non-exec director


I'm in the wrong job

Anyone know how you become an independent MP?

My manifesto would be to bring more tech jobs back to Blighty.

I would probably be the only MP with a good understanding of technology and maybe I could snag a non-exec directorship of BT, Vodafone or Telefonica O2

Buffett falls for free ride Google



I'd like to know what you drink, smoke, eat mate as I'd love for my brain to be in a complete spin constantly as yours appears to be.

As for the data centers/smelters, what are MS/Google going to do when there's no more land in the areas with cheap electricity as tis going to happen soon.

HSBC forgets to renew its digital certificate


Re: Not Really

We are all looking at this from a tech savvy, technical point of view.

Your average Manager or whatever wouldn't know what a certificate was or how to check it.

They simply see the warning and freak (most people don't read messages, if they did it would make my life a lot easier because I could get straight to fixing a problem rather than having to decipher the error their software has been producing when they just say I got an error message)


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