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First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista



Vista with bells on, I wont be stung again

BT to be freed from service obligations


stand by for massive line rental hikes

Oh dear, looks like I'll be offline at home soon then as I'm not paying more than a tenner a month for a landline that exists only to support ADSL.

If you can fart, you can earn $10,000



sums up the iPhone/Touch perfectly.

Someone please release an app that displays a turd on the screen that can be gifted to an iPhone owner and started by an SMS.

Egypt offline for weekend after Med seabed cables cut


bury them deeper

that should sort it

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users


network management

I'll assume the whiners don't manage a network

bandwidth is finite and costs MONEY, when the network and the peering connections become clogged, the network slows and customers complain.

money is spent on upgraded kit and connections, this gets absorbed and so on and we haven't got to power and accommodation for the kit.

and you wont want spiralling prices would you, plus the company has to pay employees to run the stuff and serve you and make a profit.

when whining, suggest an alternative otherwise you just look an unintelligent whiner with no grasp of the subject.

I think they should charge P2P users for the bandwidth used as its only fair just because you are too tight to rent a server.

Hackintosh clone surfaces in the Argentine


lower your prices

If you want to cut this kind of piracy Steve, you need to cut your prices.

Note to author: Any chance of you changing that Whac-a-mole link to a site where you can actually play a flash version of whac-a-mole?

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots

IT Angle


Ok I've only flown short haul but one would hope that Otoo isn't given the run of the flight deck and that one pilot is always up front.

Rather than adding generators, just put an audio system with a CD on repeat or hard disk with an MP3 of the sound of engines, generators, Albatross or whatever does it for 'em.

Clangers creator dies at 83


Bagpuss was overrated

Ivor and the Clangers were best.

Though a little before my time I enjoyed the repeats when I was young.

We've lost yet another legend.


Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag


humourless dipsticks

Is Britain being taken over by people with no humour.

I bet half of them found it on youtube.

Keep up the humour Clarkson

P.S, hope this is published and not dropped like my A380 comment.

Barrow boy Microsoft flogs nostalgic tragic t-shirts


Mikey Dell owes me compensation

For three wasted days off waiting for his overpriced XPS crap to turn up.

Competition watchdog bounces BBC, ITV and C4's web TV plan


I'll watch Coronation Street

When it's going to get zapped by an alien invasion.

That would be interesting.

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers


Ban the application, put the company out of business

These di[sticks need to be stopped.

Net performance can be bad enough but allowing them to bleed over other more important traffic?

Time to stop it.

I'm beginning to see why ISPs have had to implement traffic management.

Armed robbers take Paris jewellers for £70m

IT Angle

Where is the IT angle?

I mean they didn't even cut an alarm wire by the sound of it so no electronics were involved whatsoever.

Is it that quiet on the IT front?

C'mon El Reg, you're slipping.

Isn't a Return of The Machines story now long overdue.

Doctor amputates boy's arm using SMS instructions


Worthy of the honours list

I wonder if these folks will be appearing in the New Year's honours rather than some waste of space plop star like normal as they certainly deserve it.

Openreach reaching for more cash


@Andy Barber

Sorry mate but BT is still BT and will act as one company when all is said and done, Wholesale, Openreach, Retail are just different departments in BT set up as a PR exercise to avoid ofcom taking a chainsaw to the company.

Time for this dinosaur to become extinct

MacBook Air owners get laid


Steve 'Dick Turpin' Jobs

Thankfully I rely on a PC from a manufacturer whose support is second to none and have only ever bought an iPod and a few music tracks from this outfit.

However, looking at their own forums tells a whole story about the lack of customer care from Cupertino, once they have your money they couldn't care less, thank goodness staff in the stores have been a little more caring.

I bought a track from iTunes a couple of years ago and think there was a problem during its encoding as it skipped, I used the report a problem option as you are supposed to do but heard nothing more about it, thankfully it was only 79p and not in the hundrds or even thousands that these poor misguided souls have paid for these POS.

Facebook phone goes on sale


Still hunting that killer app

I see 3 have spawned another device in a desparate attempt to get someone to put their network to use, so first it was Skype and now facebook as I reckon that a lot of people return their dongles when they realise that the service is crap and that the mobile operators are lieing to them as in order to get the top speed you have to be the ONLY person on that particular cell, so its ADSL without wires, so its mobile somethingband then.

GSM still had plenty of life in it

@rob, agree with you totally mate

Brits not turned on by mobile internet


Mobile somethingband

To get the claimed speeds you'd need to be the only person on the cell.

BT sees Wi-Fi usage double


@AC -Sod the Wi-Fi

No enough information available to work out whether you are being sarcastic or are one of these loons that believes the cellular masts are coming.

Puzzled icon please?

Mandy preps list of UK businesses to save



Woolies went titsup because the only thing good in there was the pick 'n' mix.

When did you last see a dedocated sweetshop?

Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited


Long list

Web 2.0


Software as a Service (SaaS)

and of course that dreadful trademark, Inifiniband, bandwidth is finite OK.

And yes Lester, Webinar

And of course 'social' networking (errr your sitting in front of your PC typing crap noone wants to read)

Wireless comms and the end of civilisation


Who wants to live?

Watching I am Legend was enough for me, I'd chuck myself off the nearest bridge, who gives a stuff about IT or comms systems.

Software update nobbles Sky+ boxes


Well fool you

Well, if you are happy to hand over your hard earned to some greedy Aussie media baron in exchange for repeats then what can you expect.

Fools and their money are soon parted.

Nokia goes to tinsel town


Trying to catch up with Sony?

As the Bond films are awash with Sony Ericsson handsets, is Nokia doing this to try to get its products placed in films?

Verizon suspends staff for ogling Obama's phone bill


Handset no longer in use

Would this be his Crackberry, sorry Blackberry, by any chance?

T-Mobile leaves 300,000 disconnected


Mobile dependence

@TMS9900, totally agree mate but hey the vast majority of the UK population are so emotionally weak that they go to pieces if someone is not texting (or to some texing) or phoning every two minutes then they go to pieces and these are the same bunch that are on facebook day in day out.

I carry a mobile yeah but wouldn't be devastated if O2 went offline for a bit.

Oh and btw, O2 have better coverage than T-mobile because of the lower frequency and more base stations.

Oh and to the NO2ID crowd, a mobile can be used to track your almost precise location so why do you carry one.

Eee PC maker readies Android phone for 2009


who cares about the phone

Its' nice to see the Eee babe again.

Microsoft's Azure means dark days for storage vendors


its the plans for Windows that concern me

As I'm not paying out for bandwidth to support hosted Windows

Vint Cerf declares for Obama over net neutrality


@AC Thursday 16th October 2008 14:08 GMT

"Don't want ISPs to make money"

So you are in favour of the 'walled garden' approach whereby ISPs terminate your connection on an edge router and fence you in by restricting you to their content unlesss you pay extra to use their peering connections.

Errr, I think the fact AOL, Compuserve and others that worked on a 'walled garden' philosophy are on their way down proves that the market doesn't want that model and is in favour of neutrality.

I can only imagine you are top brass at one of these ISPs, I'd start looking for another job quick as your company's clock is ticking

Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud


Temporary error

Maybe it was a small cluster of systems that failed which was taking more load then they thought.

This cloud computibg is BS, it all depends on hardware when said and done.

Gates dethroned as tech's richest get thumped


Oh the stress

If Bill is finding losing 3 billion and being left with 55 too much to bear I'm more than happy to take it off his hands and pay him 5 thousand a month which I'm sure is enough to live on as that is the sort of financial headache I'd love to have rather than soaring gas and 'leccy bills.

I'm sure that El reg would be happy to put you in touch with me.

I'll take a cheque (or sorry you spell it check don't you) as I wont be providing my bank details and 55 bill is a bit heavy to collect from Western Union (in case the lads from lagos are reading)

3 threatens, T-Mobile shoots on late payments



Unless I have to I wont use DD.

Thats why I'm a PAYG user.

Sky drops download limit and tops satisfaction poll


Be is O2 and O2 is Be

If you do a tracert from an O2 connection most of their routing equipment is in the beunlimited.co.uk domain


No surprise

Just watch their network slow up when the P2P merchants hammer it and there'll be nothing they can do.

Ha ha, I may yet see my dream of a penniless Rupert Murdoch.

BT lobbies Welsh Assembly for superfast broadband subsidies


Feck off

Ok I live in England but I think there is something inherently wrong about the public subsidising privatre investment such as this.

There should be a governmemt owned not for profit formed to build and operate the fibre backbone and SPs could rent links to it.

Lehmans techies start job hunt


Informal Order of Executiuon

Yes indeed, if I'd been made redundant from a techie job with them and thus become an unsecured creditor I would marching straight into the data centre and seizing the most expensive bits of kit I could lay my hands on and sticking two fingers up at the administrators as lets face it, without us techies, the flash Merc/Bentley/Aston/Ferrari/Bugatti Veyron driving, braced and suited dickheads that caused all this mayhem would not be able to do their jobs and indeed the LSE and NYSE would not be able to function.

Indeed, I think the administrators should be trying to sue these bastards and bitches for all the strife its causing the rest of us.

US wireless pioneer to carriers: Don't be European


DoCoMo and I-mode

I-mode is most successful in Japan but lets face it they go mad for any gizmo over there.

O2 tried it and it flopped.

Also, restricting networks to CDMA or other technologies that are little used outside the US and Canada will mean they miss all that roaming revenue.

The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?


Check out that server room

It's a BOFH's wet dream

London Stock Exchange limps back online



This was due to an accident with traffic management.

London stock market floored by computer glitch


it'll be

over enthusiastic traffic management

EA Europe struggles squeezing out Spore


Like all EA's games

with online features, if you use it, you cant resell the game and its tied to you forever.

This kind of thing is ok for purely multiplayer games but single player?

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe


@amanfromMars Friday 5th September 2008 16:33 GMT

One question



look on the bright side

There will be no more religous nutters hell bent on Jihad and Bin Liner will get whats coming to him.

Even Tora Bora wont be safe.


@The Jon

Ok which female actress would you have preferred?


@James Tankersley Jr

Whtever anyone says they will start it up anyway probably to the sound of Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones because there has been too much money (although currency means dick when you are being squahed into a singularity) invested in it so we may vanish next week or we may not.

Maybe this is how the improbability drive is discovered and Douglas was more of a visionary than we ever imagined.

But whatever happens, DON'T PANIC!

Remember that the greatest adventure begins when the world ends.

America's CTO: We have a winner


amanfromMars for UK CTO

as 'he' talks a lot more sense than Gordo/Darling or the other UK spin docs

How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls


I beg to differ

If you are a PAYG like me, bunndles, if they are exist are a lot smaller than on contract so yes I would notice.

Big demand for pay by phone tech, claims Nokia



Think the trial went by the wayside as it was too expensive to implement etc.

Now remember we have paywave (Visa) and Paypass (Mastercard) and think American Express do something similar in the States too

Frankly, I'd rather this tech was on my credit card rather than my mobile as they can be easily blocked and I don't have to cough up to replace if some scrote wants to nick it.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole


least he wasn't called

Ivor Bigun

EA free petrol stunt triggers north London gridlock


Are you listening Mr Brown

Think this shows that you need to cut duty on fuel NOW!


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