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Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe



It'll cause us to get released from the matrix and we'll find Neo and the gorgeous Trinity waiting, that's my hope anyway.

Free your mind!

Holiday text messages to cost less than 9p


back to 50p/min

I remember my folks having two old analogue mobiles on cellnet for emergencies and paying line rental plus 50p a min for a call.

My first PAYG phone on One2One was 40p a min when I got unless I wan't 50p deducted a day to access the 10p peak and and 2p off preak rates (equivalent to £15.50 line rental) until One to one shook up their tariffs.

I'm still a PAYG customer on O2 now but if they go back to their cellnet days or start charging me for incoming calls/texts my mobile is going.

Lockheed demos AI-based roboforce command tech


You think that's air you're breathing now?

Wasn't some bonehead boffin working on crowd power *shudder*

Yep we'll be being used as a power plant before you know it.

Notice how the films depicting machine perpatrated apocalypse have stepped up a gear recently, the matrix, I, Robot etc.

They'll be roping in the Dyson vacuums too soon.

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out


that logo

looks like HAL's eye (probably stating the bleedin' obvious)

I wont be installing Chrome because I hate Google with a passion.

Reding tells Euro MPs to back telecoms reforms


Neither agree nor disagree

I do agree with EU policy on lower termination charges but not on the suggestion of called party pays.

On data protection, governments like our own should be forced to return taxes as a fine for losing information and this should be financed by docking our fat cat MPs pay.

By the way, I must be going mad as the comment from amanfrommars almost made since.

Think I'll have a Jack Daniel's when I go home and lay down in a darkened room.

Big demand for pay by phone tech, claims Nokia


9 out of 10 monkeys

Didn't object to lab tests says leading medical research company.

Come on people, of course Nokia will say its a success, they got phones to flog.


@Antony Riley

our tight fisted banks would not pay for the chipped credit/debit cards that support encryption so your pin is transferred to the card and the resulting response to the reader is sent in the clear.

I think NTT DoCoMo came out with a phone with a fingerprint reader so its already been done so no patent for you chum.

Bloomberg kills Steve Jobs


@It's happened before

Lets hope Apple does crash and burn or maybe it'll Googled (like being borged except you become part of the Google collective)

Google have already come up with iGoogle, maybe the iPod will come with Google Maps and Wi-fi as standard after its assimilation.

Shows you what a lame company it is if it all hangs on one man.

Mine's the one with Tux crapping on an apple on the back on one side and the Windows flag on the other

Judge slaps Fasthosts for rubbish kit and support



Can also run in the extreme cold too, hence why its mascot is a penguin

Mine's the puffer with Tux on one sleeve and the Windows flag on the other because I use wheatever will get the job done.


Hard drive dependence

All operating systems rely on a storage device, whether it be a hard disk or solid state drive so the linux lovers have just made themselves look really stupid.

I'm thinking of setting up a hosting biz but I think for redundancy I will rent my servers from several providers so that if one network/machine goes down the others will take the strain.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Further poster outrage



Very funny indeed

but where's Master Bates or Roger the cabin boy

Windows Mobile 6 blamed for Xperia X1 woes


HTC phones

everyone I know who has had an HTC WM based phone has hated them with a passion.

most of them freeze and require a reset.

Perhaps SE have higher standards.

Fujitsu wants NHS exit payment


Hands off our money

The government should tell them where to get off.

Oh wait, UK politicians are too timid and of course will have received backhanders so that will never happen.

I'm thinking of starting a new party, the no to corporate greed party.

policy number one, haggle for everything and write into contracts clauses so that if contractors make a right royal mess of stuff they get next to nothing.

Bungs and backhanders will be banned and contracts will be available for public inspection.

Sound good?

Apple, O2 to release PAYG iPhones this month


here we go again

excessive usage policies apply to stop people taking the piss, for example the text spammers we loathe so much or would you rather they be allowed to continue with impunity?

FUPs apply to give providers redress where someone's actions degrade the service quality of others or in extreme cases can destabilise the network and plenty of you moan as do I about bad ISP services or mobile service

For most people these figure are unlimited, if you are a p2p merchant or have to watch video 24/7 then YOU are the reason that these policies have to exist so shut up will you.

I thought a great deal of the readership worked in IT, come on this is basic bandwidth management.

Mobile broadband: What's it for?


major problem with mobile broadband

Is that it is a contended resource whereas the fixed link between your home and the local exchange is at least dedicated (the pipe from BTs network to your ISP is contended however) so the more users on a cell, the slower everyone's connection and we haven't even got to backhaul (from the cell to the network) yet and then of course you factor in such things as weather conditions, distance between terminal and cell, etc.

Speeds quoted as maximum for HSDPA are theoretical which means that to get 7.2 or whatever you have to be on top of a cell with noone on it, under perfect conditions etc.so by the way operators are flogging it, noone will ever get a half decent experience unless you surf in the early hours.

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor


@AC- Has anybody actually read anything about this proposal?

If there is any change in the pricing model, the customers will have to pick up the tab as the mobile operators won't risk a dent in their margins.

If this comes in my mobile will go straight away, I have a landline only to support ADSL as I dont want Virgin because of the crap service but BT are robbing bastards but what choice do we have but am giving very serious thought as to whether to retain my home connection or whether to just use the net at work and then I'd become or a mobitard.

If this comes in then I'd just have to go off the grid and be disconnected.

Come to think of it, as I have to answer the phone all day at work that doesn't sound like a bad idea.




45th Mersenne prime discovered (possibly)


It's the end of the world as we know it

and I feel fine

Mine's the one with a copy of the best of R.E.M. in the pocket


I was a member of the world community grid

and all I got was a lousy power bill!

Ofcom considers termination charges


@The Dark Lord

Well fool you if you want to cough up £25+ a month.

PAYG customers like me are the sensible ones, so dont whinge.

I would get rid of my phone if I was forced to pay for incoming calls.

Cloned US ATM cards: Can they fool Brit self-service checkouts?


Dumb yanks (or their banks)

perhaps this shows that the yanks are rather complacent about reporting their cards lost of stolen or the banks are so familiar with getting calls saying the card has gone missing and then Archibald Pleb finds it under his sofa 20 minutes late and rings the bank to reasctive it that they no longer bar cards which is why this kind of scam can occur (also assuming that Visa,Mastercard aren't doing a stand in authorisation because the bank is uncontactable)

Larry Ellison gets huge pay rise


Nice work if you can get it...

Happy to stand in for ya if you want to go on that year long holiday Larry

Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server


Contempt for personal info

Appears that the government's contempt for our personal details is spreading to the organisations whose job it is to protect us.

Maybe those that want to live 'off the grid' have got the right idea.

Mine's the light bending one, now you see me....

Street View spycars need some TLC


@AC -White Socks

You are not one of that female fashion dullard duo that are never off the TV are you? if so, for goodness sake, get off the TV, I like to watch mentally stimulating stuff when I'm not at work, not you and your mate banging on about what you think about clothes.

back to the story, perhaps they have been the target of the local yoof, welcome to the UK!

Can I appeal to these scumbags, if they must dsmage a vehicle to target these instead of those belonging to the rest of us tax paying, hard working and law abiding citizens.

After all, a new Opel to Google is pocket change.

US utilities plot remote switch off


They can do it provided

They don't charge me a penny for electricity

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV


how would you like your squirrel sir?

Well done, prefereably cooked on a transformer thanks.

Did anyone sample the meat?

Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

Jobs Horns

Now that's what I call....

An (i)Phony performance

@Fanboi Jeff, experts in radio engineering have stated its a pile of crap but fools like you and their money are soon parted

@Webster, taken my eye off the international politics ball of late (due to work) so cant comment on your first point but I second your second point.

Evil Jobs is laughing his ass off at fools like you Jeff

US police radios killing trees


What about a cellular link

As cant imagine it'll cost them much to send the commands on and off

BBC iPlayer upgrade prompts new ISP complaints


Local caches

Don't some ISPs already do this for frequently accessed content?

Winehouse jibe wins Fringe's funniest gag


Good show

sounds a good joke.

I also definitely advise everyome to check out Kevin Bishop's send up of her singing the James Bond theme.

Card fraud-fearing Brit tourists carry cash


@Tom M

That's why they advise you to tell them if you are going abroad you numpty.

If they did not have fraud monitoring systems and charged you for the lot you'd be crying foul.

Yes cards charge fees but its a helluva lot safer than carrying notes/greenbacks/coinage or however you want to term your currency.

Fart-lighting youth in petrol can mishap


Johnny Cash lyrics

Think I was the closest to adapting the great man's lyrics to fit the story.



Ring of fire

Farts are a burning thing, and they male a fiery ring....

Me first

Thanks Sam



He'll have a sore ass for a while.

Perhaps DVDs of Bottom should carry a warning in words of 1 syllable so that chavs can read 'if u try this u r fick'

Reg server and chip hack molested by Gray Lady



Could Otto be Ashlee's alter ego?

Maybe Ashlee is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character.


All the best

Looks like I'll have to frequent the NY times website now too.

Thanks for some great articles man, all the best.

@Dave Murray, for that Hitchhiker's Guide reference I salute you.

BlackBerry clamshell pair leaked online


Who gives a shit about design

Its designed for people with no lives that have to be attached to e-mail 24/7, thats why the nicknamed it the crackberry and the users crackberry addicts.

When did an addict pay any attention to the design of anything?

Watchdog hits 070 swindlers with big fine


07 and mobiles

07 was never badged as a moobile number range, it was for 'find me anywhere' services

070 range for personal multiple phone 'hunt' numbers.

076 Radiopaging and other text services and 077-079 for mobile numbers

075 has been added for more capacity for mobile numbering (all those jobs lovin' Apple buyin' dipsticks with their iCons)

if you are going to use a phone, educate yourself and dont return calls that leave silly messages.

HTC Dream sails through FCC tests


WCDMA 1700?

My knowledge of cellular in the US aint great but didn't think they were using the 1700 band

@Webster, think you are getting your cards mixed up mate, the priceless thing was mastercard.

I personally use American Express whenever possible although I have Visa and Mastercard cards as these are for poor people ;-)

Another 60 days' free MobileMe service, madam?



I have a Nano and so have to have iTunes installed.

Where does Apple get off thinking that they can install services at will.

For example, as well as the mobileme Control Panel applet you get the Bonjour music sharing service, Apple Mobile Device Service (the iPod service used to do the detection and management job just as well) and of course the friggin' install Safari, its the best browser nagware.

It you can uninstall the mobile device service but I find that Windows rejects the iPod if I do this.

Jobs is obviously trying to outbloat the bloatmeister, ye olde Beast of Redmond

I therefore now dub Apple "the Beast of Cupertino"

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away


cycle lanes

you gotta be nuts to use them, what with the knife wielding yobbo scumbags they let walk about.

Time for a national strike for two days, lets show 'em who is in charge

Intel adds 22nm octo-core 'Haswell' to CPU design roadmap


CPU treats

I wonder how quick these are going to be and what treats await on the gaming front.

Virgin Media ADSL punters suffer 2-day email meltdown




I use 1 and 1 for my domain and mail (never had an issue with their linux mail cluster) and Namesco for my ADSL because its cheap and their service ain't bad

My mail costs me just over £8 a year

lot to be said for not putting your eggs in one basket.

Twitter falls silent in the UK



Now there's a real hang out for saddos, on a par with Sadville (second life)

Least if I fill in a market research questionnair I might get something like an M&S voucher out of it (spend on sandwich steak, BBQ chicken pizza, hmmmm) but get sod all from filling in questionnaires from my 'friends' aside from the satisfaction that I'm ranked the most helpful.

suppose you got to use them inclusive texts some way but you'll have to do something different now.



Paddy Ashdown for PM?

Might have agreed with you some years back when he was leader but he's entered the ranks of the toffs now so surely that discounts him.

Charles Kennedy would have made a good PM I think as, like Paddy, he at least appeared human rather then the unelected dictator we have now.

And the pedants will rush to point out that we dont elect a Prime Minister, yes I know this but those that did vote and voted for Labour voted for a party run by Blair not Brown.

As for me I didn't vote because I think they all sound the same frankly.

So to digress (was nice having a political moan) right Twitter

Aside from the use you stated Roy, I think it was a pretty pointless service, bit like myface and fartbook, good riddence.

US says the next war will be all in our minds

Black Helicopters

Harsh Realm

Sounds like Chris Carter's Harsh Realm to me

Is anyone called Santiago involved with the project?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Three-alarm fire bakes Apple facility


The iPhone is so good

it's smokin'!

Windows XP crashes out of Olympics?

Gates Halo

suppose you could say...

it all went Wong.

Wonder if Bill will now be hauled up in front of the communist party to explain his dissident OS.

You gotta hand it to the code though for mounting a protest of its own accord.

Proof of artificial intelligence.

Wonder what amanfrommars reckons?

Good Bill because without his software we wouldn't be reading this story.

'I've cracked Nokia S40 security', claims researcher


cancelling DD

most banks allow you to do it via online banking but remember this could knacker your credit rating which would affect chances of getting a mortgage, another phone contract, whatever.

iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

Jobs Horns

Evil Jobs says....

bah ha ha ha

My money making plan is working, now to release a new version slightly better but not quite what people think they are paying for.


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