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Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5

Marc 1

Re: Uhh...

Interesting... From my quick cruise through Google maps via Safari, it had everything the original App had. Car/Walk/Bike/Bus, layers, traffic, routing, 'locate me' button, etc.

I'm a somewhat heavy mobile map user; In my opinion, neither are perfect but both are acceptable. Just gotta learn to work with them.

Marc 1


Open Safari, go to: http://maps.google.com

I now have Google Maps on my iOS6 device.

Behold: The Gecko-robot wall-climbing tank!

Marc 1

I want to see this tech...

... installed on that nightmarish gasoline and hydraulic powered military mule robot.

Mr Bean prangs £650k McLaren

Marc 1

Worse than it looks...

In the second link above -- there is no back half of the car. It's more than just a spin off the road and a tap into a sign and some thick brush..

RSA breach leaks data for hacking SecurID tokens

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I've heard it said that you're only as secure as your hardware is... Storing the bread and butter on the hardware dongle would seem to me a bad move and open to reverse engineering.

Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet

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I cut my teeth on a Sparc IPC. Still have an Ultra 2 running under the desk. I used to comb all over those Sun pages back in the day. Anyone remember those FE handbooks for referencing part numbers?

EMC blows benchmark away - again

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Come on guys.. you can't criticize EMC because other companies submitted something more 'real world'. Who brings a practical family car to a horsepower war and brags about the affordability or the practical aspect? You know there are those out there that by the seemingly unaffordable high-spec no-real-world purpose cars.

FOSS maven says $29 'Freedom Box' will kill Facebook

Marc 1

I dont see it flying.

it reminds me a lot of Segway, before they were available to public. They sounded cool and all (to some), but the glitter quickly faded when regulations and the reality hit that they weren't all THAT handy.

There are 'free' ways around the privacy issue for those really concerned that Facebook and Google are up to all kinds of evil with the menial data they gather from us..

Marc 1

Another thought..

Why couldnt this software be an add-on to existing home routers? Or a replacement OS? Use NAS storage vs USB drives.

How long will it be before an exploit is found and there are bad things happening on this network of magic boxes?

How will they be addressed? IPV6?

Bah, humbug..

Humans shamed in round two of Jeopardy! showdown

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We all know that Watson is run like the Wizard of Oz.. except by a multitude of boffins behind the curtain.

Ten... wireless keyboards

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Sun, anyone?

I cut my teeth on Sun hardware.. to me, nothing feel right outside of one of their keyboards. I like the keys resistance, the quietness - the little 'pucker' sound the keys made when typing. My presumably midrange Dell keyboard here is a rattletrap. I dont like all the clatter that comes from it when I get all frenzied with ill thought out rants and the 'I forget that vi command so I'll just repeat these keystrokes 100-times' moments.

I totally dislike the chicklet type keys/keyboards.

Is anyone making anything comparable to Sun?

America spared Top Gear Mexican quips

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Re: Outstayed its welcome

I totally agree. The American version we get here in the states is junk. I watched about 1.5 episodes before giving up on it. They lost me when they started destroying cars with humor appearing to cater to a demographic I'm not familiar with.

I'm a big car nut.. I love some, hate others.. but none, not even the crappiest deserve be destroyed for the lame attempts of humor and ratings they were going for.

'Race against time' to find LOST TREES from the MOON

Marc 1

Moon trees...

...is that where moon bats come from?

Sad face; no explanation needed.

MozyHome stiffs unlimited users

Marc 1


..moved the cheese?

Nike and TomTom display watch with marathon capabilities

Marc 1

I can't imagine..

..Running with a phone. And that's speaking from experience with a rather small Motorola W755.

I run shorter distances too - 6 miles and under.

Facebook unveils 'next-gen' messaging system

Marc 1


How do we disable it?

PARIS in 89,000 ft climax

Marc 1

Flat spin?

What are the chances the plane did a flat spin all the way down, and never actually glided? It'd be one reason why the the balloon and plane landed closer to each other.

Google shocks world with unthreaded Gmail

Marc 1

If I needed threaded view...

...I'd sort by subject.

World's first motion-controlled headphones outed

Marc 1

Fine print...

"Not for use by headbangers."

Men in Green step back from GM's 230mpg Volt claim

Marc 1

Calculating 'background' costs...

If people are going to go the route of calculation the fuel needed and pollution generated in the supply the electricity to charge one of these cars - it would only seem logical to calculate the costs and pollution generated to refine and transport fuel for a gasoline powered car too..

Visa dings teen for $23-quadrillion restaurant charge

Marc 1

I think its about time...

...The Reg gave us a Dr. Evil icon?


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