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Dell seeks Linux fans to try cut-price Ubuntu Ultrabook


Re: For that matter...

Do they install straight of the CD or do you have to connect with a wire first to download them?


Re: @windywoo

It's all true. Ever tried an open source driver for a graphics card? They'll accelerate the GUI and that's about it. I wanted to play back a 720p MKV and it couldn't do it. Even a site like Phoronix will admit how far behind the OSS graphics card drivers are. Even the proprietary drivers will take a while before they support the latest cards, and if they do, be prepared for poor performance until they get their acts together.

Recently, wireless hasn't given me any problems so perhaps that's sorted. In the past I had frequent disconnects, connections but at such a low speed as to be useless, or even, on one fine occasion Linux managed to crash my router. I have many machines in the house, Windows, OSX, Android, Web OS, but none of them has ever managed to crash a router. It was an IP version 6 problem.

As you can see I am not a Microsoft lover, I wish you had not made any unwarranted implications. I just despise propaganda. And saying that Linux gives fewer driver headaches than Windows is something to be scoffed at.


Re: For that matter...

Did you install the wifi drivers during setup and download updates during install, or did you have to use a wire?

I wasn't talking about anything other than wifi drivers.


Re: For that matter...

Absolute dog spunk.

Quick support for Linux, you mean trawling through the support forums looking for the right post? Finding solutions for older versions of the distro and hoping they still work with the current one? Having to connect through a wire before you can download the firmware for your wireless? Ubuntu handles this pretty well admittedly, but stray away from the mighty brown distro and you're in for a painful time.

And what of performance? Open Source drivers are piss poor. Proprietary ones have better performance, sometimes even as good as Windows. Often it lags behind Windows in development. Sometimes there are no drivers at all e.g. for creative x-fi. I believe there is a driver now, but for a long time there was none, and then there was a shit one.

Review: Samsung Chromebox


Re: much, much, MUCH too expensive

Aren't you the tight fisted twat? A basic nettop starts at about £190 without an OS. £280 may be a little steep, but this is more powerful in hardware than an average nettop and has better design.

The reviewer is guilty of this too. That desktop he quoted doesn't have an SSD, and is in a standard desktop box.

The device has its flaws but you are stingy bastards if you think the price is one of them.


Re: I already have a virus-free up-to-date OS


I like Windows 7 as much as the next man but calling it virus free is worse than a Mac fanboi saying his platform is virus free.

Chrome OS has Linux at its core, and I believe the apps run in sandboxed web browser processes. You really shouldn't bother with computers if you think that's the same level of security as Windows 95.

Fedora 17: Mm.. this stew of beefy source tastes just right


Re: Improved scrolling?

Improved scrolling probably refers to the fact that it's now smoother.

Kaspersky: Apple security is like Microsoft's in 2002


Re: Once a year.

Mac fanboy missing the point. Apple's being criticised here for poor security. It's because Apple don't fix security issues as fast as MS do that they are getting infected and being laughed at.


Re: Once a year.

wtf where have you been? Flashback just had an infection rate on Macs higher than any Windows malware. There are plenty of Mac botnets out there btw.

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY


How's Mobile Me these days?

Are you sure Apple didn't have any problems with iCloud on release?


Windows 8: Thrown into a multi-tasking mosh pit


Lots of overreacting

Pin stuff to the taskbar or put it on the desktop and you cover most of what you were used to with the old desktop. The old control panel is on a charm if you mouseover the top right corner. A little bit different but not so jarring as warrants this sneerfest.

Metro is for new users and as far as I can see they normally love whizzbang effects over actual function. Hence the success of Apple.

Hands on with the Apple iPad 3


Still better off with a netbook.

Cheaper, full keyboard, more storage, better multitasking, better connectivity to external devices, no reliance on iTunes or apple's services, better handling of multiple users.

People are essentially magpies, willing to pay through the nose for shiney effects.

Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper


Re: Re: Re: Love the "expert" commentary here

There is a fee. To get a signature you must be a registered Apple developer which costs 99dollars a year. In Microsoft's case, a driver is in a much better position to compromise a computer than a general app. A fee for signing deters would be hackers.

10 years ago today: Bill Gates kicks arse over security


Security Leader

In comparison to the two companies mentioned. Apple has always had piss poor security, but no one bothers to target them because their install base is so small. It's all very well saying Microsoft should redesign Windows from the ground up, but they aren't in Apple's position where only a handful of people will get pissed off if legacy software breaks. And you try explaining to an end user why his Windows has suddenly changed for "security". The average user is an ignorant, arrogant moron who thinks knowing how a computer works means they will get less sex.

Apple TV tops connected set-top box chart

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Consoles are a valid comparison.

The definition they have chosen is deliberately targeted so Appletv can come out on top. If they chose just set top boxes then it wouldn't have looked so great for Apple. Why did they consider the net-connected bit so important compared to the media consumption?

Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit


The difference between this and android.

Apple would have you believe that it isn't possible at all. It's hard to know if Miller told Apple first. In the past when he's done so Apple have ignored him. I think he knew what to expect here, but Apple have played right into his hands. banning his account for exposing a flaw shows how they take their reputation more seriously than security.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


The usual crap then.

MWs online component will be dross aimed at twitchers who run a mile at the thought of having to wait longer than ten second s for their next frag, and don't particularly want to aim.

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

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Steve jobs didn't even like games.

Ever since the mac. It was someone else who suggested gaming for the ipod touch.

HTC Titan WinPho 7.5 smartphone


Why does the iphone never lose points?

The negative points were lack of external storage and low resolution. The iphone used to max out at 16 and no one complained. And for all its retina loveliness the iphone still has a tiny screen, hardly worth viewing media on it at all.

Android voice assistant shootout


Clearly not that much context.

The reviewer's example showed siri failing while another android app gave the correct answer.

Apple slips, moneymen pounce


If the story were about Microsoft

We would have a lot more smug comments about how it serves that fat bastard Ballet right for not innovating and merely generating huge profits based on existing tech. Instead we have apologists blaming the analysts for getting it wrong. I despise analysts and Wall Street but grovelling fanboys don't particularly generate my sympathy.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


I wept

At the beauty of this article and at the tradgedy that is human consumer behaviour. Almost entirely governed by primitive tribal instincts in an age where rationality is supposed to be

Microsoft: Office 365 outages 'will' happen


Tell me, how well have Apple handled cloud services in the past?

Mobile me was dire. Can someone tell me if Apple gave any compensation to their users? Why does anyone here expect 100% uptime anyway? It's impossible, and only the trolls here would seriously bash Microsoft over 0.1%

Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle


Windows 7, Slim Xbox and Kinect

All successes under Ballmer. Any success will of course be credited to someone else, whilst the failures are lumped upon him. This is the lazy thinking and flat out prejudice that prevales on the internet, and it seems amongst many financial analysts too.

Nokia and Apple bury patent beef


No-one here knows the full story.

Nokia sued Apple because Apple refused to pay what Nokia asked. No-one here knows the exact figures Nokia demanded, no-one can tell just how much they differed from the norm. They went to court to let the courts decide who was right. Commenters here pretending to know more than they do should keep quiet.

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5

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FF4 working fine.

Working better than 3.6.x on an Athlon XP 3000 with 1gb ram. Works even better in Ubuntu than XP ofc. I got fed up with some sites (Facebook mainly) not working properly in chrome so ff4 was a big relief.

Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software



I was sorta hoping he would get away with it and it would show up on piratebay and I could become rich off the stock market along with all the other pirate bay users. Then we would have so many rich people the term would no longer have any meaning and capitalism would have been turned on its head.

Apple: If you're under 17, you can't use Opera


Opera Turbo bypasses local proxies

But still it is a poor excuse for the 17 rating. If the kid is smart enough to work out Opera Turbo he's probably smarter than his parents at technical matters.

Natalie Portman slaps John Galliano

IT Angle

I think I only need an icon

Obviously because it's about a fashion designer it must be an iPad2 rumour? Or because it's about Natalie Portman it's a play on the fact that she has port in her name? Yeah I can scrape the barrel too.

Motorola Defy Android smartphone



The specs mention 5 MP but that doesn't always equate to a good camera. Does this take nice snaps or fuzzy fugly stuff?

Mozilla reaches for almost perfect 10 with latest Firefox 4 beta


Plugins cause slow startup for FF?

FF was loading pretty slowly on my old machine (An Athlon with 1GB of RAM) so I decided to have a look at all the plugins and extensions. After disabling a lot of Microsoft plugins and a few others and rebooting (to make sure FF wasn't just cached in memory) it seemed to load much faster. No scientific test to determine which particular plugin it was, or how much faster, but something that might be worth others looking into.

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu


Too many fuckwits

Face it the average movie goer is a fuckwit, so it's no surprise that the Matrix sequels got panned. Once that initial wow of seeing bullet time wore off, the numpties tuned out. The whole "is it real or not" was enough philosophy for the general cinema going dickwad and they didn't feel like thinking any deeper about it. Don't forget that the second Matrix contains one of the best car chases ever, and that fight with Neo and hundreds of Smiths. The third one didn't pay enough attention to Smith, that was why I found it slightly disappointing but I felt it took the story to it's natural conclusion.

Just what were the haters expecting from the sequels?

Police DNA retention ruled lawful by NI High Court


Was a juror on an attempted murder case.

The DNA evidence was one more useful piece of evidence in that case. Along with CCTV footage. If you take away evidence like this, what are we left with? Witness statements which often conflict or are poorly remembered due to the time involved. The defence loved to pick holes in the statements of witnesses and conjured up their own version of events, trying to pin the blame on another individual who hadn't yet been apprehended. If the CCTV hadn't shown the events so clearly that individual might have taken the blame because the witness descriptions of who had actually made the attack varied.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Jobs Horns

You'd be wrong

RyokuMas how long has it been since you last played WoW? Did you miss the bit where you can now form groups for dungeons cross server and all the English realms are combined into one big pool of potential players?

In wotlk they made changes to the amount of exp required per level, introduced heirlooms so that those who already had a max level character could level faster and made end game content so easy that you could level alts and get T10 within a week.

In Cata they made new starting zones for trolls, worgen, gnomes and goblins. They made some of the level 60 dungeons more suitable for lower levels. Mounts can be obtained at lower levels, the priced for the mounts and skills has been reduced.

The only problem now with the cross server dungeon tool is that players are morons. They all want to be DPS heroes so groups have to wait forever for a tank or a healer.

Another commenter remarked that he took as long to get from 80-85 as 70-80. If you did that you did it wrong. Reaching the new level cap should only take a few days even if you aren't trying hard.

Back to the review, Goblins are the best thing that has ever happened to the Horde. Hopefully it will make those heavy metal listening, smug retards take themselves less seriously. I have played Alliance and Horde from near the start of vanilla wow and I can say that while Horde overall tend to be better players they tend to be bigger arseholes too. More likely to gank, more likely to take a hissy fit in a raid.

Overall the expansion has been great. Questing has been fun and hasn't felt too tortuous. Heroics have been challenging although I can't see them staying that way once everyone knows them off by heart and has better gear. It is still better than wotlk where you dinged 80 and went in and facerolled in your quest greens.

We still have the problem of everyone wanting to be a DPS hero and so queue times for heroics can be extreme. Since I play a tank I don't have this issue, and levelling a healer isn't too bad either. I am dreading the time when I level one of my DPS alts.

EU telecoms to Apple, Google: 'Pay up!"

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BBC license going towards broadband in UK

About £300m of a total £850m I believe promised for a plan to widen the reach of Britain's broadband.

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

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Grow up because...

Firstly this is a tech news site, the World Cup bid has little relevance here.

Secondly, all the allegations of corruption are just that, allegations. No proof, and wasn't there a little incident with handbags that the UK ought to be ashamed of?

I just don't like the sour grapes tone of the article, as if the UK is some paragon of virtue while the other bids were rotten to the core. Too much fuss is made over football in other areas of the media I had hoped a tech site would be able to give me an unsensationalised view. Too much to ask it seems.


Sickeningly biased article

Even though I live in the UK I don't appreciate the remarks about Russia not having built stadia yet and allegations of bias from FIFA. Grow up, the decision didn't go your way.

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

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How can there be a list of the 10 worst?

Surely Apple's strict approval procedure ensures the best experience for the customer by weeding out the dross? Or is it that Apple are only human after all?

Samsung SF310 13.3in notebook

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Games on mac

That run slower than when run under windows. Haven't seen anyone posting whether the 10.6.5 update fixed their woes in l4d.

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV


Pride and prejudice 3d

Sound good? Nope, thought not. 3d only benefits a certain portion of tv programming such as action movies, pixar movies and maybe wildlife programs. The Hairy bikers 3d, eastenders 3d, the weakest link 3d. None of those genres benefit and thus make the purchase of a 3d tv unnecessary.




The shadows are all wrong and there is clear evidence that a UFO has been airbrushed out. I have contacted Walt Disney and Stanley Kubrick who were rumoured to be behind the faking of the original moon landings, and more recently have both faked their own deaths so that they could more easily fake more projects such as this.

Niether Mr. Disney nor Mr. Kubrick has got back to me yet but when they do I suspect we will see that this conspiracy goes all the way to the top, with both the ex-labour prime minister and the coalition government in on the cover up. The British space industry has been desperate for funding in these times of recession and publicity stunts such as this one will provide them with the money they need for more helium, duct tape and mobilo figures.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Multiplayer needs more space

It mentions that the maps are smaller than the Battlefield games which suggests to me that it will be the usual spammy, run and gun twitchfest so beloved of the masses. Not that the battlefield games have been anything to brag about in this regard recently. Bad Company 2 was hopeless. Buggy on release and the server browser is still pretty terrible. I am a PC gamer you can probably tell, although I am thinking that it's becoming more and more a waste of my time. Games are developed and aimed at the console tards first and PC versions are an afterthought.

Microsoft's Office ribbon hits Mac fans


Ribbon ftw

The ribbon presents most common tasks in plain view, and the less common tasks tend to be found by clicking the little triangle in the bottom corner of the panel. These little triangles tend to mimic the old style menus, it is sheer ignorance that makes people repeat their tired rant about how the menus were better.

I've been using Office since 2000.

Tesla Motors: Our cars don't burst into flame, but our emails do

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You got caught being pricks

And your response is to be even bigger pricks. Reg has been slipping down my priorities lately as it seems to have less stuff of its own and more that is on other sites. An article like this doesn't make you any more appealing.

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance

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American biased research.

The rest of the world does not always follow the same pattern as America.

Linux police offer deviant Android return from exile


Apple's contributions are difficult to measure.

They tend to take a project already in existence, add some ideas of their own and then claim all the credit. Or more usually, their fans give them all the credit. Apple's support may make a project more popular, but it can hardly be doubted that what they gain from Open Source is far more than they give back. Without Open Source they would have spent far longer developing OSX. Without Open Source they wouldn't have any server platform. Without Open Source they wouldn't have a browser. Please don't try that old chestnut that Webkit is the best browser engine just because of it's Sunspider benchmarks. Each of the engines has it's own strengths, and webkit is certainly a good one, but fanbois would have us believe that other browsers are barely capable of rendering a webpage in comparison.

It's hard to find any actual developers from the projects that Apple are involved in making comments. I did see someone on the FreeBSD project thank them for the Mach kernel, but the Webkit project was fraught with dispute, as was the Darwin project.

HTC Wildfire Android smartphone

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I own one.

I had a T-Mobile Pulse and came to the Wildfire already familiar with Android. I am not a big fan of HTC Sense although it might be better on a bigger screen. Took me almost a week to get used to the low resolution, but now I think I am used to it and things don't look so ugly and blocky. I had to find a keyboard that was smaller so it didn't obscure the text that I was trying to input. (Swiftkey beta)

Pinch to zoom is great. Responsiveness is great and multitasking works a lot better than the Pulse due to the extra RAM. Camera isn't bad. Flash Lite works ok but I don't really have much use for it. Looking forward to 2.2 Hoping it gets rooted soon and custom ROMS start appearing.

Google discovers Chrome can (really) block ads

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Oh dear

That was my last reason for using Firefox. Well I suppose there's always skinning. Chrome skins are pretty poor.

Apple MacBook mid-2010

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In 15+ years of computing...

I have never once tripped over a laptop chord because you know, us nerds are careful. That alone makes magsafe worthless. LED backscreens too are mostly useless for the average user since all they will be doing is surfing the web and typing up a few emails.

Another typical Mac fanatic tactic is to exaggerate the sound difference and the number of LEDs. I haven't had a laptop yet that was noisier than my Macbook. My Macbook unfortunately has Intel graphics and playing a Flash movie turns it into a helicopter. And until a recent Flash update that was true for nvidia Macs as well. No sorry, don't go lumping the blame on Adobe. If fanbois can blame Microsoft for Blue Screens of Death instead of poorly written third party drivers, I am going to go ahead and apply the same rules to Apple. Oh and a typical laptop has 3 LEDs, and they are all perform some sort of function. Only the most effeminate of computer users would resent an LED that tells them that their computer is doing something. Macs have their own share of LEDs anyway, on the battery and on the Magsafe.

Then there's the heat of Macs. Groin scaldingly hot. Or how about when I was trying to watch the World Cup and all the peer to peer TV software was Windows only? Or the way Apple were happy to shit on their old PPC customers by making Snow Leopard Intel only? Too bad those G5 64bit workstations can't take advantage of the first proper 64bit OSX.

Never try to reason with a Mac user because they simply don't use reason. They are ruled entirely by their foppish ideas of style and design. It is almost offensive to them to suggest that their Mac is a computer. It is blasphemy to suggest that perhaps Steve Jobs may not have their best interests at heart when he denies them Blu-Ray or Flash on their phones.

So long then, Windows 2000

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I was in the Three Store

Getting a new contract and phone and the machine they used to sign me up was running Windows 2000. I couldn't believe that even a company who are supposed to promote the cutting edge of hardware were using an operating system that was probably out of date around the time they started business.