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Forget 5G, UK.gov is making 2G fit for the 21st century!


Complete garbage about law enforcement challenges!

Having listened to the crap about enforced roaming mean it will be more difficult to track criminal activity all I can say is what a load of horse poo! It's all about the mobile networks not wanting to spend money modifying their software! You can't get on without an IMEI so EVERY network tracks it. The networks will know who the roaming IMEI belongs to (network wise, not customer) and Bill accordingly.

They want their cheapest, easiest, will have an ulterior motive option which is to chuck more masts up. Not spots can also use telegraph pole or tree shaped antennas. It's not technically difficult, just not what they want to do. These Telcos are as bad as BT in their forward thinking.

Manufacturers slam UK.gov: 'High speed broadband' rollout is too slow


What do you expect. BT & a UK Gov Dept running a project!! Disastrous

The issue is that the UK Gov't set the bar way too low, and BT lacks its own forward vision and will not play nicely with the other ISPs.

Neither side got the requirements right and BT are milking it for all they can.

Yet another area where lack of vision, risk aversion, lack of technical understanding, lack of market understanding, lack of trend analysis and inability to make a proper decision to help the country has led to another UK Gov balls up with taxpayers money. Oh and then there's the sole suppliers greed because the contracts no doubt let them grab everything for nothing. No quality control, no quality gates, insufficient oversight.

Jony Ive: Apple iWatch will SCREW UP Switzerland's economy


IWatch or Swiss watch? The latter please

The iWatch will be a flash in the pan for those that just have to have the latest gizmo to be 'cool'.

Those of us who live in the normal part of Earth will continue to want to own long lifed, high quality, well built, good looking and more valuable in the long term because they aren't available in Curry's/Amazon etc, watches. They don't need firmware upgrades, wifi, any kind of computer connection when you open the box just to work, and work in all time zones and climates, they don't even mind dust, rain, saltwater, heat, cold etc.

Brietling anyone?

EE fails to apologise for HUGE T-Mobile outage that hit Brits on Friday


Same old story, "we've got your money and we know you won't leave because frankly it's too much hassle. On that basis why on earth would we say sorry?".

Ofcom has no teeth and there's no one else to make these network operators take interest so they don't.

Let's face it, if you can get away with overseeing the system that allowed the abusing youngsters in a Local Authority and not be punished then a mobile phone operator has nothing to care about at all.

Software bug caught Galileo sats in landslide, no escape from reality


Sanctions limited coding?

Of course it could be that under sanctions countermeasures, Russia is only allowed to program within a smaller accuracy limit, so the target distance could fall within the plus - or in this case minus - tolerance of the project. It's about a 10% variance so still OK for Government work.........

Galileo can't do the fandango: Two Euro GPS nav sats sent into WRONG ORBIT


Perhaps the Soyuz was using GLONASS and it had 'dithering' turned on......Putin must be laughing his ass off......

Galileo, Galileo! Galileo, Galileo! Galileo fit to go. Magnifico


......er, Kourou, we have a problem

It looks like the Russian rocket failed to put the satellites in the right orbit! Buy cheap, pay twice.

Or, was it a sanctions affected version?

Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth


Re: Summer Holiday

Just as long as Sir Cliff is in the first one off the ski ramp.........

Why UK.gov's £1.2bn fibre broadband rollout is a bumbling FLOP


FTC all around us, but not from our cabinet

BT have installed FTC all around us - albeit a lot of it remains dark - but not to our cabinet. Why? Well apart from 13 homes, the rest of the cabinet is connected to commercial premises and BT can make obscene amounts of money from their ISDN/Ethernet and private wire data so it's apparently not commercially viable t offer FTC to us. We are surrounded by fibre and some within 30 metres but we're in the wrong cab. Vermin Media aren't interested either even though the ducts are there but empty and have been for 14 years.

In my view the BDUK rollout is a disaster. Even my outlaws in rural Wales have a 10MB SDSL system over microwave.

No doubt there are many thousands of others who are in the same position as us, but no one cares. Ministry of Fun, the joke isn't funny especially the joke is on the taxpayer!!

iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch


No queue in Milton Keynes

No trouble at all getting MK iPad Air 128GB this morning in MK. No queue mid-morning and no trouble with stock. 'Queue Here' barriers were in place but looked like some new piece of modern sculpture......standing all alone in the walkway.

Replacing a very slow iPad 1st Gen. The improvement is significant, but at that price it damned well should be!

Ofcom, it's WAR! Mobe networks fire broadside over 2G spectrum pricing


Anyone would think the Telcos are part of the MoD!

The MoD hates paying for spectrum that it doesn't make efficient use on a 'we'll hold on to it just in case basis' and now the mobile phone companies are looking to play the same game.

There is only so much radio space and lots of uses it could be put to. The Telcos have been pouring money into investors pockets instead of their infrastructure and now they are going to be charged the commercial rate for the frequencies they don't like it. This is a scheme that has been running in one way or another since the days of the Radiocommunications Agency (precursor of Ofcom that had real engineers who actually understood all matters pertaining to radio) as part of the way of making a finite resource commercially viable to promote efficient use. The more you use, the more you pay.

No sympathy from me, and the bad reporting shows just another example of how poor some parts of the press really are at telling the truth......

Ofcom will of course will be prevented from saying anything to defend itself by Government.

BT fattens fibre customer pipes for free - with a contract extension


And the FTTC Rollout goalposts move again

BT should just cut the crap and start telling the truth. Our Exchange FTTC date moved 'out to the right' by three months. Some have now gone out 12 months. No reasons given, and not reflected on the BT website earlier today either. Even their 'Chat with us' contact didn't know, but Samknows did!

Cme on BT, get some decent project managers in there and stop trying to out Vermin, Vermin. I'm fed up with 210kbps outbound and occasionally 3360Kbps inbound. My ISP doesn't even support ADSL2+ on our exchange - so they lose a customer the moment Infinity arrives.

Hardware all in place, no bloody infinity! Oh and do I get a discount for not wanting their wireless 'thing'? I've got a proper wireless device that doesn't look like a hacked 1980's BSB squarial!

HP offers EDS staff unpaid leave, cuts in hours


Well there's a surprise.............

Could it be that the offer of a permanent pay loss of 5% has met with a somewhat less than warm reception I wonder....?