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Scrapping UK visa cap on nurses, doctors opened Britain's doors to IT workers


Who would want to be here?

Great. House prices to the moon and wages to the floor. Who would want to live here?

Soon the only way to breed will be on benefits.

Why does no one want to invest in full fibre broadband, wails UK.gov


Some falsehoods

While I agree with most comments under here I wanted to clear something up.

I live in a small village surrounded by sheep and cows, no street lighting etc. and we have gigaclear fibre to my door. I don't work for them or have shares in them but the service is far better than BT ever was and somehow they make it cost effective. They are also connecting all the surrounding villages at quite a pace.

It's not impossible and I suspect the monopoly that BT holds is a major part of the problem.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd


Great Article BTW

Shame about the comments.

Why you should Vote Remain: Bananas, bathwater and babies


EU has already failed

We are just getting first dibs on the lifeboats.

Gives us a chance to pull our European friends out of the water when the ship sinks.

BBC post-Savile culture change means staff can 'speak truth to power'


I don't believe a word of it

Watching the hysterical pro EU coverage of the referendum on BBC TV I'm of the conclusion that you can't believe a word that the BBC tell you.

Cisco retires Nexus 6000 switches



Whenever I tell project managers how much 40G SFP cost they go pale and ask for 10G.

It's not the cost of the switches that's killing adoption and remember you need them by the dozen.

... then there's 100G

Bone-dry British tech SMBs miss out on UK.gov cash shower


All shall win Prizes

Bet they all want an Oscar for living in the North West as well!

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA


Re: It's not as crazy as it sounds

China protects its markets and currency vigorously but Register readers ignore that and signal their virtue instead.

It certainly is a very good idea but someone else needs to say it apparently.

NHS IT projects worth £5bn at 'high risk' of failure, warns HSCIC


Legacy, legacy

Another remnant of the Blair/Brown autocracy still not put out of its misery. Clearly needed more IR35 enforcement eh?

Met at 'huge risk' of botching its Sopra Steria outsourcing contract



I have had some experience of working with Steria. Utterly incompetent, everything takes months and they deliver the wrong thing even when its a simple shopping list - verbatim.

They employ a lot of recent migrants which makes me worry about security.

I just don't understand why they are using them.

'We can handle politicos, OUR ISSUE IS JUDGES', shout GCHQ docs


Re: @ TwoWolves Safety vs Security

@ h4rm0ny

Good Lord, looks like continual abject failure has not dampened some people's ardour for idealistic regime change. The ghost of Tony Blair lives on!

I'm afraid you'll find that ISIS is not a "rebellion" but in fact mostly foreign fighters, financed by foreign states intent in dominating the entire region. These boys are making Assad's regime look like pussies.

The people who have been planning attacks here are also being radicalised, armed and trained by entities within these foreign states. This information is in the public domain I believe. [I want to make it clear though, I do not support Assad - just the least bad outcome for everyone]


Re: @ TwoWolves Safety vs Security

@ Fraggle850

I think you missed the very point I was making, that we don't get to choose the frequency of attack. We either do nothing; in which case the terrorists select the frequency or we channel resources at the problem to reduce it to an acceptable level, whatever that level is a big debate.

Has it occurred to you that the worst case scenario is what's happening in Syria right now? Can you live with that? Where would you flee?


Re: Safety vs Security

I was just wondering how high and mightily principled you will be once your legs and genitalia are blown off whilst innocently making your way to work one day?

Also, how many attacks would be acceptable to you? Once a year, once a month, week - day? Do you think we will get to choose?

This issue is far more complicated than internet rent-a-gobs are willing to admit.

JetBrains refuses to U-turn on subscriptions (but sweetens the deal)


RE: It's never been easy...


Not convinced about the rollback thing though as sometimes you have to leave a copy on a restricted server (no internet) after the license has expired and a rollback could mean tools that are required to run tests/builds etc no longer work.

Bit shitty really and I'm making money for them by insisting my clients buy their software - they've just killed one of my core arguments for their product.

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election


I've not been paying that much attention but I hear...

1) He says that he's going to instruct the Bank of England to print enough money to pay off the UK deficit.

2) He doesn't believe that countries should have borders.

How is that going to play out well? I'd be interested to know.

(He sounds really nice but somewhat bonkers)

India reveals plan to fix poverty by doing ANYTHING-as-a-service


They are currently doing a very good job of exporting their population bubble to the world. No other country has more expats spread around the globe.

THEY WANTED OUR WOMEN: Neanderthals lusted after modern humans


Re: Terminology

Not forgetting that our species almost collapsed to extinction during the last Ice Age. That's probably why this fella didn't make it.

Quarterly losses double at Hadoop hawker Hortonworks


Re: May one enquire...

Silly me, I should spend less time building and tuning compute clusters and spend more time reading the marketing blurb.


Re: May one enquire...

The Hortonworks stack is not just Hadoop, that's just the storage layer. Its a whole suite of products that interact on the YARN framework. This goes beyond "big-data" and allows a raft of solutions from map-reduce to machine learning.

Its more of an application framework/data operating system with more similarities to Docker than RDBMS.

Managers never like technologies that require smart people, they want cheap and compliant staff so its going to take a while for business leaders to get it at all.

IT knowledge is as important as Maths, says UK.gov


Then stop killing the industry

Then maybe the government should start penalizing businesses that outsource to low-wage economies and stop allowing a flood of low-grade immigrants coming to work here cratering the ability to live on an IT wage and pay your inflated mortgages.

IT pay has been static for over ten years, now they wonder why nobody wants to get into the business?

Horton Hears an IPO: Hard work for Hadoop


Horton isn't Hadoop

from an IPO perspective Horton isn't Hadoop. Anyone can come along and eat their lunch.

Tim Cook: The classic iPod HAD TO DIE, and this is WHY


Why not...

Make a new classic with SD storage but the same click-wheel interface and good battery life etc.

I feel betrayed by this axing and was only waiting for a larger capacity as my 2008 iPod is still working, as was almost every adult commuter I saw on the train this morning with an iPod classic. Its the grown-ups choice of music player as we can't afford our phones to die on us.

Microsoft brings the CLOUD that GOES ON FOREVER


Cheap System Image Backup

Is this the off-site backup solution I was looking for?

Only thing stopping me is upload time. Though somehow I have a feeling my server connections would keep "dropping".

'Think of the children', Putin tells startup-land



I don't see a lot of difference between what he's proposing from what the EU and the US governments are doing or want to do with the internet. His assertion that the CIA (I think he's referring to Google) controls the internet is also not far wrong. It's just that he's the demon du jour so we are supposed to complain when he says something we hear our politicians say almost every day.

You should see the budgets the EU have for moulding our minds on the internet, or even charitable organisations that have mysterious wads of cash for this purpose. Internet freedom is already dead, let's just hope it doesn't get too much deader.

Watch this! A webinar about Extended Hyper V Replica



I use Hyper-V at home on my Windows 8 pro workstation but I don't have a single client that uses Hyper-V. Cost I think is the factor.

How about letting home users access the video card for accelerated graphics you tight b*******?

Brit IT workers are so stressed that 'TWO-THIRDS' want to quit


Re: At times because of management's bad choices, not always because of the job

You just have to face facts. In 25 years of IT its always been the same, if you want to play with the cool kids you have to work in a start-up. Otherwise you have to use what the Enterprise are using - it can still be done right if everyone RTFM.

I have a family to feed.


Re: At times because of management's bad choices, not always because of the job

So basically you're saying that the project was hell because it used Spring and Hibernate?

You need to man-up a bit mate, most of the enterprise is using these and while they aren't perfect hand-coding your CRUD isn't common now.

But... you work in IT... Why aren't we RICH?


About Spain

My wife is Spanish. All her relatives and friends out there strong-armed her into installing it as Spanish telcos charge a lot for texts and international calls. It's the same across much of Europe.

India says HP and Infosys used window dressing to shrink tax bills



Indian companies are so meticulous in paying their full taxes right?

Intel confirms it will axe 5,400 workers in 2014


Such a small dip in revenue

After years of good profits and the slightest blip triggers a cull?

Great place to work eh!

All hail the shareholders for they shall inherit the dividends.

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth


Why don't we get an explanation of how he's got richer without working?

QE and other financial manipulations have ensured that the global super-wealthy have extended their wealth while the middle-class and poor have suffered.

I'm no socialist but I know corruption when I see it.

How Britain could have invented the iPhone: And how the Quangocracy cocked it up


Re: Surprised that u r surprised?

Nevertheless they provided an environment that allowed them to flourish. You also seem to have forgotten the regular sponsorship of expeditions and botanical collections, proving once again the superiority of private enterprise..


Re: Surprised that u r surprised?

The aristocracy ceded power between the wars, a new elite run Britain.

As I recall during the period when the aristocracy ran things Britain had the most powerful empire in the world, launched the Industrial Revolution and pushed the boundaries of science and medicine to the point that they lifted millions around the world from poverty and disease. However the current elite don't like anyone pointing this out, let's call it "unfashionable".

PC market staging a RECOVERY. (Only joking, it's through the floor)


How are the stats collected?

Businesses are using virtual hosts now.

Enthusiasts are building them for gaming etc.

Are these use-cases collated?

Still PCs with OS'.

The target: 25% of UK gov IT from small biz... The reality: Not even close


Its the corruption, stupid!

They have other names for it but that's what it is.

Palestinian Facebook flaw-finder getting $10,000 payday in online appeal


To all who attacked Steven Roper

I've got news for you. A lot of people in this world don't like each other, its probably never going to stop and no matter how hard you clap your hands the fairies are going to keep dying.

Attacking people who merely observe this is simply childish.

Apple declares WAR on Spotify: iRadio bags streaming rights


Re: Am I the only one?

Agreed. Personally it's the bit-rate that I can't stand.

Inside Intel's Haswell: What do 1.4 BEELLION transistors get you?


More complexity in those caches

Looks like my atomic locked threading primitives are going to need a whole new level of benchmarking again.


More desktop cores please Intel, less tricks.

Anonymous 'plonks' names, addresses of far-right EDL types on web

Black Helicopters

Its war Jim, but not as we know it...

Did any of you actually read the article before you reached for the keyboard to blow-off your righteousness?

It's not clear where the leaked data came from but two hacktivist crews - ZHC (ZCompany Hacking Crew) from Pakistan and TeaMp0isoN - claim to have lifted membership lists after cracking into the EDL's website and forum, respectively.

India's 2020 vision: a $10 BEELION software industry


In 2020....

95% of the Indian population will still be living in poverty as the new middle class step over the destitute on their way to work.

Wealth distribution is a Western burden it seems. Outsourcing transfers national wealth from the poor of the West to the wealthy of the East, think about it before you sign that contract.

IT salaries: Why you are a clapped-out Ferrari


Re: Languages? Its not just that

The point he's making is that having learnt the new skill the really hard part is getting hired. Managers demand prior experience, end of.


Not worth it anymore

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to become a good developer. You need to be well motivated and self-study in your free time - a lot.

Employers don't want to pay for this, they want cheap because it looks good on paper.

Simply put, it just doesn't seem worth the effort anymore and that's dangerous for the industry because the same rot is affecting the developers in India now (where everyone want's to be a project manager).

I'm about to start a new contract gig and they are paying every developer the same rate. Somehow I doubt we will all be as productive or as knowledgeable.

Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks DIE


The cloud is just a bunch of PCs in a rack. Did anyone tell him it's not fairies?

India may can low cost Aakash tablet project


Re: Why did they choose Datawind?


Key people Suneet Tuli, CEO

Raja Tuli, Co-founder, CTO

David Elder,COO

How UK gov's 'growth' measures are ALREADY killing the web



A few years ago I built a website for a customer in the jewellery business and used a graphics designer friend to do the imagery. This friend used royalty free images gained from sites on the web that supply such images as "tasters" for their portfolios. These imaged were heavily cropped and shopped, as they say as part of the overall design.

Several years later I got an irate email from the client who had received a threatening letter from a large American company claiming copyright infringement for the images and requiring eye-popping fees for their use. We took them down.

Research revealed that the original company based in the UK that had provided the images royalty-free had been bought by the US company who was now on the warpath. I do think there needs to be some protection against this sort of behaviour.

RBS and NatWest FAIL downs services across UK


Bloodbath of the Contractors

I don't suppose its anything to do with the current sacking-spree they are instigating across the board?

Indian atomic boffins draw up plans for 50,000 TONNE magnet


Bored of Space Already?

How are those space missions going now then?

WTF is... Miracast?


I don't hold out much hope

It’s a great idea but I have a nasty feeling that like most interoperability technologies it will take years for devices to seamlessly talk to each others as manufacturers dither and squabble.

I think the focus on mobile devices is wrong too. It would be better to be able to send my PC content to a screen over powerline/homeplug/WiFi as that's where I have my music, video and the most pixel-pushing grunt.

Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers


Does no correlate with experience

Myself and my whole team have just been given notice. All work is going to India.

This article doesn't agree with my experiences or those of colleagues in other banks right now who are in a similar position.

Office 2013 now available for some home users

Thumb Down

Stay with 2010

I've been using the Office 365 preview for the last month. While I'm quite happy with the move to the ribbon the colour schemes and flat-styling is dreadful to use, its very hard on the eyes and difficult to navigate. Office 2010 was perfect, I just don't know why they didn't stay with that design.