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UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

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Freetard dunces

for anonymous coward, is that you peter? mandy are you trawling the net pretending to be an anonymous coward ? ha ha ha you don't fool me.

Microsoft catches 11 UK pirate retailers


microsft software dodgy haven't you heard then?

lol, people should realise that microsoft software is dodgy anyhow regardless of cost . they have spent millions on court cases mostly defending actions brought. so they obviously are feeling the pinch a bit. retailers have no excuse thou for being naive or simply plain criminal smaller outfits do it to offer cheaper deals larger outfits are simply poorly run mostly.

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers


midgets on the job!

Why do they insist on sending these slips of women to serious crimes or sending them outside the police station even. in the old days even the men had to make 5ft 8 to get in the job there were quite a few wearing the news of the world make me taller shoes at that time. Then some bright spark said I know lets have special constables duh, that failed because they were less than special less than ordinary funnily enough. Then they said lets employ femail midgets not exactly gurkas though are they . In fact a test of questions from an 11 plus paper was so difficult for new recruits that they all failed to answer all if any of the questions. Which means that with regular coppers being a bit better trained but lacking hugely in grey matter what chance do the plastic pcso's have of rationalising anything on the spot .I met a detective once at a police social club his claim to fame was that he had investigated 25 serious crimes and failed to solve one. Desk job? nah promotion .Now we are inundated with stupid decisions being made by stupid politicians and enforced by even more stupid coppers unbelievable arrogance remember the 10.000 pounds it cost to prosecute a girl eating an apple driving whilst being pursued by a police chopper . or the little kid who was playing with a plastic rifle in a car park and the swat team nicked him yeh all of 7 years old . There will never be respect for the police whilst these idiotic over the top stasi tactics are being employed in the uk the police need controlling closely by the public like they do in the states curtailing their powers is a start and formulating a charter of what they can and cant do clearly stating the limits of police power.


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