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WD Caviar Black 1TB vs Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB


RE: Warranty

SG provides a 5 year warranty on all products, regardless of user type or geographical location. "Instaswap" is available from Seagate retailers (if you purchased it from there) if you verify the fault with SeaTools.

Seagate provides a new 5 year warranty on all units they RMA. As the warranty is from MANU date and the high turnover of stock it's usualy close to this date. If for whatever reason it's not you can just use the original RMA from the Seagate website and your reception date as the new warranty period.

Nintendo introduces redesigned DS




The system does indeed have a 3mp external camera...and a VGA one (as per Evil_Medic's comment) on the hinge (for game to game, video conference, skype or game ability or gesture [as it happens to be with obscure Jap release "health, spa games"]).

EA in Spore DRM climbdown



EA has a long history of removing any rights from forum users to bring up topics such as DRM. EA just tells people to "shut it".

Current (or is it now closed?) BETA testers for RA3 have been at the swift hand of forum moderators in regards to DRM. So have BETA testers for other EA games.

"There is no DRM contained in RA3 that will have any impact on users what so ever". - EA DEV.

"Sony SecuROM is active in this product". - Myself.

"No it isn't". EA DEV.

"It is shown on the request allow/deny screen on launch". Myself.

"Oh that. That is only part of protecting sold copies and stop multi code usage". EA DEV.

"So it is active on this product?" Myself.

"Well if there is a popup request i guess so, but i am sure it will not be there in final release." EA DEV.

Hmmm. Go EA.... I think....

Have a look yourself...


Or here...


The only bonus to this of course is cracked .exe's. Even though i own every-single-C&C produced (was at each launch night) i take part in the dark side of .exe's for EA products.

EA not only does not communicate well with it's users, alpha or beta testers but just kicks you in the head for attempting to help at all.

Please just release via STEAM and be done with it. EA makes baby jesus cry.

For all we are concerned...EA can take a running jump...

Into a bed of nails and broken glass.

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price


Multi Genre

I own all the current generation consoles. For my top pick i give it to the PS3. It has much more life left in it, unlike the other 2. The PS3 will pull ahead of the others in terms of "gaming" within the 60-90% of the generational cycle.

For those who enjoy the 360. Great, so do i. Not much though. Game are good, but has already hit it's top of production run (spec. driven).

For those who want a "real" game for the Wii. Well. It doesn't exist. Get Mario Sunshine or Pikmen from the GameCube and use them on the Wii. Great games for all of use who are no longer in single digit life zones. Although...with a few drinks....the kids games are fun.

For all the others, or actual gamers (console gaming is now casual gaming) go for a PC. Total choice, total power. Total gaming.

Although console gaming is my true love. For actual gaming....i use a PC. The line was good prior to the last generation...now...is not. For all the wrong reasons.


PGL-SGL AlphaNumerical (nVidia).MetaCritic.EA.Valve Corp.Nintendo(JP)

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones


Check your facts

The "slow" problem with Nokia phones is in the hardware, not the software. Nokia have only recently migrated over to dual CPU design. The prior single CPU design (found up 'till FY07) is still being sold and is within alot of the range.

The new dual CPU design is much faster (think N80 series). No more crunching away and long data lines waiting to be taken care of. If you have used a new Nokia phone they are well within the speed needs of the end user.

"Probably not that anyone will care, the iPhone has the industry by the balls."

Odd that. Seeing as Nokia still have the #1 spot in the mobile/cell world sales. They also regained ground lost to "other smartphones" (including the iPhone). If you read your facts right (or if you are an Apple shareholder) then you would know the iPhone has lost ground, and is now at ~ 14%-29% below original launch sales in regional sales.

Unlike say, Nokia. The releases from them like the N95 gained sales after launch...

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

Black Helicopters

Nothing to do with an EULA

This case has nothing to do with an EULA. It just happnes to be a good way to defend yourself.

The entire point of the rejection, and court action by Apple is to stop people like Psystar using OSX on something which is not L1 (verified).

The Apple world works because much like server gear, and top end hardware everything is verified to work. Of course, if Apple starts selling boxed copies of it's much famed OSX next to, say, Vista then problems begin.

People start putting OSX on their own machines. OSX starts to show flaws, security issues, stability problems and more far beyond anything it has found itself in before because the hardware it is working with is simply not verified for the operating system. There is no doubt Psystar will fight this. I hope they win. I want to be able to buy OSX off the shelf. I want an end to the lies of Apple. I want a level playing field.

Will Psystar win? I doubt it. If they did win, and OSX was forced to be in the end user world for custom builds...then the entire Apple empire comes crashing down.

Tired of RRoD taunts? Turn your Xbox 360 into a PC


RE: Does it solve the HDD problem?

What does a case have to do with solving internal component problems? The Lian Li case is a design to house the internals of the 360. That's all.

The case is without any question part of Lian Li's 7 family, and a welcome addition. I have seen the designs for this release around for a while now, and have no doubt the build quality will be second to none.

Samsung SGH-F400 music phone



Although B&O do have a genuine interest in the research and production of high quality audio products you will find neither of these in this product.

And i've used it. The audio production is below par and the use of B&O as sales pitch is similar to the use of BOSE by IBM in the Aptiva systems.

Cute, sure. Quality it is not.

Sony downgrades PS3 PlayTV functionality


Big deal

Big deal. So Sony has removed some functions from the formal release. To satisy laws in countries it sells units in.

A patch here, and a reset there and bam.


Our plasmas last for 42 years, claims Panasonic


43 years?

Why why why.

Who in their right mind is going to get 43 years of use out of it? Sure the actual unit might get 43 years of life in the gas world but do you honestly think the unit is going to be in use for 43 years?

More quality now please. Not in 43 years time.

Rambus sues Nvidia


Rambus has plenty of money

Rambus has plenty of cash. They have gigantic sales around the world to high end mission critical systems in defence, biotech and space tech. Their consumer game is over, though.

Nvidia are a good target. Lots of cash, a good bet if you will. They do, though, have a fantastic legal team...and will most likely end up working together through a "forced" outcome.

Seagate first with 1.5TB hard drives


The bigger, the better.

Bring on the size. Let's get 5TB drives into our systems before 2010 goes from us all.

Then the OS designers can be even more lazy. Sorry, i mean pack even more experience in for the end user.


eBay Australia faces PayPal fury


Reply - Virtual Trade Ref

The ACCC has no right to enforce it's decision.

The ACCC can say that PayPal must not be the only method of payment, but this will have no outcome that is of any use to consumers.

eBay is well within the law to make PayPal the only "method of payment for which it encourages". And the ACCC is well within the law to enforce that PayPal "is not the only method of payment".

Neither party will say they do not prefer either outcome. eBay can make the use of non PayPal payments so bad that there is no need to want to do so anyway while still allowing other (non pref) payments to be made.

The ACCC can endorse other payments, but has no legal standing to enforce exactly how they must be used. It is well within the rights of the ACCC to "enforce" the users "rights" to use other payments. It is also by these same laws the ACCC must "enforce" the "rights" of the owner of the site to allow a pref. payment method while allowing other payment methods.

The ACCC has no ground with this. And it is of no matter which outcome happens, eBay will have PayPal as it's pref. payment method. It also can (and most likely will) ensure PayPal is used for the majority of all payments by not giving any additional (sellers and owners rights) security to the buyer or seller other than what is shown at the time of the transaction.

eBay will have PayPal pref. very soon. It may well be forced to allow other payment methods. These will be so bad for buyers (and sellers), that they will skip them anyway. As a seller...i can choose what payment methods i accept and as a buyer i can choose which auctions or sales i take part in.

If you don't like them, shop with someone else. That's your right as a buyer.


ACC Has No Standing

The ACCC does not have the ability to enforce any decision on eBay. Although eBay is likely to take it's decision(s) into place.

As a seller on eBay, i don't mind to any great extent. I enjoy the use of PayPal, and seeing as eBay want this as their primary method of income generation is of no suprise.

Considering they are the owners of the website, they have all rights to enforce it's use. Doing so as the only method of payment or stopping all other methods of payment though is against fair trading law (online sellers, retailers, auction outlets (virtual and B/M). eBay must accept legal tender in a fair (to all users who may not use/want paypal) manor as well.

Nashville strippers finger net forger


RE: Printing Money

"Polymer series

The first polymer banknote, the 1988 Australian $10 noteIn 1988, the Reserve Bank of Australia issued plastic, specifically polypropylene polymer banknotes (which were produced by Note Printing Australia), to commemorate the bicentenary of European settlement in Australia. These notes contained a transparent window with an optically variable image of Captain James Cook as a security feature. Australian banknotes were the first in the world to use such features.

Today all Australian notes are made of polymer."

The notes we use here, are still the most favoured by msyself of any in the world. Secure, strong, wash-proof and free of degredation without their specific disolving agents (used at end-of-currency-line).

Logitech VX Revolution 'freewheeling' cordless mouse


Want my wallet? Give me the cord.

Fantastic design. Logitech are making massive steps forward in device managment, and development but are overlooking the very items they are setting out to make.

Why make a wireless model with a built in dongle? What the hell is the point of that? We all know that the majority of the units sales will be to the market sector with the single biggest amount of income at their hot little hands. The 9-19 market.

Gamers want this. Teens want this. Tech-heads want this. I want it. I am using a G5 model at the moment. FANTASTIC DESIGN. Even better, it's got a cord.

Don't develop, and sink majority funds into a what is a misc. category. People with laptops don't need titantium tilting wheels, or a billet CNC'd inside with precision engineering. Gamers want it, and no gamer users a wireless mouse (no, real gamer that is).

Put a cord on it, the same cord as the G5 (overlocked material) and i will buy one. Hell, contact me saying you will, and i will prepay it right now.

Cord me, cord me now!