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Start-up offers frozen-pea-finding app

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These guys will get my money if they can do it for the UK.

Its positivily INSANE that there 'appears' to be no way of knowing or finding out if a supermarket has an item instock, never mind where it might be.

Dont try tell me that the millions they spend on inventory control cant tell me if theres a packet of jaffa cakes in the store.

I know they want me to wander like a drone through the aisles buying random things I didnt want... But these days if i cant find something I need I hand back the basket of what I've got, explain they dont have what I need, and walk out.

How to make boots on Mars affordable - One way trips

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Sign me up

After a day like today with the pointy haired bosses doing their best to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.... Where do I sign up?

So did Windows Phone 7 'bomb in US'?

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What really? It doesnt do those things?

"No cut, copy, and paste

No custom ringtone capability.

No multi-tasking."


I know thats its the first release of Windows Mobile 7. But if I remember correctly the first version of the iPhone didnt do those things and that got the flame wars burning bright.

For one, I'm amazed I haven't heard that before now. That the iPhone didnt do those things in version one was shouted from the roof tops.

Secondly.. They had the balls to release a phone that doesnt do those things? Having seen and heard the slating that iPhone got when it couldnt do those things.

Commissioner plays poker with Google

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In a land not far far away

Googles new privacy person (they appointed one if i recall) will be the nominated rep to sign the dotted line. Que the PR spin that theyve made someone personally responsible for best practice, working hand in hand, a new wave, happy smiling faces of ministers and other people in suits shaking hands.

Time passes....

Google makes a mess of something, CEO can then say, oh well, I appointed that bloke. He didnt do his job so we've got rid of him. Nice golden parachute, out the bloke goes off to his next job. Ministers are terribly disappointed, but the responsable person at Google has been removed. Off to a nice security conference to 'discuss' with the new bloke.

Home in time for tea and biccies at my second home with that nice new gadget that google gave me when i visited. And a job lined up as a consultant when I 'retire'.

DARPA, NASA team on '100-Year Starship' project

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Cunning plan to avoid the politcos

NASA I'm sure have already said that they suffer again and again from changing administrations, budgets, and flavour of the 'term'.

If they could get on with LONG projects they might be allowed to do something special, but having to get the funding and do it, before someone changes their mind is a difficult one.

So if it wasn't 'NASA' as we know it, but some independant outfit that didnt get involved in the politics and campaigning and votes I can see there could be some long term real results from this.

Just finding the way to stop the corrupt expenses and power loons from making a mess of it??? Thats the hard part.

Germans develop sleepy-driver car 'warning' system

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I can see it now...

You quietly drift off, the Eye-Tracker gives the sat nav a nudge, the sat nav picks Warsaw, and the google car invades Poland all by itself.

Have hordes of sex workers snubbed the Commonwealth games?

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Stadiums are empty...

Plenty of space at the empty stadiums (stadia?) when they do turn up. No need to worry.

PC World, Currys to offer cash for clunkers

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Whats the data on there worth to them?

So.. It has to be capable of powering on and running. Running what?

Is 'No boot device found' enough?

Or do they want to see it boot to windows?

Let face it, most people who would go to Dixons to trade in a computer wont have gone to the bother of securly deleting the data. So I wonder how many of their 'curious' techs will have a nose around these old machines...

"Whats THAT picture worth to you Sir? It looks like you had an 'interesting' time with the flying goggles and wet celery! Shall we say, more than 50quid?"

UK scraps Fibre Tax review

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Campaign promise not upheld? I'm shocked!!

Oh, no hangon.. No I'm not.

They'll have got some cash in a dirty brown enevelope from a campaigner to open it up to competion during their election campaign. Now theyre in power, they'll have done some 'consulting' work for BT or Virgin and funnily enough changed their minds.

Gravy train meets easy street.

Apple posts Magic Trackpad drivers for Windows

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Why should they bother?

Plenty of other manufacturers of gadgets only supply Wintel drivers, so why should Apple feel the need to provide anything except MacOS drivers?

MPs call for crackdown on pre-paid credit cards

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When they came for, I said nothing

>Explain why being able to identify the owner of a credit card is such a heinous invasion of your >privacy. 'bigbrother' my arse

Because the day that go to amazon to buy:

1 x Nightvision goggles

1 x Photography for dummies

1 x London A-Z

1 x Chemistry for beginners

1 x SAS Survival Handbook

1 x Selfdefence for beginners

I dont want my name to ping up on a list at GCHQ!

Apple TV revamp rumours resurface

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So what do I do with all my existing media?

I've a collection of those old fashioned discs.. How do I play those on my HD tv then?

Another box added to the collection undet the tv? another remote? another cable?

Or do I rip (eeek no, lawsuit!) my media to some SAN somewhere? And buy a few dozen TB of storage for it?

Do I buy (again) the same movies, at a lower bitrate, that I have to d/l over my "*unlimited" connection? For apples chosen price?

The pain we all had with the iPod, ripping our music to mp3 etc is multiplied x5 for each movie disc we own.

I'd love to have an archive of movies I can stream on demand (and do currently have about 1TB of them) but why force me to do this, when Apple could put a drive in it for next to nothing?

I get rid of having an extra box under the tv, i can play the movie instantly, not wait for a D/L buffering, I dont have to pay for another media shifted version, or more storage for it.

Ian 62

Put a blu-ray drive in it

I know, I know.. they want to make revenue from movie rentals.

But for god sakes people already have collections of dvds/blu-rays, and people actually occasionally still buy those shiney metal discs when theyre in real world stores.

So put a drive in it!! Apple you're in the bluray consortium, its not hard for you!

I'm lost without Google Wi-Fi snoop

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I dont think it was google folks....

iPod touch (since version 1) has been able to find its location based on wi-fi triangulation.

I was able to do this, long before the google spy cars came round my neighborhood.

The data/service that provided this is enabled by skyhookwireless


So lets not bash google for this, its been done already, years ago, by someone else.

BBC upgrades iPlayer to allow 'social propositions'

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Its about the ratings....

Self perpetuating machine...

1) People watch TV online, without a licence,

2) Get enough people watching online we can make a claim to up the tv licence

3) More people that can link iPlayer to their friends, more people watch more

4) More people watch, it costs more to run, up the tv licence.

BBC, big business leer creepily at orphan works

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Watermark it...with paint!

Here's a thought. If its about recording who took the image. Professional photographer types should start putting a nice ugly splash across the middle of the picture.


Sell those to big business cheaply, as no one can doubt who took it for years to come.

If big business want a nice clean high quality version. They can buy the image and its rights for LOTS of money. Let them shoot themselves in the foot.

Spooks scramble to replace failed secret messaging system

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Black Helicopters

@Sonny Jim .. Great idea

Wow.. you could cause paranoia and chaos..

I'm tempted to go create a youtube account and start streaming clips of numbers

Numbers Station for the web2.0

GCHQ loses Top Secret laptops

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Learn from everyone else?

In a previous lives, wearing different colours of boilersuits, I think every place I've worked at already did this.

Either they did an IT audit each year, to find out who had lost what kit so that the IT budget could claw back some money from the department budget.

Or, they rolled it into the PAT process. While youre checking that plug, Mr Sparks.. Take a note of what bit of kit it's attached to.

Is this just a side effect of the civil service? No one watches the profit/loss book.. So they dont care about 'loss/lost'?

Sellafield gull cull mulled

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So why cant I?

Living on the coast.. Seagulls are a constant menace, noise, source of poop... (And not just the glow in the dark kind). Yet we're always told that its an offence to rid yourself of the gulls. And the council wont do much either.

So how come theyre allowed to nuke the gulls?

Interpol issues arrest warrant for fake passport hit team

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Old documents used...Here it comes..

"However a Foreign Office spokesman told El Reg that it has already been established that all the suspect passports were forgeries of older passports without biometric chips"

So how long before the FCO announcement... "We're recalling all old documentation and it MUST be replaced by biometric ones" ?

'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

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But 'ofcourse' biometric passwords would have been safe

Tinfoil hat on...

Its all spin, the next report will be that IF everyone had biometric passports this sort of thing could never happen...

Therefore to save the world and end terrorism we all must have RF ID tags implanted in our heads.

Apple ambushed in Barcelona

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You can give Apple a hard time...

But, they do change the game.

As much as people complain about App Store approve process, and locked platforms, multi tasking, jesus phone etc etc...

I really really doubt without Apple taking the chance and giving it a go, that the 'old school' mobile companies and operators would have bothered their @rses to try anything like this.

3G networks appeal for power boost

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Marketing spin

400% coverage increase!

4 x the signal quality



Wait for the cynical marketing to appear once its switched over to 11.

Verified by Visa bitchslapped by Cambridge researchers

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Even the banks dont know what its for

First time I saw 'Verified by Visa', I was a bit doubtful it was legit. Even though I was shopping on a top ranked online site.

I called my Credit Card company. The call center had never heard of Verified by Visa. So they immediatly stopped my card.

Couple of days later they'd obviously been given the training course on what it was.

Arkansas cop tasers 10-year-old girl

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Camera turned off

So the camera was turned off. He gets 7days suspended with pay.

If the camera had been turned on, that would have been filming the of torture of a child.

Think of the children! What sentance would he have got for making video of that!!!!

Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

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Damnit.. I want my blu-ray drive.

But oooo nice, appart from that.

Blu-ray dropped from updated iMacs?

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Choose your tinfoil hat

Currently, you can use a Blu-Ray for data, but not movies. MacOS doesnt have the codec for it.

2 conspiracy theories on this..

1) The 'required' encryption on the digital video signal isnt there. You'd be able to get round the copy protection via a DVI/HDMI breakout box. That'll be something the Blu-ray consortium folks will be leaning on apple about.

2) The more sinister plot... Apple wont support blu-ray as they want you to get all your movie needs via the video iTunes rental market. More cash for them.

Wikipedia's Gallery guy hung up to dry?

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Tax payer funded

By my reading of their financial report for 2007/08 they got £25.5 million from the Department of media, culture,sport. (read Tax payer). Its also free to visit.

Doesnt that mean we've all paid for the works anyway? At least in the UK. How about they get wiki to IP address limit access to UK residents. That'd be fair.


(cant see it happening).