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Diablo III

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Re: DRM infestation for casual muppets

6 choices of 3 selections each you say?

Too lazy to look at the options and find that you can bind (almost) any of the skills to any of the keys? I'm using two of my primary spells, one on the left mouse button for long range, one on the number 1 key for large waves.

I would like a fast way to remap key setups like they had in D2 but I can live with it as it stands, I just remind myself that I'm playing this as light hack and slash entertainment.

Vulture 2 trigger triggers serious head-scratching

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I've probably missed the answer to this but

Such a long piece of strong between baloon and rocket sounds to me like it'll be relatively unstable. A lot of pendulum action could be going on there.

I'm sure this has been discussed and dismissed but why not have a shorter rope with a weight on it and attach the rocket + launcher to the top of the baloon?

Is it just that the extra weight of the weight will reduce your max altitude?

Sun hacks cuffed after being DOBBED IN by News Corp

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Closest you can get to that is the Private Eye. It doesn't seem to consider "fellow press" as sacrosanct and that includes the owners of the papers as well as the people who work there.

The main problem is that the Eye doesn't hold anything sacred and so eventually every reader is offended by something. Subscribers just have enough of a thick skin, sense of proportion or sense of humour to keep going.

1000s of websites vanish as TalkTalk lets domain slip

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Alas poor Demon

I moved from Demon to BeThere about a year and a half ago.

Demon used to be lovely for techies, you could speak to somebody about any problem and once they worked out you knew a bit you could cut to the chase.

Maybe 2-3 years ago they put in an india front end with the classic "trouble shooting" script that they had to work through. The script wasn't a very good one and if you had to do a follow up call because their "fix" didn't work then it was back ti line one of the script.

Demon is still fine while it continues to work but if anything breaks that isn't fixed by a router reboot I'd say it's time to get your coat and leave them. You'll get a new ISP connection running faster than they'll fix it.

Japanese earthquake sparks nuclear emergency

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This title is Safe

Maybe the fact that not many countries are in such an active earthquake zone? Saying nuclear power is bad because somebody built some near a major faultline is like saying ice cream vans are bad because somebody parked one up next to a major road once and a kid got hit running across.

Paleontologists: Standardise 3D laser image files, for pity's sake

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This is not a title

But what if there isn't actually an open standard?

Has anybody actually gotten around to ratifying a standard for 3D images which are at reasonable high res? Was it ratified by something with a bit of clout and certified (as far as reasonably possible) to be without IP issues?

I'm speaking from ignorance but the press release sounded part a plea for somebody, anybody, to come forward with a reasonable standard that was open for use and part advert for the sponsors who wouldn't mind becoming a de-facto standard.

Anonymous hack showed password re-use becoming endemic

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Title like thing

Maybe the researchers should drop an email to the addresses involved and just ask the users whether, as at x date, they used the same password in a more secure site as well?

I'd imagine that those who answer would be fairly honest especially if they are told "it's for science"

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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This is the required title

The expansion in which they bring out panderans is the expansion they won't be able to sell in China. At all. Period. Remember that anything that involves pandas getting hurt is illegal in china.

And as for keeping your gear.... people weren't looking too closely. Even if you had T10 from Lvl 25 heroics they are replaced before you hit 85 otherwise you are really gimping yourself. Your health will be really low and because the ratings decay pretty fast you will be performing a lot more poorly than you would be in new greens.

Looks wise though the new stuff isn't too shiny yet but then it *is* levelling gear / greens.

Botnet that pwned 100,000 UK PCs taken out

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Maybe but...

It's not inconceivable that the owners of the server gave permission.

I'd assume it is their say so that would be required for data on their servers even if the botnet stuff is on there without their permission.

3 offers best iPhone deal

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02 "unlimited" vs 500 texts

Not sure how unlimited that unlimited is but...

500 texts used to include texts abroad at the cost of 4 allowance per text.

"Unlimited" they do of course charge you for any text abroad.

Google to Commies: We’ll make censorship illegal

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Beware of what you ask for

The problem with asking for an end to all censorship on the Internet is that different places allow different things.

Legal age of marriage in some countries is still in the barely-teens which means that in theory they could provide plenty of footage of "consenting parties" where one of both are rather young by our (western world commonly accepted) moral standards.

Instructions on making weapons of various types may well also be legal elsewhere but give the lone nutcase a much greater potential for damage.

Do we want all of that and more to be freely available?

Not that I'm sure what the answer is as censorship, especially where what is being censored isn't transparently visible, is also repugnant.

My guess is we'll eventually end up with an international grading system similar to films and computer games. Stuff going up on the Internet is classified as "Uncategorised" by default and can be vetted somewhere against an international standard to get a category.

Countries can then decide what they want to do with the various categories. The problem is we'll also end up with categories sites being owned by clearly identifiable people since a big stick needs to be available for people who swap the contents of a site after it's categorised.

'Google Earth for the Iraq insurgency' gets $115m

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On the other hand

If Google did it, they'd also retain all searches on their own machines. That way they could advertise the correct ammo and body armour to soldiers who need re-supply.

Just click the banner ad, put in your credit card details and guaranteed shipping the same day! Or combine your order with your fellow squaddies to try and bring down P&P. Money back if you get blown up on the day of order *if* the report makes it back to the googleplex. And you let them use the pictures for marketting.

Also, while insurgents may have legs, the terrain doesn't. Some areas are just a lot better for ambushes than others.

Judge Dredd 'Black Box' recorder/spy kit for guns unveiled

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Ah, good old Sgt Axly

Also ex-Sgt Axley, Officer Axly, soon-to-be-ex-Officer Axly.

But hey, if you had his doctor then you'd be firing first and not asking questions later too!

Olympic ticket scams already starting, says top e-cop

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Big Brother

@Pete 2 - Police remit?

The question with the proactive solution is, is it within the Police remit?

They are meant to detect and solve crimes, they run a small (but admittedly increasing) number of crime prevention initiatives.

What we have seen is many people worrying about scope creep. Today it's ones with Olympic in the name, tomorrow it's anything that could be used to facilitate crime in the UK. Statistically a significant number of criminal domains have vowels, why not filter all of those through the police? In fact, lets make a register of people permitted to ask for a domain name! Bad guys that do manage to get on there somehow can be struck off, most of them will be prevented in the first place.

Also just imagine if the police had bought up a pile of domains and one of them happened to be one that your business legitimately needed. How many people would scream about police interference in their legitimate business if they had to go through additional paperwork? Would they be asking for compensation for the time it took to go through the extra hoops? Would there be extra bad publicity when somebody used the 10,001 domain name on the list?

Finally don't forget there's the cost of a workshop to come up with the idea, a bunch of admin to get the idea approved, the committee that comes up with the list, yada yada yada.

While an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure it relies on being able to trust the people administering the prevention. The police currently do not have that level of trust (and this from a law abiding person who hasn't even had a speeding ticket)

Application management – how many apps do you have?

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"Applications" - an interesting question

I wonder if anybody has come up with a broadly accepted definition of "application" and made sure that eveybody within their business (including outsourcing customers etc) has the same view.

From a service support point of view, you are talking about different bits of software to license, install, patch, support.

From an infrastructure support point of view, you are talking about different comms paths with set destination ports / IPs etc.

From a user perspective this actually can be different applications all accessed via IE (or whatever), sometimes even on the same server but with different URLs.

Which one did this study mean to ask about and which one were the answers responding with?

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

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News Flash

Just in - ant stopped from getting on a plane to france because it was constantly saying "Braains".

Reports that it was clutching a bad forgery of a ticket for "Vulture 1" departing from Paris are unconfirmed by police.

I do hope El'Reg will be checking the paper plane for stowaways!

Anonymous web data can be personal data, claims expert

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IPs may change but....

But why not mine the ID associated with your cookie and claim that as yours?

That is what google etc. uses afterall.

Of course the alternative was always to regularly clear cookies out at which point each blip of data they gather is a smaller and therefore less valuable picture.

I like the idea but I'd also like to see somebody else with legal training etc. back this up.