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Ireland warned it could face 'rolling blackouts' if it doesn't address data centres' demand for electricity

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Re: Time to reconsider nuclear

Ireland has quite a lot of coastline, making wavepower and offshore windpower an option. They're also subject to fading but less so than onshore windpower.

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Re: Lucky Ireland

It only trashes the business case if you consider them alone. If you consider the business case of backup stations + windpower, you have an increased investment but lower average operating costs.

BOFH: Despite the extremely hazardous staircase, our IT insurance agreement is at an all-time low. Can't think why

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Insurance insurance

I think there's a market for insurance against over-insuring.

If you don't make enough claims to make the premiums worthwhile, someone comes and breaks things until you do

Linus Torvalds tells kernel list poster to 'SHUT THE HELL UP' for saying COVID-19 vaccines create 'new humanoid race'

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Re: In a stockyard...

> Turn that around and look at the UK govmt, for example - they seem to have been actively trying to make money (on the side)

Although at an abysmal ROI. The fact that it was somebody else's money that was invested is the only reason they could do it.

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Re: Tricky to do that with people.

"There wasn't any disease in care homes though until the sick were sent in, so no cull necessary. Seems more like an attempt by UK govt to solve the pensions crisis in typical Tory caring fashion."

Amusingly, cutting their own throats - since it's thought that the 'grey vote' is what keeps them in power.

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"More people need to stop mollycoddling these halfwits, the charlatans that push this crap online need a meeting with a judge and a labour camp and parents who go down this rabbit hole should lose their kids until they smarten up (if they are capable.....)"

They'd see that as martyrdom and be encouraged. Better to admonish them gently as Linus did, and then ignore them.

EE and Three mobe mast surveyors might 'upload some virus' to London Tube control centre, TfL told judge

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It 's not just once though, is it ?

If they decide they want to put one there, there'll be disruption whilst it's installed and doubtless access required from time to time. And haven't compulsory site rental rates just been reduced, making a lot of people not want the hassle ?

The excuses are, I agree, a bit thin. But it's their roof. Why should they let someone build on it ?

Door-opening insect mega-swarm emerges in Eastern US, descends on Washington DC

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Re: Personal portable FlameThrowers...

Big Clive's 'wooffler', which adds detergent bubbles to stabilise the vapour might be an enjoyable way to test this on the dread Scottish Midge

Proof-of-space cryptocurrency Chia triggers HDD sales boom in Europe

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Re: So what else can be wasted

Proof of labour.

There is a reasonably sized pool of waveslaves. Large enough to be viable, small enough to create a shortage.

And so we go round and round.

DoS vulns in 3 open-source MQTT message brokers could leave users literally locked out of their homes or offices

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Even rc or that poettering thing would restart the daemon.

Out of interest, what do those alternate brokers offer over mosquitto ?

UK government bows to pressure, agrees to delay NHS Digital grabbing the data of England's GP patients

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Re: Who are NHS Digital exactly?

There lots of bits of the NHS, Public Health England, the Health secretary etc. etc.

Conveniently, so many that it's difficult to know which, if any, can be trusted.

Three thousand sea birds abandon nests amid nature reserve drone crash hullabaloo

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aircraft aren't only at airports

This, yesterday :


Twitter’s new subscription service costs the same as a cup of coffee a month – though much less stimulating

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Would be nice if it :

Stopped ads

Showed ALL the tweets from my selected twats, not just the ones twitter considers I should read

Removed duplicates.

Why Twitter feels it should select, reschedule etc. some tweets while showing me duplicates of those that are retweeted by another follow, I cannot understand.

How many remote controls do you really need? Answer: about a bowl-ful

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You can be sure that if two manufacturers used the same remote control, it would mean they'd both respond to the wrong buttons on the other's remote.

Flying dildo poses a slap in the face for serious political debate

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politically motivated

It always amuses me when politicians claim that actions are politically motivated, apparently thereby casting them in a bad light .. and seemingly unaware of the fact that their own entire existence is politically motivated.

Conservative Party fined one-third of a luxury food hamper by ICO for nuisance email campaign

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Then replace him with nothing. It would be a big improvement.

BOFH: But we think the UK tax authorities would be VERY interested in how we used COVID support packages

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Re: Auditors...

You should read pterry's 'Thief of Time'

It involves Auditors and death by chocolate-coated-coffee beans.

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?

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> We're sure the warm glow of a job well done was recompense enough.

I'm equally sure that it had to be, as there wasn't going to be anything else.

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Re: Tea

I have absolutely no problem making tea for people at my normal consulting rate.

I'll even serve biscuits.

Dominic Cummings: Health secretary's 'stupid' targets delayed building UK test and trace system to combat COVID

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> Challenged by MPs as to why it took two months to set up the test and trace system, Cumming said: “In lots of ways the whole core of government

> fundamentally fell apart,” when the prime minister went into hospital in April.

Given that he doesn't appear to actually do anything, it surprises me immensely that anybody would notice if he stopped.

Big red buttons and very bad language: A primer for life in the IT world

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Re: Red Button

I think that's just there in case he forgets who he's supposed to be

The Home Office will need to overturn a long legacy of failure to achieve ambition of all-digital border by 2025

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Re: Will it really?

> And did she explain how the Common Travel Area would continue to work? It allows travel between the UK and Ireland (for UK and Irish nationals) without any documentation?

Magic Pixie Dust, the essential component of all political planning

Help wanted, work from anywhere ... except if you're located in Colorado

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Re: Ah, the good old days...

> Actually New Jersey has/(had?) a law that the price of food at the airport cannot exceed it's costs at the > same restaurant outside the airport.

I hope they also have a law that the rents charged for floorspace at the airport cannot exceed the rent for a similar establishment outside the airport.

High rents - charged because the sellers have a captive market - are the usual reason for high prices.

Déjà bork: BSOD fairy pays key-cutting kiosk another visit

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Re: Err, yeah, I suppose so

Urchins getting bored ?

Waymo self-driving robotaxi goes rogue with passenger inside, escapes support staff

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> A simpler and cheaper solution would simply be to stop using machine learning AI and use an expert system instead.

An expert system with on-the-job training (which is what this is) is just an expert system that's forever half-trained.

NHS-backed org reacted to GitHub leak disclosure with legal threats and police call, complains IT pro

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English lacks unambiguous rules for precedence. I think that should be read as

(NHS and related) managament hate whistleblowers. It's instinctive. They just can't help themselves.

and not as

NHS and (related managament) hate whistleblowers. It's instinctive. They just can't help themselves.

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Re: Learn from the ransomeware bods...

It's normal to keep records of an action for some months in order to ensure it is completely over. There is even a fixed (minimum) time for financial records, and it's a lot longer than that.

If he were trying to steal the data, he wouldn't have told you he had a copy.

If he had only kept screenshots, how could he prove what else he had had temporary access to?

What if you came back in a few months and accused him of stealing and using some data, and there was ambiguity over whether it was in the repository ?

Blessed are the cryptographers, labelling them criminal enablers is just foolish

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Re: Really ????

There's also some survivor bias involved. If the stated fact is the latter one, it could more accurately be stated as

'exclusively used by almost all the criminals we know about or caught'

which is even less convincing as a reason to ban it - not only is it likely that cleverer criminals use something undetectable, but that it's possible (perhaps easier) to catch those using OTS crypto.

Note that Signal counts there too, and is very likely transparent to five-eyes monitoring.

Basecamp CEO issues apology after 'no political discussions at work' edict blows up in his face

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Just marketing

I never heard of Basecamp before this furore, and never knew what it was until this Register article told me.

So, clearly, it's all just an advertising stunt, and it worked, to a degree (i'm still not going to buy it).

FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins

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Re: So all you businesses running Redmond software ...

It's pretty sad that the first reaction to feds doing stuff like this is that they're sneaking in and adding their own spyware. More of a condemnation of the feds to have let their reputation slip so far.

The saving grace is that they (allegedly) did this using the malware itself, not the holes in Exchange. If you weren't already being attacked by malware authors and had failed to remove the web shell yourself, they (allegedly) did nothing. Presumably people cynical about the feds would have already done this.

Nestled between donuts and gingerbread creations lurks the Windows 7 EOS fairy

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Why are they even running Windows for a job that only needs a media player or photo frame application ?

These things only require a little aliexpress box, not a huge bugpile of an OS.

Their 'next job could be in cyber': UK Cyber Security Council launches itself by pointing world+dog to domain it doesn't own

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The world-beating UK has already expanded that concept to be an entire Theodule Government.

Yep, you're totally unique: That one very special user and their very special problem

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Re: ran out of ram

We had Hellerman pliers for putting rubber hellerman sleeves on cables. Three parallel prongs which rested together but spread apart when the handles were squeezed.

Universally known as honeymoon pliers.

Diary of a report writer and his big break into bad business

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What could possibly go wrong? Sublet your home broadband to strangers who totally won't commit crimes

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Re: Sounds “interesting”

What you get in exchange for enabling the BT service is the ability to use it on others addresses when you're not at home. It generates a separate SSID, it doesn't open up your home network.

However, when I tried it, the signals I could get from other users were so poor that it was unusable.

Partial beer print horror as Microsoft's printer bug fix, er, doesn't

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After reading that article a few weeks ago about how Microsoft patched windows and applications with a whole raft of bodges to suit their ISV's and their own errors, I can only say they deserve absolutely everything they suffer from.

What a bunch of morons.

With Nominet’s board-culling vote just days away, we speak to one man who will publicly support the management

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Re: not a double-barreled shotgun

If that's a technical question : a captive bolt pistol

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Re: there should be a dialogue – not a double-barreled shotgun

Nuke it from orbit. It's he only way to be sure.

A borked bit of code sent the Hubble Space Telescope into safe mode, revealing a bunch of other glitches

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And the others ?

Since Hubble is widely believed to be a prototype for a line of inward-pointing spy telescopes, are all those worn out too ?

This developer created the fake programming language MOVA to catch out naughty recruiters, résumé padders

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Re: I can't believe it's not real!

I went to Bergen and spent some time in a pub with guys from the local hackspace. They had actual experience of RFC1149.

Like a challenge in a high profile 'face-of-IT' role? Welcome to the Home Office

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Re: One good reason not to

Arrogant and offensive

Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?

Microsoft spearheads a whole new genre with installation on the side of a Lyon tunnel

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security updates

It's rare for a venue to have usable internet. As a result, installations are very often standalone by necessity, and security updates aren't particularly relevant.

Recovery time objective missed by four weeks, but Parler is back online

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Re: Who's the audience?

> All this bullshit about removing statues and monuments to people who did anything remotely bad.

> We shouldn't be airbrushing them out of history. Teach people about them, and what they did.

> Don't remove them.

I'm not in favour of removing them from history. How could we learn from their mistakes if we hide them ?

But where they occupy a place of honour, such as the name of a building or a prominently-placed statue, I think it's reasonable to show our disgust by placing them in a museum - an actual repository of history, not an airbrush - rather than in pride of place.

Their work is more problematical, Rowling being a good example. Since her work doesn't, as far as I'm aware, make any comment on trans people I see no reason to cancel that. But it's common to provide a platform for people who have produced well-known and appreciated work : we don't have to do that if it's likely to disseminate unacceptable views.

We deal with Hitler in this way and, by and large, it's successful. We don't ban Mein Kampf - we allow it as an object lesson. We do ban far-right groups who disseminate those views. It hasn't resulted in complete suppression of those groups but they have remained a minority, at least in Europe.

What this ends up saying is : you cannot make simple rules about free speech. It requires thought, judgement and open discussion.

Supermicro spy chips, the sequel: It really, really happened, and with bad BIOS and more, insists Bloomberg

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Re: From a position of complete ignorance

And quite likely with some of its code provided by the by the US agencies

Or a backdoor that got owned. As we constantly warn might happen.

British owners of .eu domains given an extra three months to find a European address

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Re: EU level bureaucrats

Mediocre bureaucrats ?

Did anyone ever hear of an outstanding bureaucrat ?

Apple, Microsoft, PayPal among 35 organizations compromised by evil twin dependencies attack

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And for reliability. Your tests were performed using some version of imported code. If you rebuild using another version, those tests are invalid. Just because you're using a later version with supposed bugfixes doesn't mean that there aren't new bugs, or that the fixes don't trigger latent bugs in your code.

You need to know when you import a new version, and repeat your testing when it happens. Until that point your code is made less reliable by importing a bugfix, not more reliable.

ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen 1: Workhorse that does the business – and dares you to push that red button

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Re: Red pointy thing

> What would make sense (for me at least) would be a keyboard with a trackball located just beneath the space bar.

There was one, in the dim and distant past, wasn't there ? Maybe a pre-lenovo thinkpad ?

Raspberry Pi Foundation moves into microcontrollers with the $4 Pi Pico using homegrown silicon

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Re: Nice

To be fair, the guy who built the dual DVI system was also the guy who defined the PIO's instruction set.

But yes, I've seen a lot of interest in the PIO. A few other devices have something like it - the beaglebone's PRUs, Motorola's TPUs, the Cypress USB engine, the parallax propellor .. but they're largely seen as rather specialised, for the expert. These cheap and accessible PIOs that can be used to generate video could get a bit more interest going in assembler programming and FPGA state machines.

Quixotic Californian crusade to officially recognize the hellabyte and hellagram is going hella nowhere

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B, H

Surely they'd be b and h, not B and H ?

Or .. I guess most of the positive prefixes are upper case. Why is that, when k for kilo is lower ?


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