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Ofcom: Mobe numbers to be ported within a working day

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Oh Joy

Down from 2 days to 1, what a great use of time, so why does it take 12 bloody weeks to change my electricity or gas provider??? Maybe some useless govt quango could take that up instead?

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?

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Well i'm hoping at least....

... it will be a better phone, now the antenna is somewhere near the outside of the device.

And although not a popular view on el reg, some people actually don't want to be able to configure everything, as they are either not bothered or too stupid to do so. I think I'm falling into that category, and I want one as its shiny, and matches my macbook pro.


Samsung UE40B7000 40in LCD TV

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Energy Usage

For info, I have had this set plugged into an energy meter, one that sits in line with the TV, and in general usage (volume on, normal TV programmes & HD) it seems to consume about 110 watts. Less (about 90 watts) in dark scenes, and more (upto 120 watts) on super bright scenes.

Not bad power consuption then, about 15p per hour in terms of costs.


'More than ever before' now studying Sci/Tech in Blighty

Paul 93

Not all degrees get you money...

It's a fairly well documented that "people who complete degrees will earn more money than those who stop eductation at A levels" I think the current number is £100k over a lifetime of work, but that is thanks to the wonderful world of averages.

In detail, those students doing "proper" degrees such as maths, engineering and science will earn up to £200k more (again on average over a life time) and those doing our favourites such as media studies and psychology will in fact be about £50k worse off, excluding their lovely student debts of course!!

I would love for student to read and understand that, but those who can read and do "the math" are probably the ones doing the proper degrees already.

After "three hard years" at university studying pschology, where the biggest effect on your grade seemed to be if you had slept with your lecturer or not, my EX girlfriend decided to get a job as a part time nursery nurse, wow, what a way to use that eduction.

Obviously she was dumped immediately and I hooked up with an accountant!

Paul - BEng(Hons) , CdipAF, MBA (sorry) and best of all MIET.

O2 gets into banking business

Paul 93

Concept not new, but nice implementation

@ Thomas, yep, not new, but having had a pre-pay card before, I found two problems. Firstly, I never knew how much was on the thing, so had trouble once I thought there was less than a tenner on it. Secondly, the bandits took money off me to load it, and to spend it, so using it was stupid (hence I dumped it...) O2's jobbie seems to send you text messages and is free.


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