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International hacker buried $1m in backyard

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@ jim 45

"Of course if you know how to do it, we don't want you to post it here."


Oh. Yes. <Ahem> That's right, we don't.

Explorers unearth cat-sized rat

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It's certainly ratlike

but I thought it couldn't be a true rat unless it belonged to the Rattus genus?

Trading in The Pirate Bay bidder stopped over deal funding

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@ Winkypop

Your rules #1 & #2 are irrelevant, really.

#1 - Whatever format it's in, if enough people want to copy content, it WILL be copied.

#2 - Once someone manages to copy it, it will go up on teh intarwebz, nothing to do with the copyright holder's decision to put it online or not.

Only rule #3 has any real bearing. Of course, since I wasn't going to buy their shite anyways, I don't see the point in downloading it either, except 'try-before-you-buy' for the shite that you might just buy after all.

How about the following rule - if you want people to buy your stuffs, make good, quality stuffs and make them available at a reasonable price. And how about ending such nonsense as 'regions' or 'staggered release' or most of all 'this video/service is not available from the country you are in.'

Zombie plague analysed by Canadian maths prof

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@ Covert North American Scum

I can't form a complete sentence with the words you've got there, old chap, it would be missing an object. Try including the following words in your list:

"commenters, some, have"

The other Ross

Oh, and DEAD4EVER?

Trying to follow your contribution has left a ringing in my frontal lobes. Here's some spare punctuation, as you appear to have run out.


Aussie Sex Party bursts upon political stage

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They've made it hard

to decide who I'll vote for in the Senate. Greens, ASP, or (if they get their act together in time) the Pirate Party? I certainly hope these three can work out a preferences-sharing deal to increase the chances of any one of them putting members into the upper house. All the same, I'm an Australian who can be proud of some of my countrymen at least.

Apple nabs 90% of all 'premium PC' dollars

The other Ross

@ Abdul Omar

Right, wasn't gonna comment, but I'm getting tired of this tosser.

"the creative director of a branding and marketing communications agency"

Says it all really. And no, what it does say is not good.

"The fact is, whenever someone is doing anything productive like in filmmaking or design for example, the computer used is sure to be a Mac. PCs are for boring things like sequencing genes or calculating pi to the zillionth decimal to get rounder fractals or something..."

Translation - The coloured pencil department likes their shiny, pretty toys and get mesmerised by flashing lights. If, however, you want to do important work, stuff that matters, stuff that involves the kind of maths that gives flighty arty types a migraine just looking at, then use a computer instead. Don't care what branding is on the box, so long as it crunches numbers rather than wastes CPU cycles on trying to look pretty.

Fire cos all marketing types should be thrown on top of one to make more room in the world for people that actually do something real with their lives.

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

The other Ross

@ Studley

Nah, I've used browser 6 before and it's shite. I'm excited by browser 7, that you can just see the edge of on the page. Now that looks like it will finally be the holy grail of browsers!

World of Warcraft (sort of) returns to China

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@ Kit

Hrm, well that's interesting. I thought China had nice big pipes with low latency? I play Eve Online from Australia on a server in London, and there is some latency, but not nearly enough to be problematic. Server-side lag is a far bigger issue, which affects players without regard to their ping times. Is WoW really that dependant on rapid response from the server? It's not like you're playing a FPS, after all.

Although, I gave WoW a try once, and noticed my ping times to Oceanic servers (supposedly local) tended to hover around 550ms, whereas in Eve, my ping times to London are generally around 250ms. Maybe Blizzard just have shite networking code?

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Big Brother

"May soon have a chance to return"?

Like they ever stopped. I bet most of them just created new accounts on overseas servers. Judging by the WoW players I know, the threat of the gulag won't have been anywhere near enough to get them to stop. It's like shiny, Disney-coloured crack.

Firefox 3.7 swivels glassy eye

The other Ross

I hope you can turn the shiny OFF

'cos "Glass" looks like "Shit." It's getting harder and harder to find a browser that isn't crap any more. At this rate, I might just turn back to Lynx.

Office 2010 tech preview: Expect the expected

The other Ross

That fscking ribbon

When are MS gonna learn, PEOPLE DON'T WANT THE DAMN RIBBON! I had to use Office 07 for a year and no, it's not just a matter of "getting used to it" - I hated the damn thing just as much after a year of use as I did when I was first forced to use it. Where I work now there's still a modicum of sanity, we still use Office 2000 (well, OK, they still use Office 2K, I use OOo).

And gigabyte sized Excel files? No. Just no. The absolute last thing we need is users being allowed to make larger files. I want an office suite that has an admin login with a big button to press that will automatically bitchslap the users and yell at them to manage the size of their damn data.