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Google promises MORE CHOCOLATE to squish Chrome bugs

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Dear Google

I didnt even read the article.

The title says it all. They want security. However, they will never compare to Firefox.

Firefox is given a program from the government to test for security flaws. On top of that, Firefox has its own team of security researchers and does most of their own. However, they too do offer bounty programs for flaws.

The Point. Offer all the money you want. I doubt any hackers have interest in helping Google out. You can get more money doing other things of interest.

Apple: How we slip YOUR data to govts – but, hey, we're not Google

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Apple - pff

"Unlike many other companies dealing with requests for customer data from government agencies, Apple's main business is not about collecting information."

My response:

"Your main business is overcharging for cheap stuff. And monopolizing the market by not even allowing other companies to sell something as small as a charger. A few years ago Apple sued a lot of companies for selling Apple compatible chargers for their macbooks and products alike. Simply because it was cheaper than their $45-$80 version of the charger" (which obviously failed and needed replaced)

We want to put a KILL SWITCH into your PHONE, say Feds

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Why wouldnt we have the access>?

VMware promises better security, considers scheduled patches

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VMware lol

Well. Ive told IT guys for years that Virtual is not the way to go.



-More updating that running just the OS on a PC.

-More security holes to worry about than just the OS on a PC.

-It doesnt really save power. When you are running 3 VM's on one pc. That power supply is running at full capacity 24/7 to keep those 3 systems running optimally in a VM. (todays power supplies are variable and only use whats needed)

-massive compatibility issues around every turn. (network latency, installation, multiple firewalls and configs, processor latency, ram latency, need I go on?)



-less hardware in the building. Thats it.

First the NYT, now the Wall Street Journal: But are hacking attacks from China new?

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At the China war comments

I noticed a topic of people talking about China being scary today.

You are correct. But here is how the war would go.

China big a heck. U.S. big as heck. The U.S has the tech/war weapons to pull it off. But somewhere along the line I feel atomic weapons would be used. And thats the scary part.

Pentagon plans massive surge in Cyber Command staff

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Dear Pentagon,


They've only gone and HACKED the WEATHER

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lulz and stop

i cant anything except lol.

"file inclusion vulnerability"

thats not a hack. its a script. kiddies!

Chase joins Bank of America in possible Islamic attack outage

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Dear banks. Hire a real security guy lol.

If your IT cant beat a DDOS, they suck.

Republican filibuster blocks Senate Cybersecurity bill

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This is all I read "Republican filibuster blocks Senate Cybersecurity bill"


Fire all of congress right now.

Anonymous hunts down Voldemort for hacking hungry kids' charity

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IT Angle

this again?

Why would anyone want to impress a bunch of kiddies.

OK I cant say they are all kids, but its obvious they dont think right.

I mean, someone tries to impress the kids and all they can say is....... "NOBODY IMPRESS US, WERE ANON"

DORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous hit Melbourne IT to find AAPT documents

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if you are not in the news and newspapers...... you're anonymous.

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@ homer and bits of others.

You have to remember that most people don't live online like hard core internet junkies. There is another type of people and they don't even read or have heard of anon. When they are told of them they forget about them as easily as they heard it.

In order for anyone to do anything worth while. You have to think big. If you are on the news and newspapers....... your anonymous.

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sorry anon. boring same old same old. I know you are lowly funded but lets take over TV and really educate some people. you are becoming rush limbah. lots of talk to very few people.

and just like rush. you doing nothing but wasting time.

in fact, stop worrying about the internet and focus on the governments and help people regain control of them.

then you can say your doing something. right now your only midly entertaining the security industry workers.

Story withdrawn

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Ill make this quick. Title "how to stop viruses"

First. Stop letting just anyone create a website that spews viruses.

Second. Force website owners to better control security so legit websites dont spew viruses.

Third. Make 1 bad website list, that every pc in the world uses and it updated by its users.

Result. No more viruses. (well you would make them almost extinct)

Kind of scary how simple it is isnt it.

P.S: McAfee sux

Spam crashes to historic low as malware explodes on mobiles

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McAfee cant detect crap

McAfee shouldnt even make statements. Their antivirus sux period. The decline in any virus activity could just be a sign that they laid people off and are now even more suckier of a AV company.

Symantec downplays source-code trophy theft

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they dont have it - lol

If they did have it. They would have already posted it all. Maybe they thought they had it and the file is corrupted. But why hang on to it????

I see STEAM - lots of STEAM - just blowing out their @#$#$^^

Desktop virt used to cope with Starbucks workforce security

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Lets try giving detailed reasons. I do not see any real advantage. Unless its terminal server. Other than that, virtualization by itself does not do a thing for security.

Windows Defender Offline: For PCs too hosed to go online

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wasted time

It doesnt matter. Viruses disable antivirus. So what is the point of having one that would work when you cant get online?? Windows Defender wouldnt even work if the virus was strong enough to take the pc offline.

I would say you have a 1 in 100 chance of a computer actually being able to open Windows Defender if the virus was sophisticated enough to disable the internet. It would have already taken out Windows Defender.

Man fights felony hacking charge for accessing wife's email

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If she wouldnt let him in her email. Then of course she was cheating. No hacking needed. But I feel that this falls under that 50/50 law. Whatever is hers is his, even if she puts a lot on the shed. he can still break it off. Its his shed too.

Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit

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WOW - dummies

I always see companies act like kids when they have no idea what to do. Post a flaw and we will ban you.

Good for you apple. You just accomplished nothing.

This is the point at which anonymous should be doing something. OMG, I just pulled the rope. The curtain is opening.

As for Charlie Miller. To the torrents.

Hackers breach website for SF transit agency police

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Go home anon kids. Keep in mind you already protested this and exposed the general pop. F- OFF

Innocent passengers targeted to protest subway agency

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Truth comes out

The truth is. They were either looking for a quick hack and just did that one because they dont care about anyone. OR, they couldnt hack anything else so they posted what they could.

Either way. Losers

Mozilla outs un-Google site sign-in prototype

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not sure what to say

I only have one word. Insecure.

MS advises drastic measures to fight hellish Trojan

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You said:

Any files that aren't backed up will be lost in the process.

I say:

If you are restoring files that were backed up every so often. Pray you don't backup the virus. I mean, it got past you once Pele (soccer)

Assange asks for new lawyer

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