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MPs urge action as spooky caller ID-faking services hit UK


@Seán - Re: Constipated types

This service is just plain WRONG.

While I don't doubt it is possible for someone to fake CLID using software or a VOIP service (I acquired a London number for Skype only because that the code for where I live did not appear to be available when I registered for SkypeIn (I've stopped using Skype now because VOIP is crap but the fact that a business is being allowed to sell a service that allows you to ring up an access server and enter any number you would like to present and offer the option to filter your voice through modification software to boot is just ridiculous.

There is a market for this type of service but it should be registered law enforcement ONLY.

Where I work the main switchboard number is presented when we dial out which is fine because at least you are phoning back a number that belongs to the organisation that will be answered and would be quite happy to have my direct number displayed along with the main number (my phonw is part of an Auto call distribution system so cant accept incoming calls that easily but at least it would give peace of mind.

I just gotta hope that some moron doesn't input my home or mobile number in at random and pester their ex-girlfriend/missus and then I end up getting the flak.

Samsung sneaks out snazzy 3G iPhone rival


Looks like a duck and quaclks like a duck...

you get the idea

looks far too much like an iCon to me.

Afghan cellco accuses rivals of funding Taliban


Is that a Redneck pasttime?

shooting at microwave link dishes?

Making the mobile web ubiquitous


give up on WAP

Cos it crap.

I mean really, who the hell bothers with mobile websurfing on the small screen unless your an executive from a phone firm whose desparate.

Yes it might have been useful to check your bill or call records but most of this stuff can be built into a SIM application and fetched using USSD cant it?

The only thing I've used O2's Active portal for is buying a couple of games for my mobe (long may that term live in El Reg's slang lexicon)

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat



Oh dear oh dear and to think these wankers are responsible for security.

We'd probably be safer with the Autobots watching our borders and airports.

C'mon Honda, how about making Asimo bigger and giving 'him' some firepower.

Chinese 419er punts a whopping $8



True, what is the latest on the inflation in Zimbabwe? last time I looked it was 1,000%.

Be like that in Blightly soon at the rate food, fuel, etc are going,

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing


in Other News

telecoms indutry watcher and reg reader reveals that Virgin ARE NTL, its the rebranding stupid!

I reckon they must have inhaled too much of the joss stick fumes to come up with that logo

Anyway, as I've ranted before P2Pers should be charged for bandwidth in the same way as I would be if I rented a server and hosted this stuff.

But yes, wholheartedly agree, Virgin are crap, they control the cable in the area I live in and wont tell the council when they will upgrade it to offer digital TV and they have the bloody cheek to charge me £4 a month for a crap basic aerial grade analogue service.!

BOFH: Dealing with engineers


Very good

if only one could get away with such things in real life.....(cackles)

Another masterpiece, keep up the good work Simon.

Boffins prove the existence of jet-setters


Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!

The IDs that they have been provided with are probably the Temporary Mobile Station Identifiers (TMSIs) which change each time you restart your phone like a dynamic IP address

So just keep restarting your phone every 30 minutes, only the phone company can tie the TMSI to your phone number.

Oh and switch your phone off before you leave work and don't switch it on again until you get back to work in the morning, therefore just going on this info they'll think you LIVE at work.

That's them snookered.

Besuited cubicle monkey trashes office


I worked with someone like this

He got hauled off the premises by the Police and security and got the boot.

This was funny to watch though.

Swedish authorities pull plug on female Elvis


Sci-Fi names

Wonder if anyone has tried to register Yoda. JarJar or Sarlac as a name?

As for calling the girl Elvis, lets just hope if they do prevail that the girl never buys any blue suede shoes......


pctechxp has left the building

Phone watchdog plans text spam clampdown


You could always

Get SMS deactivated on your phone

No messages = no problem

@Spleen re tar and feather, threatening to dress them in a concrete overcoat and telling them that they will be sleeping with the fish if they dont stop might be far more effective.

I pity the poor bastard/bitch that gets allocated 07999 999999 as he/she will get spam overload either now or when it is bought as a platinum number for £2k on ebay.

Crimestoppers learn the joy of text


@Gordon Matson

Yes yes just noticed it was a typo, I do indeed know how to spell always and mobiles.

I got C in English Language don't you know, would have been an A* if the questions were about the actual construction of words and sentences rather than what some journo was thinking when he wrote some campaign leaflet for [insert cause here]

The Geek, because tech blokes suffer from typing mistakes in the rush to get their ideas out.


explosion in hoax calls

Couldn't agree more AC

Why not give them another stupid thing to do "because they are bored and got nothing to do"

Suppose they can add it to their hobbies of binge drinking/stabbing innocent people/mugging OAPs.

I bet the Police are chuffed at this innovation </sarcasm>

some examples then:

hlp plz me saw a gangsta wiv blade on Oxford Sreet, he blk, about 5/9, cum quk

cum quik plz, me blood niced my gf, dat is surely nt allowed, cum get em plz.

(not sure whether those abbrevations are correct as I've not been 'down with the kids' for a few years and mobiiles were just becoming mass market when I got my first and have alwayes used proper English anyway and my standard reply to friends that did use text speak was WTF?)

I think thanks to T9 and iTap, the dictionary will look very different in 10 years and thanks to this, we'll have no police left because they'll all have left because they are fed up of being given the run around.

MOD spectrum under the spotlight



Are you drunk or just mad?

Blighty joins killer robot club with Afghan strike



Am I the only one thats concerned that our aircraft are being controlled by the Amerinuts.

Bangladesh cuts off anonymous handsets


when will the government over here (UK) insist on it

The same people that moan about privacy invasion probably have credit/debit cards and a bank account and want a stop to fraud via phishing or phone scams (if you are stupid enough to give them your details) in the case of phone scams its extremely easy for these to be perpetrated from an unregistered PAYG phone which is disgarded, banks etc wont just keep writing off the money.

However, what about the more serious stuff that causes distress and anxiety such as stalking, and if the worst happens such as a murder or rape or paedophilia where mobile phone evidence maybe crucial, what would you say if you or a member of your family suffered at the hands of someone who was untraceable because people had listened to the crap you people come out with, would you still be singing the same tune you bunch of dickheads?

Would be great if we lived in a utopia where people didn't blow each other up or rape, murder or there weren't sick people that considered children sexually attractive wouldn't it?

If it leads to an increase in convictions for the crimes I mentioned above I'm all for it.

I use a PAYG but it has always been registered with the operator.

Sure I think politicians are slimy pieces of shit trying to fill their pockets but am all for measures that keep decent people safe and reduce the safety of criminals.

Not posted anonymously because I have a backbone unlike the majority of Reg readers obviously.

Tiscali subscribers to be sold to Vodafone tomorrow: report


broadband recommendation

Newnet, excellent network and tech support and they are unbundling slowly too.

It is run by networking professionals who know what they are talking about and actually listen to what you have to say when you report an issue and appreciate that you actually know your stuff too, not like the outsourced morons reading from a screen when you phone up Internet Service Providings.

America.com auction fails to hit cash target


Not happy with $1.71 million

Shows you how greedy the owner is, if someone offered me a million (sterling that is, don't want no stinkin' greenbacks) for one of my domains I'd take their hand off.

UK electricity crisis over - for now


Is it just me

Or does the British Energy statement that technical faults on nuclear power station instrumentation can not be eradicted scare the shit out of you too.

I mean what if the incorrect reading was that everything was OK but in fact a meltdown situation was developing? We could have ended up with a Chernobyl on our doorstep.

And our stupid government want to build more of these damn things and turn over their design and operation to the cheese eating surrender monkeys?

I mean they'd be hopping on the ferry back to France if that happened.

Time for a coup I think otherwise we are all doomed!

Naomi Campbell charged with assault


would have thought

She'd have been carrying her weapon of choice, the Blackberry

Bet she is RIM's biggest customer, second only to the network operators.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


inclusive bandwidtth and operating costs

If you want a high speed network you will have to start paying more for it because networks cost money to build and operate and then you have the peering connections, while free reciporcal peering does exist, one of the parties will get pissed off if their port is getting hammered by dickheads downloading (and uploading) complete series of 24/Heroes/House or whatever via peer to peer 24/7 and may start charging for the connection.

Franly these people should be forced onto a dedicated network and charged for the cost of a leased line or have their connections stopped.

C'mon if you work in IT you should know this kind of stuff and not be whining about it, its the P2P divs that spoil for the rest of us.

If you want to serve this crap, get yourself a server and pay the bandwidth charges.

Samsung Soul SGH-U900


No mention of the most important function

It is a PHONE after all so whats the call quality like?

Is Voda's Colao the new Gordon Brown?


Ripe for a sell off

As it has no more room to expand, maybe Voda should put itself up for sale.

Maybe that South American chap thats made his fortune from mobiles might be interested.

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints


I'm switching to Linux

I dual boot XP and Mandriva now.

I bought Vista Ultimate and it wouldn't run games successfully so I switched back to XP.

I might try again when SP1 has been out a while but my next move will be Linux and perhaps reactOS (thanks for the tip M Burns

What's wrong with LINX?


thought that they were supposed to have a dual vendor architecture

so why did a line card have any effect?

American auto dealer offers free handguns



No you aren't, though he was standing on the back of a GMC truck when it came to my mind.

My choice would be an uzi 9 mil or Walther PPK

Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers

Gates Horns

Right so

Thats my copies of Vista (which I dont use because its crap) and Office 2007 onto eBay then.

I did ask whether I could sell my Office 2003 disks as I was intending to buy the full install of 2007 and was told no by some indian chap in a call centre contracted to MS which passes as Microshaft UK.

Bill, because he knows how to rob people blind.



I'm selling the media containing these products.

Oz carrier Primus blitzed by DDoS attack


some parts of Australia

Maybe your contact wasn't in an area that was affected

I live in Blighty and have a top notch connection from a top notch ISP so I couldn't give a four x if the country that has only given the wiorld naff soaps and popstars gets knocked off the net.

Maybe it was an anti-neighbours/home and away/Kylie Minogue, etc protest.

For truth about Europe, read The Reg

Thumb Up

@Mike Richards

Will be off to the cinema to see that if its ever made into a film :)

Hopefully the gorgeous Halle Berry will play N and the equally stunning Cameron Diaz to play P?

John Cleese to play KW because he's such a joke?

C'MON George Lucas, you know you want to make it!

Climate profs 'can't recommend' enormo-space-parasol


Sounds like the plotline of Highlander 2 to me

Where they set up 'the shield' which turns out to cause more problems than it solves.

Phones 4u accused of misleading customers


The wonders of prepay

Yes I know what a contract is but I choose to be on prepay, no DD cockups, dodgy insurance or pushy sales.

I buy the hardware and pay upfront for a phone service which I use when I want with no drain on my salary (I have the gas electric and BT for that)


oh almost forgot

I buy my phones from either mail order catalogues or direct from the operators website.

Union gears up for BT strike action this month


I wanna work for BT!

If they pay people with skills more than useless managers then I'll go work for 'em

Where do you apply to?

SMS costs more than using Hubble Space Telescope


The purest form of profit ever invented

was a quote used from a 'founder of vodafone'

While there has to be a profit margin, 10p a message is a bit excessive, why not 4 or 5p as it cant cost them that much to carry the data.

Business suit tailored to reflect phone radiation


I hear

Powerwatch are putting in a large order and will add £200 to the price.

Ah well, a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

I'm on the side of the taser happy cops by the way, I wish they'd use them more on our wayward yoof.

Taser gun usage soaring among UK cops


I want one of those

So that I can stun the scrotes that put a stone through my window while I was at work flogging my guts out to earn an honest crust as the police do bugger all

Wish they would taser the little bastards

I want the law changed so that I can buy one legally

Philips hops on 'iPhone killer' bandwagon



1. Philips have adopted the "me too" approach so it'll be as close to the I Con sorry phone as is allowed legally.

2. Yes fair point, my screen at work is crap so that's my excuse :)

3. I dont doubt that Philips make good products, I have a Philips cordless connected to my landline (which I only retain to support the broadband) but after 5 minutes of talking on it the battery needs a recharge, why the hell can they not get that sorted (less transmission power due to shorter distance) etc.

I thank you, goodnight


a Voda exclusive then?

The pictures show the network name display indicating Vodafone UK so has a deal been already done?

Personally I think it, like the iCon, is rubbish, give me a good Sony Ericsson anyday.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot


no problems for me

Running a Pentium D (Presler) @ 3.4Ghz on a clean install of XP SP2 (not an OEM image)

Couldn't download via win update on Tuesday so installed using the stand alone installer.

All OK

Id Dooms gamers to new shoot-'em-up sequel


not had the balls to play Doom 3 yet

played the origianl doom and downloaded the demo of doom 3 which I ran on a crap spec machine.

Even with the software rendered graphics it looked really creepy, one sight of them spider type things and I was reaching for alt+tab.

I know have a 3D enabled monster and haven't had the balls to install the doom 3 demo.

FCC reveals biometric HTC handset


Oh no

Think I remmber reading about a businessman that had biometric security fitted to his Mercedes S-Class http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04/04/fingerprint_merc_chop/, the theives simply cut off his fingers to drive it away.

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard


Bin Liner vs Hubbard

Now I'd pay to watch that brawl

Both are cults that turn the weak minded

Bin liner followers to commit acts of muderous stupidity

Hubbard lovers who are stupid rich people to open their wallets and max out their American Express/Visa/Mastercards in the hope of being healed while Hubbard just gets richer and richer.

Sure he can sue me if he likes (and he wants my debts)

Someone should take them both down using a reaper kill droid trained on their mobile phones.

Didn't someone once discover that Bin Liner was at one time using an Inmarsat sat phone to call from Tora Bora?

Darn they should have had them reapers back then.

Not psted anonymously because I have balls (unlike most on here it seems)

Mine's the Iron Man suit.

Nominet critic wins boardroom seat


I'd be happy

To take that £15 mill off their hands

NFC fails to find its killer app



Wish I had this for where I work

Would be a lot easier than having to hang something round my neck to go through reader after reader (as all the doors are access controlled using RFID)

A regards new phones, the operators should cough up for the SIMs with this integrated.

Shell pulls out of Thames Estuary mega-windfarm


It's the Sun stupid

Call me a heretic if you will but why does no one mention that the so called global warming is more than likely due to an increase in solar activity.

Toffs' phone maker goes loco over Rococo


oh dear

if I were paying a couple of grand for a phone (frank;y why would you) I'd expect quad-band UMTS AND GSM AND perhaps CDMA to boot (in fact every wireless standard that exists)

Talk about a rip-off, ah well, least its only the toffs that can afford these things so well fool them for being a Nokia (nasty phone) wrapped in Gold or leather.


Mexican press aide lifts US gov BlackBerrys

Black Helicopters

the CIA is coming

"The matter is under investigation by law enforcement officials and they haven't decided yet what exactly happened, but they're working on it."

Think that statement says it all.

No doubt the Mecican ne'er do well will be bundled into the back of a CIA face and taken to a secret torure camp somewhere in the world.

Ad-funded mobile co gets advertisers...



Are you that paranoid that you are someone that blocks all cookies?

As for this setup, I'm too old (26) and I get more than enough crap on my mobile thanks.


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