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Veeam adds support for VMware alternative Proxmox to its backup software

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Proxmox native backup mechanisms are already awesome.

You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students

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face plam

The elite gifted intellects of the future? Or moronic self entitled work dodgers? Even my 12 year old knows to not reply or click links on or unsubscribe from a dodgy looking email.

As Pal Calf said, students, i hate students, bag of shi...

Oz carrier Tiger Air takes terror alerts to new heights

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Re: Something missing in this article

It was the same guy who was in LA last week accusing a black actress and her white boyfriend of 'having sex' in a car.

Fucking nosey shit stirring bastards, that's what i call em.

Salesforce plan to rename London skyscraper 'Salesforce Tower' DEMOLISHED

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IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres

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yep that's part of the relief of the job

As a sysadmin for too many years most of this IT double entendre is what makes it just abotu bearable.


Working with French guys on software releases which they insisted on calling not versions but virgins. That joke never got old. Ooo lala ziz is ze best virgin now. Or zat virgin is bugged etc etc.

Lots of "I have checked your box and its very dusty"...

Lots of multiplayer gaming with port issues and "have you fingered by port yet?" (yes i know finger is a unix email info tool but we mashed i into a double E anyway.

and lest we forget fat pipes, floppies, and gender benders.

Alienware injects EVEN MORE ALIEN into redesigned Area-51 gaming PC

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Re: Slanted hard disk bays???

erm no it doesn't matter anyway. Did you ever play with a gyroscope as a kid?

Also if you wish take a disk you don't care much for, run it loosely connected to a PC wait for it to spin up when reading it, then lift it up in your hand - it will act just like a gyroscope and will have a will of its own.

just saying.

NSA man: 'Tell me about your Turkish connections'

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that's nothing

i went thru memphis once (US wife, been to US maybe 25 times, Im an old hand at this stuff) and the finger print scanner decided to break at just the moment it was my turn. Much eye brow raising, retrying, examining my fingers under a magnifying glass, retrying, swabbing my fingers (shit scary as i might hve rolled the odd hashish joint in the preceding weeks) retrying, eventually sent to back room with some majorly sweating russians, chinese, and vietnamese rejects). 30 mins later called back, they'd fixed the scanner.

"So you doing any hunting over here while with your folks? " big cheezy grin.

I could have punched him.

Catch cack-handed baggage handlers in the act with Ericsson's SPY SUITCASE

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how much for the girl? 2 camel?

Neil Young touts MP3 player that's no Piece of Crap

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Is this not the equivalent of getting your hair styled by a bald hairdresser? I'd like to see him tell the difference between this an old cheap ipod.

How a Facebook post by blabbermouth daughter cost her parents $80,000

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Its cheque book not check book. FFS this is an English paper not American, sort your spellchecker out!

I want SDN and I want it now!

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Thats nothing

when we were kids we lived in a hole in t'middle of the road. And we only had 0's for bits, we were too poor to buy 1's.

Brilliant Brit bloke builds breakfast-belching BACON DRONE

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Didn't you mean "a breakthrough moment for hAmanity"?

Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google

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Re: RT?

MS zombie. Anyone evangelical about MS gets pity from me and most others here.

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Love seeing MS butthurt. Their useful days are numbered. Most non innovative fair or interesting company in a good few decades.

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'It's a joke!' ... Bill Gates slams Mark Zuckerberg's web-for-the-poor dream

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yeah right

He said no one would be using paper in offices and all would be using MS tablets by now. Was he right?

No, he is laughably wrong.

So if all those 1st world teens using FB are busily self harming then lets not worry too much about some pot-bellied-covered-in-flies-malaria-cholera-stricken kids getting some FarmVille action in!

/irony alert.

Billionaire Google founder splits with wife, allegedly beds Google Glass staffer

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Paris Hilton


I'd tap that.

oops sorry that i was on the dailymaul.com then.


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Yeah riiighht. We remember when you said that about 3.11

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Ding dong the witch is d... oh sorry that was Thatcher.

/coat gotten

Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP

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MS: "yeah all versions of windows are buggy flawed pieces of crap. But hey folks we are not gonna scrape the oldest crap off the sole of your shoe from now on OK!"

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?

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Author of article has misspelt 'grey' as 'gray'.

Sorry to be a language Nazi but i come here to get way from the misuse of our mother tongue by our colonial descendants. Site also ends in .co.UK.

UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'

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quote: " 53 million smart meters into every home in England, Wales and Scotland by 2020"

- ho lee fuk! Wouldn't just one or two in every home be enough??? Think of the children!

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes, turns young woman into 'burnt pig'

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Gives new meaning to the term 'thunder thighs' .

(I am not being unkind - I prefer a girl with big legs, oo oo suit you)

Google staffing boss: Our old hiring procedures were 'worthless'

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@The Man Who Fell To Earth

Oh god i love intellectual masturbation don't you!? Its great, its like regular wanking but harder and you really do feel smarter afterwards!

Gates and Allen reshoot historic 1981 Microsoft photo

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"both participants look considerably more stylish than they did 32 years ago." Not sure about that Iain!!

Bill now looks like one of those perma-unemployed blokes that hangs out in the public library all day long for the free heating and newspapers.

Firefox: Use new stealth window to satisfy your wife, suggests Mozilla

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Re: Mozilla invents system to help users used to single user system.

We know its you ComicBookGuy. No anoninimoty here or however you spell it! Get back to trollin the dailymail.com pls

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Re: Really?

When I require private prezzie shopping sessions i dont normally have both hands free...

SimCity owners get free game, EA will get A NEW CEO

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Re: Not too shabby 'are you kidding?'

I nearly bought this game but then remembered that i had already boycotted EA for any future purchases. So saved myself some heartache there. I can say this with no fear of libel: EA are a bunch of fucktards rapidly sucking the life out of gamers and coders who have no passion for games themselves - hell i bet the CEO's are not and have never been gamers.

Huawei USB modems vulnerable

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oh rlly

Russian calls Chinese company a danger to their users...

"Hi Kettle? Just calling to say you is black man. Soooo black, oo you is black, blacker than a crow's bumhole on a moonless night! Yes i know. Whatever, fuck you. Yes it is Pot calling. bye"

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

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Bit i use those sites for non copy righted material. And for game patches etc that are uploaded by game publishers. How bout we all go stand outside the media giant's offices and blockade them and interrogate every person going in and out asking if they are legitimate or not? tossers.

Cambridge boffins reveal prehistoric prawn monster

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pictures or it didn't happen

Baby-boulder bowling burglar breaks Boulder Apple Store's $100k glass door

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Re: Read into that comment what you will.

MS deserves all the criticism we can throw at it. They are pure evil.

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bean-counters said they needed to spend 100k on Windows and they said phuck no buy doors instead.

Facebook burnout: 61% of users have needed a break

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What have we learned today kids?

So young people are fickle and tend to bop around from trend to trend huh?

In other news... arboreal animals tend to defecate in the woods.

BANG and the server's gone: Man gets 8 months for destroying work computers

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we are going to...

cut off your Johnson and Johnsons, Sobolewski !!!

/Coat gotten

Apple users: Only Apple can track us! Not Google

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Dear Appletards

Nothing is free on this planet. Even your death will cost your next of kin a bomb. If you don't want Google trying to make a living off supplying products and services to you then stop using all google products FFS.

Maybe you could try Bing?!

Queue maniacal evil laugh muhahahahahaaaaaa

PGP, TrueCrypt-encrypted files CRACKED by £300 tool

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nested encryption

You can defeat this and any future vulns by having an encrypted operating system inside a encrypted partition, then within that create an encrypted partition, and then within that create what Trucrypt call a hidden encrypted partition. Use 4 different passphrases.

But if the russian mafia or the cia special interrogation unit want you to give up your passphrases with a hot iron and some pliers, or a wet towel, then even if you are andy mcnabb you will eventually be handing them over.

Feds probe naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

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Honestly I dont see what all the fuss is about. I've seen the pics online, shes a nice girl, shes got a lovely bum and great boobs. She should be proud that so many men and women want to ogle her. I cant write here what i woudl do with her assets but they would be done with the utmost respect.

End of...

Facebook flashplodder to appeal against 4-yr cooler stint

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what is the world coming to

This is so wrong. People get a 3rd of this sentence - suspended - for wreckless driving resulting in death. How can this add up? Making an example of people is not proper justicve. Thats just political tokenism.

Swede cuffed for cooking nuclear reactor on kitchen stovetop

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Something smells good!

Still looks more appetising and is probably more palatable than the Mrs' cooking!

Apple recalls 1TB Seagate HDDs

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Seagate - recipe for misery

I've said it before and I will say it again - do not buy seagate hard drives. I have seen so many failed ones. They are the least reliable manufacturer of hard disks. Its not a good brand. Steer well clear.

Hackers pierce network with jerry-rigged mouse

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that figures

"Department of Homeland Security released results from a recent test that showed 60 percent of employees who picked up foreign computer discs and USB thumb drives in the parking lots of government buildings and private contractors" are epicly stupid. Even the Greeks aren't this dumb.

Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student

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Paris Hilton


Purile joke alert.

Should get ms Hilton involved as she is surely and expert in "hundreds of penetrations"

oh god

YouTube punts filth to shocked Reg readers

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I am utterly disgusted and offended. At least I think I am. Please can you post a link to this vid just so that I can be sure?

/i'll get it meself - its kind of stinky and the pockets are full of used tissues.

Man found guilty of battery after ejaculating in co-worker's drink

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Im a 40 old hetero male and I do not know what semen tastes like so there. Should i be sampling my own jugo de la vida? I think not. I have far too many other things to taste first thanks very much.

Scareware mongers cough up $8m to settle fraud charges

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personally - having seen this 4 times in my own house (2 infections completely inexplicable and not caused by internet newbies but power users) I would make these guys cut their own balls off with a rusty knife and feed them to pigs at gunpoint.

Harsh maybe but this kind of crime causes misery for millions.

The cost of beating Apple's shrewd screws? £2

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what a cutie

Shes a hot geek, i wanna give her some input and then process her output. hmm

yeah... the one with sadtard on the back, thnx

Assange vows to drop 'insurance' files on Rupert Murdoch

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what a gem

my youngest son, misunderstanding the telly news last week, said that "if his wiki leaks he should wear a bigger nappy."


PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail

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Just makes me thing Vomit Comet. Or Vulture Vomit? Or Vulture Liver Rupture or Vulture Spacer (looks like the old kids favorite sweeties Spacers) or Ozone Depleter or Death by Sugar being the most appropriate.

Ride of the Vulture?