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Microsoft caps Ballmer bonus over mobile phone, tablet failures

Jobs Halo

And to think

Steve @ Apple only gets $1 as far as I'm aware. So I think he gets my vote in value for money terms.

Eagles singer wins case against US politico


Browne Out

I think you're headline refers to a Jackson Browne song. Though The Eagles did do a cover version.

Hell I'm turning into a pedant.

Murdoch's paywall: The end of the suicide era?


3.6bn or 50 mil

So he lost 3.6bn and now he wants inexpensive electronic publishing to plug the hole left by very outmoded newsprint, news-press machines, distribution systems (profit taken along the chain) and then leaving the reader with a huge disposal problem. "News" papers are so over, this is a death throw. His last revolution digital input was on the leading curve, now he has lost sight - reminds me of Geffen & the music industry trying to keep it as it was.

He could run a fantastic electronic system for 50 mil, no prob and the fees would be rational or with good ads nil, even having some money over for comment journalists as seen today on The Times.

Subsidising outmoded methods has never worked, and it never will.

Atom runs Android, Google plans tablet



@Trevor Pott

Why not sell it then, you'll find depreciation on MacBookPro's is quite modest! Especially with a new battery, take action, don't whiiiiiiiiiiiine. What has your product problems got to do with the article?

Meanwhile: It seems Apple had a deep planted spy on the board - like duh Steve just who gave him the position? No need for wires there eh!

Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps


More vitriol

What is it with these muppets who can see no reason to change or invent or improve, Every time Apple get a mention off they go; everything from battery life to only one browser (so Windoze don't you think)

Look fuckwits, Apple have done this to make money, they make money by selling products, they make more money by selling more products to more people than before. How they do that is called marketing, or in economic terms creating an incentive, their chosen route is ease of operation, not battery life or whatever you can do with your dell dongle thingy from the local PC warehouse (another great retail experience!).

So when your business, or the one you're in, has been as inventive, creative, as self assured to do something like launch a paradigm shift product - stop bitching stand back and see if it flies. If it does - great, if not no whining lets see if new wings will fix it.

No wonder the UK's up shit creek if the IT industry is full of these underachieving navel gazing wankers.

F in luddites one and all...... I'm sick of 'em.

I'll get my coat - the one with the can do attitude.

Microsoft cuts out paste



Never used C&P on my iPhone, am I a muppet? (mind you I never used my twitter account and I found facebook a bore and that was in 2006!)

Can't actually recall ever having the need, and that's in 18 months or more of having the device, I remember them adding it to the system, in the dim and distant.

Hate to admit it but maybe M$ are more right than wrong.

Steve Jobs says 'No' to iPhone-to-iPad tether


Jesus you whine.

Love him or hate him, SJ is certainly less verbose than a lot of these posters, but more wealthy, more well known and dare I say successful and visionary. If he had been as, evil, vain or as twisted as some purport then he might have had the signature,

"sent from the iPhone, a product that a company I started has built and marketed with brilliance. However, we did NOT do this to piss you off; we did it to make money by giving users what they wanted"

He made a phone and shook that market up, further he turned round and heads a company that's atop a pile of cash, he's not looking at M$ on "how to do it" and I guess he really couldn't give a flying fuck what you think - so get over him, Apple, the iPhone, the iPad, iPhoto iTunes, iMac, i this that and the other, the OS, size of the SIM et al and move on.

Pointless critique is not valid.

Ballmer: One day, Bing will actually make money



A lot of smart people visit these pages, and it seem to me Mr Ballmers personal wealth, corporate clout and so forth just prove life's about luck rather than skills or merit.

I ask you, would you employ him to run your business?

Apple ambushed in Barcelona



Why are you talking phones? Phones are over, the new paradigm has been brought about by the users voting with their wallets. `Lance" (and his ilk) just doesn't get it does he, going on about 2.75G not 3 G IP this nockia the other 3 mega pixels, lack of invention,you name it - it's irrelevant.

Old ground old ideas, techy crap. Sounds like pipe suckers discussing high lift twin cams and the virtues of the mechanical limited slip diff at the motor club in the late sixties, it's over. Come down from your model railway sets in the loft and take the cardigan off.

HELLOOOOO the majority of users don't give a flying ducky on the intricacies of this vs that, he wants what Apple have delivered. Period.

The fat, cozy, lazy makers and network suppliers wringing a fortune from the users have had their asses well and truly kicked, they are playing catch up - but they can't even stop the rot.

Why? This is blitzkreig from Apple, maxing out integration by common command, common platforms, common goals, single source power. The entrenched have been overun by a much smaller more nimble, higher initiative force. Google are now trying to emulate that plan.

Apple and Microsoft plot iPhone Google slap

Jobs Halo

And then

Apple just might do it's own search engine - hasn't it got a $1bn server centre being built?

Why boot out google then hug a mugger?

Modest Apple update slices third-party bugs


Be grateful

What's all this bitchiness about girls?

Jeez hand out the tampons everyone's soooooooo premenstrual!

These companies - both Apple (I use that platform) and MS do their level best to get it right, as and when they can they do. It's all a moving target.

Could be worse, could be dealing with a car company who's poor products could kill ya!

Be grateful Citroen don't make op systems!

Next-gen iPhone rumored for April

Jobs Halo


A comment from Nokia, and all the other wannabes and has beens

5-megapix 'iPhone 4' set for June?

Paris Hilton



There's some tetchy people out there, who the F needs all those pixels and a lens like a piece of crap passing next to no light and has serious aberrations built in.

But photographs! - Give me a break.

My iPhone has in more than a year taken about 100 snapshots, meanwhile my camera does that many in a short shooting session - and they're RAW too!

These cameras in whosoevers' phones are no more than a useful fringe benefit, next the whiners you expect Wharfdale speaker like output too.

It's a phone with some apps, deal with it.

Off to do dome nudies with Paris - using a big Nikon - that's a camera not a phone - don't want fuzzies

iPhone gets a decent keyboard



Phone: large keyboard. Why? Only for those who are more than just a bit retentive? They'll want a big rotary dial next.

Adobe slips good-bye note to 10% of stafff


Never quite got it

This company never quite the concept of software that wasn't bloatware, never got the concept of volume should reduce price and traded on past glories and inertia in the market. And I guess the management style and company ethos was also full of this "milk 'em" self aggrandising largesse. So I'll continue to use similar products offerings from other sources giving similar results at a fraction of the cost.

Apple's mini DisplayPort added to Vesa standard




What's your problem with licence fees anyway? Or is it just fees to Apple?

Apple under Jobs: from muck to mountaintop


It's 'cos he's good you hate him.

Any chance we can get him here to run the UK?

Mine's the one by the door, if we can't I'll pick it up as i switch the light out.

Galileo satellite fleet apparently reduced

Big Brother

Back in the box

Good news, this will put the planned snoopers back in their box. It's only flying to get around the US laws that prevent their system being used to track, tax and incriminate.

The would if they could , they will if they can.

Man dissects Apple's Magic Mouse



Again bitch bitch bitch about a price set by Apple. They don't sell cheap, do you understand?

Please get over the fact this company price at the top, much like many other brands they sell cachet and design. Again I ask will you please get over it, we know, we are aware, we heard you before, I doubt if they'll change.

I have to say another nice clever application of old established reliable technology by Ives, which one day I might own.

Any one do it cheaper? They will. They just don't innovate.

PC World punts Windows 7 £100 trade-in promotion


How do I get there

Must rush down there and trade!

Mines the one with the MacBookPro with a 7 quid copy of 10.6 in the pocket.

Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

Paris Hilton


Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Always bitching about the price of Apple items.

Don't bitch about the price of a Ferrari, if you can't afford one, accept it and move on.

Apple don't pretend to be cheap or chase the bottom, so why always the bitch, is it you would like a roller at a nissan price?

Observing the huge jump in profits at Apple it seems many will pay a premium, and why not it's called choice.

Make a product people want and you don't have to stack 'em high and ell 'em cheap.

Meanwhile I must consider true cost of ownership and simplicity in getting things done.......... or is that a bit too complex for the moaning about price.

Paris - out of my price range he said bitchily

Apple breaks jailbreakers' hearts with iPhone 3GS patch



Why complain about Apple's insistence on keeping it's protocols intact?

Don't buy one, don't own one, there are other items available.

If you buy a Honda why would you fit a Ford engine? Just because you can? Just because you think you're smart? OK go ahead do it. Then what do you think Honda might do if your car needs a service or your modification damaged the weight distribution and handling? Duh.

All this bitching escapes me completely.

Mines the one with some common sense in the lining.

Apple posts iPhone update



Damned if they do and damned if they don't. For years my Nokia would seize and flop - did they give a shit, nope. And never did until real competition arrived.

Would my blackberry synch - not a freaking chance, battery life - don't make me larf. Good apps? nah. easy user interface, WTF.

Now we have a manufacturer who does improve the product, and all we hear is bitch bitch bitch.

HELLO it will never be perfect however it is pretty fuckin' good. It's life; get over it

Mine's the one that had the iPhone in the pocket

Apple unloads 47 fixes for iPhones, Macs and QuickTime



Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats


Ace debunker

More or less, ace debunker of received wisdom, well worth the podcast

Xbox 360 'least reliable' console



Maybe a little of SJ's obsessive behaviour recently reported might not go amiss.

OK, I'll get my coat I think I'm in a M$ theme park.

Pair charged with BNP list breach



And what happens to the recipients of these stolen items?

They too should be prosecuted.

Car or CD no difference.

Outlook (finally) coming to the Mac


What's Outlook

Do I need it?

Is Apple plotting a search of its own?

Jobs Halo

You Gotta

You gotta admire the strategic thinking at Apple, slowly and surely they are putting together a hell of an operation.

As a long term mac user (yes 1984 no less) I have stood the brickbats of being in the minority and when Jobs said he aimed to be at the centre of the digital hub (many yeas ago) I thought he was just not clinging to reality. Truth he he had vision, (I didn't) he has a good designer in Ives and he had the balls to ditch an outmoded OS.

So is this another click on the digital odometer.

Microsoft 'update' breaks Office for Mac



Toss it in the bin a reload the earlier version. Are we being helped with the windoze vista experience with retrogrades?

The problem is all the PC tossers end me xl files, bugger.

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry


Be a long f... in time before

Be a long fuckin' time before I carry one!

This recent resurgence of state terror and budding fascism has led me to re read 1984, Animal farm, & just starting "Liberal Fascism"

One thing in common - it always comes from out of the left field, sooner we get rid of these God Damned pseudo commies the better.

iPhone actually good at making calls shock



My ONLY problem with the iphone, as a phone, is a bit of a "DUH has anyone ever used this as a phone"

Speaker phone - fantastic, but put it to your ear as a normal phone and soon you find your ear touches the mute zone on the touch-screen and wham! "hello, hello you there? Grrrrrrrrrrr

Why Apple don't make it a two touch zone or double tap I dunno because I don't have jumbo ears!

Apple nabs 90% of all 'premium PC' dollars

Gates Horns

its the dollars dummy

Apple profits rise, MS decline, all these semantics are pointless.

Users are voting with their wallets.

Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini all make more money than GM, you see there is always room at the top, losers chase the market down, winners push it up.

Stack 'em high sell 'em cheap never makes a good long term plan.

MoD sticks with 'most decrepit browser in the world'


What's IE6?

What's IE6, is it like Safari, Firefox and other stuff?

M$ abandoned me and my Mac years ago, but I recall a rather clunky, slow browser, something like netscape(!) Are these military types using stuff like that?


Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity


3rd World

Is this a subversive plan to totally f up our country in totality? Just how can you manufacture, home work, keep clean, have water, run sewerage plants et al without 100% reliable, 100% of the time power. This is back to the caves stuff brought about by weird beards, bad science and gerrymandering politicians who are blinded by spin and rhetoric and some sort of international competitive negativity of doom and gloom.

As I peer at the rain, part of our long wet summer I wonder if all those enjoying the GW grant scams are sunning themselves in Bali or some other exotic venue (soon to be flooded no doubt)

How come they never meet in Scunthorpe?

Nissan to build e-car batteries in Blighty


Return to sender

Now I am not sure of this but I guess EU law (which of course never appears on any manifesto I vote for) will prescribe the polluting waste i.e. dead batteries, is returned to the source.

Will this turn the north east, an area of staggering contrasts of beauty and industry into a reprocessing zone?

We'll leave the bad science and regressive products aside.

Plod offered SIM confiscation powers by Tories


For f... sake

I thought we might see the back of State child like bullying in the next year or so, now I'm not so sure.


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