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Smartphones rain on Sony PS Vita parade



I was pretty sure there is no such thing as a "software SIM". I'm pretty sure the GSM standard requires a physical card.

Student geeks build Rubik’s cube solving bot



That time given is actually wrong. They're measuring the time _including_ studying the cube before the solve. The Cubinator, as well as humans, have time to inspect before they start the timed solve (15 seconds for humans). The video for this machine included the inspection in the time - it didn't start twisting the cube till about 3 seconds in...

Sony restores PlayStation Network parts



"Why do I need a bloody software update"

Passwords can only be changed on PS3's that you've downloaded paid-for software to from that account. This patch is probably required to check that is the case. It's essentially there to stop someone who has your user/pass being able to just change your account from any old PS3.

Three pushes UNLIMITED data to PAYG punters


Or you could use GiffGaff

GiffGaff on PAYG will sell you a minutes/text/data bundle of 150 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (which they mean) for £10 a month. Sure, you can't tether with it (or use it in an iPad), but...

TomTom Go Live 1005 satnav


Multi-touch and time

I recently got a live 1000 and that does have multi-touch (pinch zooming etc). I can't see the next model up dropped that feature. It does also set the time itself (not hard when you have a built-in mobile data connection).

Normally it seems to take about 2-3 minutes to acquire the full set of traffic info and reroute (if needed) after turning it on. The main place it shows it's "faster routing" is less when first planning a journey and more when working out a new route (due to you going the wrong way or the traffic changing) when it seems to be very quick (almost immediate).

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off


@James 12

In the US they were paying $49.99 to pre-order a windows 7 _upgrade_ while in the uk we're paying £49.99 for a windows 7 full retail package. Can't really complain at a full license costing more then an upgrade.


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