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Mobile customers still sprout in Aus

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Telstra Suffering Too

Telstra has not fared well in adding all the subscribers, their network saturation in CBS is way over, they are suffering, we have 200 3G cards with them and over the last few months they are all complaining about how slow they are now. And Telstra, say try 4G, and refuse to admit issues.

Whinging Brits reflect on epic Oz road trip

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Really, are you sure, because here they sell scooners, not pints, which that glass is, and a scooner is 425 ml, in comparison to 568 ml for the UK pint, so the picture size, is fine.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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Although not an Apple fan, i must say i'm a fan of good business people, and he was one of if not the best leader, the world has lost a great leader.

Apple breaks location-storing silence

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

"Apple has clarified that it does not store location data on handsets, and that it does, and that it's going to stop soon... only it isn't... and it's nothing to worry about anyway."


Icelandic todger museum acquires human hampton

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Thanks for the tip-off

No pun intended

I'll get my coat...

Dubai cuts ribbon on world's tallest building

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Its Nakeel thats bust, and its Emmar that built the tower.

BT's unified comm cloud goes global

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Personally i think this is a great move, i'm based in the middle east and costs here are huge, last month office bill for phone and internet was £16,000 and we are only a small office with 2MB internet and half of this cost is for that. There is no competition at all, so they can charge what they want. Give me somone to cut back costs, esp interoffice (calling our offices all over the world is 90 percent of our calls) and i'm sold. P.s. i know it would save costs to go VOIP, but offically thats illegal here, coming to think about it, how will they get around that.

Virgin hijacks empty pages

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I dont see a problem

I mean, sure we dont want this, but most normal users would find this useful, my dad for example finds this great!

Also if it gives them a bit more revenue it might keep them away from Phorm for a bit longer.

As for opt-out/opt-in, i think opt out gives users who are not techies the chance to use the service and us techies a way out.

I know that most people would not know how to opt-in to anything!

Google kicks Maestro into touch

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My RBS Account too

was Maestro is now a visa

BlackBerry update bursting with spyware

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There only are two operators

"and it will be interesting to see if a similar application appears on competing UEA operators"

The other one, which is also part owned by the gov!


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