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Phorm: Our business is fine, honest

Peter Redding


Sorry, I had to.

Woman finds Lithuanian living in shed

Peter Redding

If she paid her TV license

Wouldn't other TVs on her property be covered as well?

Firefox 3 makes up world record to set world record

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Well I like it

I know it's personal preference but I do like it. I have it installed alongside FF2 though to make sure I don't break website stuff in 2 by fixing the design for 3.

My personal preference aside, downloads!=installs. How many FF Fanatics downloaded it several times then deleted the superfluous files?

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Peter Redding

Bandwidth monitoring

Any recommendations for a utility that will monitor all the traffic from my PC and Xbox 360 going through my router?

Dial-a-phone 4u?

Peter Redding


I hate Phones4U because their sales staff always come across as needy and desperate and pounce on you as soon as you go into the shop. They've driven me out of their shops on a couple of occasions so now I don't go in there unless I want to deliberately waste their time.

Prince and Village People dive into Pirate Bay

Peter Redding

Who's Prince?

Is he some new talent that I'm yet to hear of?

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Peter Redding


Are you referring to posts by Anonymous Coward? That just means that people have ticked the "Post anonymously" box (bottom left under the icons).

Peter Redding

Modem Frequency/DHCP

My modem has been playing up for several days now and technical support told me it was because the starting frequency of my modem was wrong. I changed it as per their instructions but it changed itself back. I did it again and it worked for a while but not through my router. I restarted the modem and everything was okay again for about two days but then last night the frequency changed itself back again. The modem log mentions something about losing DHCP.

Anyone else having similar trouble? Just wondering if "my" problem was actually their problem after all.

US man dies in Taser incident

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Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

Peter Redding

Why is it...

...that I always read Habbo Hotel as Hobo Hotel?

Also, the guy should have taken a virtual dump in the bath after stealing the furniture.

Friends Reunited considers dropping pay walls

Peter Redding

Friends Who?

The name seems familiar from about 10 years ago...

ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds

Peter Redding

@Me (Peter Redding)

Dear Me,

You (i.e. me) are a fool!!! The byte/bit difference has been explained to you/me before - please get it right and stop making a fool of your(my)self!!!



Peter Redding
Thumb Down

Bandwidth Throttling

Virgin Media have definitely started doing this now. I'll be downloading (legal) stuff from a newsgroup at 435KBs on my 4MB connection and after a certain amount of data it'll reduce to literally half that speed and stay there.

So not only am I getting nowhere near 4MB on a cable connection but after a certain amount of data transfer I get my download speed cut in half.

Jason Bourne disses James Bond

Peter Redding

The IT Connection

Is it that James Bond fanboys are as bad as Apple fanboys?

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC

Peter Redding

Evil Stare

That copper is giving the other guy a look as if he asked why the copper didn't have an iPhone.

Paris Hilton walks to freedom

Peter Redding

Even (The Ultimate) Warrior Hates Paris Hilton


NZ couple fight to name kid '4Real'

Peter Redding


Call the kid something like Farrell, it's close enough.

Hilton to go down for 23 days

Peter Redding

I bet it's a nice "prison" too

Probably better than my house.

Is being extremely stupid now being counted as "highly talented"?

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'

Peter Redding

Hope this works

If not, ah well.



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