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Dutch national broadcaster saw ad revenue rise when it stopped tracking users. It's meant to work like that, right?

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'Relevant' ads

Meanwhile, ads that are targeted at you based on your web history and failing dismally at their job - flinging washing machine ads after you've bought a washing machine - have become such a cliche that comedians are using them. Perhaps the targeting just doesn't work very well.

Cool IT support drones never look at explosions: Time to resolution for misbehaving mouse? Three seconds

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Well, it wouldn't log temperatures when they were too high for it to run, now would it ?

Rental electric scooters to clutter UK street scenes after Department of Transport gives year-long trial the thumbs-up

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Re: Logic

And why explicitly require them to have 'wheels arranged in line, one behind the other' ? I don't see anything more dangerous about the Segway concept, and it's a good deal more interesting and flexible.

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Re: Rental sucks.

I might use one when I go (as I often do) into london by train. Maybe that makes me a tourist.

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway

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Re: A face-saving solution...

So, spend £500M buying a share. Spend another couple of £B making it work. Then, because running broadband services is a job for corporations, not the public purse, flog it off to $friend for a few £M.

Tory all the way.

Here's a headline we'll run this century, mark our words: Alien invaders' AI found on Mars searching for signs of life

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Re: So

It's not quite like that. According the the article, the AI looks for things it knows about. Presumably it sends the oddities in full.

cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode'

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Re: Strings

We'll leave it to our readers to debate the pros and cons of writing a script that depends on the format of a copyright string in order to keep a production line ticking over.

But that would require a spec for the string, stating which parts are guaranteed to unchangable and which might vary in different editions.

Supply me that spec and I'll ensure I parse it safely.

And that spec is where ?

The problem lies not with the programmer but with the vendor.

OnePlus to disable camera colour feature with pervy tendencies in latest flagship smartphone

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Sounds like the Sony camera bug of several years ago : in that case it was iirc the disabling of the camera's IR filter (usually only done when used with IR illumination) in daylight.


Podcast Addict banned from Google Play Store because heaven forbid app somehow references COVID-19

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Re: normalising censorship?

Lots of downvotes but sabroni is right.

If you're part of google's ecosystem, you're there because it benefits you commercially. If google says jump and you don't ask how high, tough.

It may be difficult to exist outside the dominant culture but plenty of people have been pointing out the problems with monocultures forever. If you want to make use of google, facebook or microsoft, play by their rules or play somewhere else.

Better yet, do your best to bring down monocultures. In the end, they only benefit themselves.

NHS contact tracing app isn't really anonymous, is riddled with bugs, and is open to abuse. Good thing we're not in the middle of a pandemic, eh?

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Re: One would have throught...

But this is on a phone.

Yes, UK people have been known to object to government monitoring, though usually only after long campaigns. But it seems they'll load any old crapp on their phones.

Firefox 74 slams Facebook in solitary confinement: Browser add-on stops social network stalking users across the web

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It's a start

Why don't all sites get this treatment ? FB is only the worst.

Duped into running bogus virus scans at Office Depot? Dry your eyes with a small check from $35m settlement

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Re: And what about the others?

People are also inclined to trust a bricks and mortar store more. Many fewer people trust a popup ad.

Office Depot were trading on this trust when they told customers in their store that they had a problem.

Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police

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Re: Be fair

Talk to him. Like a proper parent would.

Oh, and keep him away from immoral influences such as lawyers.

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The vast majority of the computers that are 'hacked' are running Windows.

So if your teen has Windows on their machine, the chances are they're practising exploits on it.

Outlook more like 'look out!' as Microsoft email decides everything is spam today

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Re: Windows Search is down, too.

Are you suggesting that there are installs of Win 10 that aren't buggy ?

How do you get them ?

What is WebAssembly? And can you really compile C/C++ to it? And it'll run in browsers? Allow us to explain in this gentle introduction

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Re: Wasm is evolving extremely rapidly, and new information and changes occur weekly

It'll be like Python : extended every month and the devs writing for public consumption use all the latest features. So we'll end up installing a new wasm byte-code interpreter every time we load a web page.

In deepest darkest Surrey, an on-prem SAP system running 17-year-old software is about to die....

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You wish

The business case warns the new system would potentially "reduce back-office staff costs" and "reduce the number of business support staff required to support a SaaS-based technology".

'potentially' is the key. This is standard boilerplate for proposals and means nothing. When did you ever see a government system that required less civil servants than the one that preceded it ? In fact it will take three times as many staff for the 5-year transition and twice as many thereafter.

A Notepad nightmare leaves sysadmin with something totally unprintable

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Re: three decades

The 90s were just a few days ago.

And some of my colleagues weren't born yet :(.

Snakes on a wane: Python 2 development is finally frozen in time, version 3 slithers on

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Re: Apple's walled garden

"The problem comes when Red Hat want to pin the version the system uses at say 3.5 but the user wants 3.8 for applications and both versions are known as "python3". This change lets two versions of 3.x coexist without conflicts."

And so it continues ...

You know something is broken when the fix for it is 'give it it's own private environment with all its dependencies packaged in so it doesn't break everything else'

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent

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And in the Fens.

Devils must have been common in watery places.

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Re: Once upon a time in Brighton...

I had an upper-case only terminal at one time. Wasn't it possible to enter lower-case by escaping with a backslash ?

Buy Amazon's tiny $99 keyboard so you can make terrible AI music for all your friends

Adrian 4 Silver badge

Oh, good

Like we need more plastic music.

I often wonder, when passing a TV playing 'drama' what it must be like to have a job where you compose or play those meaningless, content-free sequences of notes that fill in the gaps in the dialogue. Soul-destroying, I would think. If they even had a soul in the first place.

Didn't Julia in '1984' work on the novel-writing machines ? Orwell saw a lot further into the future than mere politics.

Vote rigging, election fixing, ballot stuffing: Just another day in the life of a Register reader

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Re: side issue of green beer

TIL ..

Thanks. I was under the impression that the Weisse part was a conventional weissebeer.

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Re: side issue of green beer

Weissbeer coloured green with Waldmeister (as served in Berlin) is a lot nicer than it should be.

Open-source Windows Terminal does the splits: There ain't no party like a multi-pane party

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Because MS love to prove that 'those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly' -Henry Spencer, 1987.

Bose customers beg for firmware ceasefire after headphones fall victim to another crap update

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Re: Just bought a set of QC 35 II's ...

That's what I was told by a developer. I would love to get a definitive answer.

As I understand it, the argument goes like this :

If you want to search for and connect to your bluetooth device, you can search for arbitrary bluetooth devices.

If you can search for arbitrary bluetooth devices then you can see beacons.

Beacons provide location information.

Therefore if you want to search for bluetooth devices you must have been given permission to obtain location.

It may be that if you only use generic bluetooth services negotiated by the OS (such as bluetooth audio connections) or use a connection that has been paired through the OS's settings, there is no need for the location permission.

So it may be that the problem occurs because developers like to connect in-app rather than push users to the pairing setting. That's a reasonable requirement given the knowledge of the typical user, and google could support it in a useful way, which is why I blame google rather than the developers.

Actual explanation from a knowledgable developer welcome.

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Re: Just bought a set of QC 35 II's ...

You can't have a bluetooth connection without agreeing to location services.

Because google.

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Google trashed the early Nexus 7 tablets (2011 ? 2012?) with a software update that ruined performance and battery life.

As far as I'm aware they never apologised or fixed it. They just completley ignored it and supported only the later version until everyone got fed up complaining.

A big problem with using consumer protection law is that it will usually have expired for the hardware purchase and isn't relevant for the 'free' software update. So it's probably better to tackle it as theft of service or wanton damage.

We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE

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Maybe they could bulldoze him into a ditch. That's two promises fulfilled - a record for Boris.

Amnesty slams Facebook, Google over 'pervasive surveillance' business model

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Re: Amnesty International's own privacy commitment

As does el reg.

But since I delete the cookies once they're no longer useful to me anyway, I prefer this approach to a huge in-your-face 'cookie policy' popup that wants me to read pages of crap and confirm three times that no, I really don't want their tracking cookies to improve my experience, thank you, and have a cookie set to say so.

UK public sector IT chiefs shrug off breach threats: The data we hold isn't that important

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Re: wrong question perhaps?

Perhaps they meant 'It won't cost us out business if we lose this data because we don't actually HAVE a business, and fines for government departments, if they exist at all, are just a paper exercise'.

Losing your civil service pension, on the other hand, might be seen as a reasonable deterrent.

Second time lucky: Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation

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Re: Stating the obvious

'given the nature of what he did'

Except no adult outside of a trolly astroturfer would say that now a swedish court have decided that there is far too little reliable evidence to be sure of any such thing. Because it would be libel.

Microsoft joins Google and Mozilla in adopting DNS over HTTPS data security protocol

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Re: ISPs complain that they use the ability to see DNS queries to

Why would governments care ? They'll just get logs from google etc. on pain of allowing them to continue to exist.

Pack your bags, you're going to America, Lord Chief Justice tells accused Brit hacker

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Re: Odd thought

Wouldn't the proportions operate the other way round, with the more-populous country sending a larger number (but still small proportion) of its residents to the less-populous country ?

HP to Xerox: Nope, your $33.5bn bid falls short of our valuation

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Re: Hp inc real value What it is ?

I think we all know how good HP is at valuing companies.

Ex-Capita accountant who claimed £10k bung to leave was blackmail has appeal thrown out

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Re: Who cares?

As an accoutant, too.

The only profession in which 'creative' is synonymous with 'criminal'.

Like a BAT outta hell, Brave browser hits 1.0 with crypto-coin rewards for your fave websites

Adrian 4 Silver badge

worth trying

Stunningly fast on ebay, without the clunky gaps on every scroll. But gmail is pathetically addicted to its cookies and won't go past the moan page.

Can't you hear me knocking? But I installed a smart knocker

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Re: About this single point of failure business

Read any account of a technical disaster, such as a plane crash. The problem is never one failure - nearly all systems, except perhaps cheap IoT, can handle that. It's a chain of disasters that spiral down to the point where there is nothing left keeping you alive except Lady Luck.

Adrian 4 Silver badge

Re: Well that was a waste...

He's in France.

He was lucky the installer made a vague mention that he might have a problem some time in the future (RTFA) but actually insisting on fitting something else would be right out.

Your property. Your decision. Your problem. <shrug>

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Re: There is of course a new approach here

Appreciators of fine bicycles have long suspected that cheap bikes (eg Halfrauds) are made of cheese.

Adrian 4 Silver badge

I tried timeshifting TV. It led almost immediately to completely abandoning TV when I discovered that without the incentive to watch it *now* because it would be gone tomorrow, there really wasn't any incentive to watch it at all.

Adrian 4 Silver badge

Re: The joys of automation...


Look for a nearby CCTV camera. They often seem to interfere with remote locking.

Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in

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Re: Still no Moron Mode

I don't much mind if the picture's taken in portrait mode, when the subject is portrait-shaped. What I detest is a blurry side trimming extrapolated from the picture content to make it 'fit' a normal screen.

They terrrk err jerrrbs! Vodafone replaces 2,600 roles with '600 bots' in bid to shrink €48bn debt

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Re: 600 bots

That's because callers give up in disgust on the bot more quickly. Or vice versa.

I've had it with these motherflipping eggs on this motherflipping train

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The tube now has posters requesting passengers not to eat stinky food. I wish all other enclosed public places had the same. Subjecting fellow passengers to your stinking preference is indeed disgusting.

UK Info Commish quietly urged court to swat away 100k Morrisons data breach sueball

Adrian 4 Silver badge

Can't really see the court's argument here.

If Morrisons had been negligent and let someone have access through poor security or policy then yes. But he was legitimately authorised : he just abused that permission. How was Morrisons supposed to stop that ?

If someone over 18 stole a kitchen knife from their store and stabbed someone with it, would the store be an accessory ?

Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?

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Re: Which is it

'We have no evidence of photos/videos uploaded due to this.'

That's not the same as 'it didn't happen', though, is it ?

Could mean 'we didn't look very hard', or 'we made sure we destroyed all the evidence'. But it's a common defence and once that always makes me suspicious.

'Sophisticated' cyber attack on UK Labour Party platforms was probably just a DDoS, says official

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Re: Interesting wetware hack

'Even if it wasn't a sophisticated hack, it's been on the front page of the Beeb all morning.'

Somewhat lower-rated than the 'it's raining in yorkshire' story, though.

Any promises to extend rights of self-employed might win an election, hint Brit freelancer orgs

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Re: Waste of time

And their promises are worthless. Look how they stitched up the last two parties to get into bed with them - the lib dems and the DUP. No way would I support that bunch on the basis of a vague suggestion that they might make HMRC obey the law.

Senior GitLab exec resigns over plan to stop hiring engineers in China and Russia

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Re: Thumbs up

Seems like Gitlab is really struggling, with management bringing up crazy ideas and then having to backtrack. Is it desperation based on a desire / compulsion to make some profit, or a CEO that just doesn't know where they're going ?


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