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Apple patent filing portends Google ad war

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Those type of adverts really !"£$%&* piss me off too! >:o(

I bet you've never bought anything Nike since. I think one similar example for me could be those roll over ads for surveys on some shopping websites. They sometimes really annoy me too, depending on what mood i'm in.

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Stupid, obvious, and pointless...

....would be understatements!!

"The goal outlined in the filing is to enable mobile devices to take advantage of that mobility by accessing content that's appropriate to their location"

Well, what did you expect!! It's a MOBILE device, thats the whole point of it in the first place!!

Also: a mobile device could be provided with a URL, webclip or app based on where it is, and then that content could be removed when the device moves away from the location that prompted the provision of that content. Yeah but what if I wanted to keep/save it to refer to again in the future?

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

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Gates Horns

Totally agree!

I've been wondering whether to make the switch from XP Pro SP3 to Win7.

I'm sure Win 7 will be able to run fine on my gaming/media computer (AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 BE with hidden cores unlocked on GA-MA770-UD3 m'brd, ATI HD 4850, 2GB RAM, SATA HDDs).

It may even run better than XP since Win7's CPU scheduler is more efficient (doesn't keep switching between cores all the time) and natively supports AHCI.

Now that i've read your post about how messy and sloppy Win 7's UI is, I think I will stick with XP.

XP does everything I need it to do at the moment and I don't want to have to use more clicks to get to the same thing(s).

Also, when Microsoft ends support for XP in 2014, why should that even matter?

After nearly 10 years of XP there are plenty of other 3rd party websites (and some are better than MS's own site) out there that have solutions to any potential problems you might have.

UK competition authority probes Amazon

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Just means less $/£ for seller, more profit for Amazon/eBay

I'm sure this just means more commision $/£ in the long term for Amazon/eBay?

They already make enough profit anyway. It's just the seller who's loosing out.

Also, how is Amazon/eBay suppose to control a seller's own website anyway and hence their prices?

When I buy something online, Google Shopping is the first place I look and if the item I want happens to be on Amazon or eBay at a good price (not neccessarily cheapest) (plus no more than 2 negatives in the past month for the eBay seller), i'll get it from there.

NHS IT misses another deadline

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When I read your post and thought about it, all that basically should have needed to be done is a massive data entry operation on to a database held on some servers with a few PB's of storage, not too dissimilar to various police databases that already exist.

Why that needs to cost millions of £, I don't know?

Cadbury flakes in face of Kraft bid - cuts expected

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But why...

But why was Cadbury sold at all (be it to Kraft or any other company) anyway?

As far as I know Cadbury wasn't in dept so didn't need to be bought out. ...Or am/was I wrong?

Now that Kraft have paid £11.7 billion, both company's are in dept. How long will it take before Kraft have paid off that £11.7 billion loan, i'm thinking years!

Apollo 11 moon mission reincarnated as website

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Re: Why Now by Tom Maddox

Hmm... I wonder why? Oh yeah, there was no WWW / Internet in 1969!! At least not like it is today.

I read this a few weeks ago and found it interesting. On page 15 it talks about how one model of those "early" mainframe computers was used to control the Apollo missions.