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Nicked unencrypted PC with 6,000 bank details lands council fat fine

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Who pays then?

It's a council, funded by and for local residents (tax payers).

So thats £150,000 less to spend on services. Or £150,000 more to take from tax payers.

I doubt it's likely to come out of the pocket of whom ever left it unlocked, or unencrypted, or someone in management who made the decisions.

Culture Sec: You - Google. Where's the off switch for all this filth?

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Illegal content is already illegal

If its abusive, harmful, obscene or illegal, then it's already... Illegal, use the appropriate court proceedings to remove it.

Existing laws already cover the content they want removed, so use the existing laws.

But they dont *want that*. No, they want a nice 'off the books' list of content they want removed.

A sit down lunch with a nice bottle or two, all on expenses old chap, here's this weeks list, see what you can do eh? Tax? say no more about it what what? Retirment soon? Lordship for you, Non-Exec for me, eh? Jolly good.

If its on the statute books it'll require oversight, judges, courts, appeals. And we'll know when they block a site they shouldnt have. But if its done behind closed doors, if they get caught "oops, sorry mistake by the ISP". If they dont get caught.. It's all gravy.

Hitchhikers' Guide was WRONG, Earth is not in a galactic backwater

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We apologize for the inconvenience

UN to call for 'pre-emptive' ban on soulless robot bomber assassins

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Dont they already exist..and not just cruise..

Believe there are already bombs of this type.

Dropped from an aircraft they float down under parachute, scanning for tanks beneath them.

If they detect armour, woosh boom.

If they dont detect armour they fall to the ground and sit as landmines.

The point being, they decide if what they sense is a tank or not.

Also, arent there automated guns scattered in the DMZ? deciding if movement around them is a human or not?

Give porno danger classes to Brit kids as young as FIVE - parents

Ian 62

Please start being parents...

Or do you want schools also to teach your children...

Sharp things cut?

Hot things burn?

Take at least SOME responsibility for the morals and well being of your child.

Borked your iDevice? Pay EVEN MORE to have it fixed by Applecare

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Full circle then?

A Ye Olde Shoppe...

Selling products, advice, and fixing them, all in one place?

I thought the high-street was dead and it was all the interwebs fault?

Brits' phone tracking, web history touted to cops: The TRUTH

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Its not very anonymous is it..

This 'anonymous' record is at this address from 6pm till 7am every week day.

This 'anonymous' record is at this address on the banks of the Thames.

This 'anonymous' record met this 'anonymous' record at the offices for the News of the World

On sundays this anonymous record travels from this address to the address of Madam Whiplash between 5pm and 11pm.

Setanta, ESPN couldn't make UK footie TV work. How will BT Sport?

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If my math is correct

736 mil for 38 matches:

19mil per match

9.5mil per team

860,000 per player

9500 per minute.

Damn I'm in the wrong job.

Identity cards: How Labour lost power in a case of mistaken ID

Ian 62

Re: I wonder how much of the opposition matches mine?

Having watch some of the 'Police camera crash boom' Tv recently, I noted that what I thought was the 'Produce documentation at your local station within 14days' seems to be 'at the officers discretion'.

There was a lad pulled over, have you got insurance? Yes. Proove it? Err not right now. In that case I dont believe you, I'm seizing your car. Can't I have 14 days to proove it? Nope.

Am sure it's cut to make good telly, but isn't that a danger of the ID card slippery slope?

My name is Bob. Can you prove it? Not right now. In that case I believe you're giving me a false name, obstructing the police, you're nicked.

I realise 'looking at the police in a funny way' was always reason to get nicked, but they seem to keep moving the goal posts to suit themselves. So I expect one inch at a time, it'll just become "useful" to have your ID with you at all times. If youre innocent you've nothing to fear. Ahem Ahem Ahem.

Sign of the times

Queen's Speech: 'Problem of matching IP addresses' to be probed

Ian 62
Black Helicopters

If they rolled out IPv6

We could have them personally assigned, on providing our ID cards and DNA.

Oh..wait a moment...

/me wonders if we'll next hear an announcement from HMG that they're going to help fund the roll out of IPv6 for "the benefit of our e-economy". And nothing at all to do with copyright, intellectual property, terrorism & pron.

Google 'will be pulled back in front of MPs' on its UK tax affairs

Ian 62

Oh and thinking about step 2..

My UK factory could have to buy the manufacturer rights from my Ireland UK. Which ofcourse is an expensive thing. So my UK factory actually runs at a loss, and as its a manufacturing business, please Sir, may I have some grants to fund it? Oh, and if I make it an arms factory can I have even more?

Ian 62

So if I understand this right...

You could build a factory, employ a bunch of people, make stuff and sell stuff.

But so long as the PO and Invoice went through my Ireland office I dont need to pay tax on it in the UK?

Hmmm, property in Ireland is pretty cheap at the moment. Wonder if I could buy a shed with a phone line and a post box. And become the Ireland HQ for every business in the UK.

For a small fee I'll help them be 'efficient' with their tax avoidance.

Master Beats: Why doesn't audio quality matter these days?

Ian 62

Gap in the market..

I've got a volume knob made of wood to give a warmer smoother sound.

I've got speaker cables raised from the floor on ceramic towers to reduce vibration.

I've used laser filtering pen to colour in the edges of my CDs to reduce refraction.

I've put my stack on foam mats to remove cd wobble.

I've used a mains electricty filter to reduce distortion.

I've got oxygen free gold cables to improve signal transmission.

So why does my copy of Britney still sound pish?

French spies do a Barbara Streisand over secret nuke radio base

Ian 62
Big Brother

Listen very carefully

I shall say this only once.

If theyre making a big issue out of this non-event.. It'll be to bury some other news/issue/censorship or wiki-fiasco thats going on.

Which wiki-pedian has done something silly? Or which French agency needs to drown out some other bad news?

Gov report: Actually, evil City traders DIDN'T cause the banking crash

Ian 62

So umm.. Who decided to lend the money?

If it wasnt the bankers fault. Then who was making the decisions to lend people money?

Oh, yes, the banks. Because they could get credit cheap from each other, they passed it on to the likes of you,me, and them.

But the 'them' couldnt really afford the credit the banks gave them. Because credit was cheap the banks didnt look too closely at the amount of money you wanted to borrow or how much you could pay.

So long as the money kept moving it was okay wasnt it. Errr...no.

Still sounds like it was the banks fault to me.

Got a Sophos Web Protection box? Make sure it's up to date

Ian 62

Well done all round

Seems like everyone was very grown up about it.

Studied, found, reported, fixed, deployed, thanked.

No one unleashed the WTFBBQLawyerMissiles! Or went to the blackhats or greyhats to embarrase someone.

Wonder why others make it so 'dramatic'?

Tech is the biggest problem facing archiving

Ian 62

Re: No-ones said it yet?

Damn..someone did.

Ian 62

No-ones said it yet?


With our "Cloudiest Cloud"™ all your stufff is safe forever!

With a guarantee to keep all your data available forever with 100% uptime. (NB. Not a guarantee)

As a limited time extra, we promise the FBI or the MPAA wont switch it off. (Until they really want us to).

How the iPad ruined the lives of IT architects

Ian 62

100% availability?

100% availability?

I could be wrong, but I dont think even the "big boy clouds"™ quote 100% availability?

Certainly I remember most have had one outage or another over the last year or so. Doesnt take much to knock those numbers into the 90s.

Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault

Ian 62


Using the 'Think of the Children' excuse to get out of contractual changes.

Vodafone Board Meeting...

"Hmmm, we dont really want to do this, how can we get out of it?"

"Lets see, we could blame it on the peado-terrorists!!"

"Brilliant, that'll stuff Ofcom! If they make us do it, we'll just say we're forced to SPAM kiddies with adverts for pron. If the kids call the numbers we profit! If we're told to stop, we can jack the prices at will! PROFIT!"

Review: Renault Zoe electric car

Ian 62

I still dont have anywhere secure to plug it in. Next!

Is UK web speech regulated? No.10: Er. We’ll get back to you

Ian 62

Re: RIPA abuse all over again....

Since when was doing anything with dildos at a party 'in the public interest'?

Its that sort of 'news' that caused this problem.

Redtop, Broadsheet, blogger, twitterer, whatever can GTF about what goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors. (or anywhere that needs a long lens from the top of a step ladder).

Report the NEWS, not some clickbaiting who gives a toss gossip article.

BT engineers - missed appointments

Ian 62

Help them help you

I'd moved furniture, removed the dust and spiders so that when the engineer turned up...

Straight in and out.

Less than 20mins later; new cable run, new box, new router, FTTC installed tested working.

He mentioned this was an easy job, sometimes he's climbing over furniture, under beds, got knows what.

If we could all try a little to make it easier, they'd probably be late less often.

Mobe networks bag UK 4G for a steal - £1bn shy of Osborne's £3.5bn

Ian 62

Cheap contracts then? Oh no, wait..

So, given that they spent only 10% on the licences compared to 3G, does that mean we can get 4G contracts at something around 10% of the cost?

Ok, maybe 30?40?50? percent even for a reasonable rollout cost?

No..wait.. thats not likely is it.

Men's rights activists: Symantec branded us a 'hate group'

Ian 62

And 'they' wondered why...

We complained about the Guvmint having control of a list of blocked content with no over-sight.

BSkyB to flick switch on network-level smut-'n'-violence filters

Ian 62

Would this count as change in terms...

So you could get out of a contract?

Assuming you had a 12/24 month contract, would this be enough of a change to the terms and conditions for you to be able to walk away?

(Not that I'm on Sky, but just if my ISP did decide, I'd be a lost customer)

Report: Over 1.5 million UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030

Ian 62


Elecy Cars cost a fortune and perform (i.e. range) less well.

I might pay the same or a little more for a car that performs the same as the one I've already got.

But I'm not going to be suckered into something 'green' to see the benefits yoinked out from under me when the Gov of the day realise that the motorist cash cow has gone.

Official: Fandroids are smarter/tighter* than iPhone fanbois

Ian 62



I've an iPhone (always had Apple product since the dark days, so I know exactly what I'm letting myself in for), and I don't even spend £10 a month! Never mind 100 a month.

Free data from my provider, even though I'm PAYG and I didnt buy the handset from them. (I thought it was weird too, but I didnt complain). Free messaging over wi-fi thats available at home, away, work, etc.

Maybe I just dont have enough friends. :-(

RIM blows on the dice, gets ready for its FINAL THROW

Ian 62

NFC Lock

Maybe I've missed a white paper somewhere.

But how does a NFC lock make anything secure?

If I nick your phone, I can then open the lock? Or login to your workstation? Just because I've got your phone?

If I need a passcode or something for the phone, why is that any easier than the password or key in the first place?

Edu-makate me please someone.

Microsoft's Dell billions have Windows 8 strings attached

Ian 62

Brand specific

Windows boxes from Dell/Microsoft.

MacOS boxes from Apple.

Linux from anyone else.

Microsoft can see where Apple makes its marque, so they'll try the same.

'Boutique' WinDell boxes.

Zuck on it, Google: 'Public' Facebook events are dead to you

Ian 62
Big Brother

Re: Facebook are doing lots of other things - like claiming to delete accounts and data

It does that even if you never had an account...

I signed up, then immediatly deleted when I realised how sinister it was.

The 'recommended friends' were probably about 90% accurate, even though I'd never had a facebook account and not given it access to any of my address books or personal details.

I gather it works by recommending people who have searched for you (even before you had an account). They keep track of those so that when you do join...POW, look at all your friends.

Shiny, shiny! The window's behind me...

Ian 62

Incorrect apple bash

Apple DO offer the choice on certain models.

Yes, only some models but a choice exists.

Beware the coming of the ROGUE CLOUDS, wails Symantec

Ian 62

Re: Solution: Block dropbox at the proxy.

You just bypassed your own security policy?

If you can do it, whats to say another 'cunning-user' can't do it?

Blocking stuff doesnt help anyone. Doesnt help the business, doesnt help the users, doesnt help you either.

Better off actually providing a service that you control and trust, than playing whack-a-mole on whatever service you spot someone using that you dont like that month.

Swartz prosecutor: We only pushed for 'six months' in the cooler

Ian 62

Re: Criminals doing criminal things get criminal charges? ABSURD!

I believe that most people are more disappointed at the apparent 2-tier justice system (UK and US).

We have international bankers, dealers, executives, all commiting massive financial crimes or safety negligence and they are never held liable. Perhaps a fine to the corporation, paid by shareholders/insurance/etc but never a suit in jail.

Yet the small fish, yes have broken laws, are prosecuted/hounded to the maximum. Extradited from countries where they have commited no offense. Arrested in illegal dawn raids, etc.

Its time for a 'fair' justice system. Either prosecute the executives in the same way as the rest of us, or the rest of us in the same way as the executives.

Amazon-bashed HMV calls in administrators, seeks buyer

Ian 62

Highstreet Showrooms

The highstreet will likely turn into something like a row of car show rooms. You cant (typically) turn up and buy the car that day. But you do want to have a look at it.

Similar will apply to brands, they'll soon realise that people dont know about them if they arent on shelves that people wander passed. You might not have bought stuff at Jessops, HMV, Currys etc. But I bet many people went in and looked/touched/asked about stuff. Then went home and found it online.

Apple/Sony stores work on much the same basis. They're there to pimp the brand. You might not buy it there, but if you had a look at the shiny thing you want you then go home and find it at the best price.

The 'brand' doesnt care where it was bought so long as you bought it.

I'd expect to see more showrooms coming soon. Sony stores, Apple stores, Samsung, even HMV as a rebadged music showroom.

So you'll walk into town, lots of window shopping for clothes, gadgets, and other consumerist stuff. Buy a coffee, get on the free wi-fi and order online.... Then off to binge drink yourself to death.

Crypto boffins smuggle secret messages in silent Skype calls

Ian 62

Deja Vu


Rude web trolls should NOT be jailed, warns prosecution chief

Ian 62

I'm troll-icus

No... I'm troll-icus

No... He's troll-icus

Tweeting bankers warned: U better not mislead customers...LOL

Ian 62

I've never wanted to tweet my bank

But I have wanted to twat them a few times.

Do people really tweet questions and complaints to their banks?

OMG LOLZ wherez my pay pckt gon?

Oops our bad 8-) computer crashed again. Bob in Manchester,India is working on it now. But it ok the bonus for the boss is safe.

Sheryl Sandberg offloads $41.5m in Facebook shares in just 6 weeks

Ian 62

Re: Just to jump on the bandwagon...

Found the story...


Ian 62

Re: Just to jump on the bandwagon...

IANAIFA... However if the reports are to be believed, I gather that a number of our 'celebs' dont get paid. But take out loans against the value of their assets. Thats a debatable value!! :)

And am sure I've seen similar approaches that others take against the value of their stock. I suppose the risk is you borrow $1billion in cash against $1billion in shares, But then the shares tank. Although dont they say never owe your Bank £1000, make sure you owe them millions?

Ian 62

Just to jump on the bandwagon...

Of course he wont sell any shares, he'll borrow money against the value of them in his pension pot investment portfolio.

Which means its tax free.

Patrick Moore: Lived with cats, accompanied Einstein on the piano

Ian 62

If only to do half as much

Here's hoping I'm able to do half as much in my life as he did in his.

RIP Sir.

BT to rent cheaper FTTP lines to ISPs - if they stump up £1k a go

Ian 62

Re: I am currently pricing up for new offices

Doesnt the fibre still suffer from the same contention ratio and QOS issues as regular old copper?

Where as your 100Mbps circuit..should be...100Mbps just for you?

Dell launches Sputnik Linux Ultrabook

Ian 62

13.3" HD 720p


NASA's Mars rovers feel effects of TITANIC DUST STORM

Ian 62

See!! See!!! Mankinds activities do cause global warming.

We've put a nuclear power station on Mars and risen the temperature by 25degrees!

We must put a stop to this, all future mars robots must be wind, water and solar powered.

And have you seen how much CO2 is in the atmosphere? That must have been us too. And the ice caps have melted. It's all Obamas fault. If we'd taught Creationism there would be no need for NASA.

'There may come a day when Hobbits promote slot machines ...'

Ian 62

Re: What other Hobbit merchandise could we be seeing soon?

Am not sure I want to ask...

"Foes approach?"

Ten... PC games you may have missed

Ian 62

Re: Why all the death and destruction

I was thinking the same thing...

'Meh..shooter.. Meh...shooter...Meh..shooter with spells...Meh shooter with swords...Meh shooter with xyz'

Or as mentioned by someone else.. The fact that these are console ports means that all youre going to get, as the huge majority of console games are shooters?

Or...Is the point of the article that these are ones we missed, because they're 'meh'?

Apple retail stores most productive in US – by far

Ian 62

Gap in the market

For years... (and I can say years as I'm not a recent iSheep, I've been with Apple through the dark days too) no-one stocked Apple stuff. Be it hardware or software. You might have found a dusty copy of some Norton, or a System 7 game. Or maybe a Performa or a candy coloured iMac. But no-one thought it was worth the shelf space.

Apple woke up, took a deep breath and did it themselves. Clearly it was worth the risk.

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?

Ian 62

>"TV is another example of this: people want to watch Homeland on whatever screen they have to hand, he said, not to have to buy it on one piece of hardware and find that the content is only accessible on that device

That could be said for just about any video media. Theyre still lagging behind the Music biz. Most MP3 are DRM free, but I've yet to find much video that is truely cross platform.

Region coding

No transcoding

No time shifting

Netflix on one device not on another, LoveFILM on the others, AppleTV video elsewhere, some flash based, some HTML5 based. Ultraviolet?

If I buy the 'licence to view' a video file. I want to view that video file on whatever device I have.

Its not as if Apple is the only bad boy!