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GoDaddy CEO says US is 'tech illiterate' (so, yeah, don't shut off that cheap H-1B supply)


Trump in Nevada: 'I Love the Poorly Educated'

Republicans love the poorly educated, the crux of trump's votes. The poorly educated are they who can rally to 'FEAR thy Neighbors' rants, just as in Brit's Brexit.

The last few Trade agreements included reeducating those who would lose jobs due to dying US manufacturing to cheaper wages abroad but Republicans holding Congressional purse $tring$ reneged (mind you these are the same folk who crashed the US & World economies by reducing regulations-YEP, they're at it again)...Did I add that one of the Republican pillars within their 'making government smaller' rhetoric is to destroy the education Institution body. So YES, Americans are steered towards ignorance but it's for political reasons.

You can crunch it all you like, but the answer is NOT always in the data


Its about probability

Brazil facing Germany in their division was virtually a 50% probability for either to win based on the writers scoring assigning 35, 34 score respectively to Brazil and Germany. For Germany then to go on and win the World Cup confirms this data mining model has credibility

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers


The folks conducting the servey are dumber than IE users.

Dumb survey and a waste of time- IE is "distributed' as the base browser, thereby anyone switching would be doing so through a level of awareness. Just as vegetarians would score similar results to meat eaters- the list goes on and on. The folks conducting the servey are dumber than IE users.


Intel readying MIC x64 coprocessor for 2012


Less Power Scotty!

No one seems to be mentioning power consumption,perhaps as if 22nm will solve that problem- theres a lot of work ahead if power projections havent been talked about.


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Intel juices cash dividend (again)


Buy Backs! What next?? bring out the dancing bears (Dom-dom-dom-dom)

Larabee, McAfee, 3D chips, and buy backs - Intel is trying to not tell you something.


Intel's Tri-Gate gamble: It's now or never


its the BOTTOM LINE $$$$

What most miss in these times of economic consciousness is that over time money is saved through energy efficiency per watt, and productivity per watt, all contributing to bottom lines. AMD, and future ARM (x86 designs, created by design partnership between AMD & ARM) have/will have, built into the line of chips a cost savings structure that adds to bottom line, as well as an increase in overall productivity- the chips pay for themselves- immediately.....Intel cannot compete against the above benefits of AMD's Fusion, or the threat of low power ARM designs.....22nn at what cost and yields?


Dell sharpens four-socket Opteron blade


Not just cheaper in price

What most miss in these times of economic consciousness is that over time money is saved through energy efficiency per watt, and productivity per watt, all contributing to bottom lines. AMD has built in their line of chips a cost savings structure that adds to bottom line, as well as an increase in overall productivity- the chips pay for themselves- immediately.....Intel cannot compete against the above benefits of AMD's Fusion -


Intel charges premium for Xeon E7 scalability


$$ Intel inside $$

If you didn’t know why Intel bought McAfee in light of AMD's Fusion, it should be clearer now. Intel has fortified its position in the HI-END server market, and no one is going to compete with them up there ( monopoly), hence the price mark-ups to compensate for mid and low end of computer market which will be owned by AMD...Intel can’t make a cheap chip, and you will pay.

Nice time to buy the stock


Energy-saving LEDs 'will not save energy', say boffins



So let me get this straight- I now leave my LED on till bed time; so now Im going to keep it on all night...thanks for telling me.

the study is flawed


Fear as motivator: why Intel acquired McAfee


Godfather gets security blanket

Nothing to do with Intel inside moble- Intel to offer protectionism to copyright providers(movies, books,music) for a fee

The Godfather


FTC whacks Intel with anticompetition complaint


Where there's smoke there's Intel asH

Below is a time line of news articles that actually lead to any sane persons understanding of todays FTC's decision against Intel. (web links are included) Why Intel decided to go to trial is the question.


SUNNYVALE, CALIF.-AUG. 31, 2004-Today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announces it is demonstrating the industry's first x86 dual-core processor. During demonstrations held at the company's Austin facilities, AMD is showing an HP ProLiant DL585 server powered by four dual-core AMD Opteron(tm) processors manufactured on 90nm silicon-on-insulator process technology.

With a simple upgrade path to more efficient computing, based on AMD's existing system infrastructure and industry-standard architecture, enterprise customers can expect more efficient processing power without the penalties of increased power consumption and heat dissipation. The dual-core AMD Opteron processor for servers and workstations is expected to offer the best performance per watt in the market when AMD plans to make it available in mid-2005.

"This industry milestone changes the dynamics of the computing business," said Dirk Meyer, executive vice president, AMD Computation Products Group. "Once again, AMD is delivering a simplified approach to more efficient processing power, with products that will deliver multi-core 64-bit computing to our strong customer base." ........................



Intel dual-core chips set to ship

By Michael Kanellos, CNET News.com

Monday, April 18, 2005 09:28 AM

A few PC makers will start selling PCs containing dual-core chips from Intel later today, three days ahead of the debut of the dual cores.

Dell, Alienware and a few others are preparing to take orders on Monday for PCs containing these chips, an Intel spokesman said. The companies will also be able to ship these PCs to customers. Although volumes of the Extreme Edition Pentium 4, code-named Smithfield, will initially be low, Intel will ship millions of dual-core chips by the end of the year, the spokesman said.

By the end of 2006, Intel expects that 70 percent of its server chips and 85 percent of its desktop and notebook chips will be dual core, the company has said.

Intel's pre-emptive strike will likely give it the right to claim being the first to ship dual-core x86 chips. Advanced Micro Devices is slated to release dual-core Opteron chips for servers and workstations on April 21. Hewlett-Packard, however, is currently taking preorders on dual-core Opteron servers.



Intel First to Ship Dual Core

UPDATED: The chipmaker begins releasing its Pentium Extreme Edition 800-series ahead of AMD's Opteron

.........Dell announced it would be one of the first PC makers to ship Intel's new dual core Pentium Extreme. The Round Rock, Texas-based hardware vendor said it would begin shipping its Dimension brand of PCs with the new chips relatively soon with prices starting at around $3,000.

HP and Gateway are expected to follow suit. ....



Workstation Processors Duel: AMD Opteron against Intel Xeon

[12/21/2005 08:44 PM | CPU]

by Ilya Gavrichenkov

Today we are going to compare the performance of dual-processor workstations built on single-core and dual-core processors from AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon processor families.

........................The CPU market has changed greatly throughout this year of 2005 and Intel’s position is not as superior in every market sector as it had used to be. Yes, the microprocessor giant enjoys the global advantage over AMD as concerns the total quantity of units shipped, but AMD has pressed the rival in the retail sector since individual users react more quickly to the changing market situation. It is a fact that AMD is currently the technological leader and has been such for quite a while already. AMD was the first to propose and implement 64-bit extensions to the classic x86 architecture and in 2005 became the first x86 CPU manufacturer to start shipping dual-core processors.

We’ve always kept our eye on the competition in the desktop CPU market and our numerous test sessions have proved that dual-core CPUs from AMD are more appealing than Intel’s due to a number of reasons. And today we are going to touch upon another subject of great controversy between Intel and AMD – processors for high-performance workstations................



May 18, 2006 2:00 PM PDT

Dell opts for AMD's Opteron

By Tom Krazit , Michael Kanellos and Ina Fried

Staff Writers, CNET News

Last modified: May 18, 2006 4:24 PM PDT

Dell has agreed to use Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron chip in multiprocessor servers by the end of the year, ending a long-standing policy of sticking exclusively with Intel.

The PC maker made the move public in its first-quarter earnings press release on Thursday. Speculation has mounted for years as to whether Dell would adopt the company's chips, despite Dell's exclusive relationship with rival Intel to this point. AMD has enjoyed a performance lead in server benchmarks over Intel's Xeon processors. ...........



AMD counters Intel with speedier Opterons

Alert PrintWaiting for Xeon

By Ashlee Vance in Mountain View • Get more from this author

Posted in Servers, 26th September 2005 21:23 GMT

Free whitepaper – Guidelines for specification of data center power density

AMD today won a round of its ongoing chip marketing battle with Intel by pumping out a new fleet of speedier dual-core Opteron chips. Intel did its best to counter the move with a couple of variations to its single-core Xeon line but obviously fell short of its rival.

Customers can start buying 2.4GHz versions of the Opteron 280 and 880 chips. That's a boost from AMD's 2.2GHz mainstream Opteron parts and puts the rest of the line on par with an existing premium 2.4GHz chip used by Sun Microsystems. The Opteron 180 chip for single processor servers and workstations will ship at 2.4GHz as well within 30 days



AMD Files Antitrust Complaint Against Intel In U.S. Federal District Court

– Complaint Details Worldwide Coercion of Computer-Makers, System-Builders, Distributors and Retailers from Dealing with AMD –

– Intel’s Illegal Acts Inflate Computer Prices and Limit Choices for Businesses and Consumers –

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- June 28, 2005 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced today that it filed an antitrust complaint against Intel Corporation (“Intel”) yesterday in U.S. federal district court for the district of Delaware under Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act, Sections 4 and 16 of the Clayton Act, and the California Business and Professions Code. The 48-page complaint explains in detail how Intel has unlawfully maintained its monopoly in the x86 microprocessor market by engaging in worldwide coercion of customers from dealing with AMD. It identifies 38 companies that have been victims of coercion by Intel – including large scale computer-makers, small system-builders, wholesale distributors, and retailers, through seven types of illegality across three continents.

“Everywhere in the world, customers deserve freedom of choice and the benefits of innovation – and these are being stolen away in the microprocessor market,” said Hector Ruiz, AMD chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer. “Whether through higher prices from monopoly profits, fewer choices in the marketplace or barriers to innovation – people from Osaka to Frankfurt to Chicago pay the price in cash every day for Intel’s monopoly abuses.”



AMD Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

By Rob Wright

10:40 AM EDT Tue. Jun. 28, 2005

From the June 27, 2005 issue of VARBusiness The rivalry between the industry's two biggest chip makers heated to a boiling point Tuesday as AMD (NYSE:AMD) announced it had filed an antitrust complaint against Intel (NSDQ:INTC) in U.S. federal district court.

AMD's bold move rekindles a long-dormant legal feud between the two companies and shifts the competition away from the technology front, where AMD had been gaining mind share with its 64-bit computing microprocessors. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court in Delaware, accuses Intel of unlawfully maintaining its market-leading position in the x86 microprocessor field by coercing customers from dealing with AMD, violating the Sherman Antitrust Act as well as California law. The complaint identifies 38 companies that AMD says have been victims of Intel's illegal business practices, including large computer makers, distributors, systems builders and retailers.

AMD filed an antitrust suit against Intel in the early 1990s with similar allegations, but the suit was settled out of court, which led to a legal cease fire that lasted until now.




Microsoft's about turn: Windows 7 tech testers will get free copy of OS

Jobs Halo

god bless us all everyone!

When is the rug going to be pulled?

has Ebeneezer Scrooge, oops I mean Mr. Softy, seen the light of Christmas present?

I feel like Bob Cratchit's Tiny Tim

god bless us all everyone!

enjoy while you can


Microsoft ultra-thins to 'out cool' netbooks, Apple


One hand washes the other

yesterday marketing officer Sean Maloney in an interview

(From Register article: Windows 7 finds home at Intel)

But Maloney wants companies to upgrade their PCs to run Windows 7. "Now the question is," he said, "can we get the argument to the CFOs and the CEOs that it makes more sense to spend a little bit on capital to reduce your operating costs?"

What Maloney really said:

I'll get CFO's and CEO's to spend on Windows 7 , and (discounted) Intel boxes from our partner retailers (cha-ching).....and you guys ditch AMD

Ballmers reply: Today

"When a customer says we want a netbook with bigger screen we will say here's an ultra thin," Ballmer said. "We want people to be able to get the advantages of light weight performance and be able to spend more money with us and Intel and Dell and HP and others."

What Ballmer really ment:

We hear you loud and clear Intel...AMD who! - others

Windows 7 finds home at Intel


Intel looking for a monkey wrench?

this seems to be more like one hand will wash the other. Check Intels M&A activities in the past month; seems to me they may be afraid of Microsofts close relationship with AMD, Window 7 and AMD's products seem to be made for each other. If a lower priced video gamer quality (cpu gpu) AMD box is made in the lower to mid range, it shuts the doors on Intel who has claims in (lower margined)netbooks as their market....Intel needs a monkey wrench in Q3


Intel looking for a monkey wrench? 2

But Maloney wants companies to upgrade their PCs to run Windows 7. "Now the question is," he said, "can we get the argument to the CFOs and the CEOs that it makes more sense to spend a little bit on capital to reduce your operating costs?"

What he really means-

I may be able to get CFO's and CEO's to spend on Windows 7 , and (discounted) Intel boxes from our partner retailers (cha-ching).....Intel to save the day.......AMD who?

how many companies surveyed early in the year, were not going to upgrade to Window 7? keep a score sheet...the saga continues


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