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Chinese Trojan blocks cloud-based security defences

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twas a joke, sir!

well, i think it was.

Police DNA test plan to put off prostitutes' punters

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what a wide open door for the blackmail tendencies of some who desire total control of the huddled masses.

who will the ACPO sell this data to?

Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran

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and what....

are the islamists offering as an alternative?

Spain grovels to penguins over 'Linux' anti-terror plot

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as per title.

DUP website translated into Irish by mischievous hacktivist

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oh, of course, they aren't irish, are they?

Researcher cracks Wi-Fi passwords with Amazon cloud

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what about

fag paper?

i thought the bible made good role-ups.

Italian bloke sneezes out .22 bullet

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welrod/wellrod (spelling?)

is so quiet, you can hear the firing pin hit the primer.

(or so i was informed by a squaddie that had used one).

Spam volumes double as Rustock botnet wakes

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let's do bugger all about those that write, distribute knowingly or use the malware for their own or others illicit gain.

no, let's not stop there, let's ban victims of anything.

Top CEOs agree: US is down the crapper

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"competitive edge"

= we have run out of workers to exploit.

EU in Chinese garlic-crushing operation

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are there garlic addicts too?

Dubai assassins used email trojan to track Hamas victim

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it was somebody else's remit.

don't forget haganah or the IZL

Called 999 recently? They've got your number

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reporting to the police automaticaly lines you up as a potential witness, ready made, for their convenience.

refusing to testify could get your 'nads handed to you in an evidence bag, by plod.

but how else can they at least attempt to weed out bogus or malicious callers?

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

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as far as i can tell...

the only time the US ever listenes to the UN is when the UN is spouting something agreable to the US.

English Defence League membership list stolen

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you see??

so, which fairy do you worship?

who do you hate/wish death upon because they grovell to a different fairy?

the EDL are, if any thing, left of centre, welcoming people of all colours and religeous beliefs, so long as that does not include the promotion of violence and repression.

there are hindus, muslims, pagans and christians in our ranks, how does that make us racist?

why do you mix up race and religeon?

perhaps you need to get a hobby.

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friend maybe....

..but too much of a guardianista to be one of mine.

i support the EDL because i believe in a multithiest society, not the monotheistic fascism of fundamentalist islam, or any other dictatorial pixy-fest

if you value your freedom, you had better also.

otherwise you could end up getting your head sawn off in front of a live audience.

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has any one....

thought to go and check out why the EDL was formed, rather than relying on our plainly unbiased and well informed media?

the EDL stands against muslim extremism/jihad and has people of all skin colours in its membership.

such organisations tend to attract extremists who merely wish to provoke violence.

the knuckle-draggers of "combat 18" are one group so identified.

maybe rational, informed debate will one day be thought rational.....................

Lock and load: Birmingham launches gunfire location IT

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teh place i whirk at..

calls is "forklift ammunition".


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it works by allowing the hot gasses to expand into an enclosed space before venting to atmosphere at far lower pressure.

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you have a wellrod, they really are silent.

well, except for the click of the firing pin hitting the primer.

for other guns; use subsonic ammo.

Exim code-execution bug, now with root access

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i though open-source meant security??

Police appeal for missing Taser

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only under section 5 of the firearms act

and therefor, generaly out of the reach of the public.

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didn't they ban

cluster bombs partly because they were pretty colours that appealed to kids?

Walmart falls in with Washington's war on terror

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any one get those e-mails....

people of walmart/walmart shoppers/denizens of walmart etc?

we are seriously stuffed.

Blighty's kids nosedive down global reading, maths rankings

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they are eventualy going....

to get exactly what they want.

an unthinking, uncomprehending public that thinks that corronation street is real life and 15 units is plenty for any one.

a compliant public that can be easily and cheaply anesthatised outside working hours.

Brussels goes in to bat for beleaguered bees

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the authorities...

at least publicly, seem unconcerned about CCD.

beekeepers feel differently, one i used to be able to buy honey from lost 4 of 5 hives virtually overnight.

he didn't move his around.

he thinks the varoa mite and monoculture farming could be responsible.

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

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well done beeb.....

saved us countless hours of pointless re-runs of wayne rooney picking his nose.

ZeuS variant only infects super-fast PCs

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2ghz is super fast??

more like so-so, i'de have thought.

Cyber cops crush plod-snapper site following Millbank riot

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visit your local zoo

i understand that tiger shit will scare a (plod) horse like nothing else on earth.*

*exept a tiger.

Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic

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you call this a destroyer?

more like a gold plated gun boat.

the russians have assault ships with heavier armament.

FBI top-brass ask Google, Facebook to expand wiretaps

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they need a backdoor to faceache and the likes beats me.

those nerks are already broadcasting to the world + dog.

if its a matter of wanting to read private messages, then surely that could be satisfied with existing laws.

or perhaps they wish to gather information for their corporate owners to better target advertising.

im a bit puzzled by all this.

@JaitcH ; "Obviously everyone should start inputting 'terrorist' type questions so that the kooks will waste their time chasing down false leads."

i already do this with phone calls, hoping that the snoops will have a fit every call i make/recieve.

just using a few choice words should do the trick.

Acoustic gunshot locators get UK military field trials

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can it identify "friendly" fire?

Counter-terror review to consider net jihadis

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perhaps they, the politicos, are starting to get the jitters at just how angry the people are getting with them?

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they aren't available any more?

Brussels blocks UK from biometric superdatabase

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"Having just got rid of our own id card system......."

you realy think so?

what makes you think that?

"we" may not carry a single, unifying card but we all but do.

by using plastic money, e-mail and "social networking" sites, (and with the covert help of the likes of google), "we" all but hand our life story on a platter to the men in gray.

US census takers fight angry Americans for their data

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and now, with all those guns, you will role over and do as you are told, just as you have done every year since "1776".

Europe demands right to be forgotten

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The individual minister(s) that fail to protect privacy, should have to pay compensation to the people affected.

there, fixed it.

Gov may restrict unfair dismissal claim rights

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and then

watch the unions rise again.

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed

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As a senior programmer for a big mobile house

winibagoes need programming?!!

Green light for spooks' net snoop plan

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stamp, envelope, silver paper (to shield contents from "soft" x-rays), selotape (to seal envelope seams and flap).


just use the net to get snail mail addresses.

Top cyber crime cop lied under oath, says judge

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"In a massive company there will always be a tiny minority of corrupt or self serving employees. This does not mean that they are in anything like the majority."

true, but they are in charge.

Wikileaks founder denied Swedish residency permit

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i wonder

what he is running from.

Spanish fascist decries Franco Eurovision slur

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yes centurion, certainly centurion...

i'll write it out a thousand times

Former White House advisor wants cybercrime haven crackdown

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its all very well

having up to date super bomb proof protocols etc.

but that is all mere frippery if the operator is a gullible numpty open to all manner of social engineering based attacks.

what is needed is fixed, registered IPs for each and every user and an end too the free for all that internet cafe's and wireless access points provide.

Facebook is 'killing privacy for commercial gain'

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Facebook is 'killing privacy for commercial gain'


that's me.

Google UK on mission to brainwash news media

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should one profit/power hungry corporation be different from another.

this makes google sound like murdoch with wires.

Rogue engineer supplied dodgy power to 1,500 homes

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i wonder

how many weed farms will sue for crop damage/loss of earnings.

Have hordes of sex workers snubbed the Commonwealth games?

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will do wonders for

the long jump and high jump, never mind the tripple jump.

Penis pill spam shrinks

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no spam this morning!

Navy Carriers: We want two or no votes for you, Tories

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if i remember correctly...

in the "last" war, we also had to find escorts for the merchant ships that kept us fed and fueled.

we had to beg/barter ships from america to do that.

presumably, that will no longer be necessary.

Symantec pushes mobile security onto Android and iOS

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thats the last word i'de use to describe symantec's bloated slugware