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NSW drops NBN access bombshell

Rob Moss.

Bills rise

Why would the power bills rise for someone NOT using their existing infrastructure? what am I missing?

Last time I drove across NSW there were power lines supplying electricity already. Why would it become more expensive for there to be no change?

USAF declassifies ‘flying saucer’ design

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Lets build it!

Hey, who's in for a kickstarter project?

Free flight(s) to the first 100 donators above $1000 :D

Red Hat stalks VMware in field sport ambush

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This is the..

first great thing RedHat have ever done, ever :)

Portland Jedi jailed for lightsabre rampage

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is that

Russell Crowe?

More big boxen for boffins

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It was correct

Please learn English before you try to correct other people's

You and I is the correct form.

You and me is not

Intellectual Ventures wages patent war on Motorola

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And so the patent mafia come...

... to offer their "protection" to another smartphone manufacturer, just like they did with HTC

I really hope Google fend off this BS attack and set a precedent for other Android manufacturers

I also really hope that Microsoft die, quickly

Sneaky tracking code (finally) purged from Microsoft sites

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RE: believe Microsoft

Is anyone here actually surprised?

Privacy invasion by Microsoft, again, media spin, pr statement containing the phrase "For the protection of our customers we are fixing this problem", court case, promises

Rinse repeat

AES crypto broken by 'groundbreaking' attack

Rob Moss.

'Groundbreaking' attack breaks AES crypto

“This research is groundbreaking because it is the first method of breaking single-key AES that is (slightly) faster than brute force,”

Holy cow, I didn't even have to write anything of my own to contradict the "headline" :-)

Every time a crypto is "broken" by researchers, the word "broken" is used pretty loosely, like "I dropped my teacup on to some soft foam and a tiny fleck of paint broke off from the surface"

Nokia unveils budget Symbian smartie

Rob Moss.

No GPU, fail

Why bother releasing a Symbian phone without a GPU?

I've used the Nokia X6 with Symbian and it was awful compared to any other touchscreen phone out there now.

Firstly it was slow due to an old CPU, secondly, the touch couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted double tap or single tap, then the menus and screens would take a long time to update and movement was jagged.

Android is the new Symbian

How to lose 375k customers the Vodafone Hutchinson way

Rob Moss.

Similar story here

Yeah it's a lot lot better, but it couldn't have been any worse, even if it was switched off. Last November when I joined Vodafail as they had exclusive rights to the HTC Desire HD handset their network was unusable at most times of the day with Internet being nonexistant and calls regularly dropping out after 30 seconds. On the 96 tram home to Carlton at 5pm or so I could rarely view pages and when I could it was up to two minutes of waiting for a page like on theregister.co.uk to load

Now the network is usable most of the time however there are still large gaps in and around the CBD where pages will often time out and signal may drop or keep switching from HSPA/GPRS/3G

Phone calls are dropping much less now but I still use a landline whenever making calls because I just know their service might shit itself at any time and drop my calls

Overall I would say they are getting there but are only half way. If they can resolve the rest of the problems and guarantee the best service currently will become the future's standard service then I'll stay otherwise I'll be moving to NextG

Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

Rob Moss.

Bike Polo and fixies

The reference to Bike Polo and Fixies is relevant but the link is to the older Grass Polo variety for gentlemen of leisure

Exhibit A, Prince Phillip: http://pix.avaxnews.com/avaxnews/f1/24/000024f1_medium.jpeg

I think Rik actually means Hard Court Bike Polo, played on concrete/asphalt surfaces and is growing in numbers

Exhibit B: http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com http://leagueofbikepolo.com

Check it out

Microsoft's anti–Google Docs weapon locked and loaded

Rob Moss.

Launch date named, reliability claimed

All pigs fed and ready to fly

Microsoft gets five bucks for every HTC Android phone

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Tail wagging the dog

"MS has alleged Android infringes its intellectual property, and has other smartphone vendors in its sights."

Yay, a company that had at that time never released or developed a phone product can sue a company actively building phones for IP

Facebook planking game claims its first victim

Rob Moss.

cue Beastie Boys

"While the Facebook “planking” community expressed some concern over the death, many defended the right to plank."

.. you gotta fight.. for your right.. to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank

Anonymous probed for hack threat against WikiLeaker captors

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Punishing him to save his life


They are making his life living hell in order to save him from risk of injury

I would like to see what exactly this risk of injury is based on

BBC accused of coming out for porn opt-in?

Rob Moss.

Australian great firewall of china, now available in...


We defeated this stupidity, you can too. Rise up against the opt-in opt-out 'tards that would seek to intrude on what you do at home and in your own time

There were many commenters on the Australian firewall issue that were very positive, and there were some that were not. To the not positive commenters, please poke yourself in the eye now

Also, our Communications Minster, Stephen Conroy is British, please take him back as we don't want him

Mobile net upgrades all the rage for Oz carriers

Rob Moss.

As a vodafail customer..

It would be great if Vodafone could focus on upgrading towers in the CBD and along Tram and Train lines as areas of net congestion

I always have great signal coverage but less than 1kbps Data speed.. vodafail!

'Big Four' lose filesharing case against Irish ISP

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for the irish lawyers, what a great win against the stupidty of the record labels. Hopefully the rest of Europe can use this win against similar lawsuits

Ellison's database customers slip slidin' to x86

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Figures not adding up

"IOUG also found that Microsoft 's SQL Server - which only runs on Windows and x86 - is by far the most popular database in use besides Oracle (91 per cent) followed by MySQL (44 per cent)."

Where are these figures coming from? Are we talking about PerCent, as in 100% or are we talking about made up figures which don't represent anything...

If SQL Server is 91%, and MySQL is 44%, then the total must be 135%

Gavin, I've always enjoyed your articles... however this looks like it might have been a bit rushed

Fanboi's delight - the top ten free iPad apps

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Does it blend?


Firefox zero-day fix set up for 30 March release

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Bounty price is kr4d

Am I the only one that picked up on the Bounty price being $1,337? LEET!

Oz censorship debate censored on Comms minister's website

Rob Moss.
Big Brother

We should deport him

He's a brit, born in Cambrigeshire. You can have him back guys, after we tar and feather him :)

Camel carcasses menace Outback water supplies

Rob Moss.
Black Helicopters

A little background on the desert

You can't really imagine it until you have actually set foot there.

It's big, dry on the surface and there are lots of Afghan camels roaming free and destroying entire areas of vegetation by stripping the grass and plants of all of their leaves so they die, causing food shortages for other animals such as Kangaroos and smaller creatures the size of mice that are then food for larger creatures such as Dingoes.

There are plenty of water holes located underneath the ground which the Aboriginals and some of us new Australians know how to find. There is water, but it's scarce. When the Aboriginals move from place to place they know where these water holes are and plan their journey according to that.

When a Camel wonders around and finds a water hole by digging or falling into a well and dies in it, it poisons the water so that it is undrinkable for anyone else. This is the problem.

Camels are a problem. As funny as they look, it's a real problem that is getting worse and worse. They are a pest and Conservationists and people who know the desert all agree that the Camels should be turned into food. I agree, and recently had a delicious Camel Diane in the Alice Springs steakhouse.

Black helicopter, because it's more likely to have a mounted mini-gun turret and camel-seeking missiles.

Apple nabs 90% of all 'premium PC' dollars

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This quote is definitely off

I take issue with the quote: PC users cite ... "clarity of product roadmaps"..

I would never ever under any circumstances "cite clarity of product roadmaps" in relation to Windows roadmaps

Windows 2, 3, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. Version, year, made up name, year, made up name, made up name, version. Where is the clear roadmap? I have never seen one

I grew up on a Mac Plus, Built a PC, ran Dos then Windows for 15 or so years on many Desktops and Laptops and now i'm ready to go back to Mac.

Microsoft shutters YouTube clone

Rob Moss.

Can't compete

Microsoft can't compete with the better product, for once. They couldn't employ their Extend, Embrace, Extinguish tactic with Youtube/Google.

Microsoft embraces Linux 'cancer' to sell Windows servers

Rob Moss.

Source code

Has anyone checked through the source code and found why Windows is slow, consumes heaps of memory, crashes?

Or is this 20k lines of code all of the comment lines and no actual code?


/* i don't know why we have to put in a sleep(1); for every loop iteration */


/* i thought that strcpy without checking the size was a good idea */


/* i think this is a bug, but i'm not sure, i'll leave it in */


/* where is goto? */


/* BASIC is much easier than C */


/* memcpy because 640k should be enough for everyone! */


/* are null pointers bad? */


Lexus unveils hybrid

Rob Moss.

2.4l engine

Jesus, a 2.4l engine on a Hybrid? That's bigger than most "normal" cars!

When combined with the Electric motor that would probably pump out the same as a v6!

I get the feeling that these motor companies just don't get it.

A 2-4 seater car that runs on a 1lt diesel engine combined with an electric motor that charges while you brake would be a good idea. Why am I the only one thinking of this?

My car sits in the garage while my bikes get a good pedaling

Swine flu will [enter scare words here]...

Rob Moss.

The flue is. ...

I had the flu twice. Here in Melbourne, Australia it's winter and we have the most swine flu in Australia.

It's like the regular flu, with a bit of stuffy head and some body ache. Drink some hot lemon tea, and have some echinacia.

The only people it has actually killed were people with PRE-EXISTING SEVERE medical conditions. It's just like the regular flu, which also kills people with weak immune systems.

And no, I wasn't hugging (or anything else) any piggies