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Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Paul 28

And I want my Bulgarian Airbags to come out to here.

UK.gov loses crucial battle in home-taping war with musicians

Paul 28

Who is unfair?

I would have more sympathy for the music industry if, when they change formats, they allowed a low-cost exchange of media. After all, I have already paid the writer and artist royalties - all I want is to change, say, vinyl for CD. Same if I damage the media and want a replacement.

Eerie satnav boffinry claims it can predict THE FUTURE

Paul 28

Yes, this all looks great, but I just want a simple compromise between time and distance in my GPS. It should allow me set the trade-off, for example that I will travel an extra mile per two minutes saved so I don't get routes that add twenty miles to save one minute.

Boffins prove Queen ballad 'world's most catchy song'

Paul 28

One word ...


PARIS emerges triumphant from hypobaric chamber

Paul 28


Nothing to do with the mission, but you should put some in the hypobaric chamber next time. We want to know, that's all.

Sunday Times avoids punitive damages over unauthorised Hendrix CD

Paul 28

Delay the film?

Surely, the CD would serve to promote the film.

Happy Sysadmin Day!

Paul 28

364 days?

I think you'll find system administrators get no respect 365 days a year.

Cable lays plan for graduate tax

Paul 28

Don't they pay more if they earn more?

Apparently, graduates earn £100,000 more over their lifetime than "comparable non-graduates". So they already pay £30,000+ more in income tax (assuming lower rate early in their careers, then higher rate). Shouldn't we be simplifying the tax system, not complicating it?

Italian bride's bouquet downs ultralight

Paul 28

That explains it!

On BBC World News last night, there was just a ticker saying that a plane crash in Italy had been caused by a bride throwing her bouquet. No mention of a microlight.


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