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Fibre boosters trip the light fantastic with 800G BPS LINKS


Re: Long way for a shortcut !

Fibre routes often take a very rambling route to their destination and given this was an experiment they may well have routed this well out of the way of a normal connection between Ipswich and London.

Climate watch: 2012 figures confirm global warming still stalled


Re: Here's a thought





They look pretty flat for the last decade or more to me.

Climate denier bloggers sniff out new conspiracy


Some Confusion

I keep seeing people refering to there being only 10 respondents. I believe there were over 1000. The confusion seems to be resulting from analysis of the responses.

Lewandowsky subtitiled his paper in such a way that it implied that if you were a moon landing conspiracist you likely did not accept the tennets of CAGW. By isolating just the respondents that answered in the affirmative that the moon landings were faked it showed that only 10 of the respondents and selected this option. Further analysis of just those 10 respondednts showed that 6 out of 10 believed unquestioningly that CAGW is real. Only 4 of the 10 were skeptical of CAGW.

So in summary over 1000 respondents of whom only 10 though moon landings were fake.

This appears to be a terribly ill conceived and conducted paper with large numbers of questions to be answered (why was he revaling prelimanry findings when the survey was still live?).

Oh and Chirgwin; you're a supercillious git.

LOHAN breathes fire in REHAB


Re: Is that vacuum still vacuum?

Would that not also be true of the Aerotec motor as well? It still failed to fire using the same fuse with I would assume the same affect on the vacuum.

Voyager ticks one box for interstellar arrival


Re: We should be sending more.

Couldn't agree more. We should be thinking ahead... a long way ahead. Send out something now with all it's power and systems optimised for sending back data for as long as possible from as far as possible. They'll be thanking us for it in the future the same way we're thanking those engineers in 70s.

Greenland melt threshold lower than thought


Peer review



and MWP in Europe...


Laptops heat up your balls

Thumb Up

beats the snip

With 3 kids already I fail to see why I should be concerned. Sounds like an added benefit to me.

Swedes brew up 18.5 per cent 'Ace of Spades Porter'


Strongest Beer.

I thought BrewDogs "Sink the Bismarck" was the strongest?

Mega new climate science: 'Runaway' effect exaggerated


@Marcus Dubious

I think the best example of this I saw recently was an article suggesting that Sperm Whale poo was helping off set climate change.

I appreciate studying whale turd might be what you're into and it maybe beneficial to understanding marine eco-systems - but climeate change? C'mon!!!!!

Tasered Oz man bursts into flames


laws against petrol sniffing..