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Brits terrified of online fraud, but want magic cars, says BT


here's an idea

Ok BT wants to use Phorm so....

If you agree to it you get your line rental and broadband paid for (sounds like a fair trade)

if you dont you just pay like normal but your data takes a completely diffeent route to avoid the phoem server farm?

(I'd rather pay and not have phorm but its a motion worthy of debate so thats why I thought I'd post)

Interested to read responses.


What I want is

a non-throttled and phormed fibre backbone linked to routers in strett cabinets providing ethernet to the home so I can say goodbye to crap ADSL and a bloody landline phone I don't need or want.

The Mechwarrior-esque powered exoskeleton sounds good too

Mines the one with the integrated taser

Celebrity publicist develops mathematical 'fame formula'


wait a minute....

amanfrommars' comments nearly made sense.

I thougjht it would be Max Clifford pumping out this kind of bilge.

Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims

Black Helicopters

Black choppers alert

I mention Steve Fossett in a comment and up pops this the next day.

I reckon he got fed up of being asked by Sir Beardy and others to pilot plans/balloons or whatever for silly record attempts that he thought that faking his own death.

bit drastic though, he could have always changed his home number/mobile (cell) number so Beardy couldn't phone him unless he was a virgin mobile subscriber that is.

If that was the case could he not have just bought himself out of the contract?

Mine's the one with I flew Ryanair and lived to tell the tale' on the back.

Cancer doctor cites 'early' data on cell phone danger


@Bob. Hitchen

X-rays are ionising radiation, RF is non-ionizing

and : AC Friday 25th July 2008 09:32 GMT

Your name wouldn't be Alisdair Philips would it?

Don't want to try to sell us some of the super expesnive tin foil or anti-radar paint?

The thing that annoys me about both sides of ths particular issue is that while there is a vast industry worth billions that may fall if this were proved true, there are also experts such as the guy I mentioned about above hawking overpriced crap or their 'expertise' for a good wedge of cash so in the same way their particular industry is dependent on this fact being true so who would take them seriously?

I personally dont belive that mobiles are dangerous.

But has anyone tested the safety of the infrared remote?


Health effect of mobiles

RSI, if you text too much.

Virgin Galactic to unveil tool to fling rich people into space


Lost in Space

Lets hope they fit it with good tracking devices as we dont want another 10 Steve Fossetts do we?

Saying that though, space would make the Nevada Desert look like a village green...

Is anyone still looking for that guy by the way or his is missus too busy spending his billions?

Tory leader's stolen bicycle surfaces on eBay


How will he become PM

If he won't ride in the bullet-proof Jag?

Exploit code for Kaminsky DNS bug goes wild

Thumb Down

Namesco DSL

Wont run the DNS check, says the site isn't found


ultimate patch for a Windows Desktop system

Disable the DNS client service in Service Control Manager (after clearing the cache using ipconfig /flushdns at the command line)

That way. requests go to your ISPs DNS resolver and not to Windows' internal one.

NZ judge saves girl from bloody silly name


@AC Re: Thundergods

Bet you were a Mortal Kombat fan then.


:Tom Elphick

I feel your pain

My first name is actually Mitchell but it often gets mistaken for Michelle.

No my response to this was always 'do I look female?'

But now I know that Mitchell Baker (CEO of Mozilla) is a woman I'll have to think of something else to say.

Flame because I hate being called Michelle


@Dan The Zappa Fan

Easy mate

True you don't (good job in my case as I was blessed/cursed with three middle names which are perfectly ordinary) but my firstname most commonly is used as a surname.

While I did not know that fasct about Dweezil Zappa, my point was that it was a rather unusual choice and so not really surprised it was originally blocked.

As for Moon Unit (Moon is kind of on the border but unit it just pure oddness) so I bet she keeps it quiet.

Glad to also see that someone is paying attnetion to the one party state we live in glossed over with a thin coat of something from a tin labelled democracy (point there being each of the parties nicks popular policies of the others so there is not much to choose between them).

Anyway apologies for offending you, watch that blood pressure.

Flame because Dan must be cookin' with rage by now.


could run and run

Surname Tard first name Bas

Surname Pitt first name Tar

Surname Mack First Name Tar

Surname Hole First A***

Surname Tyre First Goodyear/Firestone/Bridgestone

Blimey tis a boring shift.


Bugatti Veyron anyone?

would be a unique name.

IT Angle

IT Angle

For the real net nerd there's always Top-Level Domain or Variable value.

IT? because this is an IT publication is it not?


Shame Frank Zappa wasn't a Kiwi

Then poor Moon Unit and Dweezil might have had a chance of ditching their ridicukous names.

Benson and Hedges aren't the worst individually but put together they do sound stupid without a doubt but where the hell did Number 16 Bus Shelter or Sex Fruit come from?

What next, Public Toilet?

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film


I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti

tha tha tha

When asked for comment about the Judge who sent him down the cannibal replied

I'm giving very serious thought to eating his wife


@AC - prions

Ah but we meat eaters might, BSE/vCJD etc.

Thats why if you were born or had surgery in the 80s you cant give blood.


What the....?

Has the world gone mad?

If you are a CRIIMINAL convicted of such a serious crime you should fbe stripped of all rughts just as you did to your victim, whether he/she did supposedly agree or not (I would indeed doubt they were mentally fit if they agreed to be killed and eaten)

Human animals such as this along with the likes of child abusers, murders, rapists do not deserve respect, they deserve the death penalty and to hell with their personality rights.

Some posters may say I sound like a certain columnist, if so, so be it, he would have a point.

Flame on!

Proof of age system moves net ID a step closer

Thumb Up

@AC Children should not be allowed on the net

motion seconded, give that man/woman a beer on me.

Apple seeks iPhone reverse engineering expert



If a person gets this job and holds it for any length of time, I'd be willing to bet that they get approached by the Mafia or other organised crime syndicates to hack IPhones in exchange for a large salary or the privilege of not getting killed.

Truly an offer you couldn't refuse.

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young


Wonder what he thinks of

The new DTS HD audio standard

I agree that the iPod doesn't sound as good as a proper audio system but you cant carry around a blu ray player can you?

HP borgs Voodoo


Another indie bites the dust

How long before all consumer PC brands are owned by either HP or Dell.

Vodafone presents punter with £500k phone bill


@Spanky McG

I just let the money come out of my account.

Well Lord/Lady McG all I can say is I can see the word mug stamped on your head from here.

Companies will try and take as much money as they can from you if they think they can get away with it so goodness knows how much you have lost over the years.

I go over bills with a fine tooth comb even if it paid by DD (I keep DD payments to a minimum because its a licence to rob you blind)

Might I suggest you ask your butler (Jeeves/Hobson/Smyth) to check your bill every so often as Voda could be robbing you without you knowing it and surely you'd prefer your income from your directorships/trust funds/stocks and shares to be earning interest in your Coutts account wouldn't you?

Mine's the one with the Kugerrands in the pockets.

Tiscali sues BT for 'defamation and falsehood'


All bastards

Unfortunately whichever ADSL based ISP you use, BT are involved at some point (and your only other choice is Virgin but frankly I'd rather do without)

There needs to be a company that will make the proper investment to roll out a fibre/ethernet based service, then we could all enjoy Internet access the way it was meant to be as ADSL is shit.

I got the knowledge but not the capital

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...


arrogant tossers

obviously its the land of the free in all respects.

How about connection to the database is made mandatory for all members of the GSMA and that all barred handsets on there are barred on their networks and their systems should check this as part of the process when a mobile station logs on (the software should not have an option to stop this from happening), if they don't do this they should be barred from GSMA membership and customers should be dissuaded from doing business with them.

It would be like setting up am ISP and leaving the servers/routers in an unlocked room so both the kit and customer data was at risk.

Mine's the one with the mobile locked into the pocket with a ruddy great titanium padlock

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords


Childs and the PFY

What'll we do tomorrow, Terry?

The same thing we do everyday, PFY.

Plot to take over the world!

Sat nav blunder places The Rock in Skegness


If you smell!

What The Rock is cookin'

Seriously though, it astonishes me how many cabbies round here drive completely via sat nav and heard some stories about experienced ones having airport/business meeting runs to London taken off them because they did not have a sat nav.


Vodafone shares tumble on interims


10 billion aint bad

for a few months work.

Tesco causes couple condom catastrophe


@AC - Oh dear lord

I'm surpirsed you had the energy to type if you are a veggie.

Seriously though, it must be a slow news day if this passes for news but I'd advise the bloke to get shot of her as she sounds like a nut.

Dangerous mobe chargers flood UK


mini usb, tis the future

Its a sensation.

One day all connectors will be made that way.

I vote that all devices such as mobiles, PDAs MP3 players should be mini USB and charge at the USB voltage, you could then charge off your PC or have one charger that you plug in and just swap your devices.

I mean they dont have specilist petrol nozzles as the filling station for each type of car now do they?



Because it would cut off a major source of revenue.

Take the mobe market for example, manufacturers and retailers make more money out of accessories such as chargers than they do on the phones these days.

Brown's aide, Mata Hari and the BlackBerry


@AC 21st July 1424 re amanfrommars

Maybe he's been rebooted.

MobileMe offers another free bite of the Apple


@Mark W

Congrats for breaking free of the cult of Apple tw*ts Mark.

Well done.


Rotten Apple

bah ha ha ha

Apple are proving beyond all doubt that they are just as crap as MS.

But yes the sad followers of Jobs will defend him and his incompetent company and would prob take a bullet to save him they are that devoted.

My choice of hardware is an IBM PC clone running a Windows XP/Mandriva dual boot config as I prefer whichever OS does a particular job well so am a fanboy of neither.

UK.gov tells throttling petition: Choke on it


Petition for nationalisation of gas/electric/water

Much more important as how will you use the unlimited broadband if you cant afford the electric to run your PC/router?

Or gas and water to keep you warm, clean and to sustain your life?

Broadband don't mean shit when you are 6 feet under as a result of dying from cold or dehydration


The fact that the top petition is about the Red Arrows shows that some people have odd priorities.


petition for lower gas/electric prices

Thats the important issue.


Job for customers not the PM

vote with your money folks, those that throttle will then go down the pipe (excuse the pun)

Dublin airport was crippled by flakey network card


quad NIC config?

surely a custom mobo with 4 NICs (2 to connect to the service equipment and two to the contollers' network) would be the key here.

Expensive yes but you cant put a price on human life (unless your ryanair of course when that figure is precisely 0 after they've charged your credit/debit card)

Mine's the one with the 4 RJ-45 tipped cables sticking out of the pockets.

Apple iPhone 3G

Jobs Horns

@Darren Coleman - Apple fans = not very bright

Totally agree mate, they are rather stupid and obviously have more money than sense but there you are, it takes all sorts.

I mean, what other phone would possibly sell without a user replaceable battery? in this regard alone, how does Apple expect it to take off as a business tool.

I'll admit to owning an iPod Nano 8GB for the following reasons:

1. Its size amd weight

2. Does exactly what it says on the case i.e. its an MP3 player that allows me to enjoy my music during my lunch break at work.

3. Fpr whatever reason it enjoys more widespread connectivity support in terms of stereo equipment/vehicle audio systems than competitors.

4. Have managed to track down a couple of tracks through Itunes that I have not been able to get hold of elsewhere or as cheaply (though the cost per track is rather high)

However I am not likely to rush out to buy a 16GB Nano should one come out tomorrow as the device does what I need and will continue to do so for a number of years and when the battery goes I'm not going to pay an arm and a leg to have them fit a new one as there will be better and cheaper devices on the market by that time.

Apple support is also dire (their own forums testify to this) but they excel at PR obviously and make the UK Labour Party look like amateurs.

The fact that they have changed metal for plastic proves they are miffed about their product being ignored by the thinking population and thus having to attempt to make their product more competitive (which they have failed to do as the software lacks a lot of features mainstream mobiles have had for years in order to maintain their margins by not spending on development)

Apple fans, Evil Jobs sees you all as walking credit cards/piles of cash.

Sony Ericsson sees profits tumble, turns on workers


from the moment they teamed with Sony

They were doomed.

Sony had crap handsets while Ericsson produced solid performing if apparently boring handsets, (I'd still have my trusty S868 if I could get batteries for it even if it is a brick by todays standards)

meanwhile Nokia produced cheap flashy handsets that were bundled by the networks because they supported gimmicks he networks were trying to push so became popular, sony tried to go down the same route and failed (should have stuck to stereos and speakers)

Ericsson's business suffered also so they tried to join up with Sony to save both, since then the handsets have not been on a patch on the old 'uns, the T250i and the K800i (I have both) have been about the closest resemblance to the old Ericssons. but still not as good.

Its time to ditch Sony, Ericsson and get back to making high quality PHONES.

I do feel sorry for the people losing their jobs mind

I'm a card carrying, old Ericsson fanboy and proud of it.

Mine's the one with make yourself heard written on the back.

Right I'm off to my watering hole.

Brits more hooked on mobile tech than Yanks are



Yep agree, Andy but we get a lot of gimmicky handsets in the UK that crash so I'd rather a boring handset that performed its core function of being a phone well and dispenses with the gimmicks.

Unpatched Windows PCs own3d in less than four minutes


@AC - 65 year old

That is the biggest load of garbage I've ever read.

The idea of patching of Windows, Linux, Mac OS or whatever is to correct problems/plug holes that weren't known about when the OS was released or have been introduced as a result of previous patching/new features.

What you are referring to is a Linux Live CD but bear in mind that hardware that requires specific drivers may not work if the driver isn't present on the CD.

If my memory serves me correctly OEMs are not permitted to make their own build CDs anymore (as in the days of Win 95 so thats why there is no slipstreaming but there is nothing to stop you make your own build DVD :)

BT updates Home Hub Wi-Fi box with 802.11n


@Simon Says

The following link should tell you when your exchange goes live on the BT 21st Century Network (as opposed to the 19th century one we have now), when this happens ADSL 2+ should be available.


Nike pulls Air Stab trainers



Yeah suppose it should be renamed the warm and fuzzy router.

Just think though of the blade server form factor, that'll have to go too, but what could you call them instead without offending some section of society? skinnies? anorexics?

Well, thats the female of the species alienated.

As per my earlier comment, this is frankly a storm in a teacup and reflects that said outraged people have very empty lives indeed.

Justice Ministry opens ICO consultation


sack the MPs

they are all bloodsucking scumbag leeches

Weird WEP bug strikes Centrino 2 Wi-Fi


@Robb and Joseph

This is a masterstroke of design.

Security in hardware, brilliant!

EU, champion of the ringtone downloader


Provided they provide a stop command

you can get your freebie and then cancel.

I have done this myself and others and it works ok though I steer clear of the ones that are on the net only.

The regulators need to crack down on those that dont comply with the stop keyword and get operators to block these services that do not comply, imposing heavy fines if they do not.

But users should educate themslves too, ignorance is no defence, keep away from ones that don't advertise on TV.

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

Jobs Horns

Apple tw*ts and billionaires

Steve jobs didn't get where he is today by charging a fair price for a decent product, oh no.

He's been screwing people over for years but Apple fans are just plain thick.

I own a Nano simply because its small and I can connect it to my choice of stereo, I got rather a good deal on it (£114 compared to £160+ in some places like Apple's store at the time)

I've also bought a couple of tracks from Itunes as I could not find on any other download service but I do think 79p per track is steep.

However, I really feel sorry for the dipstciks that are so blinded by their love of jobs that they cant see he's robbing them blind.

"A fool and his/money are soon parted'

Golden rule for shopping anyware on t'internet: never use a debit card if you have access to your own credit card, that way, they can screw over the card company who have huge legal teams and large cash warchest to punich offenders and your hard earned is safe until your bill comes in.


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