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Suicidal Foxconn workers talked down from factory roof

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I strongly doubt the US/UK/German spec XBOX machines are any less FULL of Chinese parts than any other market. It's merely that the US/UK/German market will bear more markup.

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

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Heh, brick does very poorly here on the Hayward faultline.

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Harsher winters? Bay Area?

What type of harsh winter are you referring to?

I've never worn anything more than a light jacket while living in the same area as this 'cannon' house. Winter is pretty weak here.

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Californians, somewhat due to state history seem to like Stucco. Personally I can't stand the stuff.

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I guess I'm puzzled as to why they were firing east, since there's MORE than adequate distance from housing when firing north.

(The Alameda Bomb Range is a little over a mile from where I live, I see their white truck from time to time)

Apple was OK to fire man for private Facebook comments

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Comprehension skills.

You didn't read the article did you?

Anonymous hacktivists turn rapper on YouTube, iTunes

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I'd LOVE to see them cite this "radio stations will by law have to play it".

Trust me, there is no such law, Federal, State or Local.

FTC and DoJ toss-up on Apple subs plan 'probe'

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Whine, whine, whine :)

Meh, I don't even own a smart phone, so this really doesn't affect me, or the GREAT MAJORITY of people :)

Apple ranks first in surging security bug count

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Oh my Reg, will you ever be more than just tech paparazzi?

Your headline is awesome, though not as good at the NYP's 'Headless Body in Topless Bar'.

The attached report is interesting to read, and I recommend that others read it in FULL as well, it's a touch less sensationalist than the Reg headline.

Apple accused of hushing up security update

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I dunno folks, this sounds like sound and furry, signifying nothing.

So what if Apple added one signature.

I couldn't give a rip!

Lets report about something significant!

Adobe gives up on the iPhone

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Wait a sec..

Wait a second, I coulda sworn that Adobe was going to sue apple over flash. Even the Reg copy-pasted the jist of the ITworld article here.

WFT reg?

Record-fine Napsterer wants retrial with RIAA

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"blaming Apple's formerly DRM-bogged music for further advancing copyright thievery"

You're kidding right, THIS is an excuse?

Methinks the appeal will not go far on this reasoning.

That's like saying that the die clips on clothing further advances shoplifting.

(not that I care at all for the RIAA and it's tactics, but seriously, this is a pretty poor defence tactic.)

Mystery co. sues Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle...

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East Texas

Once you see East Texas mentioned, it's over folks. If you see that location on ANY patent dispute it's a near 100% indication that the suit is false from top to bottom.

Fanboi site squeaks on crocked iMacs

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When I still blogged (I stopped blogging about 8 months ago) we got a load of Dell desktops that were DOA* over a one month period. I blogged about it, even our head of IT did but we didn't get into the register at all. WTH Reg?!?

*Of the 45 we got in 4 shipments, 28 were dead most likely from not being handled properly somewhere along the way. This Apple shipment sounds like much the same thing, someone in China dropped a shipping container.

Microsoft ropes in Family Guy to pimp Windows 7

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Half hour commercials.

Half hour commercials. Wonderful. Kids toys weren't enough.

Seth, you sadden me greatly.

Malware house offered bounty for infected Macs

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Market share increase

Something that I think gets overlooked by many here, Apple had 3% just a few short years ago. Depending on who you ask today, it's 7-10%. Now many MS boosters like to point out how blithe Mac users are, seemingly not realizing where this new 4+ percent showed up from. The user numbers that have boosted the Mac have come from the Windows side where most users are already quite aware of what is out there. It's an antediluvian supposition to think that the majority of Mac users are clueless on exploits. Anyone who marches out that characteristic merely shows their lack of understanding on the subject readily shows what their real colours are.

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats

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Medication time.

Boy, talk about a classic paranoid schizophrenic! I feel bad for all involved, just think of the poor mechanic who was just doing his job gets this person in their shop...