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Facebook folds fake news flag: We're not disputing that

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Re: Sorry I must be living in a cave

Presumably the same people who think publications such as the Sun and Daily Mail also contain news.

Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition

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Re: Melanie Sykes

No. That was a lager: Carlsberg or Carling - I forget which.

Russian Christians boosted by Pussy Riot law spank 'sinful' Apple logo

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Re: There's nothing wrong with cultural sensitivity

Apparently so. Not long ago a lady was in bother because she sat her cuddly gollywog on the window sill and someone whinged about it.

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

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Re: "... or in front of a bridge ..."

So which part of a bridge is the front?

Aussie fatties tell fewer porkies

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Re: @Timmy B (Was: Why is it ok to be insulting to people at all?)

So you're one of those whiners who gets offended on behalf of others then? For that reason I am better than you.

Any way it doesn't matter why someone is a fattie, they are still a fattie. It's only an observation / statement of fact.

Hmmmm, no fattie icon.

Boffins demo time-warp cloaking device

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the Defiant from DS9 had a cloakng device, and was legal.

Wi-Fi may damage sperm, boffins warn

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Been smoking and drinking for nearly 18 years and I have 3 kids. It was when no. 3 arrived that I decided to have my plumbing altered.

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates

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so what does a "pea do"?

Naked vegans target Prince Harry over meaty 12-incher

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If they don't...

eat meat then what use are?

Microsoft demos creepy car stalking system

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until my daughter gets her room tidied she's not going anywhere near my car!

‘Pitstops’ can inhibit viruses

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"Humanity as a whole only survives BECAUSE of it's technology" - Only because we made our societies so dependant on those technologies.

ITIL struggles to catch up with private cloud

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Common sense

When we went on our ITIL v2 course as far as I could see it all boiled down to common sense. Most (not everyone got it) of us just had to learn the new labels for what we were already doing, i.e. service management.

Russian jailed for 6 years for smutty billboard stunt

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It's been a long time since i weighed anything with 2p coins...

Luckless Lush hammered in hack

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"bath bomb retailer"

Rather disapointed to see that there are in fact no exploding baths

Employer settles with Facebooker who called boss 'dick'

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Thumb Up

New values

So does not owning a mobile phone make me a weirdo then? If that means I am to be avoided by all the dicks who subscribe to your new values then so much the better.

New GM worms mean large scale spider-silk production

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Black Helicopters

Flying spiders

So when the moth emerges from the chrysalis (assuming that it will be strong enough now) will it have fangs and eight eyes and 64 knees as well as wings and spinnerets.

I don't mind moths and I don't mind spiders when they are not too close or on my bedroom ceiling at bedtime. But frankly the thought of flying spiders is a bit more than scarey.

Google discovers Chrome can (really) block ads

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The Register has ads?

Like so many others I use AdBlock and NoScript. I ignore the ads on television just the same as I used to ignore them on the web. No one is losing revenue from me not seeing them because I wouldn't have clicked on them anyway.

French judiciary makes transgender boob

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IT Angle?

There doesn't need to be an IT angle, this is about boobs!

Robobeachcop demands licence from Poole snapper

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Absolutely: salad dogders should require special permission to be 'largely naked' in a public place.

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels

Dan 63

It's an A-level

It's an A-level not a complete programming course. As long as the teacher is competent enough to teach the basics of programming using whatever chosen language then does it matter? If the students really want careers as developers then they will learn all that they need either in higher education or on line.

My higher education programming consisted of:

Pascal and VB6 for beginners programming

C for more than beginners programming

Motorolla 68k Assembler for hardware principals

Java for Object Oriented stuff

A, B, Z and C++ for formal methods

And now, professionally, I write Databasic for Reality.

Office 2010 fights Google with SharePoint bloat

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The company I work for has implemented SP2007 quite well. It's stable and users like it. Go back to the people that set it up and tell them to do it properly.

The x-texting Metrotextual comes out of the closet

Dan 63

I feel left out

I don't have a mobile phone so I couldn't possibly comment.

Japanese algorithm 'can tell if you're about to die'

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Resource Management

Caller: "I need an ambulance!!"

Operator: "Computer says no." <cough>

Tomorrow's World comes back to the future

Dan 63

past, present and future

so my licence fee contribution is going towards making something that we (most of us) have seen before that was about something that might be in the future that is in fact now in the past. oh good.

Powered robot suits make debut on Tokyo streets

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Missing footage

Where's the footage of them running and jumping and kicking in doors and stuff?

California skateboard dude swipes Reg logo

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Take him...

for every penny he's got and then lock him up and throw away the key! The dirtynogoodscroungingfreetard!